Thursday, 17 May 2018

THE WATER TREE-flash fiction

Hope everyone is good. Today is a short little piece about having some quiet time. Hope you can find your own quiet space. Enjoy.

The Water Tree

Flash fiction

It shimmered in the evening sky.

Brilliant reds and oranges highlighted the branches that almost looked like they were reaching out.

The water was so still that it appeared to be holding its breath.

Not a sound could be heard for miles. Everything was so peaceful that it was perfect.

If you focused on the tree and the still water you could meditate and let the colors surround you in a soft tranquil space.

Let’s all go there and leave our troubles behind.


Thursday, 10 May 2018

SPECIAL TOWN - flash fiction

Hello! Once again I have another piece Special town II. Hope you enjoy!

Special Town II
Flash fiction
On hot summer nights the residents like to get together and have a summer party.
It’s much too hot to stay indoors so when the evening comes, they would all come out of their little mushroom homes and gather.
Everybody would bring something a little something and of course lots of cold drinks.
Things would really get going when the jewelled moon shone in the sky.
That’s when it started to cool off a bit and music would fill the air.
The people of special town for the most part are shy and don’t make themselves known to others.
But towards each other, they embrace gatherings and celebrate their little mushroom community.
Maybe one day we can join in on one of their summer parties. Let’s hope!

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Hope everyone is good. Today I have a little story that goes with a piece I drew. Hope you enjoy!

No one knows where this place is. It could be found perhaps between daydreams and night dreams.
It’s not a scary place and probably is friendly.
Mushrooms are everywhere and grow almost like trees.
Smaller ones are in very colorful pots that stand by equally colorful houses.
In the night, everything glows. The moon in the sky dangles a big star above the special town.
Hanging below the moon is jewels that sparkle like the stars.
No one has met the ones who live in this town but maybe one day one they will invite us in.

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Today we have some cat flash fiction. I use to have a white cat names Elizabeth. This pic reminded me of her. Hope you enjoy!

It’s mid-day and the sky is slightly overcast. The room is slightly grayed by the oncoming clouds.
Liz leaps up onto the sill and peers out the window. Her reflection stares back at her but she pays no attention.
Her gaze is on the world before her. Her eyes occasionally dart from one side to the other. The robin outside sitting on the fence post is holding her attention now.
It’s doing a special song for rain.
Liz watches and listens carefully.
But then something else catches her attention and her eyes almost widen. What is out there?
Her eyes see so much more than ours. Sometimes I think she sees the invisible.
Liz adjust herself to a more comfortable sitting position. The robin’s song continues.
Soon a few drops hit against the window and the robin flies into the spruce for cover.
Liz takes note and so does her reflection but as the rain becomes more Liz’s reflection blurs.
Her eyes shut and open a few times, giving one more glance out before shutting her eyes and tucking her nose into her paws.
The only sound is the rain hitting the window.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


Hello! Today I have another glimpse into the Mistwoods. Here is another little character that has joined this world. Hope you enjoy. And if you would like to leave me some green tea money, I thank you!




It was rare to see him in the forest. And to see him always meant something was going to happen. Creatures that hadn’t seen in a long time would appear. These creatures were not always the friendliest and were feared.

It was a late summer day when the mage arrived. He arrived in many forms and this time a male deer. The magic swarmed around him with glowing stars that hovered around him. These were the creatures that he brought with him. Some thought these were his warriors that fought and won wars for him. But no one knew for sure.

This time things in the Mistwoods were quiet as if they all left. Maybe someone got news that the mage was on his way. But not all left.

A little sprite with the curiosity of a cat stayed to watch the mage. The bright lights flew around like dandelion fluff in the air and the little sprite knew they were searching. Mushie stayed hidden in the knot of an old oak that the woodpeckers and hollowed out. He felt safe.

