Thursday, 11 January 2018

Dirty Paws- A New Neighbor

Hello and here is a cat short story. Hope you enjoy!
BLUESY BOY AND MISTY watched out the window. Two moving trucks had showed up. They watched for any new pets that might be moving in but saw nothing-yet.
“Do you think they might have a cat,” asked Misty. They certainly have a lot of stuff.
Bluesy Boy shook out and stretched. “It doesn’t look like it. Humans always have a lot of stuff.”
Misty copied Bluesy Boy and stretched out and hopped down. “That’s too bad, we could have had another friend.”
They both made their way to the kitchen where Annie their owner had put out some kitty treats. They always got their treat once a day. The girls of course where already there. Bluesy Boy rubbed up against Annie’s leg purring. When he did that, he always got an extra treat and a rub behind the ear.
Misty made a noise but he ignored her and ate his treats. Annie looked down at them all. “We have new neighbours. I’m going to make my famous cherry loaf and take it over. I’ll see if they have any cats.”
The girls shared a look. Misty could tell that they didn’t care. Bluesy Boy was enjoying his treats. He walked away toward the door. Misty followed but not before catching a treat in his dish. She quickly ate the treat and then joined him by the door.
“Are you going exploring over there?”
“Might as well go see what’s up. I’ll sniff the cat if they have one. See if they are friendly or not.”
Annie let them out after a few meows. “You two stay around the house. I’ll be calling you in as soon as my loaf is in the oven.”
Bluesy Boy darted out as soon as the door was open. Misty was right there with him. The day was a nice warm sunny day-not too hot. A perfect day to go check out whose next door. They both leaped up onto the fence that separated the properties.
Misty sniffed first. “All I smell is pizza.”
Bluesy Boy sniffed and made a snorting noise. “It doesn’t smell that good.”
Misty glanced over at him. “Want to jump down and explore around the house. It’s doesn’t smell that good.”
Bluesy Boy answered her by jumping down. Misty quickly joined him. They went to the back of the house. It seemed kind of too quiet Bluesy Boy thought. There should be lots of commotion going on inside.
There was a small patio on the back. Misty leaped up onto the railing and walked along it. Her nose twitched. “Do you smell something?”
She looked back at Bluesy Boy who was now looking into a window. “What are you doing? You’ll get noticed or something.”
Bluesy Boy got down and joined her. Nothing in there but stacks of boxes.”
That’s when they heard the screechy noise. They both looked around, ears perked. Misty crouched and looked all around. There it was again. The sound appeared to be coming from underneath them.
Bluesy Boy jumped down first and sniffed around where the sound came from. Then a howl came out making Bluesy Boy jump back. Misty was instantly by his side.
They both cautiously looked under. Now they could see eyes. Misty’s nose twitched. I think it’s a feline-a rather small one.”
She appeared underneath closer.
“Hello under there. We mean no harm. We just want to say hello.”
There was a small meek howl as their answer. Misty went in closer. “Hey, come on out little one, it’s okay. Really.”
There was a shuffling noise and then a thump. Misty glanced over at Bluesy Boy whose tail was swishing from side to side. “I think the little guy is stuck or something.”
Bluesy Boy went around to another part of the deck. There was an opening in the lattice. “Hey, come on over to this corner.”
The cat came over to where Blues Boy was but couldn’t get over the beam that supported the deck. “You can do it. You’re small enough to get over the top.”
“Okay, here goes.” The little cat pulled herself up and for a minute Bluesy didn’t think the little one would make it but all of a sudden the little cat landed on its side with a thud. Bluesy backed up and out stepped a small little calico. She leaped up onto the deck and paraded around quite happy. “Thanks, I ws lost under thee. I should have been more careful until I had checked out everything.”
