Thursday, 23 March 2017


Hi everyone. Today is all about some magical dragons in the flash fiction-The glass Lake Castle. Happy reading!
The Glass Lake Castle

Flash fiction

It stands in the middle of the glass lake and is guarded by what lives there.

A queen of sorts lives there but no one has seen her except for maybe when they thought they saw something large fly around the castle.

Some thought it looked like a dragon with shimmering scales of iridescent blues and greens that reflected the colors of the lake. Was the dragon the queen?

No one knew and no one wanted to find out.

The glass lake was a funny thing. It never showed any waves and one could walk on it. Some tried it and they got so far and it was like the glass dissolved and they found themselves under water.

They were lucky if they made it out before the surface became solid again.

One time a young girl fell in and no one could get her out as the glass lake went solid again.

But then out of the blue she showed up and when they asked her what happened, she said she couldn’t remember anything.

Some thought that she did remember as some of her closet friends said. They said a dragon like lady saved her and took her took her castle.

She gave her treats and made her feel safe. She wasn’t afraid of her.

But when they asked her more, she wouldn’t say but they wondered. They knew more went on.

One day another one went through the glass surface. This time a young man who longed to meet her.

He almost made it but just as he was about to set foot on the shore he slipped through. Everyone thought he was gone for good.

But something strange happened. One night on a clear night a few said they saw two large dragon like creatures fly around the castle followed by a smaller one.

Then the young fellow showed up but he didn’t remember anything either.

Or did he?

Stories started to circulate that the dragon queen had taken them and turned them into what she was but others thought different.

As one story came up. It happened a long time ago when a young woman decided to cross over to the castle to meet someone. Some said her lover.

She was never seen again. It was said that she had made it to the island and anyone who made it to the island was never seen again.

They believed that the dragon queen was her and that she was lonely and so took the young girl and young man for company.

It was odd as at certain times the young man and young girl would not be seen for a while and then all of a sudden show up and not remember.

Most thought they did remember and that they went all kinds of adventures with her.

So, for the most part, the mystery of the glass lake castle was always shrouded in stories like the mist that hugged it.



Thursday, 16 March 2017


Hello everyone! Today we have this cute little fellow. Hope you enjoy one of my longer flash fictions that's almost a short story.  

The Fox Prince

Flash fiction

He was a shapeshifter and was as white as the snow he padded on. He was a most beautiful ethereal creature.

To entertain him might not be wise.

His fox eyes were always on the lookout for someone who might follow. There was always someone caught up in his beauty that would forget themselves.

That’s what he counted on. But there was a story of a young girl who came back from where ever she had gone with him.

Some thought that she was not human either and that was why she came back. No one knew for sure.

She liked to tell the story in any case. It went like this.

The day was a clear sunny cold day and she was walking through the woods to get to the field where her horse was. She was bringing him back to the barn.

When she got near the gate she noticed something white and her horse was looking at it. At first she thought it was a hare but as she got closer she knew it wasn’t.

She stopped a few feet from what she now recognized as a young white fox. She had not seen one of these before where she lived.

The fox turned its head and the eyes held her in her place. She didn’t know how long she had been standing there but the next thing she knows, there is someone standing right in front of her.

His hair is white and his face is perfect but the fox eyes are still there.  There is something in his hair that is tied to a braid in his hair. It looks like a key.

“Who are you,” she asks.

He does not answer her and instead looks back at her horse. “Can we ride?”


He nodded. “It’s getting late and it will soon be dark. I have to feed and water him.”

He smiled and then whirled around and rushed toward the horse that did not move.

She ran after him thinking that he was going to steal the horse but he waited for her and held out his hand to help her up.

She grabbed on and then they were off into the dim light across the field.

Where he was going she did not know.

He entered into a small opening in the bush that she thought would be way too small for the horse and them to fit through but it was as if it was bigger than what they were.

When she looked back, she couldn’t even see the opening. Her heart raced she told us.

They stopped in front of a large tree that suddenly shimmered in bright light and she said she couldn’t believe it. There was another world awaiting them.

