Monday, 31 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 5 -Expectations

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year brings nothing but the best to you all! Here is the next instalment on my story. I hope you enjoy.


Rhys couldn't get the vision of the three wolves out of her head. Actually she couldn't get Kaden out of her head. What was he doing with them? She totally had to rethink her position on Kaden. What was she going to do about him? She needed answers to a lot of questions. For one thing, where they all in this plan to kill the Diamond were cat? This would change her plans to hunt and kill him. She had to find out somehow.
Her head needed clearing and the best way to do that was to head for her favourite place for her favourite mojo. But then he was there last time. She would just have to take her chances that he wouldn't be there.
His scent hit her like a bus. Rhys should have known. It was like he was waiting for her. She decided to ignore him for the moment. She needed her coffee with the rich cream on top. Once she had that then she could decide what to do with him.
"You love your cream kitten, don't you"? He was quite happy with himself for some reason.
Rhys continued to ignore him. When she got her coffee, he paid for it before she had a chance.
She tried not to grit her teeth. She whirled around away from him but he was too fast. She ran right into his chest. Rhys looked up into silver grey eyes that were wild in every way.
"What? Not even a little thank you"? He was grinning which irritated her because then she wanted to smile at him or even worse-giggle". She had to bite her tongue to stop.
Instead she smiled sweetly at him and said"thank you" in a rather sarcastic tone but it was effective.
He shrugged. "I'll take it." Rhys managed to get passed him but he was right beside her. "What's up today kitten"?
"Figuring why you're here with me and not out hunting that Diamond were cat", she tried to sound bored but she knew better.
"Well, you make a nice diversion and I think you might know something about that Diamond were cat." His body was brushing up against hers as they walked. It was driving her crazy.
"Why  would I tell you anything about the Diamond were cat"?
"I don't expect you to but when you're not watching what you're doing, I will be". She almost laughed out loud at him. If he only knew.
"Oh then, I guess I better watch myself then, huh"? He smirked but didn't say anything.
Rhys decided to sit on a park bench and drink her coffee. This would be an opportunity to try and get information out of him. She just had to be clever about it.
She sat herself down and he sat right beside her. "Do you have to be that close"?
"I like your scent kitten". He moved over a bit.
"So Kaden, what did you do last night, you know for fun"?
He looked at her rather strangely. "Are you keeping tabs on me"?
"Just asking what you were doing. Didn't know it was a big secret". She rolled her eyes at him and licked her cream. He was watching her intently.
"Not much Kitten. I went out for awhile but that was it". He was being very evasive which she expected.
"Where did you go"? She continued to lick her cream.
She wasn't looking at him but she knew he scrunched up his nose at her. He moved closer to her again touching her. She firmly held onto her coffee for support.
"Why don't you hang out with me tonight and find out what I do". His lips were a hares breath from her cheek. If she was to turn to him their lips would touch. That thought wouldn't leave her mind.
"What are you thinking kitten"? His breath was warm and sweet. She quivered and that's when she felt his hand slide around her waist. Rhys froze.
"What do you say kitten, hang with me tonight? You know you want to".
She was starting to boil because the thing was, he was right.
"I'll think about it". Her voice was a bit shaky but didn't squeak at least like sometimes her voice did.
She stood up separating herself from him and his touch. Kaden just sat there looking up at her watching her every move. She had to get a way from him.
He reached out and took her hand and she let him. "Meet me here tonight and you'll find out what you want to know".
What did he mean by that?
"What will I find out"? She locked eyes with him.
"I think you know". His tone was soft and alluring.
She tried pulling her hand away but he held her firmly. "You want to know what I'm up to kitten, then meet me here tonight and you'll find out."
Rhys guard went up. "That could be a trap for me. How do I know that you won't lead me into a pack that would like nothing but to rip me apart."
"Oh kitten, I would never let that happen. You can trust me on that".
Something told Rhys that he meant those words. She suddenly didn't know what to make of him. It left her feeling a bit confused.
She had to walk away but only got a few feet when he was right there beside her touching her again. She let out a low growl. She didn't mean to do that. Kaden stopped her and pulled her tight up against him. Rhys could see every fine line around his eyes, eyes that had seen a lot she was guessing. She knew one thing though, his silver greys were intoxicating.
Very tenderly, he rested his lips against hers and in that moment a fire was lit and the heat from that fire was consuming them both beyond their control making them blind to what lied a head of them which was a trap set for two.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 4 The Unexpected

Rhys paced back and forth. How dare he come in here and do that!
She had saved his hide from that wolf and that's how he treated her in return? He was a were wolf and was the enemy. She had no business feeling anything for him.
He was out to hunt and kill the Diamond were cat which was her she told herself.
Well, she would have to beat him to it. Rhys would hunt and kill him. That would solve the whole problem.
She armed herself with her silver dagger and walked out into the night.
The night air was electric and vibrating with a pulse that read there was a host of danger waiting for her. Something was up.
She had been on the hunt for a certain wolf that was forming a pack to dominate the area and hunt down her kind. That would eliminate any competition for power.
Something crawled in her veins that told her that wolf was out there stirring trouble. She decided not to transform right away as her scent wouldn't be picked up right away if she stayed in her human form. Rhys could feel the silver dagger on her hip in its holder. She had a feeling she would be using it tonight.
Rhys stayed in the shadows and made her way to the park where the wolves always met. At first there was nothing but the light from the street light casting it's glow over the bench and garbage can. Everything was too quiet. Rhys kept herself in the dark and waited.
She didn't have to wait long when a small straggly wolf came into the light. It was sniffing around the garbage can as if looking for food. That seemed odd.
Another silver wolf came out to join it. It was in better shape but looked hungry as well. What was going on?
Rhys decided to stay in the shadows for a moment longer to see if any more like those two showed up.
Looming in the shadows Rhys picked up a strong scent. It was him, Thor, the wolf that was out for power. He was huge and the other two scurried away almost knocking over the garbage can.
The glow from the street light made Thor's black coat shine and his strong leg muscles stand out. It almost made Rhys terrified of him and she knew deep down that she should be somewhat afraid of him because he was ruthless and played for keeps.
For the moment she decided to stay put and watch things unfold.
Another large silver wolf showed up. It was a female. She snarled at him and nipped at him making him yelp. But Thor retaliated and nipped back. This was some hello or maybe they were enemies.
All she knew was that it would be in her best interest to stay out of sight. She wouldn't last thirty seconds with those two. There had to be some deal going down. Rhys had never seen this silver white female before. Something told Rhys that she was as much trouble as Thor.
It was like a line was drawn in the sidewalk. Rhys watched wolves form a line on each side of their leader. The wolves started to howl on each side and then the silver female howled an eerie pitch into the night sky silencing everybody.
Before Rhys eyes she transformed into her human form and walked toward Thor. She ran her fingers through his thick fur. He let out a low growl. "Now, now my love, you know you like it when I rub behind your ears. I'm here aren't I"?
Thor then changed into his human form and pulled her into his arms and roughly kissed her. She slapped him . All Thor did was laugh. "You haven't lost your spunk love".
"You best not forget that because that little slap is nothing compared to what I could really do to you".
Rhys could tell that Thor was amused and was probably grinning.
"Is he coming" she asked. Her tone was acid and Rhys could tell that she was getting impatient.
"He said that he would be here, Ali and he will" Thor said.
A noise sent them on alert and both Thor and Ali shifted into their wolf form ready to fight. Rhys held her breath to see what threatened them.
Out of the shadows another wolf came to join them. The other wolves were surrounding him blocking her vision. Then finally the wolf came into view. Her heart stopped.
What the hell was he doing with these two?
It was Kaden.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 3 Close Encounter

Here is the third instalment to my story. I hope you enjoy.
I would like to wish everyone out there a Merry Xmas and nothing but the best in the New Year.
A big thank you to all those who have stopped by and read my stuff.

