Thursday, 22 February 2018


Hello. Hope everyone is great. Today I have a short story from my Mistwoods world. Hope you enjoy and if you would like to leave me some green tea money, I thank you. Happy reading!


The air warmed as he walked along the frozen path. Snow patches still remained here and there covering dormant spring flowers. That didn’t stop him from stopping every once in a while to kneel down and hover his hand over the snow. The snow soon disappeared and underneath a snowdrop came to life and bloomed.

That always made him smile. He continued down the path wishing the snow to disappear but even though he could make it disappear, he knew better. Never touch on someone else’s season. He sighed. The winter court be such a touchy lot. He laughed softly to himself.

The air was chilling as he got closer to the end of his path. He then knew he was not alone. Leaning up against an oak tree was the winter kings brother, Shae, who was known to be a bit of a loner and never wanted to give anyone the time of day. Jax stopped before he got any closer and just watched Shae. Maybe he would move on but alas Shae looked his way.

“I could smell the spring in the air. You can’t hide yourself.”

“I wasn’t trying to actually. But it is coming to the end of your season you must remember.”

Jax heard him make some noise and Jax was guessing it was something unpleasant. He sighed as he continued on the path with every intention of passing him and ignoring him. Just as he got within a few steps he noticed that Shae was not alone. There was a small sprite glaring up at the winter faerie. Its bright emerald eyes looked angry and ready to bite. Jax looked from one to other and shook his head. It was not his business.

But as he was a hairs breath from the sprite, it whipped its head up at Jax and pointed its little green finger at him. “You are to blame.”

Jax frowned down at the little sprite. “What am I to be blamed for, may I ask?”

The little sprite folded his arms tightly around his fuzzy little body. “Your court is supposed to prevent the winter season from coming here.”

Jax sighed as he knew what the sprite was talking about. An old war going on between two lovers of opposite courts. He wished by now that had been resolved. “I can’t be blamed for others who made false promises.” He glanced over at Shae who was listening quietly. It appeared he was interested in the subject. Jax took in a deep breath and took a few steps forward when Shae spoke. “May I walk with you?”

“Yeah, take him with you,” shouted the sprite. He’s not wanted here. Too cold.”

Shae paid no attention to the sprite. His full attention was on Jax who stiffened at him asking for his company. “I suppose, for a short distance.”

A thin smile formed on Shae’s lips and his ice blue eyes brightened. Jax went ahead hoping maybe that he would stay a safe distance behind him but no he caught up and walked right beside him. Jax knew he had something on his mind. He wasn’t about to provide information if that was what he was looking for.

A swirl of cold air wrapped around Jax making him shiver. “Please keep your cold to yourself.”

“Sorry,” I just wanted a few words with you is all.”

“If you are looking for some gossip about some spring or summer court business, forget it. I don’t get involved in such matters.”

“I am not interested in such stories. I am however interested in you.”

Jax almost stopped but kept going. “What interest do you have in me? We are not in the same court.”

“Well, you still hold the cold spring air in you. That’s not far from the winter. Just a bit warmer is all.”

“Really? And what makes you thing you know so much about the spring court?”

“I know more than what you think. Just because I am a winter faerie, does not mean that I have not known or been taught about your court. Have you not learned about mine?”

Jax felt his face heat and as a result the air suddenly took on a warmer temperature. The snow along the path melted and young grass shoots sprouted and snow drops popped up.

Shae grinned. “I did not mean to embarrass you. I just thought…”

Jax stopped. “I have had enough. It’s time for you to go on your way. We have nothing to discuss.”

Shae’s ice blue eyes deepened. Jax felt a child race up his spine. “Fine, but I will see you again and maybe I will catch you in a more favorable mood.”

Shae walked on leaving Jax alone one the path where snow started to swirl around him covering up the grass but not the snow drops. Their scent filled the air.

That took him back. How did he do that? Maybe there was more to Shae than what he thought. He bent down and plucked a snowdrop blossom and held it to his nose. Its fragrance filled his nostrils making him almost dizzy. He placed the flower in his lapel of his coat and walked on to his destination.


He was sitting his the court garden studying some herbs when one of the servants came up to him. “You have company. Would you like to receive them?”

“Jax’s chest skipped a beat as he wondered if it was him. “Who is it?”

