Thursday, 22 September 2016


Happy Autumn day! In celebrating the first day of Autumn I have a poem for you about a little autumn fairy. Hope you enjoy.
Your Name Is Autumn


You made my head turn.

Your scent was the sweetest ever.

I kept inhaling you-I couldn’t get enough of you.


I kept walking and looking in the direction of the wind that carried your presence.

My mind was filled with you.

I think you wanted that-I wanted that.


I walked and thoughts crept through me.

They were sad.

You were never going to show yourself despite the little noises and glimpses I caught in the corner of my eye.


A sweet breeze blows against the back of my neck.

I know it’s you-your scent wraps me up of thoughts of yellows, reds, and rusty browns.

I think that is the color of your eyes.

You tease me with your sweet scented breeze once more.


I hear a faint whisper in my ear.

I believe you are trying to tell me your name.

I know your name darling.


One day I will say your name into the wind.

Of course I know you will not appear-you’re too coy.

Still, I hope that one day…

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Thursday, 15 September 2016


Hello everyone! Today's flash fiction turned into a short story! It's a strange tale of one of my favorite fairy tale characters-Snow White. Hope you enjoy and if you liked it you can leave me some tea money at the end. Thank you! Happy reading!

Snow White




Red apples hung heavy from the tree and where the color of cherries. There were five trees of such and each one was not to be touched.

One was poison. You never knew which one. They enticed you and beckoned you to try just one of them.

Of course it was not the apples that were doing the enticing.

It was her. She was viewed as a witch by most but there were others that thought of her as a princess.

One day a young man from afar stumbled into the small orchard of five trees. He was mesmerized by the cherry red apples. He thought he heard voices.

He was about to pluck one when a young lady with raven black hair appeared. He stared at her beauty.

She smiled and came forward getting closer and closer to him. He noticed an apple in her hand.

“They’re beautiful aren’t they,” they said.

He nodded. “I was about to taste one. They look so good.”

She smiled and came a little closer and held up the apple. He swallowed hard. He wanted the apple.

She sighed. “I could give you this apple but then you must do something for me.”

“What would you like? I will do it.”

She smiled. “Of course you will.” She placed the apple in his hand and all he could feel was the desire to bite into the apple.

She held up her finger. “One bite now and then you do what I ask and then you can have the rest of the apple.” She waved her hand around at the other apples. “You can have all you want.”

He smiled. “Really? I will do it.”

He took one bite and it was heavenly. He almost took another bite when he looked at her. He stopped then. “What is it that you would like?”

“For you to keep a secret.”

His eyes went wide. “A secret? You don’t want me to go on some quest or slay a dragon or defeat an evil queen?”

She shook her head. “No, I want you to keep a secret and tell no one.”

He looked down at the apple. He wanted all of it and he wanted more of the apples off the trees. What could be so hard as to keep a secret? He looked over at her and her dark eyes that were the color of midnight. She was waiting for an answer.

A funny feeling came over him and something told him he should not make a deal with her. But he already bit into the apple. How would he tell her that he changed his mind?

“Perhaps you should ask someone else to keep your secret. I don’t believe I am the one to do such a task.”

“Why would you say that? You look trust worthy to me. Are you not true and trustworthy to others?”

“Of course I am.”

“Then you will have no problem keeping my secret.”

He nodded. “Okay, what is your secret?”

“My secret is… that all the trees that you see… all five of them are missing princes. I am keeping them here.”

He looked at the trees and then at her. His first thought was that she was mad. “I see. These trees are missing princes. They look like apple trees to me.”

She sighed. “Of course they look like apple trees silly. That is what I changed them into.”

He wanted away from her. “Okay, I will keep your secret.” He turned around then to walk away.

“Where are you going? Don’t’ you want another apple? You can have anyone you want. All you have to do is choose.”

He looked back at her and shook his head. “No thank you. I will just leave. Your secret is safe.”

As he walked away the breeze picked up and the apples trees started to sway this way and that way. What was happening? She was standing in the middles of the trees and her hair didn’t’ move in the breeze.

He gasped. She was a witch. Now he was running.

But it was too late. Just as he thought he made it out of the apple orchard, he felt the breeze around his waist. It was like the wind had hands and were pulling him back.