Mushie’s marbled eyes widened as the male deer transformed into his true self.  He stood so tall thought Mushie. As tall as the young trees around him. An ethereal glow burst from his robes sending light thought the entire forest. Mushie slipped into the darkness of the hollowed out hole in the oak but he felt a light warmth touch the top of his tuff of green hair. He tucked himself further down the hole to hide. Now he was scared that he had been found.

Within minutes he felt hands wrap around his tiny body and lift him out. He couldn’t scream for the fear inside him shoved his voice so far down that he could barely breathe. He flew through the air and landed on the ground with a thump.

Mushie was too scared to look up at the eyes that were peering down at him. Then he heard a soft rumble. “Look up my little one. Nothing to be scared of.”

Trembling Mushie looked through his knobby fingers. Bright blue eyes stared down at him. The face of an old man with a long white beard that almost touched the ground stood in fron of him. The mage held a staff with gold antlers that glowed like he did.

“You are the only one brave enough to come see me. I commend you for your courage little sprite. And for your show of bravery, I will give you gift that comes from where I live.”

Mushie’s mouth dropped. “A…a…gift for me?”

The mage laughed softly. “Yes, for you.”

He reached into his robes that appeared to be nothing but light and pulled out a gold ball. “Take this ball and keep it with you. It will keep you safe and warn when danger is near.”

He held out the gold ball to Mushie. With trembling hands, he reached out for it and quickly took it. It was heavy. He carefully slid it in his deep pocket that he used to gather his nuts. He looked upat the old mage. “I…I…thank you.”

“You are welcome,” the mage replied.

Mushie stepped away with his new treasure and was going to leave when one of the glows of light landed in front of him stopping him. He slowly and carefully looked back over his shoulder to where the old mage was standing. He gasped. The old mage was a deer again.

“Come with me and I will take you for a ride to your home. You are a ways away.”

It was true that he was a distance away from home as he now had to venture out further to find his food. Mushie was going to decline but thought better of it since he was given a gift. The light led him back to the deer and without effort lifted him onto the back of the deer.

Like a magic carpet the lights around them and the deer took to the air. Mushie held on tight as they flew over the trees. The other lights were right beside him. He could almost see what they were inside the light. They looked like dragons from far gone days. Mushie wondered if they were. Maybe these were the spirits.

They came down in a clearing and Mushie felt himself being lifted up and let down again. This time without a thump. The mage’s deer eyes looked at him and nodded. Mushie silently nodded back.

Then light a lightning bolt, they all shot up into the sky leaving Mushie all alone in the quiet. Home was not far as he started to walk towards the old path. He stopped half way thought and took out the gold ball. It shone in the darkness. He wondered how it worked. But for now he tucked it back in his special pocket and headed home.



Thursday, 5 April 2018


Good day everyone! Today I have a summer reflection flash fiction piece. Still waiting on the warm weather to arrive here.




At the end of a summer day, taking in the last of the rays of a most wonderful sunny day.

Everything is calm and the air smells sweet and the evening breeze is brushing against my face.

It’s just nice to sit quiet and watch out over the sky and meditate.

Let all the noise and busy stuff flow away and just concentrate on the moment and the beautiful sunset being painted before my eyes.

As I look out I see the silhouette of my fluffy reflecting on her day as well.

Maybe I’ll go sit beside her and we can enjoy the moment together.



Thursday, 29 March 2018


Happy day to everyone! Since Easter is this weekend and special rabbit will be making deliveries, I thought it would be fitting for a story from Wonderland. Hope you enjoy.



Flash fiction


It was that time of year when the first drip of the icicles started.

The air would still be a little on the cool side but not so cool that the first crocus would poke through.

Spring was in the air and the first thing to erupt out of a quiet winter slumber was Easter.

The rabbit dreaded this time of year. The others would start stirring. They would be expecting something from him.

Their Easter eggs and the most thing they looked for in the world was the famous Easter egg hunt followed by the wildest party ever. Each one to outdo the one before.

That wasn’t hard for the crazy ones. The rabbit shivered just thinking about it.