“Your brother.”

“Oh, I suppose. Bring him here. I do not want to share his company with father.”

“Very well.”

Jax barely got up when his brother Dai was standing looking down at him. His bright blue velvet coat with satin shirt underneath almost made him look like snow on ice. His pale white hair was tied back in a braid with small seed pearls and clear stones weaved in. Silver earrings wrapped around the lope of his pointed ears.

“Hello Dai, what brings you here?”

“What? I don’t get a welcome hug?”

Jax almost spit. “You know I don’t hug.”

Dai smiled. “You are still as stiff as winter. Are you sure you aren’t a winter faerie?”

Jax froze at the suggestion but quickly realized his brother was teasing him. “Yes, I’m quite sure. And talk about winter. Have you looked in the mirror? You look like ice and snow.”

Dai rolled his eyes. “No sense of humor either. Well, I have come to invite you to a court gathering. You avoid them all the time but this time, you have no choice. You must attend.”

“Why is that?”

“Because it is a special ball. The one where you might meet a suitable wife?”

Jax shook his head. “No, I’m not going. No wife for me right now. I have plenty of time for that.”

“Not according to our parents you don’t. You have responsibilities as a prince of court.”

“You are older than me. You can go choose a wife and make them happy.”

Dai smiled. “Well, I have already made that choice. A lovely spring princess who will make a wonderful wife.”

“Then I’m happy for you. But leave me out of it.”

“You’re insufferable. You will not be able to play the spoiled brat for much longer. You have duty.”

Jax turned backed to the herbs. “If that is all you want, I have other things to do.”

Dai leaned in close to Jax’s ear. “Are you hiding a lover? I will not tell.”

“Jax almost crushed the herb he was handling. “Go brother.”

Dai laughed and went on his way but not before he turned his head and said, “I will see you at the ball.”

Jax sighed. He would not go. Maybe he could plan a trip and that would get him far away from this silly ball. As he worked with his herbs, he thought of what trip he could take.


The night of the ball arrived and Jax lost out. He was going as his mother said there was going to be no trips for him anywhere. He would be there and when his mother spoke, he knew better than to defy her.

Jax figured all he had to do all night was maybe dance with a few choices that his mother had made and then hide for the rest of the night. He did not have to take a bride tonight. Given that his brother already had, that took the pressure off of him for the moment.

When he arrived he got quite a surprise. There was the presence of winter court faeries. Why were they here? Sudden thought of Shae came into his mind. He would not be here he thought.

His brother Dai spotted him and came over to him with his bride to be by his side. “This is April, my lovely bride to me.”

Jax nodded politely but Dai was not going to leave. “I have someone for you to meet.”

Jax glared at him. Dai ignored his displeasure. Two young court faeries came out of the blue and joined them. “I would like for you to meet Towney and Sere from the far spring courts.” He leaned in to Jax. “Be nice.”

Jax smiled politely at the two of them. He had no choice. Sere smiled and slipped her arm through his and pulled him towards the gardens. He looked back at his brother who just smiled.

So he had to walk in the garden with her listening to her prattle on about court duties. There other faerie Towney came along to get her to Jax’s relief. They left him in the garden.

He breathed in the cool spring air. As he turned around to go find a nice hiding place someone was standing in his way.

Shae smiled. “I was as relieved as you when they finally left. Such pretty things but annoying. No?”

“What are you doing here?”

Shae grinned. “I was hoping that I would find you in a better mood but I guess there is no good mood with you? What makes you happy then?”

Jax folded his arms.

Shae came closer making Jax almost flinch. Shae caught it. “Do I make you uncomfortable?”

Jax felt his face heat again. Now he was right up to Jax. The coolness from Dai cooled his cheek. Jax looked up into his ice blue eyes. A thin white braid fell over his shoulder. Shae untied one of the beads from his braid and weaved them into Jax’s hair, concealed of course. He kissed the bead. “There, you and I have a secret. You go back in there and do you duty. They won’t make you choose tonight a mate. You’re safe.”

“How do you know?”

“Never mind, I just do.”

Jax watched him walk away leaving him alone in the garden.  Jax went back to the party but before he walked in he looked back into the garden. Swirls of snow snaked around the gardens. Some snowdrops were nestled in some snow. Jax smiled to himself. He knew they were for him.

