Friday, 27 July 2012


"I can lock you in anyplace I want." Tai chuckled while walking away from her.
"You can't do this to me!"
Tai yelled back at her. "I just did."
What was she thinking coming to this arrogant bastard? Now her powers were trapped in his house.
The doorbell rang startling Brandy. It rang again. It echoed down the hallway to the study Brandy was locked in.
Brandy pressed herself up against the door.
Even though her powers were trapped, her hearing wasn't. Her hearing was as sharp as any vampires.
Brandy's hands clenched.
It was her.
She recognised Celia's low silky smooth voice. Brandy didn't have much to do with her but was
grateful to her for breaking the vampires spell.
She wondered how Tai had known her but then again nothing Tai did or who he knew surprised her.
His eyes turned red when he heard the name Drake. It sounded like they had a past-an ugly one.
Brandy pressed her cheek against the door.
"If you haven't come to collect then what are you doing here?"
"She"s still here, why?"
"Let's just say, I'm trying to control things here." He sounded smug.
"You have no control over this"!
Celia"s voice cut through Brandy's temple. She pulled away from the door gritting her teeth.
"He will come after you and after what you did to him last time..."
Tai didn't let her finish and Brandy didn't hear what he had said to her. All she heard was the door closing.
How did she know that Drake and Tai had a past? She had to figure out a way to get out of here. Then another thought entered her head-the key.
She couldn't leave without it. If she got out of here, the key would let her know where it was hiding.
Brandy pressed her cheek against the door again trying to hear him but nothing. She did pick up him saying to Celia - "As long as she is in this house, no one knows that she is here. This whole house is warded."
That was a good thing, Drake wouldn't find her. But the house being warded was a problem. She had to get around those wards. Most vampires were very clever with their spells. They were laced with booby traps if one tried to tamper with them.
But that didn't stop her. She had out witted the most complicated spells before.  Brandy had to get out-now.
Brandy placed both her hands on the door and closed her eyes. She concentrated on what it would feel like-the wind at her fingers.
A tingly sensation came down her arm and raced to the tips of her fingers. A small relieved smile formed on Brandy's lips. The door started to shake and she could feel the door give.
Then it was like her hands got slapped by a flexible ruler. Brandy yelped.
She narrowed her gaze at the door. Her palms were burning. Brandy pounded on the door with fists that were so tight that her knuckles had turned white.
"Hey stop that."  Tai"s voice pushed her away making her almost stumble.
Brandy let out an angry huff.
"If you don't behave, I might have to take some serious action". The smug bastard thought Brandy.
She waved her hand in the air defiantly sending books crashing to the floor.
"Don't make me come in there". Tai was taunting her now.
She waved her hand again sending even more books crashing to the floor.
The door flew open.
Brandy stared into red eyes that caught her breath. She had done it now. There was no place to run. She tried to shift but nothing was happening.
His fury was burning her skin. Tai looked over at the books on the floor that were laying there in a heap with pages open in awkward positions like broken limbs.
"You just carelessly threw some expensive collections onto the floor."
The tight fist he formed on his side didn't make Brandy feel any better. She backed up from him and wondered if she could get past him.The double doors were wide open.  She could be as fast as any vampire after all.
She had nothing to lose.
He caught her with one hand. "I don't think so" he breathed into her ear.
His hot breath sent quivers down her body. She could feel the heat in her own body rise. Damn him!
"Little girls like you need to be set straight."  Brandy gasped.
She looked up into his smirking face and suddenly without warning he threw her over his shoulder. She screamed.
He sat himself down on the leather couch and placed her across his lap with her bottom facing him.
Brandy knew right away.
She tried to squirm herself free.
Tai just tightened his grip on her making her go still. He started to massage her bottom making her freeze. She held as still as a mouse. What was he doing?
His fingers were going near places that were making her face flush.
Then without warning  he spanked her hard making Brandy yelp.
He massaged her bottom again.
"Stop it" she said through clenched teeth. Tai's fingers slipped lower still. She gasped. He chuckled.
She couldn't stop it, her body temperature was rising.
Again he spanked her-a total of eight times.
"You want more?" His voice was silk.
Brandy was trying to catch her breath and only manged a whimper.
"You want more, huh"? He chuckled softly in her ear.
"Are we going to behave and not throw my books around?"
"Yes" Brandy murmured softly.
"I don't think I heard you". He started to massage her bottom again.
"Yes" she said in a much louder voice this time. His hand rested on her bottom for a moment before letting her go.
She scrambled up and stood before him rubbing her behind. She glared into his lazy blue eyes that had settled on her body.
Brandy could feel electricity sparking . Tia was in the process of getting up to reach for her when the door bell rang. He frowned.
Brandy stood still. The door bell rang again.
"Maybe there is another little girl at the door" she smirked.
He just grinned back at her. "Then maybe we can have a three some."
She scowled at him.
The door bell rang again. Whoever it was was not going to give up.
"Wait here."
Brandy just folded her arms around herself tight. As if she had any choice she thought.
Tai opened the door.
Tai didn't say hello or anything.
"I believe you have a few things of mine."
Tai slammed the door.

