Friday, 31 August 2012


Brandy winced once more. The key bounced on her chest as she darted in and around the shadows that moved like mist.
The key had left its mark on her.
It had bitten and burned her. She knew that the black magic in the key did not like her and could not be trusted. It was toying with her and taunting her and every once in a while she could hear this barely above a whisper float around her. All she could make out was the words "hot" or "near"- whatever that meant.
With every fibre of her being she ignored it and concentrated on the task at hand.
When Celia had dropped the chain into her hand it had turned into a black snake with gold eyes. It slithered up her arm and flicked it's forked red tongue into her ear. She could clearly make out what it said then-"such a playful night". Brandy had no desire to be this things play thing.
Then a coldness from the key settled into her chest sending a deathly chill through her.Brandy looked at the key, "stop it". The coldness slipped away.
She moved on and now the air was a mix of cold clamminess and hot acidity. She knew then that she was getting close to Drakes. It was odd though, when she entered into this realm she thought she would be grabbed right away. Drake she thought would have had her dragged to him  bound and gagged but nothing. Of course when it came to Drake you never knew what he had planned.
It seemed like the black shadows just stayed by her side as if making sure she made it there in one piece.
The key around her neck became very warm suddenly. She stopped.
Something told her that this was a warning.
Brush behind her snapped.
Brandy whirled around just in time to see a large beast crashing through coming straight for her. Red eyes were blazing.
Without thinking Brandy transformed into a large raven and flew up into the dark sky. The chain tightened around her neck and hissed at her. She could change again!
Drake's dwelling loomed up through the black mist. Its white stone stared up through the darkness like ghostly eyes. She hovered for a moment then dropped and landed on the roof near the chimney. It was a good hiding place until she figured out how she was going to get in. She changed back to herself. It felt amazing to be able to transform again. Tai's spell was broken.
Brandy knew below this chimney was the study. She wondered for a second if she transformed into a small bird and flew down the chimney as there was no smoke.
But no she thought. It would just be like Drake to spark fire with a blink and that would be it.
Then she remembered a window that was easy to open on the other side. It wasn't too far.


Drake pointed to the ceiling.
"She's up there, on the roof."
"What? What do you mean on the roof? How did she get up there? You didn't kill her."
Drake rolled his eyes then laughed.
"You're so smitten, it's almost cute".
Tai growled at him.
Drake just held up his hand.
"Of course, I didn't kill her, she was protected from the moment she entered the realm."
His eyes wondered to the ceiling again and then to Tai. His black eyes were electric.
"Black magic is with her. She's brought something with her".
Tai let out a nervous laugh.
"What kind of black magic has she brought?" Tai didn't know if he wanted to know or not.
Drake smiled at him. "You two will do anything for one another. She obviously has the key."
Tai smiled and shook his head. "She doesn't have the key. I'm the only one who knows where it is."
Drake just shrugged him off.
There was  a noise and it came from upstairs.
"Ah, she's found the window."
"How did she get up there?"
"She flew of course."
Tai looked at him dubiously.
"I broke your silly spell. You have to let her be free to change. That's what she is."
"I was protecting her."
"Oh yeah, you were doing such a good job of that. That's why she's here trying to save you."
Tai sneered at him.
Drake ignored him. "Come on buddy, let's help her in."
Tai followed Drake upstairs to a door at the end of the hallway.
Before Drake opened the door Tai looked over at him. "I'm not your buddy."
Drake laughed. "That's too bad because you're going to need me."
Drake opened the door just as Brandy was crawling through the window. She stopped and looked at them both. Her eyes went wide when she saw Tai. Brandy's face showed relief that he was alright.
Drake offered his hand. Within seconds Tai was there also. She put her hand into Tai's instead of Drakes. He wasn't offended, in fact he was quite amused.
Tai looked down at her and seen what she was wearing. All she had on was lace panties that were barely there and a small bustier. Tai quickly shielded her. Brandy blushed and quickly formed a dress to cover her. "I didn't have time" she mumbled.
"I don't know dear, I like the look you chose. It reminded me of..."
"Shut up" Tai growled.
Drake chuckled. "Sorry, buddy."
Brandy came around and faced Drake. She pulled the chain with the key on it and held it in front of Drake. Tai's eyes widened.
"See, I told you she had the key". Drake was all smug now.
Tai just looked at Brandy with disbelief. Brandy held her own and showed nothing.
"There you have it now. You have to let us go". She held up the chain in deviance.
Drake ran his tongue along his bottom teeth. He hadn't taken the key, yet. His dark eyes were running up and down her body. "Oh Brandy, things could be so different, if you would only let..."
"Get those fantasies out of your head" yelled Tai.
Drake chuckled. "You're lucky I just don't "take" what I want and make you watch."
Tai hissed at him ready to fly at him, "You bastard."
Drake just held up his hand in dismissal. He wasn't in the mood for fighting Tai. He took the chain out of Brandy's hand. The key hung there in dead silence but then a hissing noise came from it. It turned into a black snake. It wreathed and twisted in his hands. The gold eyes stayed on Drake while slithering up his arm. It flicked it's red forked tongue at Drake's cheek.
Drake smiled.
"It seems I can't let you go just yet." The chain settled around his neck. "You have to do one more thing for me love."
Tai wrapped his arms around Brandy in protection.
Tai scowled at him. "What do you want now?"
Drake grinned. He touched the key that lay against his chest. Then his dark eyes settled on Brandy.
"Apparently, you, my dear, get to do the honor and open the door to hell".