Misty leaped up and joined her. “I’m glad we could help. I’m Misty and this Bluesy Boy. Some around her call him Dirty Paws.”
She scrunched up her nose. “Why is he called that?”
Bluesy Boy jumped on the deck and joined them. “It’s a long story. One day I’ll tell you.”
“My name is Chloe.”
“Welcome to the neighborhood. When you’re more settled in, we can show you around.”
They could hear footsteps coming to the back of the house. Misty looked at Bluesy Boy, “We should get going. Take care.”
They took off over the fence and landed on their side just they heard a voice. “There you are, it’s time to come in. The rest of the kitties are waiting for you.”
Bluesy Boy’s ears twitched. “There is more of them?”
At that, Annie started to call them in. “We’ll check it out later. Maybe Chloe will introduce us.”
All the cats stayed in that night. Annie said when she went over, there was a mean looking dog running around the house and she didn’t want any of them meeting up with it until she knew he was safe.
This was a problem. Chloe had not mentioned that she lived a dog. Misty was worried now. Would they be ever allowed out again?
Bluesy Boy tried to tell her that they would. But he had to admit he was a little worried as well.
The girls were at the door wanting out. Annie decided that since they just stayed on the porch and sunned themselves, they could go out. Misty and Bluesy Boy joined them. Annie looked down at them and frowned. “You two always wonder around. I don’t know if I should take the chance to let you out or not.”
Bluesy Boy rubbed up against her let and purred. Misty watched hoping. She sighed, “Okay, but I will keep an eye for you two. Any barking from next door and I will be calling you all in understand?” She gave him a quick pet and scratch behind the ear.
Bluesy Boy and Misty headed over to see if Chloe was around. They had to find out what danger lurked on her side. A nasty dog was going to be a major problem.
Misty was first up on the fence and sniffing, looking for her. Bluesy Boy went along the fence to the back to take a look. He took a chance and let out a mew to see what would happen.
Out from under a garden shed came a grey and white cat. He came trotting over to where Bluesy Boy was. He looked up at him with big gold eyes.
“Hello, you live next door?”
“Yes, we do.”
Misty came over at this point and looked down at the grey and white cat. “Who are you?”
“My name is Scat. You two live on the other side?”
“Yes we do. This is Misty and my name is Bluesy Boy.”
“Hey, you’re the one some call dirty paws. You’re well known on the other side of town where I come from.”
Misty sniffed. “Yeah, he’s known alright by most dogs and cats. Where’s Chloe? We met her yesterday.”
“She’s out here somewhere. She and Bingo are exploring.”
“Bingo,” asked Bluesy. “Is he another cat that lives with you?”
“No, he’s a dog.”
Bluesy Boy fluffed out his tail for the dog. Scat say his reaction. “Don’t worry, he’s okay with cats. He lives with us. We all grew up together so he’s okay. Want to me him?”
Misty and Bluesy shared a look. “We’ll stay up here for now,” said Misty.
Scat made a noise and out came bounding Chloe and a rather scruffy dog that wasn’t much bigger than Chloe. He didn’t look too threatening thought Misty.
“Hello again,” said Chloe. “You guys want to come exploring with us?”
Bingo wagged his tail. “Yeah, it’s lots of fun. Why don’t you guys hop down here so I can see you? My eyesight isn’t very good.”
They both leaped down. Bingo’s tail wagged even harder. Chloe rubbed up against him. “We have to look out for Bingo because his sight isn’t good. So, we guide him around.”
Bluesy Boy was relieved. Anne would have nothing to worry about. Bingo was going to be just fine.

