Friday, 3 August 2012

WHAT'S HIS-Part 10

"Don't be rude with me."
Tai smirked at the door.
"But rudeness suits you." He let his smugness sink through the door to the voice on the other side.
"Oh come on, is that any way to treat an old friend?"
Tai snorted.
"I heard that."
Tai grinned at the door. "Good, now go away-old friend."
Tai knew his visitor was shaking his head.
"That is no way to treat such an old friend as I and do I need to remind you, my vampire friend of what I could do to your lovely home?"
Tai frowned. He didn't need to be shown what he could do-he knew all too well.
Tai reluctantly opened the door.
Drake smiled at him.
"Now that is more like it."
Tai stared at his intruder. He filled the height of the door. Lean muscle filled out his black t-shirt. Long powerful legs filled his black jeans with leather black boots that made Tai cringe. It reminded him of the time those same boots found his ribcage. The only accent of color to his dark brooding ensemble was a silver ring with a snake twisted around it that served as a powerful amulet. Of course there was always that glint of red in those black eyes of his to remind you of whom and what he was.
"Aren't you going to invite me in?" Drake was grinning like it was game on.
Tai grinned back.
"Why would I do that?"
Drake ran his hand through his dark brown hair. Tai knew that was a sign he was getting impatient- fast.
"We could catch up on old times but I'm here really for couple of things that belong to me."
A glint of red sparked in his eyes.
"I have no idea what that would be."
Drake frowned and then he sighed followed by a mischievous grin.
"Invite me in or I will make her scream."
Tai looked at him confused.
"Make who scream?"
Drake lost his grin but only for a second. His eyes grew a little redder.
Nothing happened.
Drake narrowed his gaze at Tai. "Don't play games with me. I will bring this house down."
Tai shook his head. "You did that last time, remember? I had to find another place to live-no thanks to you."
Drake sneered at him "I know she is here."
 Tai folded his arms tightly.
"Who is she? Did you piss another woman off?"
Drake just chuckled and threw up his hands.
"Okay Tai, I will play nice but I warn you, if you don't hand her over I will burn more than your house down."
Tai slammed the door in his face.
Drake's voice was smooth and taunting. "Nice to see you again."  Demons  had a way of getting under your skin. Tai growled as he marched down the hallway.
He stood in front of the open doors and glared at her.
"What in the hell did you see in that ass hole?"
Brandy blinked at him and without thinking gave Tai a pathetic shrug.
He came up to her in one swift movement and towered over her. Brandy could see the red coming through in his eyes. She cringed slightly as he firmly took her by the shoulders.
"You stay away from him, you hear?"
Brandy silently nodded. His hands fell way releasing her. He started to pace.
"He knows you're here. I will have to hide you and that thing that you gave me."
Brandy shrunk as he said "that thing" like it was the plague she brought into his house. Of course it was worse than any plague.
"My ward worked this time in protecting you but he was just being easy on me. Next time he won't."
There was a nervous edginess in Tai's voice. Brandy could tell he didn't want him back.
"We'll think of something" she said. "If you give me the key back, I can hide it. Then I'll leave and he won't find me."
Tai snorted and Brandy watched him shake his head like she had just said the stupidest thing.
 Her voice came out as a high pitched squeak that made herself cringe "why not?"
His eyes were blue again. They were serene like gentle waves at the beach. It was easy to get lost in those eyes of his. He stood still before her.
He was almost nose to nose with her. She could smell his soap-earthy and musky.
"I will think of something". His voice was stern and there was no challenging him. She could feel a cold vibe off him that made her wrap her arms around herself.
"Are you cold?"
"Slightly" she murmured.
Somehow the air in the room started to warm. Brandy could feel the chill roll off her skin.
"Yes, better" she whispered.
She didn't take her eyes off of him. She watched those blue eyes of his darken to a deep navy. He was deep in thought. She wanted to ask him what he was thinking but thought better of it.
She needed to get her powers back and find the key. Coming here was clearly a mistake. He ran his hands through his dark thick hair. Brandy inhaled and ran her tongue along her bottom lip. Watching him  made her think about what it would feel like if her fingers were running through those thick locks of his.
Brandy gasped.
It was like a bucket of cold water was dumped over her head.
"Not now" he whispered.
They stood there in silence-eyes locked.
The room was getting hot again. Tai got closer to Brandy. The room was getting warmer.
There was warning signs going off in his head but he was ignoring them all. It was like the heat in the room was so heavy that it pulled him down close to her. He couldn't stop his hand from raising and letting the back of his fingers fall against her cheek. He could feel the warmth from her flushed skin.
His lips were barely a breath away from hers.
Brandy held her breath. She could feel his warm breath on her face. She didn't move. She use to daydream what his touch would feel like and now...
The room shook sending books to the floor and a few chairs onto their sides.
They both fell to the floor with Brandy giving out a shriek.
Standing in the study doorway was Drake.
He just shook his head and grinned.
"I knew you had something of mine."

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