Friday, 24 August 2012


The cool breeze wrapped around Brandy sending a chill through her. She knew where the cool breeze was coming .
Tai's house was surrounded by Drake's boys. She thought Drake would do this because he knew her all to well. She should of thought of this before he did.
Brandy tightened her arms around herself as if it would somehow help. She was being too predictable.
Shadows floated in and around the house. They were Drake's sniffing hounds.If she came within one hairs breath they would have her in seconds. What they would do to her would be up to whatever Drake left them for instructions. The thing was, demons didn't always listen to their master. After some "fun demon games" she would be left for dead.
And more importantly the key would be left out there to grab.
Quietly Brandy cursed herself for giving the key to Tai. For all she knew those demons in there already had it.
She shook her head no, they didn't have it. This world would be on fire if that was the case.
Brandy raised her chin to the chilly air like a challenge. She would get around those creatures. Brandy also knew that Drake had Tai back at his lair hidden in darkness. That was one place that she swore she would never go back to. She hoped Tai was alright.
Even though Tai was a powerful vampire, she knew what Drake could do to him. She owed it to him to get him out. If it wasn't for her being so drawn to him, he wouldn't be in this situation.
Brandy had to make a decision -get the key first or Tai.
For either task she knew one thing for sure, she needed help.
Brandy smiled and walked away.

