Thursday, 21 June 2018


Another hot day here where I am and humid as well. And since today is Summer Solstice-first day of summer, we have a little faerie story. Hope you enjoy!


Flash fiction

The moon’s light bathed the forest. Twinkling flashes lit up the darkness.

The summer solstice was beginning.

Out of nowhere bright balls of light fell like large flakes of snow.

The magic was about to begin.

An old log that the moon’s light was resting on suddenly was adorned in blue butterflies.

She had arrived. Everything went still.

Their turquoise and indigo blue wings opened and closed silently.

Something came out of the darkness as if waiting.

His snow white hair glowed in the moon’s light.

“Butter Blue, come out. I’ve waited a whole year for you.”

One of the large butterflies flew up into the air. His own wings quivered.

But the large blue butterfly hovered in front of him. His face lit up with a bright blue glow.

Now she was standing in front of him. He smiled.

“Here I am summer prince. Have you come to dance with me?”

“I certainly have and more.”

He took her hand and together they moved to this music that no one heard.

Until the warm night started to sing and suddenly the forest was lit up with others arriving for the celebrations.  

They continued to dance and this time to lively music that filled the air.

All kinds of creatures joined them and the magic was electric.

The celebrations went on all night and when the witching hour drew near, the prince took Butter Blue by the hand and kissed each finger.

Her dark eyes watched him kiss each finger.

Just as he was going to kiss her, a flash of blue light lit up the area where they were standing.

She was now hovering high above him with other blue butterflies around her.

The prince just grinned. “You can’t hide from me forever my love. I will claim you one of these times.

He blew her a kiss sending her and the other butterflies into the night air.



Thursday, 14 June 2018


Hello. I've been a bit absent lately. Life stuff to deal with but hopefully it will get better. Found this pretty forest pic and thought of this little piece. Hope you enjoy.




So peaceful and the smells of the forest fill you with a sense of tranquility.

The shades of greens, browns and subtle golds create the quiet moment.

There are always so many hidden paths in the forest that you wonder who takes them.

Shades of light seem to illuminate at their end. Is there something there?

Should one go and explore and see? A tingle up your arm tells you maybe?

The lure of these little paths in the forest become too much not to take. It’s like someone is calling your name.

You have to go.

But if you do go, be aware of who you might be calling your name.

Thursday, 31 May 2018


Hello! Today we have a little tale of a certain kind of thief. Hope you enjoy!
He makes grand entrances. It lets everyone know that he has arrived.
No one trusts him and no one greets him but he does not care.
Although this one day, he did have someone greet him. The night was perfect and still.
The water barely rippled. The air was humid and stuck to everything.
Rumblings could be heard in the distance. They waited on a small island for his arrival.
Suddenly a flash in the clear sky lit up and fork lightning streaked across the sky.
His greeter stood up and waited.
He sauntered down the path whistling a tune. He stopped short when he saw who greeted him.
A smiled stretched across his lips. “Fancy seeing you here this night. Don’t you know a storm is on the way?”
“I think the storm has arrived,” was the response he got.
“Now, you are not here to challenge me are you because…”
His words got waved off in the sticky air. “I have no interest in challenges, I want a favour.”
Eyebrows went up. “A favour you say. What would that be? I don’t give out…”
Once again his words got waved off. This annoyed him and soon he was scowling at his greeter.
They never wavered. “This is what I want. I want you to bring down a star for me.”
The thief shook his head. “I cannot do such a thing.”
“Oh but I know you can and I know you know what star I am talking about.”
The thief shifted and glanced up at the sky. There were a few stars in-between the dark clouds.
He sighed. “Okay, what do I get in return for this?”
His greeter came a little closer to the thief making him a bit nervous. “I will not tell why you came here tonight. Your secret is safe.”
“Fine, meet me here in an hour.”
They parted ways.
When the hour was up, the thief’s greeter was pacing anxiously waiting for him to arrive.
In a sudden flash he was now standing in front of his greeter. He held a small box in his hand.
His greeter smiled. “You brought the right one?”
“Of course I did, and remember our bargain.”
His greeter smiled and stretched out their hand for the box. The thief gently laid the box in the palm of the greeter’s palm.
The thief was about to disappear when the greeter opened the box and the light within came bursting out and lit up the entire area.
The thief couldn’t get away.
A female that a glow around her stood between them. She wore a silver chain around her neck. The greeter had one too. They matched.
The thief stared. It couldn’t be.
The greeter was a star too but he didn’t glow. She walked up to him and took his chain and hers and joined them. A flash ran up his chain and suddenly they were both glowing lighting up the entire area.
With wide eyes, the thief watched them rise into the sky and through the clouds.
It took him a minute to gather himself up. He noticed something on the ground. It was a price of chain. He picked it up and it glowed in his hand.
Smiling to himself, he tucked it inside his coat pocket.
He went on his way to take care of what he came for, his secret safe.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

THE WATER TREE-flash fiction

Hope everyone is good. Today is a short little piece about having some quiet time. Hope you can find your own quiet space. Enjoy.

The Water Tree

Flash fiction

It shimmered in the evening sky.

Brilliant reds and oranges highlighted the branches that almost looked like they were reaching out.

The water was so still that it appeared to be holding its breath.

Not a sound could be heard for miles. Everything was so peaceful that it was perfect.

If you focused on the tree and the still water you could meditate and let the colors surround you in a soft tranquil space.

Let’s all go there and leave our troubles behind.


Thursday, 10 May 2018

SPECIAL TOWN - flash fiction

Hello! Once again I have another piece Special town II. Hope you enjoy!

Special Town II
Flash fiction
On hot summer nights the residents like to get together and have a summer party.
It’s much too hot to stay indoors so when the evening comes, they would all come out of their little mushroom homes and gather.
Everybody would bring something a little something and of course lots of cold drinks.
Things would really get going when the jewelled moon shone in the sky.
That’s when it started to cool off a bit and music would fill the air.
The people of special town for the most part are shy and don’t make themselves known to others.
But towards each other, they embrace gatherings and celebrate their little mushroom community.
Maybe one day we can join in on one of their summer parties. Let’s hope!

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Hope everyone is good. Today I have a little story that goes with a piece I drew. Hope you enjoy!

No one knows where this place is. It could be found perhaps between daydreams and night dreams.
It’s not a scary place and probably is friendly.
Mushrooms are everywhere and grow almost like trees.
Smaller ones are in very colorful pots that stand by equally colorful houses.
In the night, everything glows. The moon in the sky dangles a big star above the special town.
Hanging below the moon is jewels that sparkle like the stars.
No one has met the ones who live in this town but maybe one day one they will invite us in.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Today we have some cat flash fiction. I use to have a white cat names Elizabeth. This pic reminded me of her. Hope you enjoy!

It’s mid-day and the sky is slightly overcast. The room is slightly grayed by the oncoming clouds.
Liz leaps up onto the sill and peers out the window. Her reflection stares back at her but she pays no attention.
Her gaze is on the world before her. Her eyes occasionally dart from one side to the other. The robin outside sitting on the fence post is holding her attention now.
It’s doing a special song for rain.
Liz watches and listens carefully.
But then something else catches her attention and her eyes almost widen. What is out there?
Her eyes see so much more than ours. Sometimes I think she sees the invisible.
Liz adjust herself to a more comfortable sitting position. The robin’s song continues.
Soon a few drops hit against the window and the robin flies into the spruce for cover.
Liz takes note and so does her reflection but as the rain becomes more Liz’s reflection blurs.
Her eyes shut and open a few times, giving one more glance out before shutting her eyes and tucking her nose into her paws.
The only sound is the rain hitting the window.