                              Close Encounter

Rhys walked into the coffee shop to the hope of a better day than the night she just had.
That pomp ass wouldn't know the Diamond were cat if she scratched him on the nose.
Still she wondered why he wanted to kill the Diamond were cat which of course was her but he didn't know that and he wouldn't.
She needed a double double jolt of caffeine along with a froth of cream on top.
She just turned around and took a sip when she stopped short.
Sitting by the window was the pomp ass  himself and he was looking straight at her. Rhys narrowed her eyes at him. He pointed to his nose. Her hand flew to her nose that had cream on it. He smiled.
Rhys bolted out the door. She wasn't even half way down the street when she heard steps behind her. Her nose twitched.
"Hey, wait up" he called to her.
She never stopped nor turned around.
"Hey". His voice was sharp and abrupt. If that tone of his was his attempt to make her stop then he had another thing coming.
He finally flew in front of her. She could see her angry eyes in the reflection of his sunglasses.
"Stop, already" His tone this time was calmer and softer taking her back a bit.
Rhys grip around her coffee got tighter.
He took off his glasses to reveal silver grey eyes. They were serene but not without an underlying edge of danger. She would keep her guard up.
"Walk with me, please"? His eyebrows raised in a arch making him look slightly goofy.
Rhys almost broke out into a smile but cut herself off. She couldn't appear as a push over. She shrugged her shoulders at him.
"Whatever" she said.
He grinned.
They walked for a while in silence before he broke the ice.
"You always lived here"?
Now that was a lame opening she thought.
"I've lived here for a while".
Rhys wasn't about to give him her life history.
"So, you and I need to talk about last night" he said.
"Yeah, I guess you need to apologise for breaking into my home". She could feel the tension coming from his body, almost like a tidal wave.
Rhys imagined the feel of those tight muscles under her fingers gliding over his chest. She envisioned her fingers exploring even further down, down...
She stopped.
He stopped.
He was right beside her. His arm was touching hers sending a vibe through her skin that made her quiver. She looked up at him. His eyes were looking right down on to her. For a second she wondered if he sensed what was going through her head. She almost wanted him to know.
She shook herself and started walking again.
He was right beside her. "What was that about"? His voice had an edge of seductiveness to it.
Damn, maybe he did pick up on what was going on in her head.
"You should go, you followed me enough" she said.
He chuckled. "I haven't followed you near enough yet my kitten".
"What? You're going to stalk me now"? She let out a low growl.
He leaned in a little toward her.
"Is that suppose to scare me kitten"?
"You should be scared pup" she scoffed at him.
He was grinning from ear to ear and Rhys didn't have to look at him to know that now she was a big amusement to him.
She had to put an end to this now. Rhys stopped and confronted him. Her hand flew to his chest stopping him cold. He looked down at her hand and then his silver greys watched her face.
She felt a rumble underneath her hand. He was warm. Why were werewolves so warm? Again her thoughts wondered. Instead of giving him a piece of her mind she stood there with her hand on his chest thinking about his bare skin.
His eyes went slightly wider. Rhys ripped her hand away. They held each others gaze for a moment.
"I"ll walk you home kitten". Rhys stepped back giving her self some breathing room. His scent was strong and powerful. He was addictive, damn it. She didn't mean to sound croaky but that's the way it came out. "I know my own way home and stop calling me kitten".
He closed the gap between them pulling her into his arms.
She whimpered and he pulled her tighter against his body. His lips were but a breath away from hers. She could feel his heat. He was all too consuming. She felt like she was going to burn up in his arms.
Out of  nowhere they were ambushed. He went one way and she the other.
All Rhys could hear was angry growls that belonged to werewolves.
She was on her feet in a split second. There was a giant wolf on top of him.
Rhys shifted into her were cat form and pounced on top of the wolf digging her claws in.
The wolf yelped and got away from Rhys but not without a huge gash on his flank.
He wasn't moving.
Rhys nudged him with her nose.
"Hey, I'm alright" he mumbled.
Then she remembered-the diamond around her neck. She couldn't let him see it.
With a little magic she turned the colour of the diamond to a ruby.
When he sat up his eyes went to the jewel.
"You're a jewel cat". He grinned.
"Then you must know where that Diamond kitten is". His hand went out to touch her but she hissed at him.His hand flew back. "Okay, I get the message."
Rhys turned around and padded down the street. He followed at a safe distance. At least he knew better she thought.
She was at her house now. "I'll get the door for you".
Rhys went inside and up to where her bedroom was where she shifted.
"Are you okay"?
Rhys startled grabbing a blanket. "Do you mind"?
"Sorry, but you didn't mind last night". He just turned around was all he did.
She quickly put on her clothes.
He turned around as if he knew that she was done.
"You have to get out of my bedroom-now"?
"Why" he grinned. "You might have more of those thoughts of me, kitten".
"Shut up" she yelped. She knew her face was flushed.
"You know, pup". She crossed her arms in defence. "I  don't even know your name".
"Well, we can fix that, my name is Kaden and since we're getting formal-what's your name kitten"?
His attitude was infuriating but likable. She gritted her teeth.
"Rhys" she said under her breath.
"Hmm, suitable kitten name."
"Stop that, I'm no kitten".
She narrowed her eyes at him. "I would suggest you leave my bedroom before you get a taste of this kitten".
He laughed out loud and then ran his tongue along his bottom lip.
Rhys froze staring at him.
The bastard was laughing at her and sizing her up like lunch.
"Okay, Rhys, I'll leave your bedroom-for now." He did that eyebrow arch thing again. A very small smirk escaped across her lips.
First thing she knew-she's on the floor with silver grey eyes staring down at her.
Without warning he kissed her. Her breath was caught in her throat.
A little tiny whimper escaped from the back of her throat. His kiss deepened.
As quickly as the whole event happened he was gone.
She flew up and after him but it was too late. There was no sign of him.
Rhys felt like she had been hit by a truck.
The bastard would pay for this.
She would do what she did best-hunt werewolves and kill them.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 2 - The Meeting

Rhys threw her keys on the desk and grabbed a bottle of red wine with a glass. The vision of the license plate wouldn't leave her head. Who was he?
Why did he kill his own to save her? It didn't make sense and the more Rhys thought about it the more anxious she felt. In the morning she would do some snooping around to find out what she could about him. For now she would like to forget him.
With the wine glass in hand she headed for the bath where she drew her self a frothy white bubble bath with her favourite rose petal salts.
She slipped her jeans off and pulled her sweater over her head. Her red silk bra and panties topped the heap.
Slipping inside was heaven and for a moment she truly did forget him but when she took that first sip of wine the though of him came back.
What was it that kept him entering into her thoughts? She told herself to stop it and took another sip of her wine.
That's when she heard it.
Her whole body went still and her ears perked. Her cat instincts kicked in and then there was the smell-dog.
She leaped out of her bath and shifted into her were cat form ready for anything. She padded out the bathroom and into the hallway. The commotion was downstairs in the kitchen.
She crept low to the floor and down the stairs to where the intruder was.
Rhys hid behind  the desk in the foyer which was open to the kitchen.
Drawers were being opened and closed as if the intruder was looking for something. She peeked out and her eyes went wide-it was him. What the hell was he doing here? She was furious.
He was not in his werewolf form so he would be an easy target. Catching him off guard would be to her advantage. She had a few tricks that would prevent him from shifting.
Rhys leaped out and slid across the kitchen floor and then leaped up into the air taking him down.
They both landed with him crashing his head on the floor knocking him unconscious. She pinned him down anyway and growled in his face.
It was only a few moments when he stirred.
His eyes half opened.
Rhys looked down into silver blue eyes. His eyes suddenly went wide.
He flinched once under her weight. "Get off of me cat".
Rhys growled in his face.
"Get off of me and I will tell you why I'm here. I promise not to do anything-you have my word."
Ryes ears bent back.
"My word is good. You can slit my throat otherwise."
Rhys cautiously backed off of him but watched to see what he would do. If he tried to shift she would stop him. He got up never taking his eyes off of her. He held up both hands.
She shifted and his mouth slightly dropped. She was naked. It wasn't the first time she shifted in front of a man before and was caught naked. She was comfortable in her own skin but all the same she grabbed a jacket off her chair and covered herself.
"You have five seconds to tell me what the hell you are doing in this kitchen-my kitchen".
He backed up and she hissed at him.
"Calm down cat". There was an air of light heartiness to his comment that didn't sit well with Rhys. He was making fun of her.
"You're a wolf hunter".
"Tell me something I don't know, like why the hell..."
"I know I know" he cut her off. "I'm looking for clues to see if you're the one".
She narrowed her green eyes at him. "One what"?
"The hunter with the diamond". His silver blue eyes rested on her waiting for a response.
She tilted her head at him. "Are you a cat hunter or a bounty hunter in general"?
"In general" he scoffed as if the word "general" was foul tasting.
She chuckled.
"That wasn't funny-cat. The were cat with the diamond is wanted by my kind."
"Now what would your pups want with the were cat with the diamond"?
He grinned at her. Rhys noticed he was a full foot taller than her and was as lean as any wolf she had taken on. His dark hair was thick and wavy. For a moment she wondered what his hair would feel like between her fingers. Her tongue ran across her bottom lip.
All of a sudden he was looking down at her. Her green eyes shot up at him. He grabbed her by the arms. "Don't shift on me".
She hissed at him again and scratched his arm.
"Get out of my house-now"!
He held his arm where she had scratched him. "I see you're all teeth and claws little kitten."
He held up his hand to stop her from saying anything.
"I'm going but you and I are not finished yet. You know something and I will get it out of you."
He was at the door to go out.
"What do you want with the were cat with the diamond-answer me that at least".
He smiled this time at her. "It's very simple what I want-I'm going to kill her".

Thursday, 6 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part one-Encounters

Here is the start of my new paranormal romance titled DIAMONDS. Part one is called Encounters. This is a were cat and werewolf story. The main character is Rhys who is a were cat and she's a hunter of the bad wolves.
I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!