Every effort he tried to free himself, the pull got stronger.

Finally he was standing facing her. The breeze died down. “But I promised you I would keep your secret.”

“That you did. But you must choose an apple. It was part of the bargain.”

He looked around at all the apples. Then he spied one that was hanging on a limb that was by itself. “I pick that one.”

She smiled. “It is yours.”

Now it was in his hand. He stared at it for a moment and then looked up at her. “Now I can go?”

She nodded and said no more.

It was later that day when he stopped in a village. He went inside a small bake shop to get some bread. When he went to pay for the bread he reached in and brought out the apple.

The lady of the bake shop spied the apple. “Where did you get such an apple?”

“It was given to me.”

“Would you like to trade?”

He looked at her. “You mean trade the apple for the bread?”

She nodded never taking her eyes off the apple.

He shrugged. “I suppose so. The apple is yours.”

He took his bread and left.

A couple of days later he heard a story. The lady at the bake shop made a pie with a special apple. He wondered how she made a pie with just one apple. But the story went that when she took it out to cool, a young girl came to the shop and offered the lady another apple.

Of course she took it and all she had to do was keep a secret. He knew who the young girl was.

He went back to the bake shop and the lady saw him and shook her head. “I should have never have taken that apple.”


“Because she showed up. If I had known that she was the one that gave you that apple…

“Who is she?”

The lady leaned over and whispered. “They call her Snow White. But everyone knows she’s a witch.”

“Is she evil?”

The lady nodded. “She sure is. You stay away from her and whatever she told you to keep secret, keep it and say nothing. Go far away from here. Ya hear?”

“But why? I have not seen her since and I have told no one of the secret?”

“Does not matter. You will see her again. Mark my word.”

He walked out the bake shop and thought about what the lady said. He thought he would take her advice and leave and never come back.

The next day as he was traveling he came across what looked like an old lady on the side of the road. He stopped and asked if she needed help. “Your very kind young man. I just need a ride to town.”

He gave her a ride to town and she was very happy. She turned around after she got off his horse. “This is for you.”

He gasped. She wasn’t an old lady anymore. It was Snow White and she had a beautiful cherry red apple in her hand.

“I thought…

“That you would leave me. I knew you were special and you have kept my secret. I want you to keep another one.”

Before he could answer she continued on. “If you keep this one, I will let you go.”

“What is it then?”

“If you take this apple and take a bite, all your dreams will come true. And as long as you keep the secret, you will remain happy.”

He was sceptical of her and something told him to be wary of her. “How do I know I won’t end up in you orchard as another one of your apple trees or something?”

Snow White smiled. “I promised you freedom and I will give it.”

He took a deep breath. “Okay, what is the secret this time?”

“The five missing princes can be rescued and returned safely.”

He narrowed his gaze at her. “But you’re not going to say how?”

She smiled at him and tilted her head at him. “I’ll tell you how. The other part of the secret is you have to find true love and say these words-I will forever love you and give myself wholly to you.”

“That could take a long time.”

She shrugged. “You better start looking.” Then she handed him the apple.

Without thinking he took the apple and bit into it. The world blurred and then he found himself in another village. Now he knew that she was up to something. To be rid of her he had to defeat her. That was the only way to be truly free of her.

So, he set out down the street in this new village that he had never been in. A bake shop at the end of the street caught his eye. When he went in a young girl at the counter greeted him. They both smiled at one another. His heart took on a faster beat.

It was instant love and he forgot for a moment about defeating Snow White. Until one night when they were enjoying an evening together. Sarah looked over at him and told him she had a dream of a beautiful apple orchard. The apples were cherry red and hanging waiting to be picked.

He gasped. Snow White had found them. He was fearful what she might do to Sarah. Then he remembered the words that she told him. He turned to her and said “I will love your forever and give myself wholly to you.”

Sarah looked at him for a moment and then smiled. The world went blurry again and now he was back standing in the orchard like the first time. Had he ever left?

When he turned around there was Snow White holding out an apple for him to take. He went up to her and took the apple. “I will never be free will I? You lied to me.”

