Friday, 21 September 2012


Tai pulled them both through as the portal closed.
He smiled down at her. "Well, that was fun."
Brandy pulled herself away from him. "That kind of 'fun' I can live without." She looked around and recognised that they were in the park. The gazebo was off in the distance.
It was a clear night and the air was cool off the small lake. She started to walk towards the gazebo. Tai was beside her in seconds.
Brandy took in his presence. She didn't mean to make their worlds collide like this. Brandy wished that she had approached Tai differently but what was done was done. They were now in this together.
Brandy walked up the stairs and across to the bench.She sat down with Tai right next to her.
"You know we can't stay here too long, love."
"I know" she said.
His hand went over and covered hers. His warmth was comforting. Without realising she rested her head on his shoulders. Tai clasped her hand.
Brandy could feel his warm breath on her forehead. She looked up into his face. Despite the darkness his blue eyes shone as bright as the moon.
His lips came down on hers and Brandy welcomed his tongue deep in her mouth tasting her.
Both of them moaned together as they pulled each other closer. He pulled away slightly. "We have to leave" he whispered in her ear.
"Let's go back to my house."
"What about the demons Tai? They had taken over the house when I was there."
Tai stood up and looked down at her. "I have a feeling that my house is empty. They wouldn't have found the key. Besides they thought you had the key."
He held out his hand to her. "Come."
Brandy quickly took his hand.
When they arrived at the house everything was in darkness. Tai sniffed the air but even Brandy could smell the lingering odour of the demons. She covered her nose.
"Stay here hidden in the shadows while I investigate."
Brandy nodded. She stepped back under a large tree under the umbrella of all the leaves. She looked up through the branches and could see stars glittering through in places. To her guess it was maybe between the hours of two or three in the morning.
Brandy rubbed her arms. A full five to seven minutes had passed. At the speed Tai could move Brandy wondered where he was.
Despite being told to stay she felt compelled to go and find him.
The house looked so fore boding. It's ivory stone seemed to shift in the darkness like a ghost.
The cement steps leading to the front door almost felt like a warning to stay away. Despite the ill feeling she placed her foot on the first step.
Brandy looked around to see him but there was nothing.
She had taken the last step and was face to face with the front door. A cool draft slipped through between her and the door sending a shiver up her spine. Brandy took a step back when the door flew open. She screamed.
The first thing she knew she was pulled through the door. She turned to fight but soon recognised the attacker.
He laughed.
"You bastard, you scared the hell out of me."
Tai laughed again pointing his finger at her. "You were suppose to stay under the tree hidden."
She balled her fists. "You weren't showing up. I didn't know where you were or what happened to you."
"It only had been two minutes."
"It was longer than that" she retorted back at him.
He shrugged it off. She would love to send him flying on his back end as she watched the arrogant vamp saunter up to her. The door shut abruptly startling her.
She was in his arms before she could catch her breath.
"Let me show you my bedroom. You were in it once. Do you remember"?
Tai scooped her up and in a blur where now at the base of his bed. He gently laid her down. Brandy never took her eyes off of him. He loomed over her.
She could see his smooth skin under his shirt. A bit of blood from his stabbing stained the edge of his shirt.
He leaned down close to her. Her chest started to pound.
"What was that little trick you were going to show me"?
She raised her eyebrow at him.
"What little trick would that be?" Brandy knew all too well what he was talking about.
He bent down further still. Their noses were now touching.
"Make us naked."
Brandy's insides melted as their clothes gave way to their bare skin.
Tai half closed his eyes as he kissed Brandy with a need that had lain dormant for far too long. It consumed him.
Brandy absorbed every ounce of his heat. She wreathed against his skin making a friction that stirred a sensation between her legs.
Tai started a trail of kisses down her body. He tugged at her nipples making her moan and twist. He teased with his tongue and sucked each nipple all the way down to her belly button. He flicked his tongue and she twitched.
His knee went between her legs where his hand slid down and cupped her giving her a gentle squeeze.
Tai continued to kiss her stomach and down across her abdomen.
Brandy threaded her fingers though his thick hair.
He spread her legs more and his tongue found her wetness. She arched as his tongue flicked and licked her clit making her pull his hair.
He moaned as his tongue entered her savouring her sweetness. Brandy grabbed hold of the sheets to be kept from being swept away by this tidal wave that was flooding her.
"Take me now" she demanded.
Tai teased her at first. The head of his hard cock entered slowly then pulled out.
"No, now" she pleaded.
"Yes my love." Tai entered her again and this time went as deep as he could.
Brandy screamed out and wrapped her legs around him tightly.
"You want me to stop" he teased.
"No, don't you dare" she moaned.
His thrusts picked up. "Oh Brandy, you're so wet. I want to fill you now."
Brandy started to move with him sending them both into an explosion in each others arms.
Tai collapsed on top of her. She still had her legs wrapped around him enjoying him still inside of her.
He moved his hips creating little after shocks that travelled up through her torso sending shivers through her chest. Tai held her tightly. "Mmm, that felt good love."
He eased out of her and slid in by her side kissing her.
They both began to relax just as a rumble sound from outside that shook the house and brought them to attention. It sounded like thunder.
"What was that" Brandy asked.
"There"s a storm brewing-a demon storm."

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