Rhys padded without a sound through the park. Her green eyes shone through the dark unlike the clear jewel that hung around her neck hiding who she was.
She stopped and sniffed the air but the only scents Rhys could pick up were fumes from vehicles from the main road, a tossed wrapper from a cheese burger and a half eaten rotten apple.
It wasn't the scent she was after.
Up ahead a street light lit up a bench and a metal garbage container-the source of the those foul smells of discarded food. Around the round shaped patch of light was darkness that felt like something was hiding ready to pounce.
The park was void of any activity tonight. It was like the usual crap of nightlife were locked away or scared off perhaps which meant that they were here.
Rhys stopped and waited but nothing. Fine she would make the first move but just as she lifted her paw she heard a growl.
Her ears twitched.
Rhys didn't move a muscle. She even left her paw up in the air.
Her green eyes narrowed in on the darkness that hung around the street light.
The smell overtook her and before she could react she felt this heavy weight on her back sending her down to the sidewalk with her head crushing against the cement.
His scent was burning in her throat.
"Why are you following me -cat"?
Rhys sputtered trying to catch her breath. He quickly let off some of the pressure but that was his mistake. She rolled slashing him across the face.He let out a howl and Rhys sprinted into the air leaving her attacker behind.
But her escape was short lived. Rhys collided with something that felt more solider that the cement that crushed her head.
Towering over her was a huge wolf. All Rhys could see was sharp teeth and gold eyes that glared at her with contempt.
The other wolf was now behind her trapping her in between them.
"What do you want-cat"?
"I could ask the same of you -dog" she hissed.
The wolf's ear bent back and his teeth became more visible.
Rhys had to move fast before he struck her.
She leaped into the air and over top of the large wolf.
The wolf behind her followed suit.
The chase was on.
Rhys was fast but this wolf could move too. She would let him have his chase-for now.
Rhys knew what to do with wolves like this one.
She led the wolf into an old industrial park that wasn't used much. She knocked down garbage and threw it his way but he still kept up. She would have to face this one so she swirled around and faced him taking him by surprise. He almost ran right into her. He was but five feet from her.
Rhys hissed and growled at him with her ears bent back and of course showing him all her own sharp teeth.
The wolf put on his own show and howled at her showing his sharp teeth. In a flash she slashed at him and now he had two marks from her. He yelped but quickly recovered and was going to pounce on her when she darted out of the way and hit him hard on the side biting him in the flank. The wolf had fast reflexes as he he tore at her side with his sharp teeth. Now they were rolling on the ground with claws and teeth being their weapon.
This one was going to be harder to dispose of than she thought. He was smart after all.
He was now on top of her with his paw pushing against her throat.
"Now you're not so tough are you -cat"?  He was pushing on her windpipe crushing her.
She fought with her hind feet and  was just about to throw him off of her when a shot rang out and the wolf collapsed on top of her.
Rhys quickly pushed the wolf away looking to who did this. She caught a shadow up on top of one of the old warehouses.
She went after it but barely made it up to the roof. The wolf had gotten her side good.
All she saw was the dark figure of a wolf leap off the roof into the darkness and disappear.
Why would a wolf kill another? Although she seen it before but never to save one of her kind.
Rhys went in the direction of the wolf and picked up his scent and followed.
It was good that she had good healing powers within her as now her side was a lot stronger and she moved faster.
The sent took her to a open quiet street. The wolf sent was gone. How could that be?
All she could see was a black sports car. Movement made her leap into a nearby bush. As Rhys peaked out she watched a tall man go towards the car. He went and opened the trunk and threw something in. She was guessing it was a gun by the shape of the object.
But then he stopped at the door and looked her way. She slipped back in the bush. His gaze held.
Rhys held her breath for a moment. There was something different about this wolf.
He finally got in his car and started it up. He took off slowly as if watching for her to come out then he finally put on the gas and took off.
All she caught was the licence plate that read-KILLER.

Thursday, 29 November 2012


                                                          The Three Trees

My sister said they were special trees and that they were close companions.
Trees have no feelings I told her so how can they be friends.
She scowled at me then just sighed. "You know nothing" she said.
Now I was scowling at her. "I do so know something and I know trees do not have feelings."
She just shrugged and walked towards the trees. She stopped about five feet from them and spoke to them like they were human.
I marched up beside her and demanded to know what she was doing.
"Talking to the three trees, of course".
"Why? They can't hear you" I said.
Now she was annoyed. "Say something to them" she said.
I rolled my eyes at her and then looked at the three trees. I opened my mouth but no words came out. I didn't know what to say to them. What to you say to trees?
It was winter and they looked cold so the only thing I could think of was-"Our you cold"?
My sister looked at me. "What kind of question is that"?
I don't really know what kind of question that was but the three trees gave me the impression they were cold.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


This is the final instalment of this story and I hope you enjoy it. Next week I will post another flash fiction piece while I get ready to put up another paranormal romance story.
Have a great weekend!

Olivia hadn't noticed that Jarrid was wearing a chain around his neck with a strange gold and silver moon shaped object before. There was a black stone at the bottom tip.
The vibe Olivia got off of it was that it was a part of Jarrid and if removed somehow-he would be at a disadvantage.But how would she know and how would she get it off of him?
That morning at school she set about on a mission. Just as she got her books out of her locker laughter made her stop. It was Lily and the cheerleaders but there was another voice that she recognised-Jarrid.
She looked out the corner of her eye and there he was standing in the middle with these giddy girls giving him more than enough attention.
They didn't see or know what he was. Those girls were nothing but prey to him. He could be choosing a soul that he was after right now she thought to herself.
She stared too long. Jarrid looked right at her and smiled.
Olivia froze as she watched him excuse himself and walk towards her.
Olivia slammed her locker door and whirled around in the opposite direction and quickly picked up her step.
Of course this was futile.
"What" I don't get a sunny "good morning" or even a simple "hi", Olivia"?
"Hi" Olivia quickly mumbled.
"Oh, you can do better than that" he whispered in her ear.
Olivia's chest jerked. She smiled sweetly at him "good morning, Jarrid".
"Much better" he chuckled "That wasn't hard, now was it"?
Jarrid whipped around to the front of Olivia making her stop in her tracks. The other kids went past them not even looking at them standing in the middle of the hallway. It was like they were inside this invisible bubble.
Jarrid grinned and winked at her.
"What do you want"? Olivia's voice was breaking. She was trying to keep in control and not lose it.
"Just to talk, Olivia. I never after all this time had a chance to just talk to you". His voice was soft and almost felt gentle against her skin. She quickly shook the weird feeling away.
"Fine, lets talk" she said.
Jarrid gestured for her to walk beside him. "Let's go to the cafeteria".
There was only a few kids in the room. Jarrid chose a table in the far corner as if maybe he thought their conversation might be eavesdropped.
Olivia sat down opposite him and the moon shaped object seemed to move. The silver and gold melded into one and that black stone shone.
Olivia blinked-maybe it was the lighting in the room. Jarrid shoved a cup towards her.
It was tea. How did he know she liked tea?It even had sugar and cream in it-just the way she liked it.
Olivia wrapped her hands around the mug.  A creepy feeling seemed to crawl up her arms when she touched the mug. She wanted to be far away from him but she knew she had to stay calm and maybe get that necklace from him.
Jarrid quietly took a sip of his tea.
"So, Olivia". He leaned over and his necklace fell forward hanging there in front of her.
Olivia couldn't help but stare at it. Before he opened his mouth again Olivia spoke first.
"What is that, that hangs on the chain? It's different" she said.
Jarrid clasped his hand around the moon shaped object covering it.
"Yeah, well, it is unique" he said.
"Where did you get it" she asked.
Jarrid's eyebrow rose.
"You like it that much"?
Without thinking, she just blurted it out-"let me see it".
Jarrid laughed and then locked eyes with her. Olivia looked deep into navy blue pools of water.
"I'll tell you what. After I do my little deed here, I'll get you one of these".
A cold chill ran through her.
The bell rang startling her. Class was about to begin. Jarrid got up and held out his hand to her.
Olivia didn't take it.
He just chuckled.
Olivia couldn't put her finger on it but he had an agenda this morning and she just knew it was going to happen soon.
Suddenly, Olivia was nervous and looking all around her and at the other kids as if maybe one of them was one of the chosen souls.
Olivia stayed with Jarid. Up ahead was the cheerleaders. Jarid picked up pace. It was like he was on a mission to get to them.
Olivia's chest started to thump. He was going to take Lily and one of the cheerleaders.
"You can't take Lily" shouted Olivia.
Jarrid just stayed focused on his goal. He wasn't listening to Olivia.
They were within five feet. She had to do something.
Without thinking, Olivia reached up and grabbed the necklace and yanked hard breaking it free from his neck.
He stopped instantly.
Olivia stepped back.
His navy blue eyes were now pure black.
"You shouldn't have done that, Olivia" he said.
It looked like he was going to lunge at her but instead just before he was in her face he turned into black smoke and disappeared.
"There you are". Lily was now standing in front of Olivia.
"That was the strangest thing ever, I was just over there with those two faced witches talking to them. They looked at me like I was from another planet".
Olivia threw her arms around Lily. "You're okay".
"Well, yeah, of course I am. Did you hear my story"?
Olivia grabbed Lily, "yeah, I heard you, we all do weird things, just forget it ever happened. They certainly will." Lily just snorted.
Lily went ahead of her into class. Olivia opened her hand and stared down at the necklace. It was actually in her hand. What should she do with this thing-throw it away? Something inside of her told her not to. Then she saw something on the moon shaped object. She took a better look and inscribed on the silver and gold were words.
It read- "I'll be back for this Olivia".

