Friday, 29 June 2012


He stared at her still body. Then he started to pace and think. She was under a spell that another vampire had placed on her. How was he going to break it? Only the one who put it there could do that and he was dead.
Tai couldn't figure out why a shape shifting witch would be bothering with him in the first place. What was she thinking?
He knew he was going to need help and it would have to be from someone that he trusted. Trust was a rare thing in his world. Trust was given and taken in one breath. Then an image of a face drifted before his eyes. He smirked and gently shook his head. He had found his trusting one.
Tai looked around making sure no one saw him. The door in front of him was rusted steel. Peeled red orange paint blended in with the rust. A few dents here and there indicated anger had tried to get  through the door to what was inside. The little light shone through the cracked door bell that was used for service.
Tai pushed the button. A buzz from the inside could be heard. Silence followed making Tai uneasy. The hair on the back of his neck rose.
The door jerked startling Tai. A tall black woman that filled  the height of the door peered at him.
Her dreads were tied tight in a ponytail revealing almond shaped eyes. Her head tilted slightly at him spilling her dread ponytail over her shoulder.
"What can I do for you" she asked. Her voice was smooth and silk like. Tai could feel the black magic crawl over his skin making him flinch.
"I need a spell broken" Tai blurted out in a gasping breath.
She chuckled softly as she ducked her head under the door frame stepping out onto the alleyway with Tai.
Tai backed up looking up at her. Despite the near blackness in the alley, Tai could clearly see her black almond eyes. Celia was a witch of black magic.
"Spells to be broken cost the taste of your blood. I look forward to tasting yours again."
Tai's whole body shivered. He gritted his teeth and walked away with Celia following.
Celia's eyes widdened at the sight of Tai's guest. Her nose twitched as if she had picked up some scent that was wild and untamed.
Very carefully Celia laid her hand across the forehead of the sleeping witch covering the entire length of the the witche's head. Her eyes never left the one lying in front of her as if she might have the sudden power to reach up and grab her by the throat.
"Can you break the spell" Tai said with impatence. Celia tossed him a glance that silenced him.
Celia pulled a chain over her head and held it above the sleeping witch. An amulet in the shape of a black shiny stone hovered in the air above the witch's body.
Celia started to mumble a chant making the room go ice cold dead. Tai froze. The room was filled with black magic. He could feel it at his feet sniffing like a dog ready to bite.
The sleeping witch started to stir making the lights in the room flicker. The air in the room turned to acid making Tai's eyes burn. The black magic in the room started to nip at Tai's skin.
Then a sharp nasty cold breeze came bursting into the room clearing out the acid air along with the black magic.
When Tai opened his eyes Celia was gone and the only ones in the room was himself staring at the now awakened witch who was now sitting up staring back at him.

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Tai stared at the front of his house. He could pick up a presence. It didn't seem like it was her.
Silently he walked around the house. Tai narrowed his eyes at every shadow. Coldness crept over him clinging to his skin like sweat.
A cold breath on the back of his neck sent Tai in a blur to face  who it was. Black eyes with pupils of fire laughed in his face. Tai snarled and was about to strike when out of the black shadows the intruder had someone with him.
Tai's eyes widened.
Another cold laugh escaped the intruder. "Does this belong to you?" A wicked grin graced  his face.
"Let her go, Jared, Now!"
Jared paid no attention. He was just getting started.
"I thought so," smirked Jared. "I saw you two in the park. She was playing with you." He frowned at Tai. "Only you were too hungry to play weren't you"? Jared then just shrugged as he smiled at his prize.
"The toy you could of had to play with is a shape shifting witch. But since you didn't want to play, I decided to "play" with her." That sent the hairs on  Tai's neck up and his stomach turned as he knew what Jared's form of "play" would be.
Tai's voice was calm and steady. "I'll say it one more time Jared-let her go-now."
Jared smirked and shook his head.
That's when Tai struck him and Jared didn't even move. He took the hit. Instantly Tai knew this was a trap.
Up behind Jared came others. It was the bikers from the park. They didn't know what Jared was. Their black expressions told Tai that they were out for revenge on the killing of their member. Jared no doubt "convinced" them to do this little revenge attack.
Tai looked over at Jared and shook his head. "You're sinking lower and lower all the time. Why don't you fight me on your own without...what do you call these?"
Jared's eyes went black and his fists tightened into hard knots.
"I'm not afraid of you" he sneered.
Tai grinned. "Yeah, you are or you wouldn't have brought ...these with you."
In a instant Tai flew at Jared catching him off guard. Jared growled at the others who came forward and attacked Tai but they were no match for for him as he broke their necks within seconds. The last two bikers took off leaving just Tai and Jared.
Tai had Jared pinned down ready to sever his head killing him when he glanced over at her. She was on the ground in a crumpled up heap. The wind had picked up and was blowing strands of her hair around like it was trying to wake her. She was as still as the night.
Tai looked down at Jared's face. A small smile crept across his face.
"What did you do to her?"
Jared's eyes answered that for him. He had spelled her.
"Undo it , now!"
Again Tai knew the answer to that. Jared wasn't going to undo the spell. He would gladly go to Hell first. Tai knew it. He severed Jared's head turning him into nothing but dust.
Tai ran over to her and picked her up and carried her to the house.
He carefully placed her on his bed. She was a lifeless doll but alive.
Tai stood back and gazed at his sleeping beauty.
What was he going to do with her?

