Wednesday, 20 September 2017


It's that time of year and one of my favorites. So today I have a poem for you. Also if you haven't  noticed in the post below this one, I have a sale going on at Smashwords. If you buy ebooks from them, I have a 30% off sale on a couple of stories. Head on over and grab them up while they are on sale till the end of the month. Happy reading!! 
Your Name Is Autumn


You made my head turn.

Your scent was the sweetest ever.

I kept inhaling you-I couldn’t get enough of you.


I kept walking and looking in the direction of the wind that carried your presence.

My mind was filled with you.

I think you wanted that-I wanted that.


I walked and thoughts crept through me.

They were sad.

You were never going to show yourself despite the little noises and glimpses I caught in the corner of my eye.


A sweet breeze blows against the back of my neck.

I know it’s you-your scent wraps me up of thoughts of yellows, reds, and rusty browns.

I think that is the color of your eyes.

You tease me with your sweet scented breeze once more.


I hear a faint whisper in my ear.

I believe you are trying to tell me your name.

I know your name darling.


One day I will say your name into the wind.

Of course I know you will not appear-you’re too coy.

Still, I hope that one day…






Saturday, 16 September 2017


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Thursday, 14 September 2017


Hello everyone! Today we have a little magic in a tiny village. Hope you enjoy.


Flash fiction

On a clear late summer evening the other village appears. No one knows much about it.

Some say it doesn’t really exist and it just a reflection but others know better they say.

Those that have gone in search of the other village never come back.

For those that don’t believe, they said that they were fools who simply drowned.

Others who do believe, say that the villagers that live there kept them or they decided to stay.

Whatever the real story is, no one knows more than a couple who wanted to go find the other village. They said they came back because they escaped.

This made a lot laugh and said they were simply better swimmers and made it back safely.

The couple stood by their story.

Not all laughed at them. A young man had gone to them asking questions about the place. They told him that everyone that lived there was a image of all that lived in their own village.

Those images were not like themselves they told him. They wanted to become one and take your soul they said.

The man didn’t respond just walked away quietly.

The couple were a bit worried that despite what they told him that he would venture off to this world.

Sure enough, the next day. When they decided to check on him, he was gone.

They ran to the edge of the village down by the water to look for him. Maybe he hadn’t left yet.

But he was not to be found and their efforts to find him was a failure.

Sadly they went back and told everybody what happened. They all told the couple that nothing could be done.

The next day however, the young man was back at his place. The young couple asked where he had gone.

He told them that he had actually gone to the other village and had a wonderful time meeting the people.

They were horrified.

The young man smiled. I heard your warnings and I knew how to go there then.

They looked confused.

He explained to them that he made himself look different and that no one there was like him. He said he saw himself but never came to him wanting anything.

So he said he was safe and that he would go back again.

They just shook their head and told him if he was wise, he would stay away.

It was some later the young man went missing and was gone for two weeks.

The village people feared that this time he drowned.

But a mysterious man came to shore in a small boat. It looked like the young man and most thought it was really him but the couple was not fooled.

They knew it was the mirrored image of the young man.

Late one night they went down to the shore and the young man was out there sitting on an old tree looking out at the perfect image of the village.

It was very eerie and the air was quite cool.

But the couple crept closer to watch.

They watched for quite a while and the young woman was getting cold so they decided to head back.

Just as they got up, the young man got off of his tree where he was sitting and waded into the water.

They froze as they both watched him.

The young man was up to his waste in water when another one in front of him popped up.

Now there was two of them.

They shook hands and the one that was sitting on the tree, disappeared into the water and the other image came onto shore.

The young man shook himself off when he got on land and it was as if he dried off instantly.

The young couple stayed where they were until he disappeared.

The next day everything was normal until they noticed that the young couple were missing.

Everyone was worried what had happened.

But like the young man, they came back.

Now people in the village were starting to tell other stories.

They were convinced that the young couple were actually from the mirrored village.

The young man had convinced people that they were wrong.