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Olivia couldn't get to the corner fast enough to meet Lily. Usually she was there waiting for her but not this morning. An eerie chill started to dance in her chest.
Finally she seen her coming up the street. A wave of relief chased the eerie chill away.
"Hi" Olivia said.
Lily was looking down at her cell phone frantically texting. Who would she be texting?
"Oh hi" she said as if suddenly seeing Olivia. There was something strange about Lily.
"What's up with you" asked Olivia.
Lily's head shot over a glance at her and by the look on her face Olivia could tell that she was annoyed at her.
"Nothing" she said and went back texting. They walked for a awhile in silence until Olivia couldn't take it anymore and touched Lily's arm. You would think by the way Lily reacted that Olivia's touch burnt her arm. She snatched her arm out of Olivia's touch. "Stop that" she snarled at Olivia.
That was it, she put her self in front of Lily stopping her. They stared into each others eyes and Olivia could tell by her eyes that Lily was not her self, in fact this wasn't Lily at all standing in front of her.
"Where's Lily"? Olivia asked as if the real Lily would step forward.
"Get out of my way, I have things to do". When Olivia didn't move Lily pushed her out of the way. Olivia gasped. Lily would never do that. She watched this person who looked like her best friend walk away from her.
What had happened to her? She could almost bet her last manga comic book that Jarrid would know the answers.
When Olivia got to school she went to her locker to get her books but as her hand touched her lock she heard a familiar laugh. It was Lily.
When she turned to look there was Lily with the cheer leading squad. They were laughing and having a good time like they were the best of friends. They were never the best of friends.
"They make such a cute group, don't they Olivia".
Olivia swirled around to come face to face with Jarrid. She fisted her hands at her side. He stood there in front of her all smug. He didn't have his hoodie today, just a snug navy t-shirt showing off some lean muscle and black jeans. His dirty blond hair framed his handsome face. Steely blue eyes shimmered.
"What did you do to her" Olivia demanded.
"Now, don't get all mad at me Olivia, your friend is happy and I'll have you know that she has secretly wanted to be in that crowd for as long as since the last time I saw you."
Olivia backed up against her locker making a rattling banging noise. "What do you mean"?
 Jarrid leaned in and grinned. "I know everything Olivia. I let you two go then but now I'm back".
"What are you going to do" she asked him.
"That will be a surprise but-" The bell rang telling students to get to class.
"Shall we go Olivia"? He gestured for her to go ahead.
Olivia quickly went a head of him. She got her self lost in the shuffle of kids losing him but not for long.
Jarrid sat right beside her in the next row of desks. This was a game to him and she couldn't let him win. The only question was- how?
Lily and her new found friends sat at the back of the class. Lily never sat at the back in English class. This was her favourite class of the day. Jarrid looked back at them all as if checking up on them. Then he glanced over at Olivia and winked.
The teacher Mrs Sharpe came in and the class went on and nobody seemed to notice Jarrid. He sat there tentatively causing no trouble. They would share glances at one another but Olivia would look away quickly not wanting to encourage any trouble from him.
The bell finally rang. Jarrid never moved as if he was waiting for what Olivia was going do.
She waited for Lily and then sprang up in front of her. "Hey, you want to hang out after school"?
Lily looked at her like she was from another planet.  Lily snorted in Olivia's face.
 "Not in this lifetime". And shoved her off to the side.
Someone cleared his throat behind her. She felt the heat in her body rising. She whirled around ready to slap him and he actually held up his hands like he knew what she was thinking.
"Hey, sorry about that Liv but you know what those girls are like-nasty". He scrunched up his nose like there was a bad odour in the room.
Olivia grabbed her books and marched out the room but not to be left a lone for long. He was beside her.
She stopped. He stopped.
Without looking at him she asked, "What do you want"?
All he said was-" just a couple of souls Olivia".

Friday, 9 November 2012


The boy walked right past her without giving her a second glance. Olivia watched him as he went down the street. Her friend Lily was off in the distance but it seemed like to Olivia that he wasn't waisting anytime and he would be almost caught up to her.
Olivia's chest tightened with fear. What if he was following Lily? She couldn't let her best friend fall prey to him.
She tugged at the straps of her backpack and followed him. Olivia ran part of the way till she could see him in full view.
He stopped.
Olivia darted into Mrs Dobber's Lilacs to hide.
He never turned around. Instead he continued to walk and not so quickly as before.
Lily was no where in sight. She must of made it home thought Olivia. An almost sense of relief washed over her.
Olivia continued to follow him. She decided to go as far as Lily's house-just to make sure Lily was safe.
She was just two houses away from Lily's when he stopped again.
Lily's chest was pounding. She figured now for sure he would think that he was being followed.
He turned and looked at her.
She was right-he knew.
They stared at each other for a moment.
"Olivia" he asked. How did he know her name? Now panic was settling in. Did he remember her from four years ago or something? Olivia's mind was going into overdrive and she wanted nothing more than to turn and bolt.
Then the boy smiled. "I've seen you at school, our classes sometimes have gym together".
That statement didn't make sense to her but then he seemed like he must be right.
"Your friend made it home-safe" he said.
Olivia couldn't speak.
"I saw her go in to her house. I just live down the street. My name is Jarrid." He stuffed his hands in his hoodie pockets and shifted his feet on the leafy sidewalk. The same coloured leaves laid at his feet as when--
Olivia shook her head. All that would come out of her mouth was "oh" and "um". Olivia could feel her face flush and she started to feel embarrassed.
"Well, I better get home, Mom will be waiting for me. You should  probably get home as well, Olivia".  His voice was this calmness that settled the fear inside Olivia's stomach.
Olivia nodded and Jarrid smiled and Olivia could feel herself turn her body around and walk away. She could feel his eyes on her back all the way to the corner. When she turned she could see nobody.It was like a veil had been lifted when she got back to the corner.
She knew she had never met Jarrid before and they never in her lifetime shared a gym class.

Friday, 2 November 2012


Here is the first part to my short story. Hope you enjoy.

Olivia was twelve years old when it happened. It was imprinted into her memory. She remembered the dull autumn day that made all the fall colours stand out. The air smelled like Grandma's basement-damp and musty. Olivia, who was at the park that day sitting on a swing could still see those three leaves that were at her feet. One was Yellow with brown spots and the other two were red and burnt orange. She remembered staring at them before kicking at them.
She sat on her swing that day swinging ever so slightly back and forth thinking of not much of anything. It was just one of those kind of moods.
Of course she would get into trouble for this because she would lose track of time and be late getting home for supper. Her Mother would shake her head at her and point her to the bathroom to wash up. It was her Mother's wordless "I give up speech".
But this day Olivia sighed bringing herself back into reality and that was when she realised she wasn't alone. There was someone sitting in the swing next to her and she could tell it was a boy-an older boy-maybe 16 or 17.
Olivia didn't look directly at him, just from the corner of her eye. He was wearing a dark navy hoodie and  the hood was pulled over his head with just a bit of blond hair showing. His runners were white and black.
She could still remember how her heart took a faster pace as she waited for him to say something but he never did.
Olivia's parents had warned her of strangers. Ever since the incident last fall, the same time as this   was, strangers were to be viewed with caution.  Thinking back she thought she had handled herself quite well. She didn't scream for help or try to run for it because what if he had caught her?
No, she had very quietly got up and started to walk away like there was nothing to be afraid of.
The only sound she had heard was the creaking of the swing she had got out of. It wasn't until she was a fair piece away when she heard the sound of the swing creaking and she instantly knew that he had gotten up. Was he coming towards her? She had made the decision to not look.
She did make it home that day but after that she remembered looking at every boy who wore a dark navy hoodie with the hood pulled over their head. And if they had blond hair with black and white runners, her chest would prickle.
That was four years ago and now there was another incident. There had been a body of a young girl found by the playground-the very same playground where she had spent time. The shocked neighbourhood all but locked their children up. Councillors had come to the school to talk to us  about "strangers". We were not to travel alone.
Olivia's friend Lily and her walked home from school that day, at least to the corner where she watched her friend go down the street to her house. She had another block to go. Before she crossed the road she looked both ways and on the opposite side to where she was standing, there was a boy. He was wearing a dark navy hoodie with the hood pulled over his head and she could see his blond hair. He  wore black and white runners and he was coming towards her.

Friday, 26 October 2012


Here is another piece of flash fiction. I hope you enjoy. Next week will be a short story.
Have a great weekend!

                                                             THE SECRET PATH

My Mother warned me not to go between the spruce tree rows that were in the back yard. I never understood why.
Finally, one day after being persistent about the reasons why she confessed to me quite a tale.
When she was my age she wondered down between the spruce trees and at the end of the path there was someone there. My eyes went wide.
"Who was there" I asked.
Her eyes looked around as if she didn't want any one to hear. "A faerie with silver wings".
Now this was unbelievable, Mom was teasing me.
"That's not true" I said with my arms crossed. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled.
I went out to the spruce trees and looked down the path.
Just as I was going to go down the path a gust of wind blew the leaves around my feet and sitting on top of my shoe was a silver feather.
I ran back to the house to mom with the feather but when I got to her all that was in my hand was dried up leaves.

Thursday, 18 October 2012


I hope you enjoyed my rather long short story. I am planning on turning this story  into an  e-book.You got just a skeletal version of Tai and Brandy's story. I will bring their world to life in this book I hope. I also am giving Tai's brother Doron his own story in e-book form,  making this a two book series. As you could see I left the ending wide open so stay tuned. There will be more.
Now I give you today a piece of flash fiction and some of my photography. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

                                                The Witches

My sisters said not to touch them. I never much listened to her but this time something told me to.
She told me of a story about witches that lured you to eat their fruit.
I asked her what would happen if you ate their fruit.
Well, it would be something horrible she assured me but she couldn't say for sure what would happen.
I started not to believe her. She was always telling me stories.
When we got home I noticed something red in her bag. I picked it up and it was one of the apples.
There was a bite taken out of it.
I went upstairs to confront her but she wasn't there.

Friday, 12 October 2012


Brandy placed her right foot across the threshold then the other. The door shut abruptly behind her shutting out the vampires and one demon.
"I should of gone in there" Tai said between gritted teeth.
"They're not going to hurt her" Doron reassured him.
Drake snorted, "They probably ate her for lunch."
Tai just about flew at him but Doron held him back.
"He's not worth it Tai".
Drake just grinned. "And you are Doron I suppose since that little demon girl thought you were worth it".
"Okay" Tai shouted. "Shut up both of you. I need to think."
Tai paced back and forth then stopped to look in the window but it was clouded. The witches no doubt wanted to shut him out completely. He so badly wanted to know what was going on inside.
Then the door opened.
Clare stepped out.
Everyone stared at her in silence.
"We will meet with our ancient sisters. They agreed to stop the storm long enough to try and come to some agreement." Her brown almond eyes looked at each of them before settling on Tai. Clare seemed to be studying him for a moment before she continued.
"Brandy will come with us".
Tai's mouth opened but Clare held up her hand stopping him.
"The three of you may join us but at a distance. They hold a grudge for what happened to them and are mostly blaming demons influence on the witches from the past in sending them behind the door."
"That's garbage" snarled Drake. "These witches came to us to banish them and..."
Clare silenced him with her cold stare.
"I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself Mr. Drake. She looked at them all in one sweep. "We will meet here one half hour before midnight in our back yard."
She turned around around to go back in.
"Can I see Brandy" Tai asked.
Clare tilted her head and gave Tai a small smile.
"No" With that she opened the door and went inside. The door shut firmly behind her.
"Now what" Drake asked.
Tai narrowed his gaze at Drake. "You listen to the witches and for once do as you are told-that is what".
Tai placed his hand on Doron's shoulder. "Let's go back".
"I'm not going anywhere" shouted Drake.
Tai just shrugged and walked down the steps with Doron following him.
Neither Tai or Doron looked back. Within seconds Drake was in front of them with them following.
Tai just shook his head.

