Friday, 6 July 2012


"Are you okay"?
Instead of answering him she looked around  to where she was. Her eyes seemed to study everything in the room.
Tai walked a little closer to the bed.
"Are you okay?"  Maybe this time his question would register.
She stared right into his eyes. It felt like she was inside his head. Tai shook his head as if to shake her out.
In an instant she was off the bed and out of the room. Tai followed his guest. She seemed to be taking in everything as if exploring a new world.
Tai wasn't going to ask again if she was okay. By her exploring she seemed to be just fine.
Annoyance at her was what he was starting to feel now.
"Is there something you are looking for or want?"
He still got the silent treatment. They ended up in the kitchen where she opened the fridge door. While she was bent over looking into his fridge Tai stood on the other side of the fridge door.
"Do you have a tongue in your head?"
She popped up almost nose to nose to him now. Her eyes were the most deepest brown he had ever seen.
"Feed me" she said.
At first Tai wasn't sure she actually said something.
"Feed me, I'm starving. Can you cook?" Tai watched her little nose wrinkle. She fluttered her hand in his face like he was a fly.
"Never mind" she said "You don't look like you know how, I'll do it myself."
Tai thought maybe he preferred it when she chose to be silent.
She started to empty out his fridge-eggs, ham, onion and grabbed some potatoes off the counter. She arranged everything on the counter chopping block on the island where the stove top was. She pulled a knife out of the butchers block welding it like a weapon making Tai take a step back to watch from a safe distance. She chopped away with  quickness and speed that wasted no time in getting the task done.
She whirled around with the knife still in hand. Tai startled.
She looked at the knife still in her hand. "Oh, sorry." She put the knife down. Tai let out a breath of relief.
"Where are your fry pans?"
Tai went over to the island and pulled out a couple out of the slide out drawer.
"Just to let you know, I can cook."
She smiled back at him making Tai relax a bit with this new guest that took over his kitchen.
She made up two plates and they sat down at the table. Tai watched her eat with ravenous speed.
"A bit hungry are we?"
She ignored his comment. He grinned.
"You think I'm funny?" When their eyes met she was grinning too.
"What's your name?"
"Brandy" she said.
"Are you drinkable?" Tai was beginning to enjoy this guest of his.
"You're not very funny."  Tai just shrugged his shoulders.
"So, Brandy, you are shape shifting witch according to Jared."
"Ahh your dead friend or should I say real dead friend" she smirked. She put the emphasis on "dead".
"That was a good kill" she said.
 Tai looked at her puzzled.
"What do you mean by that?"
She casually shrugged her shoulders. "It's one less."
Tai's radar went on. "What are you Brandy?"
"I'm a member of the Raven Sisters of course."
Tai dropped his fork.
They were vampire hunters.

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