Friday, 29 June 2012


He stared at her still body. Then he started to pace and think. She was under a spell that another vampire had placed on her. How was he going to break it? Only the one who put it there could do that and he was dead.
Tai couldn't figure out why a shape shifting witch would be bothering with him in the first place. What was she thinking?
He knew he was going to need help and it would have to be from someone that he trusted. Trust was a rare thing in his world. Trust was given and taken in one breath. Then an image of a face drifted before his eyes. He smirked and gently shook his head. He had found his trusting one.
Tai looked around making sure no one saw him. The door in front of him was rusted steel. Peeled red orange paint blended in with the rust. A few dents here and there indicated anger had tried to get  through the door to what was inside. The little light shone through the cracked door bell that was used for service.
Tai pushed the button. A buzz from the inside could be heard. Silence followed making Tai uneasy. The hair on the back of his neck rose.
The door jerked startling Tai. A tall black woman that filled  the height of the door peered at him.
Her dreads were tied tight in a ponytail revealing almond shaped eyes. Her head tilted slightly at him spilling her dread ponytail over her shoulder.
"What can I do for you" she asked. Her voice was smooth and silk like. Tai could feel the black magic crawl over his skin making him flinch.
"I need a spell broken" Tai blurted out in a gasping breath.
She chuckled softly as she ducked her head under the door frame stepping out onto the alleyway with Tai.
Tai backed up looking up at her. Despite the near blackness in the alley, Tai could clearly see her black almond eyes. Celia was a witch of black magic.
"Spells to be broken cost the taste of your blood. I look forward to tasting yours again."
Tai's whole body shivered. He gritted his teeth and walked away with Celia following.
Celia's eyes widdened at the sight of Tai's guest. Her nose twitched as if she had picked up some scent that was wild and untamed.
Very carefully Celia laid her hand across the forehead of the sleeping witch covering the entire length of the the witche's head. Her eyes never left the one lying in front of her as if she might have the sudden power to reach up and grab her by the throat.
"Can you break the spell" Tai said with impatence. Celia tossed him a glance that silenced him.
Celia pulled a chain over her head and held it above the sleeping witch. An amulet in the shape of a black shiny stone hovered in the air above the witch's body.
Celia started to mumble a chant making the room go ice cold dead. Tai froze. The room was filled with black magic. He could feel it at his feet sniffing like a dog ready to bite.
The sleeping witch started to stir making the lights in the room flicker. The air in the room turned to acid making Tai's eyes burn. The black magic in the room started to nip at Tai's skin.
Then a sharp nasty cold breeze came bursting into the room clearing out the acid air along with the black magic.
When Tai opened his eyes Celia was gone and the only ones in the room was himself staring at the now awakened witch who was now sitting up staring back at him.

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