She never smiled and her dark eyes rested on him. “You wondered into my territory and now you are trapped. But before she could say anything more he said the words I will love you forever and give myself wholly to you. He didn’t know why he said those words to her but something happened. The apples on the tree started to shrivel and the trees went all twisted and gnarly. Snow White turned into an old lady like the one he met on the road.

She turned into a black mist that swirled around and around until she flew up into the sky and disappeared. The apple trees around him also started to transform.

Standing before him were five men who were all looking at each other in bewilderment. Then they all say him.

“You rescued us,” said one of them.   

He smiled. “Yes, I did.”

Another one came up to him. “How did you know to say those words to her?”

“I don’t know. It just occurred to me that telling her that I loved her was poison somehow to her. It worked and broke the spell.”

All six men left together. He turned and glanced back where the orchard was and for a split second he thought he say a young girl with raven black hair running through the forest. He shook his head and it was deer.

Snow White peeked out behind the trees and watched the men disappear. She went down the road opposite the men and it wasn’t long when she met a young man who offered her assistance. She accepted. When they arrived in the next village she offered the young man an apple.

He bit into it eagerly and she smiled.
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Thursday, 8 September 2016


Hello! Today's flash fiction is about this special fellow. I love owls. I hope you enjoy!
Happy reading! 

The Owl King

Flash fiction

He was wise for a reason. He guarded his kingdom with a fierceness that no other challenged.

There were a few that tried but they never succeeded.

There was something about the owl king that was special. Some figured he possessed a magic.

One day the owl king had a visitor. She was from the far north. She was part bird and part fey.

The owl king eyed her with a careful gaze.

Her bird eyes were the color of moss that clung to the trees of the forest. Her long claws clung to the rock that they sat on.

“We should rule together my friend. It would be glorious do you not think?” Her large green eyes shimmered as  she waited for a response.

The owl king gave her no response. She didn’t waver.

She smiled showing sharp teeth. She looked up at the trees for a moment and then returned her gaze to the owl king.

“I can give you magic that you don’t have my king. Would you like that?"

The owl king never wavered. A little chuckle came from within her. “I can play games too. Would you like to fly with me?”

The owl king sighed. “I do not wish to fly with you my dear.  I sense that you are seeking something for your own gain. Is that not right?”

She looked away but only for a mere second. Then her moss green eyes went wide like saucers. “You will not deny me for what I have come for. It’s been a long journey.”

“Oh I know and I’m sure you are tired and hungry. Let me feed you and let you rest.”

Her eyes narrowed. “You would do that for me?”

“Of course I would. You are a part of my kingdom.”

Her feathers ruffled slightly. “I am not a part of your kingdom."

The king rose into the air and flapped his wings. The breeze from his wings almost knocked her over. She snarled and as she was about to strike back she froze and started to transform.

The owl king now roosts on a tree that overlooks the north.

It’s his favorite tree.

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

A WISHFUL DREAM-flash fiction

Hello Everyone! Happy September! Today's flash fiction is a whimsical cat piece. Hope you enjoy!
And as always if you would like to leave me some tea money or the cats some party mix money, there is the tip jar at the end. Thank you!  

A wishful dream

Flash fiction

Last night I had a strange dream. Blue eyes lured me close. I followed and followed but never caught up.

I opened my mouth to say wait up but no words came out. I kept going.

Finally when I got there, she was sitting on an old log with wild flowers around her. She was licking her paws as if putting in time while waiting.

I stood there and stared for a moment and then cautiously went forward and got closer to her. When I got up two feet from her she looked up at me.

I stopped in my tracks and froze. Her blue eyes held me still while she eyed me up. I wondered what she was thinking about me.

I couldn’t tell her anything about me, like I loved cats and thought she was special with her blue eyes. Maybe she already knew what I wanted to say.

Her blue eyes looked away and she finished up her paw cleaning. I waited for her next move.

Not aware that I was holding my breath, she jumped off the old log and went down a path.

I let out my breath and moved down the path following her. I wondered where she was taking me.

We came to an open meadow and that is where she stopped. I was suddenly filled with wonder.

She looked back at me and I could feel something from her. I think she was trying to tell me something. Oh how I wish I could hear her thoughts but I heard nothing.

I couldn’t get near her and I couldn’t say anything. I suddenly wanted to wake up. I looked at her and she let out this little mew that sounded far away.