Friday, 8 June 2012


The Meeting

Tai stood alone in one of the parks gardens. He surveyed every dark corner where she could hide. Tai kept his senses alert waiting for any movement in the shadows that might catch his eyes. Everything was still.
The only movement was an owl that sat in an old oak and hooted at him. Tai got the impression that he was intruding on the owl's hunting ground.
He decided to move on. Who ever she was, stirred up a pulse under his skin. Tai could feel the prickly heat.
He moved on to do what he came to do-that was to feed. Tai lost his prey because of her. They would be long gone. He thought he could go back to where the gang members where. They would be high or drunk-it didn't matter to him as either way they would make for an easy hunt.
As he headed over there a flap of wings sounded above him.Tai barely paid attention. It was a raven and it landed on the ground in front of him in a safe distance. It seemed like the bird was watching his every move. Dark black beads reflected in the moons light. The raven's feathers were smooth black silk. It made a gurgling noise at him.
Tai became a little uneasy in the birds presence.He went to detour around the bird but it flew off before he got close.
Tai shook off the eeriness of the bird. In the distance he could hear some human noises. His now intended prey were still there. He felt relieved.
When he got closer some of them were sprawled out on the ground. What luck he thought- they wouldn't know what hit them.
When he approached them, he was met with a glassy eyed biker who was well on his way to being wasted.
Still they were quite aware of  their visitor. The leader sneered at him and pulled out a knife.
Tai chuckled at this humans attempt to be fierce.
"You find me funny" the biker growled.
Tia grinned at him which only made the biker angier. He tightened his grip on his knife ready to rip into Tai.
Tai let the biker get to about a foot from him when in a blur he had the biker by the throat and raised him up off his feet.
The prostitutes screeched sending  the other bikers up on their feet.
The biker dropped his knife as he tried to release Tai's iron grip. The other bikers were about to attack when this large black bird with fiery eyes came swooping down scattering the bikers in all directions. The prostitutes took off screaming.
Tai dropped the biker. He laid on the  ground gasping for air.
The large black bird faced Tai. Then it was like the shadows crept up behind the bird and dissolved it. What was left was the woman. His eyes widened.
"You can thank me later."
Then she was gone. He didn't pursue her this time. His blood lust was consumming him.  Tai looked down at the biker who was starting to crawl away. Tai grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him effortlessly towards him.
He fed well.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


The Hunt(short story continued)

Tai shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked towards the park. The thought of the misplaced keys bugged him and so did the thoughts of that little girl.
To add to his agitation, the hunger within him growled like an angry wolf. He should of fed the night before. It would be a ruthless night.
The park at night took on a different life. This was the place where the devil's playthings came to have fun.
Tai scanned the area to pick out the best"party" going on. Over by a park bench there was a group of biker gang members, he could tell by their classic leather jackets with a evil snake slithering among a human skull insignia on the backs of their jackets.
Their choice of company was a group of women who by their mini skirts, tight tops, and fish net stockings accenting their long legs gave them away to what they were. Some wore kick ass boots and some chose high heels to show off their prostitute look.
Not far from then was a group of young men, apart of another gang. He could tell they were drug dealers. Tia was betting that there was a deal going down right now.
Tai decided to look some more but not wait too long. The blood lust in him was growing. If he didn't act soon there would be a lot of dead bodies.
Then he saw them, a foolish couple-jogging. He never understood some humans. Never the less, he got lucky.
In a silent blink he was behind them. He followed them easily, they were headed to the path by the river. It couldn't of gotten more perfect that that.
The path by the lake was just  past the large white gazebo. It shone in the dark like a ghostly creature. The moment he took his eyes away he thought he saw movement inside the gazebo. It made him stop.
He looked carefully-saw nothing. His blood lust was getting impatient and if he didn't move on he would lose his prey.
Another movement caught his eyes. It seemed deliberate. He decided to investigate.
The steps up to the gazebo creaked under his weight. The smell of jasmine floated through the gazebo making him still.
He slowly turned around-there in front of him was a woman.
Long dark locks hung loosely around her shoulder. A flowing pale cream dress that looked like silky lingerie clung to her curves. Her beauty was luminous in the night. Tai backed up.
In a blink she was face to face with him. Large unblinking brown eyes stared at him.Her lips never moved-"you've come to play."
In a blur she was gone-he pursued her.