Tai growled at the black wisp that came through the study doorway.
"You don't have to be rude to my staff. They're only offering you beverages of which I might remind you had to go out and get especially for you. They detest the human world."
Tai ignored him. He out smarted Drake before but the only problem was that stood in the way was now they were on Drake's turf. He was more powerful here. Tai would have to convince Drake to leave here.
"Why don't we go back to my house? Brandy will be looking for the key there."
Drake's eyes were cast down so Tai wasn't sure if he heard or not but then again he knew he heard every word.
"I have guards there" was all he said.
Tai knew he  was going to have to be creative.
"You're guards couldn't find there way out of a box".
Drake just smiled and shrugged. "I don't really care. They're loyal enough to let me know when she comes".
"How do you know they"ll let you know? They would stab you in the back as quick as I would". He smiled at Drake.
Drake's face showed no sign of emotion. Tai knew he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction but he still knew he got under Drake's skin.
Drake sneered at him and then quickly smiled.
"She's going to be here soon".
Tai's insides flipped. If only he could tell her to stay the hell away.
"What do you mean, she's going to be here soon? She'll be killed if she tries to cross here to this world."
Drake just shrugged his shoulders.
Tai growled and flew at him. He grabbed him by the throat.
 Drake seemed to be totally amused. He snatched Tai's hand away and chuckled.  "And let go of my shirt, you might rip it".
Tai snorted. "Well, I would rather rip out your throat".
"Hungry, are we?"
Tai went for the throat again but when he touched  Drake, his hand burned.
Drake just shook his head.
"When are you going to learn?"
Now Drake was annoyed. "You are so in love with her that you can't even think straight."
Tai didn't respond, he just rubbed his hand which was almost healed.
"Drink your blood fool, you get out of control when you don't feed."
Tai just glared at him.
"Do it, you're going to need your strength to fight when she comes".
Tai knew he was right. One could only guess what sick show Drake had lined up. He grabbed the glass carafe and up ended it downing the contents.
"Can't you drink with some grace?"
"Yeah, I know, I don't have your class but oh well, we all can't be like you" Tai grinned at him.
Drake just sighed.
Brandy was standing in the back alley. The only light was the red light above the door. It cast a red black glow over the beat up door.
She pushed the door buzzard.
Brandy looked up at Celia. Her dreads fell loosely around her shoulders. Her almond eyes studied her. She could feel the fingers of Celia's black magic go up and down her body searching for warnings.
"I need help" Brandy blurted.
Celia smirked. "I can tell as much." Celia took in a deep breath reaching for the air around Brandy. She startled. Brandy wrapped her arms around herself like a shield.
When Celia smiled the black magic crept away.
"Drake has Tai" she told Celia but it seemed by her expressionless face that this was old news. She should of known that in the magic community every one knew every ones business. Bramdy just hoped that she would help Tai if nothing else than to help a friend or even for the taste of his blood.
"I'll tell you what my dear."
A black shimmer went through her almond eyes. The black magic was coming back to life.
Celia reached into her pocket and pulled out a chain. Brandy's eyes widened when Celia held  it in front of her. The key hung like a black omen.
"It's not the same key."
Brandy let out a sigh of relief.
"You give this to Drake and it will buy you some time."
Brandy went to reach for it when Celia snatched it away from her like some cruel joke.
Tendrils of black smoke slipped up the back of Brandy's  neck making her jump.
"There are rules to follow when doing business with me."
Her voice crept along Brandy's skin.
"What do you want?"
Celia tilted her head gently at Brandy letting her dreads fall to one side.
"You will get me on the good graces of those sisters of yours."
She waved her hand in front of Brandy's face.
"Yes, I know" she cut her off. "You had a falling out but they didn't disown you. They would take you back. You will get them to take the wards off that prevent me from doing ...certain businesses."
Brandy couldn't imagine what businesses that was.
"You'll help Tai?"
Celia raised an eyebrow.
Brandy knew she was thinking something about her.
"Yes, I will help Tai."
She held out the chain with the key on it. The key stared at her like it had eyes.
Brandy narrowed her eyes and slowly held out her hand.
The chain dropped into Brandy's hand. It came to life and hissed like a snake.
Drake was pacing-nervously.
Tai watched him. Some other demons came up to him. All he did was nod.
 He spoke to them in some old demon language. Then they slithered away.
Drake smiled at Tai.
"It's show time."