He cautiously rode through and she said she instantly looked behind but could only see a reflection of the world they were entering.

He took her to a massive castle made of ice and snow. It glistened in the pink light that was telling her it was going to be dark soon. That frightened her.

He got off the horse and helped her down. She stood in front of him and looked up into his fox eyes.

He smiled warmly and pulled her inside the castle where it was a bit warmer. The floor looked like glass and she could see her own reflection.

His reflection was of the fox that she seen at the gate and yet he walked in his almost human form on top of the floor.

He took her to a large dining table where there were tables full of food but no one else was there.

He took a plate and handed it to her and took his own and encouraged her to fill it up and eat.

Everything looked so good and she couldn’t help but fill her plate.

They ate and drank from silver goblets and what it was she did not know but it tasted good.

After they finished she told him perhaps it was late now and that he should take her back.

She said he would after they shared one dance and she said the music came out of thin air.

The music made her feet move and together they danced on the ice floor until when she did not know. Time disappeared.

They were now on her side now and how they got here she had no memory of it.

He stood close to her next to her horse. He reached up to his braid and took the key that was tied to his braid.

He pressed it in her hand and told her that it would give her access to his world.

His cool lips touched hers and when she opened her eyes she was standing in front of the gate with her horse waiting for her.

It was a bit darker but she quickly got on her horse and went back to the barn with thoughts and images of a strange boy that said he was a fox prince and that he was looking for a princess. He thought that she might be the one.

He said he gave each one a key and if it worked when they tried to get to his world, then he knew she was the one.

If it didn’t work, then something would happen. He didn’t say what.

We all looked at her and asked her if she tried to get to his side.

She shook her head and said that when she tried to find the key, it was nowhere to be found and thought she lost it on the way home.

The one thing that she didn’t tell us was that every once in a while, she disappeared and no one knew where she went.

The one thing we noticed was that there was sightings of a white fox and that he hung around the gates of where she kept her horse.

Sometimes she would tell us of vivid dreams she had that involved a boy with snow white hair that had fox eyes dancing with her on an ice glass floor.



Thursday, 9 March 2017


Hello and hope it's warmer where you are than where I am right now. We are in the deep freeze coming out of a storm so here is a warm romantic little piece. Hope you enjoy! 

Tea Light Hearts

Flash Fiction


There was a tea light lit for every month that we had shared.

We had been together longer but each lit tea light represented the special days.

You arranged them in a heart to show the love and that made me smile and fill by heart with love.

We had been through a lot over time but we endured and that only made us stronger.

Today we were celebrating an anniversary of sorts. This was going to be a fresh start for both of us as together we embarked on this new journey.

As long as we were together, we could accomplish anything.

But first you surprised me. When I got to your place to help you pack I walked into the kitchen and saw the tea lights all lit up in the form of a heart.

There was a small gift in the middle with my name on it.

I guess I was a little early because I took you by surprise when you came into the room.

I laughed and asked what you were up to.

You gave me that grin that told me that you had been doing other things that morning other than packing.

Is that for me I asked looking at the box.

You grabbed it off the table and came over to me and told me since I interrupted your plans that you would ask right off the bat.

But first you told me what each lit up tea light meant. Then you opened the box.

I said yes in heart beat and then you handed me a box and said let’s start our life now.

I looked into the empty box and you told me everything I put in it would be our memories.

That I looked forward to and I started to help pack.





Thursday, 2 March 2017


Hello! Today's flash fiction is about a place of magic. Hope you enjoy! 

The Mirrored World

Flash fiction

On an island there is a small estate that lives a prince of the past.

His name his Thorn and he does not live alone. Who lives with him are the unusual ones some call them.

When the water that surrounds the little estate is still and the sky is clear, one can see a reflection of the estate.

But it really isn’t. That is when the so called unusual ones appear. Some think that is where they live-in this mirrored world.

Prince Thorn likes to entertain and have parties for when they come. All kinds of strange things happen on these evenings.  

