Friday, 8 June 2012


The Meeting

Tai stood alone in one of the parks gardens. He surveyed every dark corner where she could hide. Tai kept his senses alert waiting for any movement in the shadows that might catch his eyes. Everything was still.
The only movement was an owl that sat in an old oak and hooted at him. Tai got the impression that he was intruding on the owl's hunting ground.
He decided to move on. Who ever she was, stirred up a pulse under his skin. Tai could feel the prickly heat.
He moved on to do what he came to do-that was to feed. Tai lost his prey because of her. They would be long gone. He thought he could go back to where the gang members where. They would be high or drunk-it didn't matter to him as either way they would make for an easy hunt.
As he headed over there a flap of wings sounded above him.Tai barely paid attention. It was a raven and it landed on the ground in front of him in a safe distance. It seemed like the bird was watching his every move. Dark black beads reflected in the moons light. The raven's feathers were smooth black silk. It made a gurgling noise at him.
Tai became a little uneasy in the birds presence.He went to detour around the bird but it flew off before he got close.
Tai shook off the eeriness of the bird. In the distance he could hear some human noises. His now intended prey were still there. He felt relieved.
When he got closer some of them were sprawled out on the ground. What luck he thought- they wouldn't know what hit them.
When he approached them, he was met with a glassy eyed biker who was well on his way to being wasted.
Still they were quite aware of  their visitor. The leader sneered at him and pulled out a knife.
Tai chuckled at this humans attempt to be fierce.
"You find me funny" the biker growled.
Tia grinned at him which only made the biker angier. He tightened his grip on his knife ready to rip into Tai.
Tai let the biker get to about a foot from him when in a blur he had the biker by the throat and raised him up off his feet.
The prostitutes screeched sending  the other bikers up on their feet.
The biker dropped his knife as he tried to release Tai's iron grip. The other bikers were about to attack when this large black bird with fiery eyes came swooping down scattering the bikers in all directions. The prostitutes took off screaming.
Tai dropped the biker. He laid on the  ground gasping for air.
The large black bird faced Tai. Then it was like the shadows crept up behind the bird and dissolved it. What was left was the woman. His eyes widened.
"You can thank me later."
Then she was gone. He didn't pursue her this time. His blood lust was consumming him.  Tai looked down at the biker who was starting to crawl away. Tai grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him effortlessly towards him.
He fed well.

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