Thursday, 4 January 2018


Hello everyone! Hope the new year is going great so far for everyone! It is very cold here where I am so this piece feels appropriate.  As this new year begins, there will be changes to short stories & stuff coming. I want to move it to a site like Patreon. If you heard about their kerfuffle, it made me hesitate. Now Gumroad has stepped up and some creators like it better. So, not which direction I will go but I will move it to one of those places. I hope which ever site I move to, that you will join me. In the mean time, I do have the tip jar at the bottom if you want to donate some green tea money.
Thank you all and I wish the best year coming. Hope you enjoy the story! 
Hold Me Down


I met a winter faerie by the spruce tree. The first thing that catches my attention are his ice blue eyes.

I stayed as still as the cold air that wrapped around us.

His grin was full of trouble.

My chest thumped the closer he got.

He stopped all but a mere foot in front of me.

His hair was a white blue in a braid that rested down the right side of his shoulder. There were white seed pearls braided into his hair.

His nails are white claws that sparkled in the suns light.

He held me while his ice blue eyes looked me up and down.

I could almost feel the life being sucked out of me.

Then he spoke.

“What a treasure I have found. I invite you into faerie.”

I managed to breathe and I shook my head no. I was not going anywhere with him.

But of course he just grinned instead of frowning. I was a game and his kind liked them because they always won.

“Oh but it will be fun. I won’t let any harm come to you.”

I shook my head no again.

I thought I could hear a laugh inside my head. “No,” I whispered.

He sighed. “Very well then, how about a stroll in the forest. That will be just as nice.”

I let out a shaky breath and for some reason my feet moved forward instead of backwards in the direction I should have taken.

He smiled, pleased with my choice.

The spruce trees where close on either side of us. The snow weighed their branches down.

We stopped where the row of spruce trees ended. I noticed something hanging off one of the branches.

“Do you like it? But don’t touch it.”

“Why,” I asked.

“There is something very delicate inside of it and we don’t want anything to happen to it.”

His cold breath chilled my cheek.

“What is inside of it?”

“Your soul.”

I threw him an angry look. “I did not give you my soul. Give it back.”

“Only if you come to faerie with me.”

I had to think. “Okay, but not right now. Later on today just before the sun sets.”

His ice blue eyes did not trust me but he nodded. “I will see you then.”

I waited until he disappeared. Then I very carefully took the ice ball and took it back to my place.

I knew when I went inside, it would melt. So, as soon as I got inside. I took my coat off and held the ice globe against my chest where the skin was exposed.

I closed my eyes.

The coldness bit me skin but soon the coldness melted and I could feel the cold ice water drip down my front sending a shiver through me.

My eyes flew open.

I was in faerie. He had tricked me and I should have known, they always win.

“Welcome,” he said.





Thursday, 21 December 2017


Hello this cold night. Hope you are warm where you are. Here is a little whimsy for you tonight. Enjoy!




It all started with a snowflake.

The rabbit knew that was on the start of the chaos. When one snowflake fell, there were more to follow.

Soon the forest would be white and that only meant one thing.

They would all come out.

The crazies. The rabbit twitched his nose and his long ears perked for any sign of any of them.

The forest was so quiet. Nothing stirred. The snowflakes now were falling freely as light as air. One landed on his nose. He stared at it as if afraid to move. It might make a noise.

That was silly, snowflakes didn’t make noise-only them.

Maybe if he made it to his hole, he would be safe. So he went for it. He dashed across the forest bed towards his home.

But he should have known.

The table that sat in the middle of the forest clearing just before his home, had someone sitting there. He didn’t want to look to see who it was.

As he got closer he could tell they were face down on the table and snow was beginning cover their head.

He sighed as he went over to investigate. That was a mistake as they popped back up and smiled at him.

“It’s snowing,” they declared. “You know what that means?”

Rabbit shook his head. He didn’t want to hear it.

He’s coming. I can’t wait.”

Rabbit twitched his nose again. And went to go home and hopefully shut them out before anymore came.

The trees started to shake as rabbit made his way back. If he could hurry perhaps…


“Let’s party. Come on rabbit. Let’s set the table up.”

He knew that voice. It was the forest sprite who liked to cause trouble. Her name was Chessie. She also always traveled with her cohorts that also liked to cause all kinds of trouble.

Rabbit slowly turned and his eyes went wide. That crazy mad hatter was bringing up the party goers. In his arm was the queen of hearts. Her red dress was bright against the falling snow.

Fairies and strange birds followed them with trays of food to put on the table. Two big cats came in with wine and poured everyone a glass.

The one with the face down on the table was the first to grab a glass and make a toast. No one paid any attention to what he said.

The chaos had begun and rabbit couldn’t escape.

Soon there would be music and singing.

The snow was starting to fall more and more but it just made them all more excited about his arrival.

They brought acorns and pine cones and ivy. Rabbit shivered as he noticed some poison ivy and stinging nettles in the mix. They didn’t care.

It was starting to get dusk now. It was the eve now and the queen of hearts was dancing with one of the sprites.