Friday, 17 August 2012

THE PLAN-Part 12

Tai's eyes flew open.
He could smell jasmine. Why could he smell jasmine? He looked around the room he was in-a library or a study.
Then his eyes fell on him.
Drake was standing looking out the window holding a drink.
"Would you like a drink?"
He never once glanced at Tai. Drake could sense that he was awake.
"Depends on what kind of drink you're offering."
Drake grinned and chuckled softly.
"I would offer you my wrist but you were never particular into demon blood where you?"
Tai smirked. "Poison was never my thing. I'll have what you're drinking."
Drake gestured to the crystal decanter on the desk. Tai got up and sauntered over to the desk.
He poured himself a drink and then took a good swig letting the gold liquid burn it's way down to his chest.
Drake continued to gaze out the window not speaking to him. It was pitch black outside. Tai wondered what Drake was looking at but then again demons could see things in darkness.
Tai sighed and that's when  Drake turned around. Tai's eyebrow rose.
"She did that to me."
Tai could see that his hand was singed. It was healing but not quickly due to the black magic that caused it.
"Brandy has black magic?"
Drake's dark eyes looked somewhat surprised. "Couldn't you tell?" Drake just shook his head. "You're showing your age vampire. You've lost your edge."
Tai scowled at him.
"I haven't lost my edge-demon."
Tai took another swig of his drink. He couldn't believe that he didn't catch that.
"I thought she was just a shape shifting witch."
Drake rolled his eyes in amusement. "She's much more that that." He gave Tai an evil grin.
"You need the key more than you need her. I have the key, remember"?
Drake poured himself a drink and took a sip. He stared into his glass of gold liquid. Drake seemed to be deep in thought again and wasn't paying any attention to Tai.
"Well, it was nice catching up with you. I'm leaving now."
The door was open but when Tai went to go through it, it was like hitting a brick wall.
"What the..."
"Sit down Tai, make yourself at home. You're not going anywhere."
Tai looked back at him with red eyes blazing.
Drake ignored him and gestured to the large chair.
"You and I have  a lot more catching up to do."
Tai's fists grew tight by his side. He whirled around and tried again and again.
Drake sat himself down in his favourite chair to watch Tai's antics.
Tai growled at him.
"I see you haven't changed much. You still don't listen and you're as stubborn as ever. I think worse."
Tai just hissed at him."You know I'm not going to give you your key. You should have just killed me."
"Oh, if I wanted you dead, you would of been along time ago."
Tai's eyes narrowed.
"But you were always so much fun to have around." His low chuckle sent the hairs on the back of Tai's neck on end.
Tai stood there staring at Drake.
"What have you planned?"
Drake's eyes rose as if he showed interest now in what Tai was saying.
"Planned? Let's see, I will play some more with that new toy of yours. By the way she's wonderful isn't she?"
Tai cringed.
"What? Oh, I see, she rejected you" he laughed.
Tai flew at him and grabbed him by the throat.
"She was never mine to reject me. You're planning on killing her after you have your key."
Tai let go of him then. Drake wasn't ruffled at all.
Tai looked down at him. "I have the key-remember -old timer?"
Drake straightened out his shirt. He casually took another drink and after he set it down he looked straight into Tai's eyes.
"Let me tell you this, my friend. I will get that key. You will as much as hand it to me yourself. Because you forgot old vampire friend, I can see into the future. I've seen Brandy in your future for some time.  She's in love with you. Through her I will get that key because you will do anything for her-you can't explain it but she is very important to you. In fact I can see her as your mate."
Tai's eyes widened.
 "My mate, Tai sniffed at him.  Tai had never considered taking a mate. "You're making this up."
"Why would I do that"?
 Tai sneered at him.
"Because, Tai she will be coming here to get you."
"How do you know for sure she's going to do that? She could have already found the key and be gone far away." He knew that wasn't true as she would never find the key.
Drake shook his head.
"You're place is guarded. If she comes near, I will know about it."
"Then she's probably long gone."
"Nope" he said.
Tai just stared at him  sitting there in all of his arrogance. He could be even  more of an ass hole than he usually was.
"Are you tracking her?"
Drake just grinned.
"She's carrying my scent Tai and I can feel her. She's very much here and she's not that far away."
"You slept with her-you..."
Drake held up his hand.
"It was not by force I assure you. She was more than willing".
Tai blinked at him like he couldn't believe that this demon would take anything but by force.
"You lie like always."
He shrugged his shoulders at Tai. Tai knew it mattered little what he thought of him.
"So what are we going to do?"
"What are "we" going to do" he asked in a mocking voice?
"Wait for her to come and rescue you of course. It should be quite a show. She's planning on it right now."
Tai's insides turned. There was nothing he could do to warn her. He was trapped by the bastard.
"Come Tai, let's play cards while we wait."

