Friday, 7 September 2012


"How the hell did you get that key?"
Drake had locked them in a small room down the hallway from the study. By the looks of the boxes it was used for storage.
Brandy backed up against one of the stacks of boxes.
"It's not what you think."
Tai just looked at her like he wanted to choke her.
"The key is fake one" she said louder than she wanted to. Brandy threw a quick glance at the door expecting it maybe to fly open with an angry demon behind it.
Instead she had an angry vampire two inches from her nose.
"The key is fake that you gave im is not the real one?"
Brandy could see every fine line around the corner of his eyes. His eyes were framed in thick black lashes that acted like windows looking into a blue ocean. She quickly averted her eyes to his mouth but that was no better.
So close, so close to him. Her tongue ventured out impatiently and sat on her bottom lip. His scent filled her nostrils making her knees go weak.
Tai didn't move. Brandy watched a small grin appear. She leaned in closer almost tasting him. Their lips almost touched.
A rattle from outside startled them apart. Tai roughly pulled Brandy into his arms and was ready to shield her from whatever was going to come thought that door.
The doorknob never moved but a billow of red mist seeped through the bottom of the door. It hung in front of Tai and Brandy for a moment before materialising into a red skinned demon. It smelled of rank swamp water. It's bulging eyes looked at the pair of them and when it opened it's mouth to speak a thick liquid oozed out like drool. "You have one hour to prepare for the opening of the door."
The demon then turned back into red mist and slipped out under the door.
Brandy let her head rest against Tai's chest. Oh, how it felt so good. She always fantasised about what it would be like being in his arms being held securely like this.
They both looked up at the same time locking each other into their gazes. This was it. Her lips fell on his. He tasted oh so good. He responded eagerly. His tongue went deep into her mouth savouring her.  A moan that felt like it came up from the bottom of her toes filled the small room.
Tai pushed his body against her mashing her into the boxes. She grabbed a hold of his shirt to hang on. His hands slid up her back trying to find their way under her t-shirt to her bare skin. Another moan came from Brandy. How she waited for this moment. Brandy wanted to magic off her clothes and his as well. Should she dare do such a thing?
Tai pushed back shaking his head. "We have to stop."
Brandy was wide eyed and slightly embarrassed by her thought about what she was about to do.
"We need to get out of here."
Brandy just stayed quiet and nodded.
"That fake key you gave him love, where did you get it?"
Tai's eyes darkened. "What favour did you have to give?"
Brandy shrugged. "Just get her in back into the good graces of the sisters..." Brandy cleared her throat..."so she can do her business."
Tai smirked. "Good luck with that."
Brandy's face turned red.
"If I don't get you out of here there will be no favour to return as when he finds out that key is fake he will..." He couldn't finish but Brandy knew -she would die a slow death or Drake would think something dark and twisted up. That was his style.
"How do you plan on getting us out?"
Tai pointed to the ceiling.
Brandy looked to were Tai was pointing. There was a large ceiling vent. Tai shoved some boxes over and stepped up. The vent popped.
"I don't know where this leads but anywhere is better than here."
He reached out his hand for her. Brandy knew he was right and quickly took hold of his hand. Tai was holding her close ready to help her through the vent opening when he leaned in close to her ear, "You can magic off our clothes later". He hoisted her up through.
How did he...?
Tai was right behind her so she had to get going. The space was small and dusty. They were making too much noise. That's when she got an idea. She shape shifted into a small black cat and shielded Tai with silence.Tai looked at her and smiled. Brandy made a small mew sound.
"Okay love, you know the way."
Brandy sniffed around. The vent split into two ways. She led Tai straight on.  She knew where she was going now.
Voices stopped them. They came across another ceiling vent that viewed down into the hallway. They both looked down. Brandy's cat eyes widened and her ears bent back when she saw who Drake was talking to. It was Jax who was as bad ass as Drake. The two made a perfect pair.
Jax was slightly taller than Drake. His white blond hair was tied back in a pony tail.
Drake was talking to him.
"Everything is set my friend." He showed Jax the key that was hanging around his neck. Jax smiled and chuckled sending the hairs up on Brandy's neck. Drake slapped him on the shoulder. "Let's go celebrate." The pair went down the hall way presumably going to the study. They could hear a door shut.
Tai gestured with his head to keep going.
Brandy quickly bolted with Tai close behind.
She finally stopped at a grate. Tai looked down. He could see double doors. Tai pulled up the grate bending it easily. He peered through carefully and sniffed the air. He nodded at Brandy. She shifted back to her human self.
"I'll jump down first".
Tai landed silently onto the floor. "I'll catch you." She let herself drop into his arms. Tai quickly kissed her before setting her down.
"Ah, that was cute. Wasn't it Jax?" Drake and Jax appeared out of nowhere.
Tai's eyes grew red.
"Oh come on Tai. You should no better and you should too my dear. I know everything that goes on in this house. Even your little make out session you had". Tai growled.
Drake ignored him and Jax just chuckled in amusement.
"Now, my children we have gone past that hour because of your little attempt to escape." Drake rolled his eyes like it was the biggest joke.
"You have your key, open your own damn door" hissed Tai.
Drake just shook his head. "Can't do buddy. The black magic in this key has given the honor to our dear Brandy."
Jax looked over at Drake with impatience etched into his face.  Tai sneered at him. Jax hissed at him.
"Okay boys; let's get the show on the road." He sauntered up to Brandy with a smile to melt the world.
"Shall we go love, Hell is waiting."

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