Friday, 17 August 2012

THE PLAN-Part 12

Tai's eyes flew open.
He could smell jasmine. Why could he smell jasmine? He looked around the room he was in-a library or a study.
Then his eyes fell on him.
Drake was standing looking out the window holding a drink.
"Would you like a drink?"
He never once glanced at Tai. Drake could sense that he was awake.
"Depends on what kind of drink you're offering."
Drake grinned and chuckled softly.
"I would offer you my wrist but you were never particular into demon blood where you?"
Tai smirked. "Poison was never my thing. I'll have what you're drinking."
Drake gestured to the crystal decanter on the desk. Tai got up and sauntered over to the desk.
He poured himself a drink and then took a good swig letting the gold liquid burn it's way down to his chest.
Drake continued to gaze out the window not speaking to him. It was pitch black outside. Tai wondered what Drake was looking at but then again demons could see things in darkness.
Tai sighed and that's when  Drake turned around. Tai's eyebrow rose.
"She did that to me."
Tai could see that his hand was singed. It was healing but not quickly due to the black magic that caused it.
"Brandy has black magic?"
Drake's dark eyes looked somewhat surprised. "Couldn't you tell?" Drake just shook his head. "You're showing your age vampire. You've lost your edge."
Tai scowled at him.
"I haven't lost my edge-demon."
Tai took another swig of his drink. He couldn't believe that he didn't catch that.
"I thought she was just a shape shifting witch."
Drake rolled his eyes in amusement. "She's much more that that." He gave Tai an evil grin.
"You need the key more than you need her. I have the key, remember"?
Drake poured himself a drink and took a sip. He stared into his glass of gold liquid. Drake seemed to be deep in thought again and wasn't paying any attention to Tai.
"Well, it was nice catching up with you. I'm leaving now."
The door was open but when Tai went to go through it, it was like hitting a brick wall.
"What the..."
"Sit down Tai, make yourself at home. You're not going anywhere."
Tai looked back at him with red eyes blazing.
Drake ignored him and gestured to the large chair.
"You and I have  a lot more catching up to do."
Tai's fists grew tight by his side. He whirled around and tried again and again.
Drake sat himself down in his favourite chair to watch Tai's antics.
Tai growled at him.
"I see you haven't changed much. You still don't listen and you're as stubborn as ever. I think worse."
Tai just hissed at him."You know I'm not going to give you your key. You should have just killed me."
"Oh, if I wanted you dead, you would of been along time ago."
Tai's eyes narrowed.
"But you were always so much fun to have around." His low chuckle sent the hairs on the back of Tai's neck on end.
Tai stood there staring at Drake.
"What have you planned?"
Drake's eyes rose as if he showed interest now in what Tai was saying.
"Planned? Let's see, I will play some more with that new toy of yours. By the way she's wonderful isn't she?"
Tai cringed.
"What? Oh, I see, she rejected you" he laughed.
Tai flew at him and grabbed him by the throat.
"She was never mine to reject me. You're planning on killing her after you have your key."
Tai let go of him then. Drake wasn't ruffled at all.
Tai looked down at him. "I have the key-remember -old timer?"
Drake straightened out his shirt. He casually took another drink and after he set it down he looked straight into Tai's eyes.
"Let me tell you this, my friend. I will get that key. You will as much as hand it to me yourself. Because you forgot old vampire friend, I can see into the future. I've seen Brandy in your future for some time.  She's in love with you. Through her I will get that key because you will do anything for her-you can't explain it but she is very important to you. In fact I can see her as your mate."
Tai's eyes widened.
 "My mate, Tai sniffed at him.  Tai had never considered taking a mate. "You're making this up."
"Why would I do that"?
 Tai sneered at him.
"Because, Tai she will be coming here to get you."
"How do you know for sure she's going to do that? She could have already found the key and be gone far away." He knew that wasn't true as she would never find the key.
Drake shook his head.
"You're place is guarded. If she comes near, I will know about it."
"Then she's probably long gone."
"Nope" he said.
Tai just stared at him  sitting there in all of his arrogance. He could be even  more of an ass hole than he usually was.
"Are you tracking her?"
Drake just grinned.
"She's carrying my scent Tai and I can feel her. She's very much here and she's not that far away."
"You slept with her-you..."
Drake held up his hand.
"It was not by force I assure you. She was more than willing".
Tai blinked at him like he couldn't believe that this demon would take anything but by force.
"You lie like always."
He shrugged his shoulders at Tai. Tai knew it mattered little what he thought of him.
"So what are we going to do?"
"What are "we" going to do" he asked in a mocking voice?
"Wait for her to come and rescue you of course. It should be quite a show. She's planning on it right now."
Tai's insides turned. There was nothing he could do to warn her. He was trapped by the bastard.
"Come Tai, let's play cards while we wait."

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