Friday, 20 July 2012


Tai chopped up carrots grinning the whole time.
Brandy sat huddled in the corner on the kitchen counter in the corner with ears bent down, clearly not amused.
Brandy made an odd noise making Tai stop chopping.
Tai frowned at her with an underlying grin.
"What, you don't like carrots?"
Another noise came out of Brandy.
"Oh, come on, I could have put you in a cage" he said.
Brandy nervously pushed herself into the corner more.
Tai chuckled, "Oh, don't worry, I won't put you in a cage love. Besides I don't even have one."
Tai could do spells of his own. When he had grabbed her, in an instant he spelled her so she couldn't change. She was trapped.
Tai figured it would give him leverage and maybe he could find out what she was up to and why him?
"You better eat your carrots." He placed the plate in front of Brandy who sniffed them.
"Don't worry, they are not poisoned. I have too much information to get out of you first."
Tai popped open a bottle of red wine and poured himself a glass. Her bunny eyes were fixated on him.
"Bunnies don't drink wine so eat your carrots."
Tai made himself comfortable on a chair in the kitchen. His eyes were never off of her.
In an instant Brandy leaped off the counter sending carrots all over the place. She headed for the doorway only to to run into an invisible wall.
Tai leaned back in his chair and sighed.
"Sorry love, the whole house is warded. You can only leave as I let you."
She flopped on the floor.
"Oh come on, it's not that bad." Tai took another slow sip of his wine.
Brandy was not going to take this so she hopped over to his desk where he had all kinds of wires. She started to nibble.
"Hey, what are you doing? Stop that." Brandy didn't listen.
"Fine, you want to play games, we'll talk now." In a split second he scooped her up and took her to the study. When the double doors were firmly shut behind them, he put her down.
"Now, I will let you change."
Before him on the floor he watched Brandy change into a woman. Her full hips gave way to long lean legs. Her torso stretched out to reveal smooth silky skin. Brandy"s brown hair fell loosely over her shoulders.
Brandy was on all fours-naked.
When she looked up at him, his mouth was partly open and his eyes were smouldering cinders  making her skin prickle.
She suddenly became aware of her nakedness.Instantly with magic her body was covered with a dress. She started to get up.
"You don't have to change positions, I kind of like that one."
She hissed at him and Tai laughed.
Brandy marched up to him. Her arms were stiff by her side with her hands clenched tightly.
Standing in front of Tai was like standing in front of a brick wall. But she would have to find a way to get through to him because she now knew that his skull was as thick as the brick wall he appeared to be.
" I know you know think I am a vampire hunter and I at one time was."
His eyebrow rose up at her. "And now you're going to tell me you've had a change of heart?"
She bit her lip and started to wring her hands. "You don't understand, this matter is more than just about vampires being hunted. This is much bigger."
Tai crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I'm listening, make it good."
"I gave you a key, remember?"
"That was you, then. Yeah, I remember. "What was with the key?"
"That key unlocks another world."
Tai's arms tightened around his chest. "What world?"
"The underworld of demons" she said.
"Demons, are you serious? There's demons everywhere, I'm even considered one."
Brandy rolled her eyes at him. "These demons are the most powerful ones of their kind. That key holds them back."
"So, how did you get the key and why did you give it to me?"
Brandy looked away and she felt a slight heat on her cheeks. She didn't want to admit a little secret to him. Tai looked at her and shook his head in frustration.
"They were after me and I had to hide it. It has to be destroyed".
"Okay, answer one of those questions, how did you get the key?"
"I stole it from him".
"Who's him"?
Tai knew who that was and suddenly he felt sick. Drake was an underworld lord who wanted power and would destroy everything to get it. He tried to rule before but his demons were locked behind a world by powerful witches but he got away. Somehow Drake stole the key and Brandy stole it from him.
What the hell kind of war was he dragged into now?

