Friday, 10 August 2012

DARK MAGIC-part 11

The air in the room turned to fire. Tai grabbed Brandy and in a fierce blur where now standing in front of Tai's house.
Brandy stood there with weak knees trying to catch her breath.
"We have to get you out of here" he growled.
She looked at him with desperation sinking into her bones. "What about the key"?
Tai grabbed her and started to pull her away. Brandy managed to rip herself away from Tai's grasp.
"What about the key" she asked again with a tone that she thought would make him answer.
Instead his blue eyes started to turn red.
"I liked it better when you were a rabbit" he scoffed at her.
Brandy wanted to hit him. Instead she grabbed his arms making him stop. He towered over her and seemed to be amused that she took a hold of him like this.
His smugness just infuriated her more.
"I'm going to ask you one more time-where is the key"?
"Yeah, Tai answer her, I would like to know too."
They both froze.
Standing there with his arms crossed was Drake.
He gently shook his head at Tai.
"I suspected Tai but that confirmed it, you have two things of mine."
Brandy found herself in a blur again. When everything stopped she almost stumbled but Tai caught her. Concerned blue eyes were looking down at her.
"Are you okay"?
Brandy silently nodded.
"Good". Tai looked around like he was scanning the area. Brandy noticed that they were in the park. She stared at the gazebo and briefly thought of their encounter.
"What are we doing here and what about the key"?
Her response was a frown.
'Don't worry about the key, it's hidden where no one can find it".
He sounded awfully sure of himself. Brandy just shook her head at him in disbelief. She rested her hands on her hips and planted her feet firmly on the ground,
"In case you haven't caught on, Drake can find us both pretty easily and as to any magic you used to hide the key" she paused and smiled "blow apart any little magic spell that you congered up."
Tai just stood there with no expression on his face to indicate what was going on in his head or even if he was listening to her.
His eyes widened.
Brandy wheeled around.
Drake and two others were standing there. Drake sauntered up casually to Brandy. He very calmly leaned over to her. His dark eyes were electric making Brandy swallow hard.
"I'll take you back now".
He immediately locked eyes with Tai.
"And if you want me to keep her in one piece-then you'll hand over the key".
Brandy shook her head at Tai.
His eyes never left Drake.
Brandy whipped her head back and forth to them. They were both eyeing each other up. The tension in the air was a fuse ready to go off.
The other two that were with Drake came closer. They looked ready to fight. Their eyes glowed like fire.
"You won't be taking what yours because she's not yours, and oh that other thing-that's not yours either. She gave it to me."
Drake tilted his head and grinned.
"I thought you would say that".
The two demons leaped at Tai.
Brandy screamed but her scream was muffled by Drake's hand that covered her mouth.
"He's not worth screaming over, love. I would rather you screamed out my name. Remember when you did that"?
He let her go and that was all she need to get away.
The other two were on Tai, ripping into him. He was fighting back but he needed help. She had to help. She prayed this would work, that some of her magic was still in connection with her. She concentrated on the two demons and in an instant two fire balls flew their way. They both yelled and rolled away on the ground trying to put  out the flames but it wasn't working.
Soon all that was left was black smouldering ashes.
Drake chuckled.
"You haven't lost your touch love. You still have that black magic."
She was about to send  a fire ball his way when he held up his hands in surrender. Of course Brandy knew better than to trust him.
"Before you try and turn me to ash"...he winked at her, " you know how that turned out the last time you tried-remember"?
Brandy slowly let her hand down.
Drake gave her a sexy smile.
"You remember love".
He sauntered casually up to her. Brandy was about to turn away when his voice held her still.
"You know I'll catch you love".
His muscular frame stood before her as a solid wall. His dark eyes drank all of her in. Very gently he let the back of his fingers fall against her cheek.
"Oh, how I missed you".
He bit his bottom lip.
Brandy's fear rose up in her throat.
"Your fear is delicious love. You're better than chocolate" he cooed.
Brandy backed up, that's when she noticed, Tai had not gotten up.
"Oh he will be alright. Those vampire boys always come back to life."
He glanced nonchalantly at Tai.
"The only way to truly get rid of them is to behead them with a demon dagger."
Brandy's eyes widened.
"Oh don't worry my little kitten, we'll keep him around. You know, just for sport." He grinned.
Brandy sneered up at him.
"You stay away from him".
Drake raised one eyebrow at her. In an instant Drake was standing over Tai's still body.
Bandy sucked in air as she watched Drake.
"What would you do to stop me"? His grin was evil. A chill slithered through her body and flicked it's tongue along her spine. He was doing this to her. He was inhaling all of her fear.
Out of the blue a metal dagger formed in his hand. Drake took a firm grip of the dagger and knelt down beside Tai. He very slowly let the blade slide across Tai's throat. A thin line of blood came to the surface.
Brandy's eyes were wide with horror. He smiled at her.
She couldn't take it anymore and reached once more for her dark magic. She threw out her hand changing the dagger into red hot metal. Drake threw the dagger and grabbed his hand. He hissed at her like the monster he was. His eyes were black pools of evil.
She threw a ball of fire at him aiming for his chest. He narrowly missed the fire. He pounced on top of Tai. All she could see was black smoke.
Brandy shouted something that she couldn't remember. She found strength in her legs to make them run towards them.
She stopped short.
They were both gone.

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