Friday, 10 August 2012

DARK MAGIC-part 11

The air in the room turned to fire. Tai grabbed Brandy and in a fierce blur where now standing in front of Tai's house.
Brandy stood there with weak knees trying to catch her breath.
"We have to get you out of here" he growled.
She looked at him with desperation sinking into her bones. "What about the key"?
Tai grabbed her and started to pull her away. Brandy managed to rip herself away from Tai's grasp.
"What about the key" she asked again with a tone that she thought would make him answer.
Instead his blue eyes started to turn red.
"I liked it better when you were a rabbit" he scoffed at her.
Brandy wanted to hit him. Instead she grabbed his arms making him stop. He towered over her and seemed to be amused that she took a hold of him like this.
His smugness just infuriated her more.
"I'm going to ask you one more time-where is the key"?
"Yeah, Tai answer her, I would like to know too."
They both froze.
Standing there with his arms crossed was Drake.
He gently shook his head at Tai.
"I suspected Tai but that confirmed it, you have two things of mine."
Brandy found herself in a blur again. When everything stopped she almost stumbled but Tai caught her. Concerned blue eyes were looking down at her.
"Are you okay"?
Brandy silently nodded.
"Good". Tai looked around like he was scanning the area. Brandy noticed that they were in the park. She stared at the gazebo and briefly thought of their encounter.
"What are we doing here and what about the key"?
Her response was a frown.
'Don't worry about the key, it's hidden where no one can find it".
He sounded awfully sure of himself. Brandy just shook her head at him in disbelief. She rested her hands on her hips and planted her feet firmly on the ground,
"In case you haven't caught on, Drake can find us both pretty easily and as to any magic you used to hide the key" she paused and smiled "blow apart any little magic spell that you congered up."
Tai just stood there with no expression on his face to indicate what was going on in his head or even if he was listening to her.
His eyes widened.
Brandy wheeled around.
Drake and two others were standing there. Drake sauntered up casually to Brandy. He very calmly leaned over to her. His dark eyes were electric making Brandy swallow hard.
"I'll take you back now".
He immediately locked eyes with Tai.
"And if you want me to keep her in one piece-then you'll hand over the key".
Brandy shook her head at Tai.
His eyes never left Drake.
Brandy whipped her head back and forth to them. They were both eyeing each other up. The tension in the air was a fuse ready to go off.
The other two that were with Drake came closer. They looked ready to fight. Their eyes glowed like fire.
"You won't be taking what yours because she's not yours, and oh that other thing-that's not yours either. She gave it to me."
Drake tilted his head and grinned.
"I thought you would say that".
The two demons leaped at Tai.
Brandy screamed but her scream was muffled by Drake's hand that covered her mouth.
"He's not worth screaming over, love. I would rather you screamed out my name. Remember when you did that"?
He let her go and that was all she need to get away.
The other two were on Tai, ripping into him. He was fighting back but he needed help. She had to help. She prayed this would work, that some of her magic was still in connection with her. She concentrated on the two demons and in an instant two fire balls flew their way. They both yelled and rolled away on the ground trying to put  out the flames but it wasn't working.
Soon all that was left was black smouldering ashes.
Drake chuckled.
"You haven't lost your touch love. You still have that black magic."
She was about to send  a fire ball his way when he held up his hands in surrender. Of course Brandy knew better than to trust him.
"Before you try and turn me to ash"...he winked at her, " you know how that turned out the last time you tried-remember"?
Brandy slowly let her hand down.
Drake gave her a sexy smile.
"You remember love".
He sauntered casually up to her. Brandy was about to turn away when his voice held her still.
"You know I'll catch you love".
His muscular frame stood before her as a solid wall. His dark eyes drank all of her in. Very gently he let the back of his fingers fall against her cheek.
"Oh, how I missed you".
He bit his bottom lip.
Brandy's fear rose up in her throat.
"Your fear is delicious love. You're better than chocolate" he cooed.
Brandy backed up, that's when she noticed, Tai had not gotten up.
"Oh he will be alright. Those vampire boys always come back to life."
He glanced nonchalantly at Tai.
"The only way to truly get rid of them is to behead them with a demon dagger."
Brandy's eyes widened.
"Oh don't worry my little kitten, we'll keep him around. You know, just for sport." He grinned.
Brandy sneered up at him.
"You stay away from him".
Drake raised one eyebrow at her. In an instant Drake was standing over Tai's still body.
Bandy sucked in air as she watched Drake.
"What would you do to stop me"? His grin was evil. A chill slithered through her body and flicked it's tongue along her spine. He was doing this to her. He was inhaling all of her fear.
Out of the blue a metal dagger formed in his hand. Drake took a firm grip of the dagger and knelt down beside Tai. He very slowly let the blade slide across Tai's throat. A thin line of blood came to the surface.
Brandy's eyes were wide with horror. He smiled at her.
She couldn't take it anymore and reached once more for her dark magic. She threw out her hand changing the dagger into red hot metal. Drake threw the dagger and grabbed his hand. He hissed at her like the monster he was. His eyes were black pools of evil.
She threw a ball of fire at him aiming for his chest. He narrowly missed the fire. He pounced on top of Tai. All she could see was black smoke.
Brandy shouted something that she couldn't remember. She found strength in her legs to make them run towards them.
She stopped short.
They were both gone.