Most don’t go near as they think everyone including the prince are ghosts.

But some say not, as stories of the little estate had been told for years.

A royal family of that time lived there and ruled their country when royals were a thing of reality.

But they all died away with the times except for this little royal estate some believed.

No one actually went over there to go exploring except for a story of two brothers that decided on a dare to take their small boat and go see for themselves.

So, one evening when the sky was clear and the water was still and the reflection of the estate perfect, they rowed over so the story went.

Now this is where it gets hazy. Apparently they made it back and when asked what they found, they said nothing, there was nothing to see they said.

Others were suspicious of what they actually did see. Some even went as far as to believe that the two brothers weren’t the actual same two that went over.

Some believed that they were now trapped in that mirrored world and would never be seen again.

Again someone was going to go over there and this time they were going to record what they saw to show everyone. Five gathered at the small dock to see this time a pair of girls go over. They said they weren’t scared of any ghosts but jokingly said they would say hi to the Prince from everyone.

The remaining five waited on shore for a long time and they were about to get into their own boat to go get the girls when they saw their boat.

With relief they asked what they saw and recorded.

The girls said that they had met Prince Thorn and that he was very nice. Now this prince was one of the past so their story of meeting the prince was not believed and when they wanted to see what they had recorded, they held it up and all that was shown was the overgrown gardens proving that the girls were making stories up.

Even though they claimed they were not, it proved that no one was there anymore-only ghost stories.

More stories kept circulating of course but the girls that went over there still insisted that they did meet him and the brothers? They never said anything and some still thought that the real brothers were lost.

So, the little mirrored world remained a mystery except to the ones that had gone over to investigate. They still believed.

But the one thing that no one disputed was that there was a magic that lived there and when the reflection showed, it was best to leave it alone.





Thursday, 23 February 2017


Happy day to everyone! Today's flash fiction is another wonderland tale. Hope you enjoy! If you would like you can donate some green tea money in the tip jar. Thank you and happy reading!  
The Other Side of Wonderland

Flash fiction

Follow that rabbit and he may take you to the other side of wonderland. If you end up there, they say there is a prince that lives there.

He likes to have parties in the woods and invite strange creatures who get to sit at this long table.

The table cloth that covers it is a bit ragged from all the parties that have happened. There might be some broken china here and there.  

Don’t touch any of it anyway. It’s not for you.

This prince might show up in the form of a rabbit or tall bird. You’ll know by the eyes that it is him. They are chestnut brown with a hint of green which is not unusual but one eye sports a heart shaped pupil.

Don’t stare.

Whatever is put in front of you, politely say thank you but don’t touch it. Shove it over to the guest on your right side. It will eat it and not say nothing.

If the prince asks how you are, just nod and say everything looks wonderful. If he smiles back at you, he will leave you alone.

But if he gets curious and wants to know more about you. Then you must prepare yourself and be careful what your answers are.

They are most important you see. Because if you answer one wrong, you will become a permanent guest at his parties. Look around you and see if you know anyone. Maybe someone who you remember went missing?

Don’t try to rescue them. They are so far gone, that they don’t even know who they are anymore. They are his toys now.

So, if you don’t want to end up as his new toy, follow these instructions.

Don’t make eye contact with him at all if you can and don’t give him reason to look your way.

If you take a mask off one of the guests and you can easily do this if one passes out on the table.

Then he will think you are just one of his other toys.

But if you can’t hide behind a mask, then keep your eye out for the rabbit that you followed in the first place.

Take something off the table to lure the rabbit away from the party table.

If he follows you, tell him he can have it if he takes you back home.

He might laugh at you but if it is something that he really wants like keys, yes he likes keys, he will take you back home.
Hint: Look inside some of the tea cups that are broken.

But you have to be quick as the longer you stay, the more difficult it is to leave.

Time is not on your side. The prince did away with time so you have no idea how long you have been there.

If even more guests show up suddenly, then you’ve been there way too long.

Pray that the rabbit likes you and is willing to take you back in exchange for keys.

Remember the damn keys.