Others thought that he was one of them and that maybe more of their village people were probably from there as well.

But there was no way to tell who was who so they let it pass and just didn’t mention it.


Thursday, 7 September 2017

THE WISH TREE-flash fiction

Good day to everyone! Today's flash fiction is all about wishes and love. Hope you enjoy! 

Flash fiction

It was so pretty. The tree known as the wish tree rested in front of a lovely ocean view.

It was called the wish tree because it was such a beautiful tree and many thought it to have special abilities.

Some brought it small tokens or gifts and laid them at the bottom thinking it would give them good luck.

Whether it did or not was to be seen. No one said.

But people still came and wished upon it. Then there was some that just sat underneath it and enjoyed the tree for itself.

Some thought that was better and maybe you got luck from that.

There was always ones though that tried to get the tree to perform its magic and some were quite inventive.

But there was once a cat that came by to investigate and sniffed around and leaped up into the branches and climbed almost to the top of the tree.

The cat was not afraid as he could see far and wide. The tree suddenly shook a bit and the cat started to climb down but got stuck.

Now he couldn’t get down. He meowed but no one heard him.

It was getting late now and the cat really wanted down now so he could go home.

Along came a young man who saw the cat. He started to climb the branches to where the cat was.

He got the cat and got down and let him go. The cat meowed and rubbed up against his legs and then took off.

The young man looked up into the tree and admired it.

He was about to walk away when something stopped him and he turned.

There stood a beautiful woman. He looked around to where she might have come from.

She smiled at him and said hello. He was so stunned that he couldn’t reply back.

The wish tree blew a breeze at him taking him out of his shock.

She walked up to him and offered him her hand.

He took it and they walked away.

It was said that the young man got thanked for saving the cat and the wishing tree knew what he wanted the most and that was true love.

So, the wishing tree granted his wish even though he never asked for anything.



Thursday, 31 August 2017

HOLLYHOCK DREAMS-flash fiction

This is one of my favorite cottage flowers. Hope you enjoy today's little ode to the hollyhock! 

Flash fiction

They reach for the sun and it appears they almost make it. They are so tall.

Their silky blooms line the stem in gracefulness and invite the bees to visit with their heavy pollen.

They like to share and grow in abundance with their round little seed disks that are happy to fall anywhere and grow.

They are hap hazard in nature but that seems to suit them.

Other flowers try to outshine but nothing can outshine the hollyhock that has been around for over a hundred years and has graced many a cottage garden.

They tower over everything and their subtle colors blend perfectly with the blue summer sky.

In their funnel shaped blooms have been made into hollyhock dolls for little ones to play with.

Never a dull moment in a garden filled with their majestic presence that can evoke memories perhaps of one walking with their grandmother in her garden as she tells stories of the hollyhocks.  





Thursday, 24 August 2017

THE FOX TRICKSTER-flash fiction

Hello and today we have a special story about a little fox. Hope you enjoy. And if you would like to buy me a cup of green tea mint, you can in the tip jar. Thank You.


Flash fiction


He hangs out in the meadow or near the edge of the forest where he lives. His fox form is his favorite as he then can hide in with the wildlife and not be noticed.

He’s a trickster that like to play games and steal things behind your back.

One day a young girl was walking in the meadow gathering wildflowers. The trickster caught her scent instantly and eyed her carefully. He was biding his time.

She never looked over his way at all and in fact didn’t seem to notice that she was not alone.

This suited him fine. It made it easier.

The young girl who was dressed in russets and reds with golds mixed into her dress that was layers in all these rich colors. Her golden hair hung thick over her shoulders.

The fox thought he could see something stick out of her hair. She either had big ears or she was wearing something.

It didn’t matter anyway, he had watched her enough and decided to go make himself known.

When he approached her scent started to change but he kept going towards her.

Just as he got within three feet of her, she looked up at him and smiled.

“Hello little fox, what are you up to today?”

He froze. There was something about her voice that wasn’t quite right. It had a lyrical ring to it that humans didn’t have.

