Friday, 13 July 2012


Brandy found herself staring back at the house. She crossed her arms tightly thinking how best to deal with him. Brandy could feel a fortress of coldness around Tai's house.
She wasn't going to let this stop her. She would make him listen.
Brandy planted her feet firmly on the ground slightly spread apart. She spread out her arms on either side of her and closed her eyes.
Her mouth never moved but a chant that sounded like the wind could be heard. The trees came to life and seemed to be chanting with her.
Suddenly the front door opened and an angry looking vampire with wind blown hair stood there with fire in his eyes.
Now that was better she thought.
Tai's fists were so tight that he could have crushed his fingers.
Brandy stood firm with no intention of going anywhere. She was ready for him.
Tai marched down the steps making such a loud noise on the stone steps that Brandy expected the steps to crumble but they didn't.
Now he towered over her with angry red eyes. His wind swept hair thanks to her, framed  high cheek bones and hid what she knew to be beautiful blue eyes that were hid behind red angry ones. He also needed a shave. She hated it when men sported that "shadow".
She looked right back at him.
"Why are you still here-vampire killer?"
Brandy swallowed a large lump in her throat. "It's not like that. If you would listen to me for one..."
"No". Tai grabbed her by the shoulders. "You are what you are-witch. Be gone."
Brandy didn't move.
"Are you that stupid? Do you know what I can do to you"?
Brandy flung her arms apart and sent Tai into the air landing on his back knocking the wind out of him.
"Do you know what I can do"?
He sat up and smiled.
She smiled.
 It was game on.
The ground underneath Brandy shook taking her by surprise.
"How did you..." And before she could finish found herself flying through the air and  landed in some bushes at the edge of Tai's yard. She could hear him laugh.
In a fury she flew up in the form of a large raven with red claws. She aimed for him but he was faster. A rush of air was all she caught. She hovered in the air to try and find him.
"I'm over here, love." His voice was smooth and alluring.
Brandy flung herself around only to see him laugh at her as he disappeared.
She quietly came down to the ground and shifted back. Brandy was not going to play anymore games with him. "I want to talk to you" she yelled out..
"I'm right here". She instantly turned around looking up now into those blue eyes that were now full of evil mischief. She took a step back from him.
"I need your help" she blurted.
Tai's blue eyes sparkled.
"What help do you need, my Brandy?" He was grinning now. The anger in him that was a roaring fire was now as serene as those blue eyes that were now full of amusement.
"They're trying to kill me."  His eyes narrowed in on her. He closed the gap between them. Brandy could feel something off of him. She did the stupidest thing ever. She changed herself into a small grey bunny. She was about to run away but firm hands caught her.
Tai marched back into the house. "I always wanted a pet rabbit".

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