Thursday, 16 February 2017


Hope everyone is well! Today is a whimsical story about one of my favorite places-Wonderland! Hope you enjoy. 


Flash fiction

The clover field is where you will find him. He might talk to you if you are patient.

Sometimes he is quite busy and you might hear him mumbling to himself about something.

You might hear red queen or someone who refers to as Alice but sometimes it sounds like Evie.

Whoever they are, they cause him grief apparently.

The one thing that you do not want to do is follow him. You might end up in a strange place and getting back? You don’t want to go there. They call it Wonderland but there is nothing wonderful about it.

You don’t want to meet Alice or Evie, whoever they are.

The red queen doesn’t sound like someone you want to bump into either.

Just watch him and nod if he looks over at you. But don’t go over to him if he beckons you over.

If you do, he might ask you questions.

These questions are more like riddles and he want you to figure them out for him for some strange reason. Don’t try to figure them out.

Turn around and go home instead.

But if you find yourself standing in front of him trying to answer his riddles, keep these answers in mind.

First one: The key opens the heart shaped box. Don’t try to unlock the chest.

Second one: The sparrow keeps all secrets hidden. Promise it down and it will give you one secret.

Third one: The one who is a bit mad makes hats and would like some green ribbon. The dressmaker is the only one who has it.

Remember these strange answers and in return he might give you a nickel. If he does, consider yourself paid in full.

You are free to go.




Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Valentines Tree-flash fiction

Hello! Today is in honor of Valentines Day. Hope you enjoy!
I also have a new Dirty Paws cat short story up for sale! You can check it out here. It's called The Unusual Stay at Home Day. There are others there to check out as well. Happy reading!

The Valentine Tree

Flash fiction

I had heard of this place but you couldn’t go there unless you had a love. I hadn’t had any love for a long time so I just had to sit back and hear the stories.

The description of this wondrous place sounded too good to be true, like it was out of some Alice In Wonderland story. Really?

As the special day crept closer, I decided not to be around my friends and planned a little trip away. I never even told them I was going away for a few days.

They wouldn’t miss me anyways.

A part of me was sad but also looking forward to getting away.

But of course the best laid plans don’t always go the way you would like.

First my car wouldn’t start. It worked fine the day before.

I wasn’t going to be defeated so I called a friend and he said sure.

My little secret of taking off was not a secret anymore. When he arrived he was full of questions as to where I was skipping out to.

I just shook my head and told him it was a business trip of sorts. By the grin on his face though, I don’t think he was buying my story.

We got in his car and on the seat is a bouquet of tiny pink roses and a heart shaped box filled with chocolates.

He saw me looking down at them but didn’t say anything. I didn’t ask either.

Just as we are about to turn off to the road to the airport, he keeps going. I looked over at him but he ignored me and kept driving. I could tell he had purpose.

Finally I asked. “You know you missed the turn off back there? I am supposed to arrive an hour early.”

He just grinned.

He drove to a small park and there was something about it that was different today. He finally looked over at me and said. “Come with me.”

I sighed and got out of the car. He waited for me and when I got close he held out his hand.

My heart skipped a beat and I shyly took his hand. This little tingle went up my arm.

“Where are you taking me?’

He looked down at me and winked. “Wait and see.”

We got to a small knoll overlooking the park. He faced me then and told me to close my eyes.

I did.

“Now,” he said. “Think about a tree with a heart shape top and red, white and pink flowers surrounding it.

I’m shaking my head. This sounded like some of the stories I heard about that place.

“Open your eyes.”

When I did, my eyes went wide. The whole meadow was covered in these small red, pink and white daisies. But what really stood out was this tree with a heart shape top.

“Wonderful isn’t it”?

“But I don’t have a love. How can this be?”

He sighed. “Yeah, you do have a love. You just don’t know it yet.”

My face flushed. “You?”

“Don’t look too shocked. It’s me if you are willing to be my valentine. If you say no, this will all disappear.”

I smiled. “Well, I guess we wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?”

He smiled back. “No, we wouldn’t.”

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