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Good day to everyone! Here is Chapter 2 in our continuing story. Hope you enjoy!
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Chapter 2
Simon had managed to keep them ahead of the storm. They had made it over the mountain when the rains hit. They gently sailed into a large grove of trees that grew on the side of the Orox forest. They had a little ways to get to the mountain region where their shipment was to be delivered. Silver Fox was tying the lines securing then in place. They would have to wait for the rain to end. Everyone would have to get their sleep tonight. Tomorrow would be a long day sailing making up for lost time.
Karina surveyed her crew as they busily took care of what needed to be done. She just hoped that they would not have any trouble from Naiad again. Karina knew she would not give up and word now would have spread about what cargo she was carrying. That would attract other thieves.
Simon was still working on the air engines. Karina hoped at least they would get them to their destination. Once they were paid, she would get the ship fixed up right there. She would be set then. Silver Fox came scampering over the rail, tail swishing. “Everything is secure for the night. I will take the first round of being on guard.”
“Very good,” replied Karina. Off he went.
She was very happy to have him on board. He was a sly fox that got them through some tight fixes. She could see some of her other crew member, Tabius, a rogue mongrel from the Falklan region, and her shapeshifting cat Milo who was an elf. She was an expert with a bow and arrow.
Now they were all tucked in for the night. The rain was coming down livelier. In some ways Karina was glad as that would keep trouble away. She hoped anyway.
Sitting on a large tree limb, Karina and Milo sat and watched the rain for a while. “You should go rest Captain, we have a busy day tomorrow.”
“I know but we will get there and make our delivery. We can stay out of the pirate’s way. We know how,” she grinned.
“That we do indeed. I will go do a check.” She jumped down onto the ship’s deck but didn’t make it across when a flying arrow landed in front of her. Karina jumped down instantly. The Silver Fox howled. More arrows came. Karina cursed under her breath. So much for the rain keeping trouble away.
When Karina landed on the deck, chaos had ensued. Large Mothdogs had landed and where fighting with Silver Fox and Milo was perched on a rung firing arrows at them. The other arrows were coming from a rogue ship, pirates.
Karina took out her knives and started slashing her way through the mothdogs. Finally the captain of the rogue ship landed on the deck scattering the mothdogs. He roared and everyone stopped. He towered over Karina. He was even bigger than Tabuis but Karina held her ground. She had faced the like of him before.
“Let me introduce myself.” He tipped his hat off to her. “They call me the Red Saber but you can just call me Red.”
Karina sneered at him. “Well then Red, you can get off my ship, now.”
“Oh come now, can’t we strike a deal. Word has it that you have the rare sapphire ice on board, no?”
“Don’t believe everything you hear, Red.”
He narrowed his gaze at her trying to tell if she was pulling one over on him. He glanced back and one of the mothdogs came forward without him saying a word. “Go look down below and sniff it out.”
“If he goes near the deck below, my mate will shoot an arrow through his skull.”
Red roared with laughter. “Then you do have the precious cargo on board.” He glanced back at his ship. “Let’s take it, now.”
His ship’s crew came pouring out of the portals of the ship like ants. Karina had to do something and fast. Her crew was now fighting them as they landed. Karina’s knives were meeting whoever came near. But this was a losing battle. They were outnumbered.
Suddenly a loud crash of thunder erupted and lightening lit up the sky. The rain now was turning into a mad downpour. It was a real storm now but that didn’t stop them. They relished in the bad weather.
The ship started to rock. The wind had gotten up and was pulling at the ship. The ropes were being stressed. Karina knew that if this kept up they would be air born in the middle of a lightning storm. She did not need that. The need to get rid of these thieves were greater than ever.
Milo fired a ball of fire at their ship. It hit its mark and burst into a large ball of fire. Red cursed and ordered his crew to go back and safe the ship. The mothdogs were jumping overboard to get away from Milo’s fire breathing arrows.
But by the time the rogue crew jumped back on to their ship, The Arsinia was being pulled by the storm. The first rope snapped and it wasn’t long until they all snapped, one by one. The storm now had Karina’s ship its grip and it flung it out into the open where the rain pounded on them and the sails were being whipped and torn.
The other ship wasn’t faring any better and if fact, the ball of fire that Milo sent over there had spread. The storm had grabbed them as well and now they were off in the storm and out of sight. She was relieved but they had a battle on their hands to gain control of their own ship.
The mountains were too close for comfort. They could be thrown and smash up against it if they didn’t steer away.
And if things couldn’t get any worse, those rolling dark clouds were coming straight for them. It was do or die.

Thursday, 12 July 2018


Hello! Today I have the beginning of an adventurous story. I'll do it in small parts. I don't think it will be that long but here is part one. Hope you enjoy!


