Friday, 24 February 2012


Here is another flash fiction piece for you to enjoy.
                                       Thoughts of You

You told me that when you saw them, you thought of me.
Their little faces reminded them of me. You said those posies were cute like me.
But I don't know if I should believe you or not. They're not roses with a perfume to melt my heart.
You said pansies have thier own sweet scent just like me. You grinned at me making me smile at you.
I took your pretty faced pansies and planted them in my garden near the roses.
Whenever I pass them I think of you. They wink and nod at me just like you.
I think I planted thoughts of you in my garden.
Is that what you wanted?
I plucked one this morning and put it up to my nose. It did have a slight sweet scent but not like my rose.
I don't know if my roses have have approved of your pretty faces as they are now seeding themselves at their feet.
I could leave them but that would be to the protests of the roses I'm sure.
I will leave them for now and if the roses protests too loudly I will transplant them else where.
Remember pretty faces might give me thoughts of you but my roses might win me over in the end.

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  1. These are lovely, Vera. I wonder if you really want to call them fiction? They seem like poems to me. Poems with a lot of heart. I still think it's best to write nonfiction on a blog, and save work like this for possible publication. Lots of small literary journals and zines are looking for things like this, and a publication credit would help your future career. With a little polishing, you've got two very nice poems here.