"We should be out there already".
"Drake, it's not 11:30 yet. you can see the time." Tai was getting annoyed with the demon and would tell him so if it wasn't for Doron who was clearly uncomfortable. He shifted around as if he might be about to confront something.
"What's wrong with you" Tai finally asked.
Doron looked over at his brother Tai but quickly looked away. "Nothing" he mumbled.
But Tai could tell that there was something but decided not to ask again, this wasn't the time.

The clock had struck 11:30.
"Okay boys" Tai said. "It's showtime".
The two vampires and demon walked up the lane way. Lit candles floated on each side of the driveway leading to the house. When Drake got close to one of the candles, it's flame burst into the night air pushing Drake back.
Tai sighed, "Try not to touch anything".
He heard Drake grumble about something.
The lit candles formed a path to the back of the house leading them to where they were suppose to go.
A row of candles crossed at the end of the path telling them that they would go no further. When Drake tried to cross, the flames burst into a wall of fire.
"Damn those bitches"!
"Keep it up Drake and they will torch you for tonight's entertainment" Tai chuckled.
The witches were already gathered but not yet the ancient ones. All the witches wore dark ruby robes with hoods pulled over their heads. Tai couldn't see Brandy.
The witches had formed a incomplete circle. Tai had guessed that the other half to this circle would be completed by the awaiting ancient witches.
Despite the heat from the candles flames the air was cold telling Tai that powerful magic was near. The ancient witches would be showing up soon.
Behind Tai, Doron was pacing and Drake was watching him. Tai grabbed Doron. "Stop it".
Doron just stared down at the ground.
Drake never took his eyes off of him.
The candles started to flicker.
It was as if something was trying to blow them out. The cold air had seeped through to their side.. The row of candles that were in front of them blocking them were snuffed out.
Tai wasn't sure what this meant.
"We can cross" Drake said.
Tai and Doron never moved.
"Fine, I will go" Drake said.
Drake crossed over and turned to them, "see"?
When Tai and Doron tried to go across the candles came back to life bursting into a wall of flames sending them back.
Drake laughed, "Ah too bad, I guess you're not invited".
Tai growled, "What the hell"!
"I have to get to the other side" shouted Tai.
He tried to do a little of his own magic to douse the flames but the powerful magic fought back. The wall of flames in front took on a life of it's own. It came down to the ground and slithered toward Tai taking on the shape of a snake. It reared up in front of him and flicked it's firey tongue. "SSSTAY BACK" it hissed.
Doron grabbed Tai. "That thing means business, it will devour you if you cross it."
Tai looked at Doron as if his little brother  knew what he was talking about.
A high pitched screech from the other side sent the snake reeling back and once again the candles in front of then flickered innocently.
Tai could now see on the other side now as all the candles around them went  low but not out. The air had become even colder.
Out of the dark shadows from where a large row of trees stood, came dark shadowy figures. Tai wasn't sure but he thought the one leading them was Celia.
One of the witches from Brandy's side came forward and greeted Celia. It seemed like a long time had passed before they went back to their sides. Tai wondered if they had come to some agreement.
A soft chant by both sides filled the cold air. Tai's acute sense of hearing could hear ancient words. They were calling on the spirit world. Tai knew that much.
Then in the middle of their circle a small flame erupted. Tai watched closely as the flame formed a door. Tai's eyes widened. "What is that"he asked himself.
"A door to hell" Doron said behind his back.
Again Tai got the feeling that he knew what he was talking about. He wondered now just what his little brother had seen when he was behind hell's door.
The dim flames from around then got a little livelier. The spirit world had obviously answered them.
Now someone was being dragged toward the fiery door. It was Drake and he was fighting but it seemed his efforts were futile.
"What are they doing"?
Doron came and stood beside his brother.
"They're sacrificing him".
Tai gave his head a shake. "Why"?
"So, the ancient witches can be free. Drake is a powerful demon. The offer of his power to the other side of the fiery door will greedily be taken and in return the ancient ones will not be bothered by the ones that held them prisoners".
Tai pointed his fingers at his little brother. "After this is all over, you and I are going to have a long talk".
Doron just smirked.
A huge explosive sound startled them both . Flames of gold, orange and blood red burst into the air. A howling sound made Tai and Doron cover their ears and both dropped to the ground. It felt like the cold air was pushing them to the ground flattening them and just when Tai was thinking of fighting back everything went dead. Both him and Doron looked up and around them. All the candles had been snuffed out and the cold air was gone.
They both scrambled up and looked around. The fiery door was gone and Drake they assumed as well.
Tai panicked and went to the other side. Nothing happened. The dark magic was gone. In a flash he was over to were the witches were.
"Brandy" he shouted. "Where are you"?
"Tai". It was Brandy and she was alright. She came running to him and he took her in his arms and held on to her tightly.
"Oh thank goodness you are all right" he breathed into her hair.
"Of course I'm alright, I can look after myself you know".
Tai just laughed.
"Well, I guess you two are meant to be after all."
They both turned. It was Celia. She was wearing a black robe. Her hood was down letting her dreads fall over.
Tai's hands formed two balls of fists. "I should..."
"No" Brandy said. "We have to leave her. It's part of the deal that we made. She and the others will be allowed to do their business without any trouble from them and that includes Celia. Right Celia"?
She smiled. "You know Tai, you do have one smart mate, I would listen to her. I think she will be good for you".
Brandy gently undid his fists and threaded her own fingers through his and led him away.

Doron watched the witches intently especially the ancient ones. His eyes scoured every one of them trying to see their faces.
"Looking for me"?
He whirled around. "It's you, you are here".
"Where else would I be silly"?
Desiree dropped her robe. Doron's eyes widened. She was wearing leather pants and a leather corset with a pair of kick ass boots to finish it off.
She sauntered up to him and grabbed his shirt pulling him close. Her blood red lips smiled. "My naughty boy got away from me and didn't take me with him. I'll punish you for that".
"I can't wait" whispered Doron.
Desiree moaned. "You also have something I would like" she purred.
"What's that. sweetheart"?
"That key, your brother has".
Doron looked down at her frowning. "What do you want with that thing"?
"It opens doors love, lots of them. I can show lots of fun places to play in".
"Really now, what kind of fun" he whispered in her ear.
She flicked her tongue at him and then kissed him. When she looked up at him with her midnight eyes,  "The most erotic kind of fun you can think of darling. Are you with me love"?
Doron smirked, "I'm always with you love"
She giggled.
 "Now what about that punishment I so deserve"?
She took his hand and led him into the dark shadows disappearing.