He tried backing up it was too late. Now he knew what was sticking out of her hair. It was ears alright but large fox ears with a gold ring through the tip of the left one.

“Do not be afraid,” she said. “I will not hurt you.” She tilted her head slightly at him as if studying him. Then she got up from where she was kneeling and looked down at him.

He wanted to run but thought it would be most unwise. So he stayed quiet while she looked at him.

“You must not steal anymore and I think I like your fox form the best too so let’s keep you in that form from now on.”

The fox whimpered in protest. He could not shapeshift, no matter how hard he tried.

“I will know who you are now and so will others.” She took a small bell from inside her pocket and hung it around his neck. “Now all those who know the trickster will know that you are coming.”

“Now, off you go and stay out of trouble.” She turned away from him and walked away. A big bushy fox tail appeared out from her cape that she wore over her dress.

He shook his head and the little bell rung and instantly pheasants flew out of the tall meadow grasses startling him.

Now everywhere he went, he could be heard. He could sneak up on anyone anymore.

As time went the bell got a little quieter. He wondered if the spell was wearing off.

The fox decided to try it out and tried to sneak up on a flock of chickens but his bell rang very loud when he got close and all he got was feathers in the face.

During all this time he had not seen the fox girl and wondered where she was. He realized that she would be the only one who could remove the spell.

With luck he did see her in the same spot he had first met her. He approached carefully but she turned to him before he got to her.

Her ears fell forward and then backward. He didn’t know what that meant.

She grinned at him. “My fox trickster, you want to be free. You have to do something to earn that.”

His ears fell flat. Whatever she was about to ask, he would not like.

“To remove the bell and the spell, you must go into the forest and seek out the fox faerie. You will offer him the bell and he will most likely take it. He will ask you what you want for it in return. Tell him you want to be free and that is all.”

The fox was leery of all this and he did not trust her but he would do it. He knew where the fox faeries were.

So off he went into the forest. The fox faerie was leaning against a tree as if waiting for him. The hair on his hackles raised and he knew he was just tricked.

He whirled around but it was too late.

“You are not going anywhere my little friend. I want that bell.”

The fox faerie reached down and slipped off the bell and dangled it in front of his own face. He appeared to be quite happy with his prize.

The fox trickster had enough and once again whirled around and ran. No one stopped him this time.

In fact he kept running and running till he was far from the fox faerie and the young girl fox. He was in the far edge of the forest that he had not been to in a long time.

He took a deep breath and decided right there and then that this meadow would be his new home. He would not sneak up and steal things.

He would play a different game where he could probably win his way through. He smiled and trotted into the meadow sniffing and checking things out.




Thursday, 17 August 2017

CAT ADVICE-flash fiction

Here is something for the cat lovers. This is a bit of advice and a list of wants. We wouldn't expect anything else from those fur balls that we love so much. Happy reading!

Flash fiction
First of all I know you love me. That is obvious.
But there are some things I would like for you to know.
The cat little box. Sigh Could you please get a closed in one so I have some privacy? I’m a bit nervous.
Please clean it more often that you do. I like a clean bathroom just like you.
Now it’s treat time. I want those one that in the commercial that shows the cat jumping for all the time. I want to try them but I won’t jump. That is just ridiculous. I hope that cat got lots of treats for that.
Don’t forget treats when you go shopping. MY STUFF should always be on your weekly shopping list.
I want that good real brand of wet cat food that you tried. You must always give us the best quality of cat food. It’s just good for us.
Let me have my own little yard outside to roam around in and explore.
That was the list of things I wanted and now the advice.
When it comes to caring for me, you do a pretty good job but there is one thing that you should know.
I need to be petted up and massaged before I go to bed. It helps me feel better and I know it makes you feel better too.
Keep me safe at all times and make sure no dogs get at me. I don’t like them at all.
Keep a;; my beds clean please and one more thing.
Can you find my toys? One is under the fridge.
Or just buy me more toys.