Saturday, 2 June 2012


The Hunt(short story continued)

Tai shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked towards the park. The thought of the misplaced keys bugged him and so did the thoughts of that little girl.
To add to his agitation, the hunger within him growled like an angry wolf. He should of fed the night before. It would be a ruthless night.
The park at night took on a different life. This was the place where the devil's playthings came to have fun.
Tai scanned the area to pick out the best"party" going on. Over by a park bench there was a group of biker gang members, he could tell by their classic leather jackets with a evil snake slithering among a human skull insignia on the backs of their jackets.
Their choice of company was a group of women who by their mini skirts, tight tops, and fish net stockings accenting their long legs gave them away to what they were. Some wore kick ass boots and some chose high heels to show off their prostitute look.
Not far from then was a group of young men, apart of another gang. He could tell they were drug dealers. Tia was betting that there was a deal going down right now.
Tai decided to look some more but not wait too long. The blood lust in him was growing. If he didn't act soon there would be a lot of dead bodies.
Then he saw them, a foolish couple-jogging. He never understood some humans. Never the less, he got lucky.
In a silent blink he was behind them. He followed them easily, they were headed to the path by the river. It couldn't of gotten more perfect that that.
The path by the lake was just  past the large white gazebo. It shone in the dark like a ghostly creature. The moment he took his eyes away he thought he saw movement inside the gazebo. It made him stop.
He looked carefully-saw nothing. His blood lust was getting impatient and if he didn't move on he would lose his prey.
Another movement caught his eyes. It seemed deliberate. He decided to investigate.
The steps up to the gazebo creaked under his weight. The smell of jasmine floated through the gazebo making him still.
He slowly turned around-there in front of him was a woman.
Long dark locks hung loosely around her shoulder. A flowing pale cream dress that looked like silky lingerie clung to her curves. Her beauty was luminous in the night. Tai backed up.
In a blink she was face to face with him. Large unblinking brown eyes stared at him.Her lips never moved-"you've come to play."
In a blur she was gone-he pursued her.

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