Friday, 5 October 2012


"She's right" said Doron. " Celia will kill you. You would find a stake through your chest or your head on the ground depending on what mood she was in."
Tai gritted his teeth. "So what are we to do about the witches?"
"The air around them suddenly started to crackle like a live wire.
"Demons" whispered Brandy.
"Doron, stay with Brandy."
"I don't need protection" Brandy stood there before them with her chin in the air and her back thrown back.
Doron smirked.
Tai just shook his head. She was too stubborn for him to deal with right now. The crackling sound came back and this time shook the books and art objects in the room.
Tai pointed his finger at Brandy. "Stay close to me".
She smiled. "I wouldn't be anywhere else."
Doron screwed up his nose. "Let's go already."
They both followed Doron down stairs to the front door.
Tai grabbed Doron by the shoulder pulling him back. "You stay back with Brandy."
Brandy thought she heard a low growl come from Doron.
Tai opened the door.
Sure enough, Drake stood there at the doorway. His skin was burnt and his hair was burnt and smoking in places.
His fists were tight with smoke coming from them.
"I don't recall inviting you."
"Go to hell. You're responsible for letting out those witches."
"Hey, don't blame me, Celia gave that key to Brandy."
"And you trusted that bitch?"
Drake laughed as another crack of thunder opened up the sky.
"Now we have to get rid of them-send them back."
"You're bed mate is responsible and since she belongs to you and it effects me, yeah it's 'we' brother."
"How do you suppose 'we' put them back?"
Brandy was behind Tai now. "I can deal with the witches but it will consist of making deals with other witches."
Drake peered at Brandy through his burnt hair. "The sisters that kicked you out" he snorted.
"They didn't kick me out" she threw back at him.
"Then why were you running form them? Before she could say anything he cut her off.
"Let me answer that for you. They knew you had the key and you ran from them to hide it from them. Yeah, they're going to help you alright."
Tai shielded her. His need for protecting her was getting stronger all the time.
"They will talk to me-without harming me."
Tai turned to her"Are you sure about this?"
She looked into his eyes
"Yes, I know it" Brandy said.
"Then you better find your sisters" growled Drake.
"Fine" snapped Tai."We will find your sisters."
"I should go alone. If they see you they won't talk to me."
Tai's blue eyes blazed at her. "There's no way in hell I'm letting you go alone." Tai pulled her into his arms rather roughly.
"Don't even think about arguing with me."
"That's my boy, Tai. Take charge." Drake was grinning. His skin had healed now and his dirty blond hair was not burnt anymore, just wet from the rain mixed with snow pellets that were sticking to his hair.
Tai shook his head at him. "Shut up Drake".
Tai turned his attention back to Brandy. "We will go together and face the sisters."
Brandy knew that protesting would be futile. All she did was nod.
"Good, now that we agree. Shall we get this party going"?
Drake gestured for them all to leave.
They slowly filtered out the door. Drake narrowed his eyes as Doron passed him.
The stately Victorian house stood proudly at the end of the long driveway. Despite the storm, everything inside the yard was still. It seemed like the gargoyles that sat on each side of the iron gate kept out all undesirable magic.
Brandy could pick up the uneasiness of the vampires in the SUV. She wished that they had stayed at least on the other side of the fence while she went in alone.
Tai parked in front of the house in a circular driveway. Brandy quickly got out but vampires are fast. There was no leaving them behind.
She walked up to the door and rang the door bell before she could think about it.
It seemed like forever before the door opened.
The eyes of the woman that opened the door went wide.
Brandy stood at the doorway stiff.
"Yes, it's me. I've come for help."
By this time another woman had come to the door. Both ladies were very graceful.
The lady who opened the door was Clare. Her brown almond eyes were warm and accented her light brown skin. The other lady had long black hair the colour of midnight and dark navy eyes to match.
Her name was Sarah. Sarah folded her arms
Her navy eyes turned black as she peered past Brandy. The two vampires and one demon shifted.
"They're with me, they're okay" Brandy said quickly.
"Is this the kind of company you keep now?"  Sarah was accusing her of betrayal Brandy knew.
"They are different-" She stopped.
"Even Drake" asked Sarah.
"Well..." Brandy was stumbling.Drake cleared his throat. "Brandy and I understand each other and I mean no harm to her sisters." His voice was silky soft but Sarah didn't bite.
"You haven't changed a bit" Her voice was a sharp bite.
"But..." Sarah waved her hand at him silencing him.
"Please" Brandy begged. "May we come in?"
Clare who had been silent the whole time spoke up.
"Do you really expect us to invite "them" into our house?"
Brandy knew they would never bring vampires into their house but maybe she thought.
"Let Tai in, I promise he won't cause any trouble."
Both ladies quietly laughed.
"Then let me in"?
Sarah raised an eyebrow at her. Clare looked over at Sarah and spoke quietly to her.
"You may come in" Clare said.
"I promise if you let me in I won't make trouble if you let me in with Brandy".
Tai stood by Brandy's side. Both ladies stared at the pair of them and instantly knew.
Sarah came forward pointing her finger at Tai's chest.
"I suggest you stay out here with the rest of your tribe. You're not welcome here. If you try to come in here you will pay the price. We will harm Brandy and by that I mean-kill her."

Friday, 28 September 2012


My part 17 and part 18 got mixed up. Part 18 is below part 17. Sorry about that. I hope you are enjoying the story. It will conclude soon and in between this and the next story I will do some flash fiction or at least I will try.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Friday, 21 September 2012


Tai pulled them both through as the portal closed.
He smiled down at her. "Well, that was fun."
Brandy pulled herself away from him. "That kind of 'fun' I can live without." She looked around and recognised that they were in the park. The gazebo was off in the distance.
It was a clear night and the air was cool off the small lake. She started to walk towards the gazebo. Tai was beside her in seconds.
Brandy took in his presence. She didn't mean to make their worlds collide like this. Brandy wished that she had approached Tai differently but what was done was done. They were now in this together.
Brandy walked up the stairs and across to the bench.She sat down with Tai right next to her.
"You know we can't stay here too long, love."
"I know" she said.
His hand went over and covered hers. His warmth was comforting. Without realising she rested her head on his shoulders. Tai clasped her hand.
Brandy could feel his warm breath on her forehead. She looked up into his face. Despite the darkness his blue eyes shone as bright as the moon.
His lips came down on hers and Brandy welcomed his tongue deep in her mouth tasting her.
Both of them moaned together as they pulled each other closer. He pulled away slightly. "We have to leave" he whispered in her ear.
"Let's go back to my house."
"What about the demons Tai? They had taken over the house when I was there."
Tai stood up and looked down at her. "I have a feeling that my house is empty. They wouldn't have found the key. Besides they thought you had the key."
He held out his hand to her. "Come."
Brandy quickly took his hand.
When they arrived at the house everything was in darkness. Tai sniffed the air but even Brandy could smell the lingering odour of the demons. She covered her nose.
"Stay here hidden in the shadows while I investigate."
Brandy nodded. She stepped back under a large tree under the umbrella of all the leaves. She looked up through the branches and could see stars glittering through in places. To her guess it was maybe between the hours of two or three in the morning.
Brandy rubbed her arms. A full five to seven minutes had passed. At the speed Tai could move Brandy wondered where he was.
Despite being told to stay she felt compelled to go and find him.
The house looked so fore boding. It's ivory stone seemed to shift in the darkness like a ghost.
The cement steps leading to the front door almost felt like a warning to stay away. Despite the ill feeling she placed her foot on the first step.
Brandy looked around to see him but there was nothing.
She had taken the last step and was face to face with the front door. A cool draft slipped through between her and the door sending a shiver up her spine. Brandy took a step back when the door flew open. She screamed.
The first thing she knew she was pulled through the door. She turned to fight but soon recognised the attacker.
He laughed.
"You bastard, you scared the hell out of me."
Tai laughed again pointing his finger at her. "You were suppose to stay under the tree hidden."
She balled her fists. "You weren't showing up. I didn't know where you were or what happened to you."
"It only had been two minutes."
"It was longer than that" she retorted back at him.
He shrugged it off. She would love to send him flying on his back end as she watched the arrogant vamp saunter up to her. The door shut abruptly startling her.
She was in his arms before she could catch her breath.
"Let me show you my bedroom. You were in it once. Do you remember"?
Tai scooped her up and in a blur where now at the base of his bed. He gently laid her down. Brandy never took her eyes off of him. He loomed over her.
She could see his smooth skin under his shirt. A bit of blood from his stabbing stained the edge of his shirt.
He leaned down close to her. Her chest started to pound.
"What was that little trick you were going to show me"?
She raised her eyebrow at him.
"What little trick would that be?" Brandy knew all too well what he was talking about.
He bent down further still. Their noses were now touching.
"Make us naked."
Brandy's insides melted as their clothes gave way to their bare skin.
Tai half closed his eyes as he kissed Brandy with a need that had lain dormant for far too long. It consumed him.
Brandy absorbed every ounce of his heat. She wreathed against his skin making a friction that stirred a sensation between her legs.
Tai started a trail of kisses down her body. He tugged at her nipples making her moan and twist. He teased with his tongue and sucked each nipple all the way down to her belly button. He flicked his tongue and she twitched.
His knee went between her legs where his hand slid down and cupped her giving her a gentle squeeze.
Tai continued to kiss her stomach and down across her abdomen.
Brandy threaded her fingers though his thick hair.
He spread her legs more and his tongue found her wetness. She arched as his tongue flicked and licked her clit making her pull his hair.
He moaned as his tongue entered her savouring her sweetness. Brandy grabbed hold of the sheets to be kept from being swept away by this tidal wave that was flooding her.
"Take me now" she demanded.
Tai teased her at first. The head of his hard cock entered slowly then pulled out.
"No, now" she pleaded.
"Yes my love." Tai entered her again and this time went as deep as he could.
Brandy screamed out and wrapped her legs around him tightly.
"You want me to stop" he teased.
"No, don't you dare" she moaned.
His thrusts picked up. "Oh Brandy, you're so wet. I want to fill you now."
Brandy started to move with him sending them both into an explosion in each others arms.
Tai collapsed on top of her. She still had her legs wrapped around him enjoying him still inside of her.
He moved his hips creating little after shocks that travelled up through her torso sending shivers through her chest. Tai held her tightly. "Mmm, that felt good love."
He eased out of her and slid in by her side kissing her.
They both began to relax just as a rumble sound from outside that shook the house and brought them to attention. It sounded like thunder.
"What was that" Brandy asked.
"There"s a storm brewing-a demon storm."