Then things started to heat up as the snow queen made her grand entrance. She was riding on two snow foxes. The queen of hearts hissed and the sprite she was dancing with laughed and pushed the queen of hearts towards the snow queen.

All rabbit could hear was shrills and laughter mixed with the hisses.

It was time for him to leave. Maybe between the two sprites making bets on which queen would win the fight, he could slip away.

But it’s always the mad hatter. He notices everything.

“Hey rabbit, come on over here for a bit. I have something to show you.”

He knew he could not run away. He would catch him. So he slowly made his way over to where the mad hatter was sitting.  

His hat tonight was red with white feathers sticking out the back with a white rose at the base of the feathers. The queen of hearts must not have been happy to see that.

“Are you excited about tonight?”

Rabbit just shook his head and the mad hatter frowned. Then he smiled and pulled out a small gift. “This is for you.”

Chessie came over to investigate along with one of the big cats who sniffed it. Rabbit couldn’t read the cats expression to see if he smelled something wrong with it.

“Take it, my dear friend and enjoy.”

Chessie picked it up first and shook it and then handed it to rabbit.

Rabbit very carefully took the gift and pulled the large red ribbon and it fell into the fluffy snow. He was almost afraid to see what was inside. When he peeked, it was a red scarf. He pulled it out and held it in front of him. It was very nice.

“I knitted it you know,” said the mad hatter. “Do you like it?”

Rabbit nodded and said a quiet thank you.

“Put it on,” said Chessie.

So he did. It felt nice and warm. The mad hatter looked pleased with himself.

“It looks good don’t it?”

Chessie rolled her eyes. “Yes, it looks good. Why didn’t you give me one?”

“Because you were bad.”

Chessie hissed. “I was not. What about the time…”

The forest went silent.

Everybody stopped doing what they were doing and stood there in the silence.

The snow fell silently all around them.

One of them pointed up into the sky. The sound of bells could be heard. They were getting closer.

They all gathered around a spruce tree and waited. Rabbit kept back.

The bells were getting louder.

Something else was falling. The sprites were gathering them up. One held up a bag in their hand. “It’s candy!”

They all went scrambling for their bags.

Rabbit decided it was time to go. Now they would be busy with their candy bags.

When he got to his home. There was a little gift sitting by his hole. Rabbit picked it up and went down his hole where a toasty warm fire was waiting for him.

He sat on his little fluffy chair and opened it. Inside was some sweet juicy carrots and some greens that smelled so fresh, it was like they were just plucked out of the garden.

“Thank you Santa.”

He snuggled down by the fire with his gift and his red scarf to keep him warm.

Merry Xmas from Wonderland!


Friday, 15 December 2017


Hello everyone! I'm a day late here but busy with Xmas! Here is a little Xmas story for you. Hope you enjoy.


It was getting close to Christmas Eve and the winds were stirring up the fresh snow. Hudson the polo bear and his small friend Snowflake were making their way across the hills. It was getting hard to see but Snowflake had his special light that shone the way.

They had a destination to get to but with the wind blowing the new snow around it was hard even with Snowflakes special light. And now new snow was starting to fall again. They kept going despite the weather.

“Don’t worry Hudson, you and I have made it through worse snowstorms.”

Hudson raised his large head up. “I know but this storm coming in tells me it’s going to be a nasty one. We have to speed up to get there or we will be late.”

Hudson picked up his pace. Over the large hill they went and that is when they saw a light that looked like it was under the snow. It flashed off and on and the snow was starting to cover it up.

“I wonder what it is,” said Snowflake.

Hudson slumbered over towards the flashing light. When they got to it, Hudson swiped the snow away and it was a bell. Hudson sniffed it. “I think this belongs to Santa Clause. It must have dropped from his sleigh.”

The snow was starting to fall heavier now. Snowflake slid off Hudson’s back to investigate. He sniffed it as well. “Yup, I think you are right. It belongs to Santa.” Snowflake looked up into the dark sky. Large snowflakes blurred the sky as they fell faster and faster. The wind was picking up as well.

“How is Santa going to see his way tonight without his light?”

Snowflake picked it up and climbed up Hudson’s back and hung around Hudson’s neck. “Let’s keep going and maybe we will see the sleigh along the way. We can give it back to him,” Snowflake told Hudson.

