Friday, 31 August 2012


Brandy winced once more. The key bounced on her chest as she darted in and around the shadows that moved like mist.
The key had left its mark on her.
It had bitten and burned her. She knew that the black magic in the key did not like her and could not be trusted. It was toying with her and taunting her and every once in a while she could hear this barely above a whisper float around her. All she could make out was the words "hot" or "near"- whatever that meant.
With every fibre of her being she ignored it and concentrated on the task at hand.
When Celia had dropped the chain into her hand it had turned into a black snake with gold eyes. It slithered up her arm and flicked it's forked red tongue into her ear. She could clearly make out what it said then-"such a playful night". Brandy had no desire to be this things play thing.
Then a coldness from the key settled into her chest sending a deathly chill through her.Brandy looked at the key, "stop it". The coldness slipped away.
She moved on and now the air was a mix of cold clamminess and hot acidity. She knew then that she was getting close to Drakes. It was odd though, when she entered into this realm she thought she would be grabbed right away. Drake she thought would have had her dragged to him  bound and gagged but nothing. Of course when it came to Drake you never knew what he had planned.
It seemed like the black shadows just stayed by her side as if making sure she made it there in one piece.
The key around her neck became very warm suddenly. She stopped.
Something told her that this was a warning.
Brush behind her snapped.
Brandy whirled around just in time to see a large beast crashing through coming straight for her. Red eyes were blazing.
Without thinking Brandy transformed into a large raven and flew up into the dark sky. The chain tightened around her neck and hissed at her. She could change again!
Drake's dwelling loomed up through the black mist. Its white stone stared up through the darkness like ghostly eyes. She hovered for a moment then dropped and landed on the roof near the chimney. It was a good hiding place until she figured out how she was going to get in. She changed back to herself. It felt amazing to be able to transform again. Tai's spell was broken.
Brandy knew below this chimney was the study. She wondered for a second if she transformed into a small bird and flew down the chimney as there was no smoke.
But no she thought. It would just be like Drake to spark fire with a blink and that would be it.
Then she remembered a window that was easy to open on the other side. It wasn't too far.


Drake pointed to the ceiling.
"She's up there, on the roof."
"What? What do you mean on the roof? How did she get up there? You didn't kill her."
Drake rolled his eyes then laughed.
"You're so smitten, it's almost cute".
Tai growled at him.
Drake just held up his hand.
"Of course, I didn't kill her, she was protected from the moment she entered the realm."
His eyes wondered to the ceiling again and then to Tai. His black eyes were electric.
"Black magic is with her. She's brought something with her".
Tai let out a nervous laugh.
"What kind of black magic has she brought?" Tai didn't know if he wanted to know or not.
Drake smiled at him. "You two will do anything for one another. She obviously has the key."
Tai smiled and shook his head. "She doesn't have the key. I'm the only one who knows where it is."
Drake just shrugged him off.
There was  a noise and it came from upstairs.
"Ah, she's found the window."
"How did she get up there?"
"She flew of course."
Tai looked at him dubiously.
"I broke your silly spell. You have to let her be free to change. That's what she is."
"I was protecting her."
"Oh yeah, you were doing such a good job of that. That's why she's here trying to save you."
Tai sneered at him.
Drake ignored him. "Come on buddy, let's help her in."
Tai followed Drake upstairs to a door at the end of the hallway.
Before Drake opened the door Tai looked over at him. "I'm not your buddy."
Drake laughed. "That's too bad because you're going to need me."
Drake opened the door just as Brandy was crawling through the window. She stopped and looked at them both. Her eyes went wide when she saw Tai. Brandy's face showed relief that he was alright.
Drake offered his hand. Within seconds Tai was there also. She put her hand into Tai's instead of Drakes. He wasn't offended, in fact he was quite amused.
Tai looked down at her and seen what she was wearing. All she had on was lace panties that were barely there and a small bustier. Tai quickly shielded her. Brandy blushed and quickly formed a dress to cover her. "I didn't have time" she mumbled.
"I don't know dear, I like the look you chose. It reminded me of..."
"Shut up" Tai growled.
Drake chuckled. "Sorry, buddy."
Brandy came around and faced Drake. She pulled the chain with the key on it and held it in front of Drake. Tai's eyes widened.
"See, I told you she had the key". Drake was all smug now.
Tai just looked at Brandy with disbelief. Brandy held her own and showed nothing.
"There you have it now. You have to let us go". She held up the chain in deviance.
Drake ran his tongue along his bottom teeth. He hadn't taken the key, yet. His dark eyes were running up and down her body. "Oh Brandy, things could be so different, if you would only let..."
"Get those fantasies out of your head" yelled Tai.
Drake chuckled. "You're lucky I just don't "take" what I want and make you watch."
Tai hissed at him ready to fly at him, "You bastard."
Drake just held up his hand in dismissal. He wasn't in the mood for fighting Tai. He took the chain out of Brandy's hand. The key hung there in dead silence but then a hissing noise came from it. It turned into a black snake. It wreathed and twisted in his hands. The gold eyes stayed on Drake while slithering up his arm. It flicked it's red forked tongue at Drake's cheek.
Drake smiled.
"It seems I can't let you go just yet." The chain settled around his neck. "You have to do one more thing for me love."
Tai wrapped his arms around Brandy in protection.
Tai scowled at him. "What do you want now?"
Drake grinned. He touched the key that lay against his chest. Then his dark eyes settled on Brandy.
"Apparently, you, my dear, get to do the honor and open the door to hell".

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