Friday, 14 September 2012


Drake roughly pulled Brandy along the gravel path. Jax kept Tai behind them making sure he didn't try anything.
"The nights perfect" sighed Drake.
"Perfect for what" snarled Tai.
Drake just chuckled. "You have no idea what lies behind that door, Tai. A whole new world awaits us."
"I can't wait" Tai said flatly.
"It won't be long" chided Jax. "Your smart mouth will obey after tonight vampire boy".
Tai wanted to stop and hit him but he knew he couldn't. He could hear Jax chuckle in his head. Tai glared at him but Jax just shrugged.
Tai had no choice but to grit his teeth and keep moving. There had to be something that could be done. He just had to think fast.
Drake stopped in front of an old chapel. Brandy tried to pull away.
"Easy my dear witch, I'll protect you."
Tai went to go to her but Jax held him back. Drake eyed him. "She doesn't need you right now".
Drake undid the door. "After you my dear". Brandy shook her head.
Drake just grabbed her and shoved her through.
Tai growled at him.Jax threw him through door landing him on the floor. Tai flew up ready to attack. Jax raised his finger.
"You touch me and I will give you the biggest headache you've ever had in your miserable existence.".
"Come boys, we're at the door".
Jax smiled at Tai. "Well vampire boy, ready for a new world"?
Drake took away a piece of metal that was strapped across the door. A rattling noise echoed in the room. Screams from far away and growls drifted as if they were in the air. The door started to rattle.
Brandy backed up.
Drake studied the door and with his hand slid over the door as if searching for something. The vibration and noise from the door reacted to his touch but it didn't seem to alarm him. It was like there was a monster behind the door banging on the door trying to get out huffing like a bull.
"Here it is". Drake had found a metal piece that looked like it was covering up the place where the lock was. He easily pried it off revealing  the lock. The light of fire flickered through the door lock.
"Come here Brandy."
"I won't open it."
Drake pulled the chain over his head and held it up in front of her. "Come here my dear".
He glanced over at Jax.
In an instant Jax flew at Tai and in his hand Jax held a heavy metal dagger. Brandy gasped in horror. She knew what that dagger was.
"You remember sweet heart". Drake smiled as he pulled her close and slid the chain over her head. When the key hit her chest it burned her and the chain turned into a black snake with black empty eyes. It wrapped itself tight around her throat.
He held her close. "Now listen, if you don't want to choke to death or watch Jax carve out Tai's heart with that special dagger, you will do as you're told. You understand"?
The snake tightened more around her making her cough.'Please, let him go".
Jax welded the knife and stabbed Tai just above the heart.
Brandy gargled out a scream.
Drake shook his head. "You were always stubborn." He pulled her over to the door.
"Now, take the key and unlock the door."
With a shaking hand brandy touched the key and when she did the black snake turned back into a metal chain. She removed the thing from her neck. The key laid in her hand and she could almost feel it's heart beat. The key still burned her and bit her before it turned into the black snake with red eyes.
Hisses behind the door increased and the door seemed to get hotter.
Brandy looked over at Tai. His wound was almost healed. Jax still held the dagger in his hand stained with Tai's blood.
She had no choice but to follow through and prey this key that Celia gave her did help them.
"Open it" he whispered in her ear.
She held the snake up to the door thinking it would change back into a key but instead it hissed and turned in her hand and went up to the door lock flicking it's tongue.
Silently it slipped through.
Drake threw her to the side.
"What was that"? His eyes narrowed at her. "I warned you what would happen if you tried anything".
Drake grabbed her by the throat. "Do you want to watch your love here die a slow painful death"?
That's when the door started to rumble. Drake dropped her.
The whole chapel was shaking. Brandy ran for Tai who threw Jax against the wall.
"We have to get out of here".
'You two aren't going anywhere".
Before Drake could wield his black magic Brandy shape shifted them both into smoke and took them out of the chapel.
She managed to to take them a good distance away before she had to stop.
They both laid on the damp grass trying to catch their breath.
"You shape shifted me".
"Yeah, I did, black magic can be handy sometimes." She grinned at him. "You can thank me later but we still have to get out of here. Drake will close off every portal trapping us."
Tai didn't argue. "Let's go then". Tai took her by the hand and then pulled her into his arms. He stole another kiss. "When we get back, you can do that magic thing you were talking about before"
"What magic thing"
"Magicking our clothes off."
In a blur they were gone.

Friday, 7 September 2012


"How the hell did you get that key?"
Drake had locked them in a small room down the hallway from the study. By the looks of the boxes it was used for storage.
Brandy backed up against one of the stacks of boxes.
"It's not what you think."
Tai just looked at her like he wanted to choke her.
"The key is fake one" she said louder than she wanted to. Brandy threw a quick glance at the door expecting it maybe to fly open with an angry demon behind it.
Instead she had an angry vampire two inches from her nose.
"The key is fake that you gave im is not the real one?"
Brandy could see every fine line around the corner of his eyes. His eyes were framed in thick black lashes that acted like windows looking into a blue ocean. She quickly averted her eyes to his mouth but that was no better.
So close, so close to him. Her tongue ventured out impatiently and sat on her bottom lip. His scent filled her nostrils making her knees go weak.
Tai didn't move. Brandy watched a small grin appear. She leaned in closer almost tasting him. Their lips almost touched.
A rattle from outside startled them apart. Tai roughly pulled Brandy into his arms and was ready to shield her from whatever was going to come thought that door.
The doorknob never moved but a billow of red mist seeped through the bottom of the door. It hung in front of Tai and Brandy for a moment before materialising into a red skinned demon. It smelled of rank swamp water. It's bulging eyes looked at the pair of them and when it opened it's mouth to speak a thick liquid oozed out like drool. "You have one hour to prepare for the opening of the door."
The demon then turned back into red mist and slipped out under the door.
Brandy let her head rest against Tai's chest. Oh, how it felt so good. She always fantasised about what it would be like being in his arms being held securely like this.
They both looked up at the same time locking each other into their gazes. This was it. Her lips fell on his. He tasted oh so good. He responded eagerly. His tongue went deep into her mouth savouring her.  A moan that felt like it came up from the bottom of her toes filled the small room.
Tai pushed his body against her mashing her into the boxes. She grabbed a hold of his shirt to hang on. His hands slid up her back trying to find their way under her t-shirt to her bare skin. Another moan came from Brandy. How she waited for this moment. Brandy wanted to magic off her clothes and his as well. Should she dare do such a thing?
Tai pushed back shaking his head. "We have to stop."
Brandy was wide eyed and slightly embarrassed by her thought about what she was about to do.
"We need to get out of here."
Brandy just stayed quiet and nodded.
"That fake key you gave him love, where did you get it?"
Tai's eyes darkened. "What favour did you have to give?"
Brandy shrugged. "Just get her in back into the good graces of the sisters..." Brandy cleared her throat..."so she can do her business."
Tai smirked. "Good luck with that."
Brandy's face turned red.
"If I don't get you out of here there will be no favour to return as when he finds out that key is fake he will..." He couldn't finish but Brandy knew -she would die a slow death or Drake would think something dark and twisted up. That was his style.
"How do you plan on getting us out?"
Tai pointed to the ceiling.
Brandy looked to were Tai was pointing. There was a large ceiling vent. Tai shoved some boxes over and stepped up. The vent popped.
"I don't know where this leads but anywhere is better than here."
He reached out his hand for her. Brandy knew he was right and quickly took hold of his hand. Tai was holding her close ready to help her through the vent opening when he leaned in close to her ear, "You can magic off our clothes later". He hoisted her up through.
How did he...?
Tai was right behind her so she had to get going. The space was small and dusty. They were making too much noise. That's when she got an idea. She shape shifted into a small black cat and shielded Tai with silence.Tai looked at her and smiled. Brandy made a small mew sound.
"Okay love, you know the way."
Brandy sniffed around. The vent split into two ways. She led Tai straight on.  She knew where she was going now.
Voices stopped them. They came across another ceiling vent that viewed down into the hallway. They both looked down. Brandy's cat eyes widened and her ears bent back when she saw who Drake was talking to. It was Jax who was as bad ass as Drake. The two made a perfect pair.
Jax was slightly taller than Drake. His white blond hair was tied back in a pony tail.
Drake was talking to him.
"Everything is set my friend." He showed Jax the key that was hanging around his neck. Jax smiled and chuckled sending the hairs up on Brandy's neck. Drake slapped him on the shoulder. "Let's go celebrate." The pair went down the hall way presumably going to the study. They could hear a door shut.
Tai gestured with his head to keep going.
Brandy quickly bolted with Tai close behind.
She finally stopped at a grate. Tai looked down. He could see double doors. Tai pulled up the grate bending it easily. He peered through carefully and sniffed the air. He nodded at Brandy. She shifted back to her human self.
"I'll jump down first".
Tai landed silently onto the floor. "I'll catch you." She let herself drop into his arms. Tai quickly kissed her before setting her down.
"Ah, that was cute. Wasn't it Jax?" Drake and Jax appeared out of nowhere.
Tai's eyes grew red.
"Oh come on Tai. You should no better and you should too my dear. I know everything that goes on in this house. Even your little make out session you had". Tai growled.
Drake ignored him and Jax just chuckled in amusement.
"Now, my children we have gone past that hour because of your little attempt to escape." Drake rolled his eyes like it was the biggest joke.
"You have your key, open your own damn door" hissed Tai.
Drake just shook his head. "Can't do buddy. The black magic in this key has given the honor to our dear Brandy."
Jax looked over at Drake with impatience etched into his face.  Tai sneered at him. Jax hissed at him.
"Okay boys; let's get the show on the road." He sauntered up to Brandy with a smile to melt the world.
"Shall we go love, Hell is waiting."

Friday, 31 August 2012


Brandy winced once more. The key bounced on her chest as she darted in and around the shadows that moved like mist.
The key had left its mark on her.
It had bitten and burned her. She knew that the black magic in the key did not like her and could not be trusted. It was toying with her and taunting her and every once in a while she could hear this barely above a whisper float around her. All she could make out was the words "hot" or "near"- whatever that meant.
With every fibre of her being she ignored it and concentrated on the task at hand.
When Celia had dropped the chain into her hand it had turned into a black snake with gold eyes. It slithered up her arm and flicked it's forked red tongue into her ear. She could clearly make out what it said then-"such a playful night". Brandy had no desire to be this things play thing.
Then a coldness from the key settled into her chest sending a deathly chill through her.Brandy looked at the key, "stop it". The coldness slipped away.
She moved on and now the air was a mix of cold clamminess and hot acidity. She knew then that she was getting close to Drakes. It was odd though, when she entered into this realm she thought she would be grabbed right away. Drake she thought would have had her dragged to him  bound and gagged but nothing. Of course when it came to Drake you never knew what he had planned.
It seemed like the black shadows just stayed by her side as if making sure she made it there in one piece.
The key around her neck became very warm suddenly. She stopped.
Something told her that this was a warning.
Brush behind her snapped.
Brandy whirled around just in time to see a large beast crashing through coming straight for her. Red eyes were blazing.
Without thinking Brandy transformed into a large raven and flew up into the dark sky. The chain tightened around her neck and hissed at her. She could change again!
Drake's dwelling loomed up through the black mist. Its white stone stared up through the darkness like ghostly eyes. She hovered for a moment then dropped and landed on the roof near the chimney. It was a good hiding place until she figured out how she was going to get in. She changed back to herself. It felt amazing to be able to transform again. Tai's spell was broken.
Brandy knew below this chimney was the study. She wondered for a second if she transformed into a small bird and flew down the chimney as there was no smoke.
But no she thought. It would just be like Drake to spark fire with a blink and that would be it.
Then she remembered a window that was easy to open on the other side. It wasn't too far.