So onward they went through the snow that was turning into a nasty storm. Even for Hudson it was proving to be a challenge to get through the falling whirling snow. They made over another hill and that is where they saw a glow. “We made it,” cried Snowflake. “That is the house we want to go to.”

Hudson picked up speed going down the hill almost sliding down. Snowflake hung on. When they got to the bottom, there was activity going on. Both bears looked around to see what it was. There was a lot of tracks in the snow. Snowflake hopped down to look at the tracks. “They look like reindeer tracks. Santa has already been here.”

“We better deliver out gift and then look some more around to see if they are still here.”

Snowflake scampered up to the Xmas tree that was lit up and placed a little gift under the tree that was inside his little satchel that he carried. “There, Cotton ball will get his gift.”

Hudson came up to Snowflake. “Let’s go see what we can find.”

Snowflake climbed onto Hudson’s back and off they went exploring around the big spruce trees sniffing to see what they could find. The snow was getting heavy now and all the tracks were being covered up now and the wind was getting stronger.

“We are going to have to head back Snowflake. “It’s now use. We’ll never find anything out here now.”

They started back up the hill to go home when they heard something just ahead of them, near where they placed their gift for Cotton ball. Hudson gasped. “It’s him.”

Santa turned and smiled at them. “There is my bell. You found it!”

Hudson sped up to where Santa was and Santa greeted them with a warm smile. “I’m so glad you found it. I thought I had lost that special bell.”

“We’re glad we found you,” said Snowflake. “Now you can see your way.”

Santa let out a rumble of laugh. “Oh little one, Santa always finds his way. No matter what.” He came up to Hudson and cupped the bell. “This bell I think will have another special purpose tonight.”

Both Hudson and Snowflake looked at him. “I think you need this bell more than me. This bell will take home safely. The storm is getting worse.” He patted the bell making it tinkle. It also started to glow more. “There my friends. You will be safe tonight along with your friend who brought a special gift for. You have shown your kindness and thoughtfulness tonight and this bell is my gift to you.”

Snowflake clapped his paws together. Santa laughed and looked up into the sky where the sound of sleigh bells made themselves heard through the wind. And like the wind he turned into sparkling snow dust that rose into the air and soon disappeared into the dark snowy sky.  

Hudson and Snowflake soon made their way through the hills with no problem. The little bell brought them home safe and sound like Santa had promised.

They crawled into their den where they left the snowy night behind. Inside they found a special gift for them. “Santa’s been here, cried Snowflake.

Snowflake scampered over to see what it was. Hudson joined him. Inside were two wool scarves, one for each of them. And another bell. Snowflake added to the other one around Hudson’s neck.

Hudson curled up with Snowflake cuddled up to him. Both bells gave off a soft glow as the two bears slept. Outside the soft jingle of sleigh bells rang out. “Merry Xmas to you both!”



Thursday, 7 December 2017


As I start to make my baking list and the ingredients I need, I thought of this little poem I wrote. Hope you enjoy!

                                                                SUGAR COOKIE DREAMS

                 Red and green glitter over the stars, bells and wreath shapes.

                Lovingly placed on the cookie sheet.




                Time spent mixing, tasting along with smiles and laughter over the kitchen table.

                Memories baked with care and packaged lovingly in pretty boxes.

                Making that special plate for Santa?

                Taste the sugar, vanilla and crunchy toppings and dream sugar cookie dreams.

                Merry Christmas!

                TIP JAR:

Thursday, 30 November 2017

THE FROST TREE-flash fiction

Hi this mild winter day! Sunny too! Here is a little tale of a frosty tree. Hope you enjoy.


Flash fiction


In the winter there is magical tree that affects a few days in the winter. Things like really cold winds and temperatures fluctuate wildly.

But the biggest thing is that it draws everyone out to come to it and no one knows why. Some offer it gifts thinking that it will bring good luck and others say prayers to wish good health to all.

Whatever the reason, the white frosted tree towers over the valley in the winter giving off a magical feeling that no one can deny.

So instead of trying to figure it out, everyone just celebrates it for whatever it means to them.

Happy Winter to all!