Jax walked inside.



Thursday, 15 February 2018


Today we have a poem about the gardens in the summer nights. It's a bit a ways a way before I can venture out into the night garden but we can always dream. Enjoy!


The sun bows down to the night sky.

Left behind is a dark blanket for which to sleep under.

Birds nestle in their nests with their young.

Cattle in the pasture are lying quiet.

But not everyone sleeps, we know.

Moths of every size and type come to rejoice in the night.

Dragonflies fly like dragons to hunt their prey and snatch mosquitoes in flight.

The garden flowers reserve their scent for the night and perfume the night air.

The night garden becomes a meeting place for the night creatures-even mythical ones.

The moths love the night scents and mice investigate.

An owl can be heard but take head the night garden hides all.

Who knew, the night garden was so important, we surly didn’t.


Thursday, 8 February 2018

SILLY LOVE-flash fiction

A new month! With Valentines day around the corner, I decided to give you a little Silly Love! Hope you enjoy.

Flash fiction
I didn’t eat chocolate and as much as I liked flowers, some of them made me sneeze.
So you would do other things like love letters on recycled paper. Tiny hearts that were smudgy filled the tops of your letters.
And always sign in print. LOL.
It was quirkiness that had caught my eye to begin with. The way you wore two different colored socks that always showed on pant legs that were a smidge too short.
You said it showed off your legs. I laughed as you had these long broom stick knobby knees. I thought they were cute.
When Valentines was coming up and all the candy hearts and chocolates were displayed, you decided once again to come up with something that was not commercial but uniquely you.
Another thing I liked about you.
Out in the back yard, you said you had a surprise.
I had to close my eyes and you led me out to the back yard where there was an old table under an old tree.
It was one of favorite hangout places.
When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t believe it.
Hanging on the old tree were an assortment of handmade hearts. You stood proud and I knew you made each one.
I had the biggest smile on my face so I knew you knew I liked what I saw.
But what I didn’t know was one of the hearts had a note tucked in behind it.
I had to find it.
It was the third heart where I found it.
It was the usual recycled paper but this time only two smudgy hearts on top. I raised an eyebrow at him.
Something was up.
The words told me I was special and that maybe it was time for something a little more.
At the bottom wrapped up in tissue was a little gift.
I opened it and inside was a ring.
You took the ring and held it front of me. “Marry me?”
I smiled and said yes.
We danced under the hearts as they gently swayed and clanked.  

Thursday, 1 February 2018


Hello and hope everyone is wonderful. Here is a short story for cat lovers. Enjoy!
And if you want to give me some green tea money you can in the tip jar below. Thank you!







HIS PAWS WERE SNOW WHITE. They weren’t dirty at all. They called him that for another reason. His real name was Bluesy Boy because of his soft blue grey fur. He was head cat in the household and around his own territory outside. The one that took care of his daily needs, Annie, let him out at 6:00 am every morning. He had her trained.

The others in the household went out after he went. They leaned not to cut in front of him. The first place Bluesy Boy headed was the backyard behind the garden. Mice were starting to gather there as the end of summer was approaching. Bluesy Boy was keeping track of how many were moving in. He and Misty were waiting to make their move. Misty was his buddy. She always had his back and he did the same for her. The other gals in the household liked to have their outing to themselves. That was fine. Bluesy Boy let them. It was better that way anyway.

Today he sniffed the air and he could smell something different. Misty did the same and she agreed. There was another Tom cat out there. They needed to get on the trail. The scent went along the edge of the territory and down to a small creek. That’s where the scent ended.

Bluesy Boy glanced over at Misty. “Let’s head over to the other side.”

Misty gave him a leery look. “We’re not supposed to be on that side. It’s too dangerous.”

Bluesy Boy headed over to the old tree that fell across the creek. Misty followed behind him all the while keeping her ears perked for any danger. The scent was picked up half way on the log. “I thought we would pick it up.”

 “Maybe he’s feral. Those kind you don’t want to wrangle with. They can make quick of you in no time,” quipped Misty.

Bluesy Boy didn’t let on he heard her. He kept on the trail until he stopped short. Misty picked up another strange scent and heard some rustling up further. Misty looked back and was ready to retreat on high. She watched him and he inched forward. She was going to protest and insist Bluesy come back when all of a sudden howls and hisses filled the air. There was a chase going on. One of them was a cat and he was howling the loudest.