Drake pointed to the ceiling.
"She's up there, on the roof."
"What? What do you mean on the roof? How did she get up there? You didn't kill her."
Drake rolled his eyes then laughed.
"You're so smitten, it's almost cute".
Tai growled at him.
Drake just held up his hand.
"Of course, I didn't kill her, she was protected from the moment she entered the realm."
His eyes wondered to the ceiling again and then to Tai. His black eyes were electric.
"Black magic is with her. She's brought something with her".
Tai let out a nervous laugh.
"What kind of black magic has she brought?" Tai didn't know if he wanted to know or not.
Drake smiled at him. "You two will do anything for one another. She obviously has the key."
Tai smiled and shook his head. "She doesn't have the key. I'm the only one who knows where it is."
Drake just shrugged him off.
There was  a noise and it came from upstairs.
"Ah, she's found the window."
"How did she get up there?"
"She flew of course."
Tai looked at him dubiously.
"I broke your silly spell. You have to let her be free to change. That's what she is."
"I was protecting her."
"Oh yeah, you were doing such a good job of that. That's why she's here trying to save you."
Tai sneered at him.
Drake ignored him. "Come on buddy, let's help her in."
Tai followed Drake upstairs to a door at the end of the hallway.
Before Drake opened the door Tai looked over at him. "I'm not your buddy."
Drake laughed. "That's too bad because you're going to need me."
Drake opened the door just as Brandy was crawling through the window. She stopped and looked at them both. Her eyes went wide when she saw Tai. Brandy's face showed relief that he was alright.
Drake offered his hand. Within seconds Tai was there also. She put her hand into Tai's instead of Drakes. He wasn't offended, in fact he was quite amused.
Tai looked down at her and seen what she was wearing. All she had on was lace panties that were barely there and a small bustier. Tai quickly shielded her. Brandy blushed and quickly formed a dress to cover her. "I didn't have time" she mumbled.
"I don't know dear, I like the look you chose. It reminded me of..."
"Shut up" Tai growled.
Drake chuckled. "Sorry, buddy."
Brandy came around and faced Drake. She pulled the chain with the key on it and held it in front of Drake. Tai's eyes widened.
"See, I told you she had the key". Drake was all smug now.
Tai just looked at Brandy with disbelief. Brandy held her own and showed nothing.
"There you have it now. You have to let us go". She held up the chain in deviance.
Drake ran his tongue along his bottom teeth. He hadn't taken the key, yet. His dark eyes were running up and down her body. "Oh Brandy, things could be so different, if you would only let..."
"Get those fantasies out of your head" yelled Tai.
Drake chuckled. "You're lucky I just don't "take" what I want and make you watch."
Tai hissed at him ready to fly at him, "You bastard."
Drake just held up his hand in dismissal. He wasn't in the mood for fighting Tai. He took the chain out of Brandy's hand. The key hung there in dead silence but then a hissing noise came from it. It turned into a black snake. It wreathed and twisted in his hands. The gold eyes stayed on Drake while slithering up his arm. It flicked it's red forked tongue at Drake's cheek.
Drake smiled.
"It seems I can't let you go just yet." The chain settled around his neck. "You have to do one more thing for me love."
Tai wrapped his arms around Brandy in protection.
Tai scowled at him. "What do you want now?"
Drake grinned. He touched the key that lay against his chest. Then his dark eyes settled on Brandy.
"Apparently, you, my dear, get to do the honor and open the door to hell".

Friday, 24 August 2012


The cool breeze wrapped around Brandy sending a chill through her. She knew where the cool breeze was coming .
Tai's house was surrounded by Drake's boys. She thought Drake would do this because he knew her all to well. She should of thought of this before he did.
Brandy tightened her arms around herself as if it would somehow help. She was being too predictable.
Shadows floated in and around the house. They were Drake's sniffing hounds.If she came within one hairs breath they would have her in seconds. What they would do to her would be up to whatever Drake left them for instructions. The thing was, demons didn't always listen to their master. After some "fun demon games" she would be left for dead.
And more importantly the key would be left out there to grab.
Quietly Brandy cursed herself for giving the key to Tai. For all she knew those demons in there already had it.
She shook her head no, they didn't have it. This world would be on fire if that was the case.
Brandy raised her chin to the chilly air like a challenge. She would get around those creatures. Brandy also knew that Drake had Tai back at his lair hidden in darkness. That was one place that she swore she would never go back to. She hoped Tai was alright.
Even though Tai was a powerful vampire, she knew what Drake could do to him. She owed it to him to get him out. If it wasn't for her being so drawn to him, he wouldn't be in this situation.
Brandy had to make a decision -get the key first or Tai.
For either task she knew one thing for sure, she needed help.
Brandy smiled and walked away.

Tai growled at the black wisp that came through the study doorway.
"You don't have to be rude to my staff. They're only offering you beverages of which I might remind you had to go out and get especially for you. They detest the human world."
Tai ignored him. He out smarted Drake before but the only problem was that stood in the way was now they were on Drake's turf. He was more powerful here. Tai would have to convince Drake to leave here.
"Why don't we go back to my house? Brandy will be looking for the key there."
Drake's eyes were cast down so Tai wasn't sure if he heard or not but then again he knew he heard every word.
"I have guards there" was all he said.
Tai knew he  was going to have to be creative.
"You're guards couldn't find there way out of a box".
Drake just smiled and shrugged. "I don't really care. They're loyal enough to let me know when she comes".
"How do you know they"ll let you know? They would stab you in the back as quick as I would". He smiled at Drake.
Drake's face showed no sign of emotion. Tai knew he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction but he still knew he got under Drake's skin.
Drake sneered at him and then quickly smiled.
"She's going to be here soon".
Tai's insides flipped. If only he could tell her to stay the hell away.
"What do you mean, she's going to be here soon? She'll be killed if she tries to cross here to this world."
Drake just shrugged his shoulders.
Tai growled and flew at him. He grabbed him by the throat.
 Drake seemed to be totally amused. He snatched Tai's hand away and chuckled.  "And let go of my shirt, you might rip it".
Tai snorted. "Well, I would rather rip out your throat".
"Hungry, are we?"
Tai went for the throat again but when he touched  Drake, his hand burned.
Drake just shook his head.
"When are you going to learn?"
Now Drake was annoyed. "You are so in love with her that you can't even think straight."
Tai didn't respond, he just rubbed his hand which was almost healed.
"Drink your blood fool, you get out of control when you don't feed."
Tai just glared at him.
"Do it, you're going to need your strength to fight when she comes".
Tai knew he was right. One could only guess what sick show Drake had lined up. He grabbed the glass carafe and up ended it downing the contents.
"Can't you drink with some grace?"
"Yeah, I know, I don't have your class but oh well, we all can't be like you" Tai grinned at him.
Drake just sighed.
Brandy was standing in the back alley. The only light was the red light above the door. It cast a red black glow over the beat up door.
She pushed the door buzzard.
Brandy looked up at Celia. Her dreads fell loosely around her shoulders. Her almond eyes studied her. She could feel the fingers of Celia's black magic go up and down her body searching for warnings.
"I need help" Brandy blurted.
Celia smirked. "I can tell as much." Celia took in a deep breath reaching for the air around Brandy. She startled. Brandy wrapped her arms around herself like a shield.
When Celia smiled the black magic crept away.
"Drake has Tai" she told Celia but it seemed by her expressionless face that this was old news. She should of known that in the magic community every one knew every ones business. Bramdy just hoped that she would help Tai if nothing else than to help a friend or even for the taste of his blood.
"I'll tell you what my dear."
A black shimmer went through her almond eyes. The black magic was coming back to life.
Celia reached into her pocket and pulled out a chain. Brandy's eyes widened when Celia held  it in front of her. The key hung like a black omen.
"It's not the same key."
Brandy let out a sigh of relief.
"You give this to Drake and it will buy you some time."
Brandy went to reach for it when Celia snatched it away from her like some cruel joke.
Tendrils of black smoke slipped up the back of Brandy's  neck making her jump.
"There are rules to follow when doing business with me."
Her voice crept along Brandy's skin.
"What do you want?"
Celia tilted her head gently at Brandy letting her dreads fall to one side.
"You will get me on the good graces of those sisters of yours."
She waved her hand in front of Brandy's face.
"Yes, I know" she cut her off. "You had a falling out but they didn't disown you. They would take you back. You will get them to take the wards off that prevent me from doing ...certain businesses."
Brandy couldn't imagine what businesses that was.
"You'll help Tai?"
Celia raised an eyebrow.
Brandy knew she was thinking something about her.
"Yes, I will help Tai."
She held out the chain with the key on it. The key stared at her like it had eyes.
Brandy narrowed her eyes and slowly held out her hand.
The chain dropped into Brandy's hand. It came to life and hissed like a snake.
Drake was pacing-nervously.
Tai watched him. Some other demons came up to him. All he did was nod.
 He spoke to them in some old demon language. Then they slithered away.
Drake smiled at Tai.
"It's show time."