Friday, 23 March 2012


                                                   You're There - Somewhere

                     I look beyond your wintry world to find a glimpse of you.
                     Your eyes are as black as the black marks on the trees.
                     The clear chill in the air is your breath on my skin. I let it seep beneath my
                     I try in my mind to entice you out and for a moment I can see you in front of me-
                     looking down at me with those black eyes.
                      I don't dare open my eyes not if I want to hang on to you.
                      I hear a rustle of dried leaves on the trees. It's like you've whispered something in
                      my ear.
                      I try to touch your face and it's like touching fresh snow. I can't help it-I open my eyes.
                      For a fleeting moment-we really are face to face but then you made me blink.
                      My eyes search through the trees but you are gone. The wind stirs the snow around my
                      I bend down and pick up a frosted white rose. It sparkles in the sun. I'm careful with it.
                      Sharp thorns as clear as ice warn me about you.
                      But you know I will look for you again because I know you're there-always.
                      Your cold wraps around me protectively.
                       My cheeks are red from your kisses.
                       Until next time my love.

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