Misty came up next to Bluesy Boy and nudged him back. He backed up a bit. “Wait a minute.”

“We can’t. Whatever is chasing that cat will be chasing us right away.”

He let out a huff and went back with Misty. They were half way when the chase broke out of the bush and was heading their way.

“Let’s run for it,” yelled Misty. She took off down the rest of the way across the old tree. Bluesy Boy was right behind her.

They got back to their side and jumped into the bush to hide. Whatever was chasing the cat was a huge furry thing. It smelled bad.

They flew past them and headed toward the neighbour’s yard. Bluesy Boy came out then and started to follow. “We should head back to the house. We shouldn’t be following them,” cried Misty.

“We’ll hop up on the fence. We’ll be safe enough. Just stay behind me and keep an eye out for the rest of the crew.”

By the time they got to the fence everything was quiet. But Bluesy Boy could still smell that scent.

Annie’s voice echoed across the yard. She was calling them all in. “There’s our call. It’s dinner time for us. Let’s go. You can check it out later.” Now Misty was sounding annoyed.

Bluesy Boy puffed out and followed her back to the house but not before glancing back and catching a large tail moving along the other side of the fence. It made him move faster to the house.

Wet seafood flavored cat food was waiting. The others were already eating when they got in. The others finished theirs quickly and went for their first round of cat naps. Misty joined them.

Bluesy Boy couldn’t stop thinking about that large fluffy tail. He wanted back out. He sat at the door and let out a mew. Annie couldn’t figure out why he wanted out but she let him out telling him that he was only going to get ten minutes.

That was all he needed to find that thing. He had to know what was in the neighborhood. He quickly scanned the area and sniffed the air. The scent now was faint.

Then he saw it. The fluffy tail was sticking out from under a parked truck in the neighbor’s yard. It hadn’t been driven for a while. He watched for the tail to move. Suddenly the whole body moved out. He was a tough looking tom cat. He was the biggest tom Bluesy Boy had seen in quite a while.

The big cat turned up to where he was sitting and their eyes met. The big cat let out a feral growl and Bluesy Boy was ready to leap back to the house.

“What are you staring at fat cat?”

Bluesy Boy’s tail whipped from side to side. He did not like that name but he didn’t want to wrangle with this feral creature.

“I live here. Where are you from?”

“I live everywhere, unlike you soft cats.”

Bluesy Boy’s tail whipped a bit harder. “You could find a home to and not have to live out here and be chased, never knowing when you last day is going to be.”

He snarled back. “Yeah, right. I’m no cute kitten anymore.”

“I wasn’t a kitten when I got a home. So, you can to.”

“There’s too many dogs here anyway.”

“I can take care of that.”

The big tom cat looked at him with mistrust. “How’s that fat cat?”

“I have a few in roads with the dog who is the leader of this part of town. So, let’s just say I have saved a few hides around here.”

“Alright, prove yourself or wrangle with me and see whose hide gets saved.”

Bluesy Boy didn’t back down. “Meet me here this evening. I always go out before it gets dark.”

The big cat slipped under the old truck and Bluesy Boy headed back to the house.

There was a threat of rain but Bluesy still wanted to go out. Annie let him out along with the rest who stayed close to the house. He told Misty what had happened and that he was going to take the big tom cat to where he could be safe. He also told her to come looking for him if he didn’t come back within the hour.

Bluesy Boy hopped down onto the neighbour’s side and headed over to the old truck. He sniffed for him and didn’t see him. “I’m over here.” He climbed down from under the motor. Bluesy Boy could see him more clearly now. He was black and white with really long hair that needed brushing. Part of one ear was missing. His gold eyes were large.

“Follow me.”

The big tom cat did just that but was soon walking beside him. “So, how do the dogs not chase you?”

“I rescued a dog out of well once. He fell through and couldn’t get back up so I went and told the lead dog.”

“The lead dog didn’t rip you up?”

“No, it was his best friend. The other cats in the neighborhood didn’t like it but I made it safe for most of them, except for a feral like you that comes in. You’re fair game.” They walked in silence for another minute before Bluesy Boy continued.

“Some cats call me dirty paws. They think I dirtied my paws making deals with dogs.”