 Karina was the captain of the ASINIA. She sailed the air of the Blue Isles and out reaching areas trading goods and hauling in finds that her crew scavenged. There were always deals to be made with those that were willing to part with their finds.

On occasion she would meet up with airship pirates. One ship, The Sabina was ruthless. Their captain, Naiad, was a rival of Karina’s. She always tried to steal and one up Karina but she wised up fast to her. Karina would send her hawk Blue to fly ahead and warn her if she was close by.

Today Karina didn’t have time for any confrontations with anybody. She had an important shipment of sapphire ice to deliver to the farthest reach, the Obian region that made air ships. Max who owned the main shipping company was giving Karina extra to make the shipment of sapphire ice as quickly as possible. Karina never asked why when he offered. She didn’t care as the money would go towards ship repairs that were needed badly.

Her crew member, Simon, was the one who did the repairs and he did his best with what he had to work with but Karina knew that if she didn’t get the repairs done properly that she would not be flying the skies. She needed this job.

Sapphire ice was very valuable so Karina instructed her crew not to say anything about what they were delivering. She didn’t need to fight pirates today. Kat, her second in command, told her they were ready to sail. Karina nodded and everybody took their positions. Blue was perched on the top sail. She would fly ahead of them keeping a sharp eye for trouble.

The sky was the best blue for sailing in Karina’s opinion. That pale blue with hardly any clouds in their way and the wind was always in their favor on days like these. They would make good time. That’s what Karina was hoping for.

Everything was quiet in the air today and it was getting warm but Karina didn’t mind. Blue was circling above them and as she looked up at him through her sun goggles, his huge wing span cast a shadow over her. Simon rushed up to her taking her out of her quiet moment.

“We’re making good time but the levers to shift the sails are weaker. I might have to manually change them ourselves.”

“Do what you have to do Simon, we have precious cargo on board.” She hardly got the words out of her mouth when a huge creak and groan shook the ship. Simon went off running. Now the ship was free sailing. “Everybody get to their stations, we have to guide this ship by our own hands!”

And if not to complicate things any worse, Blue starts squawking. Karina instantly looks around and there it is, the Sabina with Naiad at the helm looking through her glass scope. A huge howl came from the Sabina and Karina knew who or what it was. Standing next to Naiad was a cat mage! Karina cursed under her breath. She hated those things. Karina had taken shipments there and also did some scavenging. It was almost not worth it. Blue let out a screech. Karina could see her pointing to the sky showing the cat mage Blue.

Karina instantly went and got her trusty bow and arrow. The magic tips on her arrows could main any ship. Now the Sabina was very close. Naiad shouted over. “Having trouble are we? I’m willing to take over your delivery for you.”

Karina laughed despite the attack she knew that would soon take place. Naiad never willed any help to anyone. It would a steal and sell to the highest bidder help. Karina gritted her teeth. “No, we do not need your help. We have everything under control.”

“Doesn’t look like it to me. You are free floating, not going to make good time that way,” she shouted over.

Karina tightened her grip on her bow, ready for anything. She would not let her steal this valuable load. The Sabina was now right alongside her. Karina and her crew who now jumped into action ready to fight. Blue was still flying above them.

“Let’s not fight,” Naiad quipped. “I’m just here to help.”

“You never help, you only help yourself,” Karina retorted back.

Suddenly Blue let out a loud squawk from above. Karina looked up and her eyes went wide. Over the mountains came storm clouds. Karina had seen this happen on days like this. Calm and perfect one minute and the next a storm to cause chaos. Naiad looked up as well. She shouted to her crew. She knew better as well.

“I wish you the best and all.” Off they took off leaving there in their free floating stage. Karina knew that they would be back to pick up the sapphire ice off her ship once they were blown away by the storm clouds bellowing over the mountains. She would not let that happen.

Her crew scrambled to manual steer the ship and take advantage of the wind that had just picked up. But Karina knew that the wind would get stronger and would be hard to work with as it picked up strength. Her ship would be tossed and torn up in the winds hands like paper. She had to get out of here!

Her ears heard a wonderful noise. The gears of the ship started to creak and groan. Simon had convinced them to work once again. With a little help from the lively winds, they were on their way to their destination. They managed to clear the mountains and get out of the storms way.

It didn’t mean though that they were out of danger. They had to stay in front of the storm and not lose ground and get caught in it.

They sky behind them was black as midnight.






Thursday, 5 July 2018


Hope your summer is going well. Today we have a bit of a summery poem. Hope you enjoy!
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Papery petals wave in the wind. Butterflies dance around them.   

Their scent is mild but is still picked up by insects and small moths.

Poppies allow dreams to drift silently in the summer breeze.

Birds sing adding to the moment. It’s almost a perfect moment.

