Friday, 14 September 2012


Drake roughly pulled Brandy along the gravel path. Jax kept Tai behind them making sure he didn't try anything.
"The nights perfect" sighed Drake.
"Perfect for what" snarled Tai.
Drake just chuckled. "You have no idea what lies behind that door, Tai. A whole new world awaits us."
"I can't wait" Tai said flatly.
"It won't be long" chided Jax. "Your smart mouth will obey after tonight vampire boy".
Tai wanted to stop and hit him but he knew he couldn't. He could hear Jax chuckle in his head. Tai glared at him but Jax just shrugged.
Tai had no choice but to grit his teeth and keep moving. There had to be something that could be done. He just had to think fast.
Drake stopped in front of an old chapel. Brandy tried to pull away.
"Easy my dear witch, I'll protect you."
Tai went to go to her but Jax held him back. Drake eyed him. "She doesn't need you right now".
Drake undid the door. "After you my dear". Brandy shook her head.
Drake just grabbed her and shoved her through.
Tai growled at him.Jax threw him through door landing him on the floor. Tai flew up ready to attack. Jax raised his finger.
"You touch me and I will give you the biggest headache you've ever had in your miserable existence.".
"Come boys, we're at the door".
Jax smiled at Tai. "Well vampire boy, ready for a new world"?
Drake took away a piece of metal that was strapped across the door. A rattling noise echoed in the room. Screams from far away and growls drifted as if they were in the air. The door started to rattle.
Brandy backed up.
Drake studied the door and with his hand slid over the door as if searching for something. The vibration and noise from the door reacted to his touch but it didn't seem to alarm him. It was like there was a monster behind the door banging on the door trying to get out huffing like a bull.
"Here it is". Drake had found a metal piece that looked like it was covering up the place where the lock was. He easily pried it off revealing  the lock. The light of fire flickered through the door lock.
"Come here Brandy."
"I won't open it."
Drake pulled the chain over his head and held it up in front of her. "Come here my dear".
He glanced over at Jax.
In an instant Jax flew at Tai and in his hand Jax held a heavy metal dagger. Brandy gasped in horror. She knew what that dagger was.
"You remember sweet heart". Drake smiled as he pulled her close and slid the chain over her head. When the key hit her chest it burned her and the chain turned into a black snake with black empty eyes. It wrapped itself tight around her throat.
He held her close. "Now listen, if you don't want to choke to death or watch Jax carve out Tai's heart with that special dagger, you will do as you're told. You understand"?
The snake tightened more around her making her cough.'Please, let him go".
Jax welded the knife and stabbed Tai just above the heart.
Brandy gargled out a scream.
Drake shook his head. "You were always stubborn." He pulled her over to the door.
"Now, take the key and unlock the door."
With a shaking hand brandy touched the key and when she did the black snake turned back into a metal chain. She removed the thing from her neck. The key laid in her hand and she could almost feel it's heart beat. The key still burned her and bit her before it turned into the black snake with red eyes.
Hisses behind the door increased and the door seemed to get hotter.
Brandy looked over at Tai. His wound was almost healed. Jax still held the dagger in his hand stained with Tai's blood.
She had no choice but to follow through and prey this key that Celia gave her did help them.
"Open it" he whispered in her ear.
She held the snake up to the door thinking it would change back into a key but instead it hissed and turned in her hand and went up to the door lock flicking it's tongue.
Silently it slipped through.
Drake threw her to the side.
"What was that"? His eyes narrowed at her. "I warned you what would happen if you tried anything".
Drake grabbed her by the throat. "Do you want to watch your love here die a slow painful death"?
That's when the door started to rumble. Drake dropped her.
The whole chapel was shaking. Brandy ran for Tai who threw Jax against the wall.
"We have to get out of here".
'You two aren't going anywhere".
Before Drake could wield his black magic Brandy shape shifted them both into smoke and took them out of the chapel.
She managed to to take them a good distance away before she had to stop.
They both laid on the damp grass trying to catch their breath.
"You shape shifted me".
"Yeah, I did, black magic can be handy sometimes." She grinned at him. "You can thank me later but we still have to get out of here. Drake will close off every portal trapping us."
Tai didn't argue. "Let's go then". Tai took her by the hand and then pulled her into his arms. He stole another kiss. "When we get back, you can do that magic thing you were talking about before"
"What magic thing"
"Magicking our clothes off."
In a blur they were gone.

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