The next thing I know the world around me goes blurry and in my ear I can hear the meow loud and clear.

My eyes fly open and I sit up and I hear the meow again. I rushed to the window and looked out.

There on the neighbours fence was an orange tabby. He looked up at me.

I sighed. He meowed at me and then jumped down.

It was then that I knew what she wanted me to know. I rushed out to the mailbox and there was the letter I had been waiting for.

It was from someone special and I had been worried about them but they were just fine.

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Thursday, 25 August 2016


Hello! Hope all is well. Today I'm offering something a bit different. I like all animals of course but I am a cat person. This cute fella caught my attention. Hope you enjoy!
And if you like you can donate me some tea money at the end. Thank you! 
flash fiction

Meet Bert. He likes most people and will even bring them stuff.
He likes to be petted and given treats to chew on. Although an old shoe can’t be beat.
Loves going to the park but not to run so much as to sit in the sun in the grass with his owner letting the breeze cool him.
Bert is a dog as one can clearly see but there is something different about Bert. He doesn’t bark.
This is where Bert stands out from other dogs.
You see Bert meows. He has always meowed. It’s what he does.
His owner has accepted it as how Bert talks. Other cats in the neighbourhood think this is funny and have teased him about it.
Bert doesn’t mind. He’s proud that he meows and will continue.
He thinks other dogs will want to meow like him. Why wouldn’t they?
For now though he will chew his owner’s old shoe and have his supper in a bit. Then he will curl up on his favourite sunny spot and take a nap.
He might even purr.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016


Hello! Today I have one of my strange poems. Hope you enjoy!

I Imagine

The rain falls down on the garden.
The wet kisses make the daisies bow their heads, in shyness I imagine.
A frog leaps out from under a hosta leaf to catch a wet kiss.
Is he a prince?
No one knows, I imagine.

The robin sings for more rain.
The rain soothes the ground and brings life to the surface.
The robin bounces to the ground in anticipation of what the rain brings it.
Big fat worms, I imagine.

The rain falls on my face, my hair and my clothes.
I'm trenched in the rain's wet kisses.
It must love me, like I love you, I imagine.

I dance in the rain to its own tune.
The rain does not care how badly you dance, as long as you feel its spirit.
Whatever the rain sonnet is, I will listen and dream of you and I forever.
You and I.
I imagine.

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Thursday, 11 August 2016


Hello and hope your summer is going great. Today's flash fiction is all about magic. Hope you enjoy !

The Water Enchanter
flash fiction

He was the only one there was. His name was Jamir.
The water always came at his summoning. It would rise high in the air and almost stand there looking down at him.
Maybe there were eyes there and Jamir was the only one who could see them.
With a flick of his wrist he could twist and turn the water to whatever he wanted to.
Some called Jamir a water god but others preferred to call him a water enchanter. It was magic no matter what you called him.
One day I went up to him and he turned to me. His eyes stopped me in my tracks and kept me from coming any closer.
He smiled though and gestured for me to stand beside him. I was hesitant but eventually moved slowly beside him.
“Watch this,” he said. The water jumped into the air and I thought it was going to the moon. Then it rained down on us but I didn’t get wet. How was that possible?
He winked at me. He knew I wanted to know how he did that. Jamir I knew would not tell me.
For the next twenty minutes I watched the water do tricks like a dog and then suddenly the water just settled to the surface and stayed.
Jamir frowned but then quickly grinned. “The water says it’s had enough for now. And it is time to take you back as well.”
My eyes went wide. “Take me back?”
He nodded. “Take you back home.”
“That’s okay, I can go back on my own.” But when I turned around it was all water. There was no peer or anything for me to walk on.
I looked at him and he tilted his head at me. “Need some help?”
I nodded. He came up beside me and with a snap of his fingers the peer appeared and we walked together side by side.
I looked over at him. “Are you real?”
He did not answer and I asked no more. When we got to the end of the peer he bid me a good bye.
I thanked him for the show he gave me and he smiled. “I will show you another show soon.”
I turned and walked away but turned one more time but he was gone.
That night it rained and I watched out the window and in the distance I could see someone standing in the rain.
I’m not sure but I think I saw the rain dance.

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