Friday, 13 July 2012


Brandy found herself staring back at the house. She crossed her arms tightly thinking how best to deal with him. Brandy could feel a fortress of coldness around Tai's house.
She wasn't going to let this stop her. She would make him listen.
Brandy planted her feet firmly on the ground slightly spread apart. She spread out her arms on either side of her and closed her eyes.
Her mouth never moved but a chant that sounded like the wind could be heard. The trees came to life and seemed to be chanting with her.
Suddenly the front door opened and an angry looking vampire with wind blown hair stood there with fire in his eyes.
Now that was better she thought.
Tai's fists were so tight that he could have crushed his fingers.
Brandy stood firm with no intention of going anywhere. She was ready for him.
Tai marched down the steps making such a loud noise on the stone steps that Brandy expected the steps to crumble but they didn't.
Now he towered over her with angry red eyes. His wind swept hair thanks to her, framed  high cheek bones and hid what she knew to be beautiful blue eyes that were hid behind red angry ones. He also needed a shave. She hated it when men sported that "shadow".
She looked right back at him.
"Why are you still here-vampire killer?"
Brandy swallowed a large lump in her throat. "It's not like that. If you would listen to me for one..."
"No". Tai grabbed her by the shoulders. "You are what you are-witch. Be gone."
Brandy didn't move.
"Are you that stupid? Do you know what I can do to you"?
Brandy flung her arms apart and sent Tai into the air landing on his back knocking the wind out of him.
"Do you know what I can do"?
He sat up and smiled.
She smiled.
 It was game on.
The ground underneath Brandy shook taking her by surprise.
"How did you..." And before she could finish found herself flying through the air and  landed in some bushes at the edge of Tai's yard. She could hear him laugh.
In a fury she flew up in the form of a large raven with red claws. She aimed for him but he was faster. A rush of air was all she caught. She hovered in the air to try and find him.
"I'm over here, love." His voice was smooth and alluring.
Brandy flung herself around only to see him laugh at her as he disappeared.
She quietly came down to the ground and shifted back. Brandy was not going to play anymore games with him. "I want to talk to you" she yelled out..
"I'm right here". She instantly turned around looking up now into those blue eyes that were now full of evil mischief. She took a step back from him.
"I need your help" she blurted.
Tai's blue eyes sparkled.
"What help do you need, my Brandy?" He was grinning now. The anger in him that was a roaring fire was now as serene as those blue eyes that were now full of amusement.
"They're trying to kill me."  His eyes narrowed in on her. He closed the gap between them. Brandy could feel something off of him. She did the stupidest thing ever. She changed herself into a small grey bunny. She was about to run away but firm hands caught her.
Tai marched back into the house. "I always wanted a pet rabbit".

Friday, 6 July 2012


"Are you okay"?
Instead of answering him she looked around  to where she was. Her eyes seemed to study everything in the room.
Tai walked a little closer to the bed.
"Are you okay?"  Maybe this time his question would register.
She stared right into his eyes. It felt like she was inside his head. Tai shook his head as if to shake her out.
In an instant she was off the bed and out of the room. Tai followed his guest. She seemed to be taking in everything as if exploring a new world.
Tai wasn't going to ask again if she was okay. By her exploring she seemed to be just fine.
Annoyance at her was what he was starting to feel now.
"Is there something you are looking for or want?"
He still got the silent treatment. They ended up in the kitchen where she opened the fridge door. While she was bent over looking into his fridge Tai stood on the other side of the fridge door.
"Do you have a tongue in your head?"
She popped up almost nose to nose to him now. Her eyes were the most deepest brown he had ever seen.
"Feed me" she said.
At first Tai wasn't sure she actually said something.
"Feed me, I'm starving. Can you cook?" Tai watched her little nose wrinkle. She fluttered her hand in his face like he was a fly.
"Never mind" she said "You don't look like you know how, I'll do it myself."
Tai thought maybe he preferred it when she chose to be silent.
She started to empty out his fridge-eggs, ham, onion and grabbed some potatoes off the counter. She arranged everything on the counter chopping block on the island where the stove top was. She pulled a knife out of the butchers block welding it like a weapon making Tai take a step back to watch from a safe distance. She chopped away with  quickness and speed that wasted no time in getting the task done.
She whirled around with the knife still in hand. Tai startled.
She looked at the knife still in her hand. "Oh, sorry." She put the knife down. Tai let out a breath of relief.
"Where are your fry pans?"
Tai went over to the island and pulled out a couple out of the slide out drawer.
"Just to let you know, I can cook."
She smiled back at him making Tai relax a bit with this new guest that took over his kitchen.
She made up two plates and they sat down at the table. Tai watched her eat with ravenous speed.
"A bit hungry are we?"
She ignored his comment. He grinned.
"You think I'm funny?" When their eyes met she was grinning too.
"What's your name?"
"Brandy" she said.
"Are you drinkable?" Tai was beginning to enjoy this guest of his.
"You're not very funny."  Tai just shrugged his shoulders.
"So, Brandy, you are shape shifting witch according to Jared."
"Ahh your dead friend or should I say real dead friend" she smirked. She put the emphasis on "dead".
"That was a good kill" she said.
 Tai looked at her puzzled.
"What do you mean by that?"
She casually shrugged her shoulders. "It's one less."
Tai's radar went on. "What are you Brandy?"
"I'm a member of the Raven Sisters of course."
Tai dropped his fork.
They were vampire hunters.