Invisible visitors come and tend to the poppies. They flutter about like the butterflies with their beautiful wings.

That is where poppy dreams come from. 

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Hello and today I have another story from my Mistwoods world. Hope you enjoy!


Short story


It was a clear cold autumn night. There would be frost tonight. Thames padded his way down the beaten path that led to a clearing. The others would be there. The Pak had to regroup and learn about the disruptions in the Mistwoods forest. Rivalries were attacking and claiming territory. They had to be stopped.

Greystone, the leader was going to tell them what more was happening on the east side of the forest. Thames was expecting the worse. They hadn’t lost anybody yet but he knew if this kept up that there would be a loss. The scent of the Pak told him he was almost there. Yips and howls filled the air in the distance.

He was home. Thames had been born and raised here in this forest. He would die here as well. But not tonight. There was much to do. The first one to greet him was one of the small ones, Brutes. Despites his size he was fearless and that was why he was one of the top guards of the Pak.

Thames could tell right away by the way Brutes was pacing that trouble had erupted again. “What happened?” He almost didn’t want to hear the answer but he had to know.

“They attacked at the edge of the forest. They are getting closer.”

Thames let out a huff as Brutes led him the rest of the Pak.

Greystone was already on top of the knoll looking out at everyone. When he noticed that Thames was there, he called everyone over to him. 

“We gather here tonight to talk about our intrusion of another Pak that is looking for their own territory.  We have to push them back and the sooner the better. Their leader however has agreed to meet us. I’m leery of this and I think he will use it for an opportunity to attack. I have not given an answer yet. I want to hear what you all have to say.”

Mumbling and growls circulated in the crowd until finally one larger wolf stepped forward. It was Blackpaw, one of the older ones. Everyone silenced and waited for what he had to say.

“I think we need to tread carefully before assuming they will attack. Let’s meet them in another location where we know the land well. So, if anything does go wrong, we can be prepared.”

More mumblings erupted and Greystone yipped silencing everyone. “That might be a good idea. I was thinking the same thing but we could have to be careful. I was also thinking of just a few of us going to meet the leader in that same location.”

Some were shaking their heads in disagreement. They all wanted to be there to defend Greystone. After a few more discussions, it was confirmed that everyone would meet with them.

The other Pak agreed to meet at the familiar location. Thames was ready for anything and decided to scout out the area where the wolves had staked out. He stayed back far enough to keep his scent out of reach.

“What are you doing?”

Thames jumped and bared his teeth. The other world did the same. Thames noticed it was a female, light grey in color, Thames backed up and looked at her. “Are you from the Pak?”

She stopped growling. “No, I’m a loner.”

Thames eyes went wide. He had never met a loner. “You don’t belong to a Pak?”

She tilted her head at him. “Not all of us feel the need to be a part of a Pak.”

“You’re not afraid being alone?”

“No, why would I? I would be more afraid to be a part of a Pak.”

That took Thames by surprise. Some yips and howls took both of their attention to the Pak. “They are on the move,”

“I’ve been watching them. They have moved into this territory and it appears they are going to try and claim it.”

“They are indeed. Out leader and the rest of us is meeting with them.”

“I would be wary of that. They met with another Pak the other day and it didn’t end well. The other Pak lost their territory.”

 That wasn’t good news. He would have to tell Greystone. “Thanks for telling me this.”

Their howls were getting louder and closer. “We have to get out of here. I think they sense us.”

“Let’s go this way. We can lose them.”

Thames didn’t hesitate, he followed her. There was something about her that told him he could trust her. They went down into this narrow path in the forest. They were making a lot of noise and Thames thought for sure they would hear them and soon be chased. It wasn’t long when Thames could hear water running. She was headed for the stream that ran through the entire forest. A riverbed of stones led over to the other side. She stepped out onto them. The cold water rushed over her feet and the stones underneath were slippery. She slipped a few times. Thames stepped lightly watching that he didn’t falter. He took one glance behind him and could movement. He feared now they were being pursued.

Thames picked up his pace and soon was right behind her. They had not far to go to reach the other side. His chest was pounding to get to the other side. They made it. She didn’t stop once but bounded into the dark forest. Thames did the same thing. He glanced back and saw one loan wolf looking around sniffing. Thames almost froze on the spot. He was huge. But he knew better than to stay. He quickly took off catching up to her.

Now they were far enough away that they could take it easy. They were heading towards Thames’s Pal territory. She stopped right at the edge. “I will go no further. You can join your Pak.”

“But what about them. They might chase you. They had caught our scent back there. Maybe you should…”

But before he could finish, she had disappeared before his eyes. He could softly hear in the distance getting farther away. He didn’t bother to chase after her. He just hoped that she knew enough to lay low for a bit.

