Sunday, 17 June 2012


Tai stared at the front of his house. He could pick up a presence. It didn't seem like it was her.
Silently he walked around the house. Tai narrowed his eyes at every shadow. Coldness crept over him clinging to his skin like sweat.
A cold breath on the back of his neck sent Tai in a blur to face  who it was. Black eyes with pupils of fire laughed in his face. Tai snarled and was about to strike when out of the black shadows the intruder had someone with him.
Tai's eyes widened.
Another cold laugh escaped the intruder. "Does this belong to you?" A wicked grin graced  his face.
"Let her go, Jared, Now!"
Jared paid no attention. He was just getting started.
"I thought so," smirked Jared. "I saw you two in the park. She was playing with you." He frowned at Tai. "Only you were too hungry to play weren't you"? Jared then just shrugged as he smiled at his prize.
"The toy you could of had to play with is a shape shifting witch. But since you didn't want to play, I decided to "play" with her." That sent the hairs on  Tai's neck up and his stomach turned as he knew what Jared's form of "play" would be.
Tai's voice was calm and steady. "I'll say it one more time Jared-let her go-now."
Jared smirked and shook his head.
That's when Tai struck him and Jared didn't even move. He took the hit. Instantly Tai knew this was a trap.
Up behind Jared came others. It was the bikers from the park. They didn't know what Jared was. Their black expressions told Tai that they were out for revenge on the killing of their member. Jared no doubt "convinced" them to do this little revenge attack.
Tai looked over at Jared and shook his head. "You're sinking lower and lower all the time. Why don't you fight me on your own without...what do you call these?"
Jared's eyes went black and his fists tightened into hard knots.
"I'm not afraid of you" he sneered.
Tai grinned. "Yeah, you are or you wouldn't have brought ...these with you."
In a instant Tai flew at Jared catching him off guard. Jared growled at the others who came forward and attacked Tai but they were no match for for him as he broke their necks within seconds. The last two bikers took off leaving just Tai and Jared.
Tai had Jared pinned down ready to sever his head killing him when he glanced over at her. She was on the ground in a crumpled up heap. The wind had picked up and was blowing strands of her hair around like it was trying to wake her. She was as still as the night.
Tai looked down at Jared's face. A small smile crept across his face.
"What did you do to her?"
Jared's eyes answered that for him. He had spelled her.
"Undo it , now!"
Again Tai knew the answer to that. Jared wasn't going to undo the spell. He would gladly go to Hell first. Tai knew it. He severed Jared's head turning him into nothing but dust.
Tai ran over to her and picked her up and carried her to the house.
He carefully placed her on his bed. She was a lifeless doll but alive.
Tai stood back and gazed at his sleeping beauty.
What was he going to do with her?

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