Friday, 3 August 2012

WHAT'S HIS-Part 10

"Don't be rude with me."
Tai smirked at the door.
"But rudeness suits you." He let his smugness sink through the door to the voice on the other side.
"Oh come on, is that any way to treat an old friend?"
Tai snorted.
"I heard that."
Tai grinned at the door. "Good, now go away-old friend."
Tai knew his visitor was shaking his head.
"That is no way to treat such an old friend as I and do I need to remind you, my vampire friend of what I could do to your lovely home?"
Tai frowned. He didn't need to be shown what he could do-he knew all too well.
Tai reluctantly opened the door.
Drake smiled at him.
"Now that is more like it."
Tai stared at his intruder. He filled the height of the door. Lean muscle filled out his black t-shirt. Long powerful legs filled his black jeans with leather black boots that made Tai cringe. It reminded him of the time those same boots found his ribcage. The only accent of color to his dark brooding ensemble was a silver ring with a snake twisted around it that served as a powerful amulet. Of course there was always that glint of red in those black eyes of his to remind you of whom and what he was.
"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Drake was grinning like it was game on.
Tai grinned back.
"Why would I do that?"
Drake ran his hand through his dark brown hair. Tai knew that was a sign he was getting impatient- fast.
"We could catch up on old times but I'm here really for couple of things that belong to me."
A glint of red sparked in his eyes.
"I have no idea what that would be."
Drake frowned and then he sighed followed by a mischievous grin.
"Invite me in or I will make her scream."
Tai looked at him confused.
"Make who scream?"
Drake lost his grin but only for a second. His eyes grew a little redder.
Nothing happened.
Drake narrowed his gaze at Tai. "Don't play games with me. I will bring this house down."
Tai shook his head. "You did that last time, remember? I had to find another place to live-no thanks to you."
Drake sneered at him "I know she is here."
 Tai folded his arms tightly.
"Who is she? Did you piss another woman off?"
Drake just chuckled and threw up his hands.
"Okay Tai, I will play nice but I warn you, if you don't hand her over I will burn more than your house down."
Tai slammed the door in his face.
Drake's voice was smooth and taunting. "Nice to see you again."  Demons  had a way of getting under your skin. Tai growled as he marched down the hallway.
He stood in front of the open doors and glared at her.
"What in the hell did you see in that ass hole?"
Brandy blinked at him and without thinking gave Tai a pathetic shrug.
He came up to her in one swift movement and towered over her. Brandy could see the red coming through in his eyes. She cringed slightly as he firmly took her by the shoulders.
"You stay away from him, you hear?"
Brandy silently nodded. His hands fell way releasing her. He started to pace.
"He knows you're here. I will have to hide you and that thing that you gave me."
Brandy shrunk as he said "that thing" like it was the plague she brought into his house. Of course it was worse than any plague.
"My ward worked this time in protecting you but he was just being easy on me. Next time he won't."
There was a nervous edginess in Tai's voice. Brandy could tell he didn't want him back.
"We'll think of something" she said. "If you give me the key back, I can hide it. Then I'll leave and he won't find me."
Tai snorted and Brandy watched him shake his head like she had just said the stupidest thing.
 Her voice came out as a high pitched squeak that made herself cringe "why not?"
His eyes were blue again. They were serene like gentle waves at the beach. It was easy to get lost in those eyes of his. He stood still before her.
He was almost nose to nose with her. She could smell his soap-earthy and musky.
"I will think of something". His voice was stern and there was no challenging him. She could feel a cold vibe off him that made her wrap her arms around herself.
"Are you cold?"
"Slightly" she murmured.
Somehow the air in the room started to warm. Brandy could feel the chill roll off her skin.
"Yes, better" she whispered.
She didn't take her eyes off of him. She watched those blue eyes of his darken to a deep navy. He was deep in thought. She wanted to ask him what he was thinking but thought better of it.
She needed to get her powers back and find the key. Coming here was clearly a mistake. He ran his hands through his dark thick hair. Brandy inhaled and ran her tongue along her bottom lip. Watching him  made her think about what it would feel like if her fingers were running through those thick locks of his.
Brandy gasped.
It was like a bucket of cold water was dumped over her head.
"Not now" he whispered.
They stood there in silence-eyes locked.
The room was getting hot again. Tai got closer to Brandy. The room was getting warmer.
There was warning signs going off in his head but he was ignoring them all. It was like the heat in the room was so heavy that it pulled him down close to her. He couldn't stop his hand from raising and letting the back of his fingers fall against her cheek. He could feel the warmth from her flushed skin.
His lips were barely a breath away from hers.
Brandy held her breath. She could feel his warm breath on her face. She didn't move. She use to daydream what his touch would feel like and now...
The room shook sending books to the floor and a few chairs onto their sides.
They both fell to the floor with Brandy giving out a shriek.
Standing in the study doorway was Drake.
He just shook his head and grinned.
"I knew you had something of mine."