He joined his Pak and told them what had happened. Greystone decided then to not meet up with them. He would not put his Pak in danger like that. He said if they came here to their property they would defend it.

That night, Brutes who was on patrol came scampering into the field. “They are on the other side, heading this way.”

Greystone let out a howl and everyone took their stations. They were ready. Thames waited for them to appear. Three small ones came into their clearing. They sniffed around and then each let out a yip in a different tone. That sent the hairs on Thames’s neck standing up. It was a code for something.

Greystone came into the clearing by himself. The three young wolves started to growl and Thames thought they were going to attack him. Greystone held his own. ‘Where is your leader?”

The three of them backed up and one howled. In mere seconds, a large black wolf came crashing through. Thames instantly recognised him from the creek. He was the leader.

The big black wolf came forward and greeted Greystone. There were no words exchanged when the big black world let out a loud howl. The whole area erupted into growls and yips. His own wolves were coming out of everywhere. Thames wondered where his own Pak had gone but they soon appeared. Now they were all fighting. Thames had to join in but he felt he had to do something quick to end this before it became a bloodbath.

Thames possessed a special magic that was rare and Greystone was the only one who knew about it. He raised his paw and just as he did, a sound from behind him startled him. He remembered her scent. “What are you doing here? There is a battle raging.”

“I saw them coming and came to warn you. What were you going to do?”

“This.” Thames raised his paw. This blue glow erupted from his paw and filled the entire open field the blue light. The wolves all froze down on the field and looked toward his direction. The big black wolf let out a howl and his Pak took off into the forest in all directions. The big black wolf looked into his direction and backed up and then bounded for the forest. His own Pak chased him.

When he dropped his paw, she came up beside him. “You are like me.”

“You have magic too?”

She held up her paw and pale green glowed. Thames shook his head. “We are rare you know.”

“Not as rare as you think,” She nudged him and that is when Greystone came up to him. “Thank you for saving us. They were very aggressive and would have maybe defeated us.”

Thames shook his head. “Never.”

Greystone looked over at her. “I see she is like you. We find another wolf mage.”

“She says there is more like us.”

“That is interesting, I would be interested in meeting some more. But come both of you. Join in the victory.”

He spun around and yipped and the rest of the Pak joined him. When Thames went to talk to her, she was gone. He let out a howl. He waited and in the distance, he could hear a faint howl in response. He wondered how she had made the distance so fast. Maybe there was more to know about this mage wolf. Hopefully one day he would find out.









Thursday, 21 June 2018


Another hot day here where I am and humid as well. And since today is Summer Solstice-first day of summer, we have a little faerie story. Hope you enjoy!


Flash fiction

The moon’s light bathed the forest. Twinkling flashes lit up the darkness.

The summer solstice was beginning.

Out of nowhere bright balls of light fell like large flakes of snow.

The magic was about to begin.

An old log that the moon’s light was resting on suddenly was adorned in blue butterflies.

She had arrived. Everything went still.

Their turquoise and indigo blue wings opened and closed silently.

Something came out of the darkness as if waiting.

His snow white hair glowed in the moon’s light.

“Butter Blue, come out. I’ve waited a whole year for you.”

One of the large butterflies flew up into the air. His own wings quivered.

But the large blue butterfly hovered in front of him. His face lit up with a bright blue glow.

Now she was standing in front of him. He smiled.

“Here I am summer prince. Have you come to dance with me?”

“I certainly have and more.”

He took her hand and together they moved to this music that no one heard.

Until the warm night started to sing and suddenly the forest was lit up with others arriving for the celebrations.  

They continued to dance and this time to lively music that filled the air.

All kinds of creatures joined them and the magic was electric.

The celebrations went on all night and when the witching hour drew near, the prince took Butter Blue by the hand and kissed each finger.

Her dark eyes watched him kiss each finger.

Just as he was going to kiss her, a flash of blue light lit up the area where they were standing.

She was now hovering high above him with other blue butterflies around her.

The prince just grinned. “You can’t hide from me forever my love. I will claim you one of these times.

He blew her a kiss sending her and the other butterflies into the night air.



Thursday, 14 June 2018


Hello. I've been a bit absent lately. Life stuff to deal with but hopefully it will get better. Found this pretty forest pic and thought of this little piece. Hope you enjoy.




So peaceful and the smells of the forest fill you with a sense of tranquility.

The shades of greens, browns and subtle golds create the quiet moment.

There are always so many hidden paths in the forest that you wonder who takes them.

Shades of light seem to illuminate at their end. Is there something there?

Should one go and explore and see? A tingle up your arm tells you maybe?

The lure of these little paths in the forest become too much not to take. It’s like someone is calling your name.

You have to go.

But if you do go, be aware of who you might be calling your name.