He looked over at his basket of eggs. Some were decorated and others were still waiting. He was running out of time.

There was a basket of pink eggs with purple polka dots. He shook his head and held up his purple stained paw. Those darn little fairies liked those.

The mad hatter liked wild colors splashed over his.

He sighed.

The first spring rain came during the night. Rabbit could hear the rain outside. Spring was here. He could even smell the rain air.

The fresh morning air woke him up. He didn’t want to get up but there was eggs waiting to be finished up.

He sat on his little stool and munched on his carrot, grumbling to himself. He wondered if there was a way he could get through this Easter without any crazy nonsense going on.

Then he heard something rumbling outside. At first he thought it was distant thunder but no.

He looked up toward his hole. It couldn’t be.

Then he knew. He could hear some music. It wasn’t even officially Easter morning yet.

“Are you down there?”

He thought if he stayed quiet, they would leave him alone. Then he heard this banging on his door.

“Wake up, we have a surprise.”

Surprise? He shook his head. Surprises meant crazy stuff would happen and erupt into all kind of crazy nonsense.

No, he did not want surprise.

He did not move. Soon there was no more banging and no more yelling.

He went about finishing his eggs and got them all done up quite fast.

He decided to poke his nose out the hole. He sniffed something.

Finally he climbed out and what he saw was unbelievable.

The entire forest was in bloom. Spring had sprung overnight. The smell of wild flowers filled the air.

White fluff flew around in the air. Fresh clover caught his attention. He raced for it and just rolled in it and then took a nibble and another nibble. His favorite clover was all in bloom.

That’s when he heard the music and could see the procession. He would never make it back to his hole in time to hide from them.

But he had to try. He grabbed some clover and off he ran.

The mad hatter caught him all but a couple of feet from his hole. He swung him in the air wishing him a happy spring.

He hoisted him on the back of his shoulders and proceeded to take him and the others to the middle of a clearing where a long table was set up.

It was quite beautiful. Crocus and wild tulip flowers were down the center.

Tiny plates were set for everyone.

The fairies flew in with food for everyone.

Rabbit could hardly believe his eyes at all the work they had done. Maybe this party would be okay?

He should have known better when the first one fell flat on his plate of berries. The wine had flowed freely. Even the fairies were flying around in loops and flopping on the flowers on the table passing out.

Rabbit was still clutching his clover. The mad hatter had a strange companion with him. He wasn’t sure if it was one of the Alice’s that he liked to keep company with sometimes.

In any case it was time for him to leave and prepare for his delivery.

He got up quietly and without much noise left them all behind.

But he only got a short distance when the mad hatter caught up to him.

“I have an Easter gift for you.”

He held it out to him. Very carefully he took it and whispered thank you.

“Happy Easter rabbit. You deserve something too.”

He nodded and hopped off back to his hole.

It was a moonlit night when he struck out with his baskets of eggs. All the creatures at the party were sleeping now.

It would be safe.

He quickly dropped off the fairies eggs and then off to the small creatures with their eggs.

The last was for the mad hatter and he always left one for an Alice.

When he got to where the mad hatter lived there was a small basket outside his house with a note attached. It was to him. There was a bundle of carrots sitting amongst fresh clover.

He sniffed them and they smelled wonderful.

It made him happy

He picked up the note and read it.

Dear friend,

Hope your deliveries are going well. I thought I would give you this small gift for you. I thought you might get hungry along the way.


The mad hatter.

It never amazed him that sometime they could be kind.

He finished his deliveries and went back home. He set his basket of carrots and clover down for his morning breakfast. He still had his gift from the mad hatter yet.

He was tired but decided to open it. Inside was a large egg decorated with a picture of him on the egg with an inscription – to the best Easter rabbit ever… Love your crazy wonderland friends.

He took his egg to his bed and laid it beside him and drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face.

He mumbled something like “Happy Easter you crazy wonderland.”