“I would say the same thing dirty paws.” Bluesy Boy thought the big cat liked that name for him. It didn’t bother him.

They entered into an area with barking dogs. It made the big cat nervous and he started to growl. “You’re not setting me up in some dog neighborhood to get rid of me are you?”

“No, I’m not. It is true that there is more dogs here but the home I’m taking you is perfect for you.”

As they walked along the sidewalk, dogs came up to the fences to check them out. A few growled and the big cat made a high pitched growl back. Bluesy Boy kept going and other dogs just watched them. The big cat was surprised.

One big dog came out and greeted them. “Dirty Paws, what are you doing in this part of town and who’s your friend?”

“I’m bringing him to a possible home for him. He needs one.”

“At the end of the street?”

“Yup, I figure that would be a good home for him.”

“Let me lead the way.”

“That’s Brutus. He’s the lead dog here.”

They arrived at the home at the end of the lane-a large house with a porch in front. Brutus stopped at the gate and let them both though. Bluesy led the big cat right up the front steps and made a meow noise.

A lady came to the front door and the big cat was about to bolt when she spoke. “Bluesy Boy, what are you doing down here? And who is this we have?”

Annie’s friend Lexi, came out and investigated. The big cat let her get close but not touch. “You look like you need a home. I can find you a good home or you can stay here with my crew. Come on, I’ll give you some feed.” Lexi went back in the house and brought out some dried cat food and some cream. The big cat caught the smell of the cream.

He wasn’t long going to the cream and that’s when she started to pet him and he didn’t mind. He looked back at Bluesy Boy and licked his lips.

Bluesy Boy headed back and Brutus escorted him to the edge of their street. “See you later Dirty Paws.”

It started to rain at that point. He sprinted back to the house just in time before it poured. Annie was already calling his name for him to come in.

He went in and joined Misty on the window sill. “Did you take him to the home?”

“I did and I think he will be safe now.”

“Bluesy Boy, you saved on of our kind again.”

He didn’t answer. Instead he leaped down to the cat basket and curled up and went to sleep. Misty hopped down and did the same thing.


Thursday, 18 January 2018


Up early today so posting now. We are out of the deep freeze which is nice so thought flowers would be nice even though it's not flower weather yet. Hope you enjoy.


She was very good at it. Only picked the freshest of flowers and never one that showed even the slightest wilt.

Vibrant colors where always her choice as she believed that they would brighten your day the most.

One time she was asked why she liked being in charge of gathering the flowers.

She smiled back and said it was a job that you knew was going to bring joy to others. So she took her job seriously knowing the happiness was dependant on her.

She was also asked what her favorite flower was.

That was a tough one she said as each one has a special place in her heart. So she best answered it as her favorite was always the ones she was picking that day and today it was sunflowers because the represented small rays of sunshine.



