Friday, 27 April 2012


This is fun photo my daughter found on the Internet. How cool is that?

                                                     Double Take
When he came into our house he said nothing. He took ownership of the my chair and that was that.
You could tell sometimes that he was hiding something just by the way he looked at us.
He always sat facing us never showing his back to us like he maybe didn't trust us.
But one day I went into the living room to my favourite chair. This was not his nap time.
I did get quite a surprise. Not only was he there on my chair but there appeared to be another one curled up with him.
I was about to ask my daughter when she  brought another one home when he stretched out and the "other cat" seemed to follow the exact movement.
Then he rolled on his back "laying" on the other cat. I was about to go over and rescue the "other cat" when his eyes flew open. I stopped in my tracks and we just stared at each other.
This is when I discovered his secret-  he had a conjoined twin.

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