Friday, 24 August 2012


The cool breeze wrapped around Brandy sending a chill through her. She knew where the cool breeze was coming .
Tai's house was surrounded by Drake's boys. She thought Drake would do this because he knew her all to well. She should of thought of this before he did.
Brandy tightened her arms around herself as if it would somehow help. She was being too predictable.
Shadows floated in and around the house. They were Drake's sniffing hounds.If she came within one hairs breath they would have her in seconds. What they would do to her would be up to whatever Drake left them for instructions. The thing was, demons didn't always listen to their master. After some "fun demon games" she would be left for dead.
And more importantly the key would be left out there to grab.
Quietly Brandy cursed herself for giving the key to Tai. For all she knew those demons in there already had it.
She shook her head no, they didn't have it. This world would be on fire if that was the case.
Brandy raised her chin to the chilly air like a challenge. She would get around those creatures. Brandy also knew that Drake had Tai back at his lair hidden in darkness. That was one place that she swore she would never go back to. She hoped Tai was alright.
Even though Tai was a powerful vampire, she knew what Drake could do to him. She owed it to him to get him out. If it wasn't for her being so drawn to him, he wouldn't be in this situation.
Brandy had to make a decision -get the key first or Tai.
For either task she knew one thing for sure, she needed help.
Brandy smiled and walked away.

Tai growled at the black wisp that came through the study doorway.
"You don't have to be rude to my staff. They're only offering you beverages of which I might remind you had to go out and get especially for you. They detest the human world."
Tai ignored him. He out smarted Drake before but the only problem was that stood in the way was now they were on Drake's turf. He was more powerful here. Tai would have to convince Drake to leave here.
"Why don't we go back to my house? Brandy will be looking for the key there."
Drake's eyes were cast down so Tai wasn't sure if he heard or not but then again he knew he heard every word.
"I have guards there" was all he said.
Tai knew he  was going to have to be creative.
"You're guards couldn't find there way out of a box".
Drake just smiled and shrugged. "I don't really care. They're loyal enough to let me know when she comes".
"How do you know they"ll let you know? They would stab you in the back as quick as I would". He smiled at Drake.
Drake's face showed no sign of emotion. Tai knew he wasn't going to give him the satisfaction but he still knew he got under Drake's skin.
Drake sneered at him and then quickly smiled.
"She's going to be here soon".
Tai's insides flipped. If only he could tell her to stay the hell away.
"What do you mean, she's going to be here soon? She'll be killed if she tries to cross here to this world."
Drake just shrugged his shoulders.
Tai growled and flew at him. He grabbed him by the throat.
 Drake seemed to be totally amused. He snatched Tai's hand away and chuckled.  "And let go of my shirt, you might rip it".
Tai snorted. "Well, I would rather rip out your throat".
"Hungry, are we?"
Tai went for the throat again but when he touched  Drake, his hand burned.
Drake just shook his head.
"When are you going to learn?"
Now Drake was annoyed. "You are so in love with her that you can't even think straight."
Tai didn't respond, he just rubbed his hand which was almost healed.
"Drink your blood fool, you get out of control when you don't feed."
Tai just glared at him.
"Do it, you're going to need your strength to fight when she comes".
Tai knew he was right. One could only guess what sick show Drake had lined up. He grabbed the glass carafe and up ended it downing the contents.
"Can't you drink with some grace?"
"Yeah, I know, I don't have your class but oh well, we all can't be like you" Tai grinned at him.
Drake just sighed.
Brandy was standing in the back alley. The only light was the red light above the door. It cast a red black glow over the beat up door.
She pushed the door buzzard.
Brandy looked up at Celia. Her dreads fell loosely around her shoulders. Her almond eyes studied her. She could feel the fingers of Celia's black magic go up and down her body searching for warnings.
"I need help" Brandy blurted.
Celia smirked. "I can tell as much." Celia took in a deep breath reaching for the air around Brandy. She startled. Brandy wrapped her arms around herself like a shield.
When Celia smiled the black magic crept away.
"Drake has Tai" she told Celia but it seemed by her expressionless face that this was old news. She should of known that in the magic community every one knew every ones business. Bramdy just hoped that she would help Tai if nothing else than to help a friend or even for the taste of his blood.
"I'll tell you what my dear."
A black shimmer went through her almond eyes. The black magic was coming back to life.
Celia reached into her pocket and pulled out a chain. Brandy's eyes widened when Celia held  it in front of her. The key hung like a black omen.
"It's not the same key."
Brandy let out a sigh of relief.
"You give this to Drake and it will buy you some time."
Brandy went to reach for it when Celia snatched it away from her like some cruel joke.
Tendrils of black smoke slipped up the back of Brandy's  neck making her jump.
"There are rules to follow when doing business with me."
Her voice crept along Brandy's skin.
"What do you want?"
Celia tilted her head gently at Brandy letting her dreads fall to one side.
"You will get me on the good graces of those sisters of yours."
She waved her hand in front of Brandy's face.
"Yes, I know" she cut her off. "You had a falling out but they didn't disown you. They would take you back. You will get them to take the wards off that prevent me from doing ...certain businesses."
Brandy couldn't imagine what businesses that was.
"You'll help Tai?"
Celia raised an eyebrow.
Brandy knew she was thinking something about her.
"Yes, I will help Tai."
She held out the chain with the key on it. The key stared at her like it had eyes.
Brandy narrowed her eyes and slowly held out her hand.
The chain dropped into Brandy's hand. It came to life and hissed like a snake.
Drake was pacing-nervously.
Tai watched him. Some other demons came up to him. All he did was nod.
 He spoke to them in some old demon language. Then they slithered away.
Drake smiled at Tai.
"It's show time."

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