Thursday, 11 January 2018

Dirty Paws- A New Neighbor

Hello and here is a cat short story. Hope you enjoy!
BLUESY BOY AND MISTY watched out the window. Two moving trucks had showed up. They watched for any new pets that might be moving in but saw nothing-yet.
“Do you think they might have a cat,” asked Misty. They certainly have a lot of stuff.
Bluesy Boy shook out and stretched. “It doesn’t look like it. Humans always have a lot of stuff.”
Misty copied Bluesy Boy and stretched out and hopped down. “That’s too bad, we could have had another friend.”
They both made their way to the kitchen where Annie their owner had put out some kitty treats. They always got their treat once a day. The girls of course where already there. Bluesy Boy rubbed up against Annie’s leg purring. When he did that, he always got an extra treat and a rub behind the ear.
Misty made a noise but he ignored her and ate his treats. Annie looked down at them all. “We have new neighbours. I’m going to make my famous cherry loaf and take it over. I’ll see if they have any cats.”
The girls shared a look. Misty could tell that they didn’t care. Bluesy Boy was enjoying his treats. He walked away toward the door. Misty followed but not before catching a treat in his dish. She quickly ate the treat and then joined him by the door.
“Are you going exploring over there?”
“Might as well go see what’s up. I’ll sniff the cat if they have one. See if they are friendly or not.”
Annie let them out after a few meows. “You two stay around the house. I’ll be calling you in as soon as my loaf is in the oven.”
Bluesy Boy darted out as soon as the door was open. Misty was right there with him. The day was a nice warm sunny day-not too hot. A perfect day to go check out whose next door. They both leaped up onto the fence that separated the properties.
Misty sniffed first. “All I smell is pizza.”
Bluesy Boy sniffed and made a snorting noise. “It doesn’t smell that good.”
Misty glanced over at him. “Want to jump down and explore around the house. It’s doesn’t smell that good.”
Bluesy Boy answered her by jumping down. Misty quickly joined him. They went to the back of the house. It seemed kind of too quiet Bluesy Boy thought. There should be lots of commotion going on inside.
There was a small patio on the back. Misty leaped up onto the railing and walked along it. Her nose twitched. “Do you smell something?”
She looked back at Bluesy Boy who was now looking into a window. “What are you doing? You’ll get noticed or something.”
Bluesy Boy got down and joined her. Nothing in there but stacks of boxes.”
That’s when they heard the screechy noise. They both looked around, ears perked. Misty crouched and looked all around. There it was again. The sound appeared to be coming from underneath them.
Bluesy Boy jumped down first and sniffed around where the sound came from. Then a howl came out making Bluesy Boy jump back. Misty was instantly by his side.
They both cautiously looked under. Now they could see eyes. Misty’s nose twitched. I think it’s a feline-a rather small one.”
She appeared underneath closer.
“Hello under there. We mean no harm. We just want to say hello.”
There was a small meek howl as their answer. Misty went in closer. “Hey, come on out little one, it’s okay. Really.”
There was a shuffling noise and then a thump. Misty glanced over at Bluesy Boy whose tail was swishing from side to side. “I think the little guy is stuck or something.”
Bluesy Boy went around to another part of the deck. There was an opening in the lattice. “Hey, come on over to this corner.”
The cat came over to where Blues Boy was but couldn’t get over the beam that supported the deck. “You can do it. You’re small enough to get over the top.”
“Okay, here goes.” The little cat pulled herself up and for a minute Bluesy didn’t think the little one would make it but all of a sudden the little cat landed on its side with a thud. Bluesy backed up and out stepped a small little calico. She leaped up onto the deck and paraded around quite happy. “Thanks, I ws lost under thee. I should have been more careful until I had checked out everything.”
Misty leaped up and joined her. “I’m glad we could help. I’m Misty and this Bluesy Boy. Some around her call him Dirty Paws.”
She scrunched up her nose. “Why is he called that?”
Bluesy Boy jumped on the deck and joined them. “It’s a long story. One day I’ll tell you.”
“My name is Chloe.”
“Welcome to the neighborhood. When you’re more settled in, we can show you around.”
They could hear footsteps coming to the back of the house. Misty looked at Bluesy Boy, “We should get going. Take care.”
They took off over the fence and landed on their side just they heard a voice. “There you are, it’s time to come in. The rest of the kitties are waiting for you.”
Bluesy Boy’s ears twitched. “There is more of them?”
At that, Annie started to call them in. “We’ll check it out later. Maybe Chloe will introduce us.”
All the cats stayed in that night. Annie said when she went over, there was a mean looking dog running around the house and she didn’t want any of them meeting up with it until she knew he was safe.
This was a problem. Chloe had not mentioned that she lived a dog. Misty was worried now. Would they be ever allowed out again?
Bluesy Boy tried to tell her that they would. But he had to admit he was a little worried as well.
The girls were at the door wanting out. Annie decided that since they just stayed on the porch and sunned themselves, they could go out. Misty and Bluesy Boy joined them. Annie looked down at them and frowned. “You two always wonder around. I don’t know if I should take the chance to let you out or not.”
Bluesy Boy rubbed up against her let and purred. Misty watched hoping. She sighed, “Okay, but I will keep an eye for you two. Any barking from next door and I will be calling you all in understand?” She gave him a quick pet and scratch behind the ear.
Bluesy Boy and Misty headed over to see if Chloe was around. They had to find out what danger lurked on her side. A nasty dog was going to be a major problem.
Misty was first up on the fence and sniffing, looking for her. Bluesy Boy went along the fence to the back to take a look. He took a chance and let out a mew to see what would happen.
Out from under a garden shed came a grey and white cat. He came trotting over to where Bluesy Boy was. He looked up at him with big gold eyes.
“Hello, you live next door?”
“Yes, we do.”
Misty came over at this point and looked down at the grey and white cat. “Who are you?”
“My name is Scat. You two live on the other side?”
“Yes we do. This is Misty and my name is Bluesy Boy.”
“Hey, you’re the one some call dirty paws. You’re well known on the other side of town where I come from.”
Misty sniffed. “Yeah, he’s known alright by most dogs and cats. Where’s Chloe? We met her yesterday.”
“She’s out here somewhere. She and Bingo are exploring.”
“Bingo,” asked Bluesy. “Is he another cat that lives with you?”
“No, he’s a dog.”
Bluesy Boy fluffed out his tail for the dog. Scat say his reaction. “Don’t worry, he’s okay with cats. He lives with us. We all grew up together so he’s okay. Want to me him?”
Misty and Bluesy shared a look. “We’ll stay up here for now,” said Misty.
Scat made a noise and out came bounding Chloe and a rather scruffy dog that wasn’t much bigger than Chloe. He didn’t look too threatening thought Misty.
“Hello again,” said Chloe. “You guys want to come exploring with us?”
Bingo wagged his tail. “Yeah, it’s lots of fun. Why don’t you guys hop down here so I can see you? My eyesight isn’t very good.”
They both leaped down. Bingo’s tail wagged even harder. Chloe rubbed up against him. “We have to look out for Bingo because his sight isn’t good. So, we guide him around.”
Bluesy Boy was relieved. Anne would have nothing to worry about. Bingo was going to be just fine.

Thursday, 4 January 2018


Hello everyone! Hope the new year is going great so far for everyone! It is very cold here where I am so this piece feels appropriate.  As this new year begins, there will be changes to short stories & stuff coming. I want to move it to a site like Patreon. If you heard about their kerfuffle, it made me hesitate. Now Gumroad has stepped up and some creators like it better. So, not which direction I will go but I will move it to one of those places. I hope which ever site I move to, that you will join me. In the mean time, I do have the tip jar at the bottom if you want to donate some green tea money.
Thank you all and I wish the best year coming. Hope you enjoy the story! 
Hold Me Down


I met a winter faerie by the spruce tree. The first thing that catches my attention are his ice blue eyes.

I stayed as still as the cold air that wrapped around us.

His grin was full of trouble.

My chest thumped the closer he got.

He stopped all but a mere foot in front of me.

His hair was a white blue in a braid that rested down the right side of his shoulder. There were white seed pearls braided into his hair.

His nails are white claws that sparkled in the suns light.

He held me while his ice blue eyes looked me up and down.

I could almost feel the life being sucked out of me.

Then he spoke.

“What a treasure I have found. I invite you into faerie.”

I managed to breathe and I shook my head no. I was not going anywhere with him.

But of course he just grinned instead of frowning. I was a game and his kind liked them because they always won.

“Oh but it will be fun. I won’t let any harm come to you.”

I shook my head no again.

I thought I could hear a laugh inside my head. “No,” I whispered.

He sighed. “Very well then, how about a stroll in the forest. That will be just as nice.”

I let out a shaky breath and for some reason my feet moved forward instead of backwards in the direction I should have taken.

He smiled, pleased with my choice.

The spruce trees where close on either side of us. The snow weighed their branches down.

We stopped where the row of spruce trees ended. I noticed something hanging off one of the branches.

“Do you like it? But don’t touch it.”

“Why,” I asked.

“There is something very delicate inside of it and we don’t want anything to happen to it.”

His cold breath chilled my cheek.

“What is inside of it?”

“Your soul.”

I threw him an angry look. “I did not give you my soul. Give it back.”

“Only if you come to faerie with me.”

I had to think. “Okay, but not right now. Later on today just before the sun sets.”

His ice blue eyes did not trust me but he nodded. “I will see you then.”

I waited until he disappeared. Then I very carefully took the ice ball and took it back to my place.

I knew when I went inside, it would melt. So, as soon as I got inside. I took my coat off and held the ice globe against my chest where the skin was exposed.

I closed my eyes.

The coldness bit me skin but soon the coldness melted and I could feel the cold ice water drip down my front sending a shiver through me.

My eyes flew open.

I was in faerie. He had tricked me and I should have known, they always win.

“Welcome,” he said.