Friday, 12 October 2012


Brandy placed her right foot across the threshold then the other. The door shut abruptly behind her shutting out the vampires and one demon.
"I should of gone in there" Tai said between gritted teeth.
"They're not going to hurt her" Doron reassured him.
Drake snorted, "They probably ate her for lunch."
Tai just about flew at him but Doron held him back.
"He's not worth it Tai".
Drake just grinned. "And you are Doron I suppose since that little demon girl thought you were worth it".
"Okay" Tai shouted. "Shut up both of you. I need to think."
Tai paced back and forth then stopped to look in the window but it was clouded. The witches no doubt wanted to shut him out completely. He so badly wanted to know what was going on inside.
Then the door opened.
Clare stepped out.
Everyone stared at her in silence.
"We will meet with our ancient sisters. They agreed to stop the storm long enough to try and come to some agreement." Her brown almond eyes looked at each of them before settling on Tai. Clare seemed to be studying him for a moment before she continued.
"Brandy will come with us".
Tai's mouth opened but Clare held up her hand stopping him.
"The three of you may join us but at a distance. They hold a grudge for what happened to them and are mostly blaming demons influence on the witches from the past in sending them behind the door."
"That's garbage" snarled Drake. "These witches came to us to banish them and..."
Clare silenced him with her cold stare.
"I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself Mr. Drake. She looked at them all in one sweep. "We will meet here one half hour before midnight in our back yard."
She turned around around to go back in.
"Can I see Brandy" Tai asked.
Clare tilted her head and gave Tai a small smile.
"No" With that she opened the door and went inside. The door shut firmly behind her.
"Now what" Drake asked.
Tai narrowed his gaze at Drake. "You listen to the witches and for once do as you are told-that is what".
Tai placed his hand on Doron's shoulder. "Let's go back".
"I'm not going anywhere" shouted Drake.
Tai just shrugged and walked down the steps with Doron following him.
Neither Tai or Doron looked back. Within seconds Drake was in front of them with them following.
Tai just shook his head.

"We should be out there already".
"Drake, it's not 11:30 yet. you can see the time." Tai was getting annoyed with the demon and would tell him so if it wasn't for Doron who was clearly uncomfortable. He shifted around as if he might be about to confront something.
"What's wrong with you" Tai finally asked.
Doron looked over at his brother Tai but quickly looked away. "Nothing" he mumbled.
But Tai could tell that there was something but decided not to ask again, this wasn't the time.

The clock had struck 11:30.
"Okay boys" Tai said. "It's showtime".
The two vampires and demon walked up the lane way. Lit candles floated on each side of the driveway leading to the house. When Drake got close to one of the candles, it's flame burst into the night air pushing Drake back.
Tai sighed, "Try not to touch anything".
He heard Drake grumble about something.
The lit candles formed a path to the back of the house leading them to where they were suppose to go.
A row of candles crossed at the end of the path telling them that they would go no further. When Drake tried to cross, the flames burst into a wall of fire.
"Damn those bitches"!
"Keep it up Drake and they will torch you for tonight's entertainment" Tai chuckled.
The witches were already gathered but not yet the ancient ones. All the witches wore dark ruby robes with hoods pulled over their heads. Tai couldn't see Brandy.
The witches had formed a incomplete circle. Tai had guessed that the other half to this circle would be completed by the awaiting ancient witches.
Despite the heat from the candles flames the air was cold telling Tai that powerful magic was near. The ancient witches would be showing up soon.
Behind Tai, Doron was pacing and Drake was watching him. Tai grabbed Doron. "Stop it".
Doron just stared down at the ground.
Drake never took his eyes off of him.
The candles started to flicker.
It was as if something was trying to blow them out. The cold air had seeped through to their side.. The row of candles that were in front of them blocking them were snuffed out.
Tai wasn't sure what this meant.
"We can cross" Drake said.
Tai and Doron never moved.
"Fine, I will go" Drake said.
Drake crossed over and turned to them, "see"?
When Tai and Doron tried to go across the candles came back to life bursting into a wall of flames sending them back.
Drake laughed, "Ah too bad, I guess you're not invited".
Tai growled, "What the hell"!
"I have to get to the other side" shouted Tai.
He tried to do a little of his own magic to douse the flames but the powerful magic fought back. The wall of flames in front took on a life of it's own. It came down to the ground and slithered toward Tai taking on the shape of a snake. It reared up in front of him and flicked it's firey tongue. "SSSTAY BACK" it hissed.
Doron grabbed Tai. "That thing means business, it will devour you if you cross it."
Tai looked at Doron as if his little brother  knew what he was talking about.
A high pitched screech from the other side sent the snake reeling back and once again the candles in front of then flickered innocently.
Tai could now see on the other side now as all the candles around them went  low but not out. The air had become even colder.
Out of the dark shadows from where a large row of trees stood, came dark shadowy figures. Tai wasn't sure but he thought the one leading them was Celia.
One of the witches from Brandy's side came forward and greeted Celia. It seemed like a long time had passed before they went back to their sides. Tai wondered if they had come to some agreement.
A soft chant by both sides filled the cold air. Tai's acute sense of hearing could hear ancient words. They were calling on the spirit world. Tai knew that much.
Then in the middle of their circle a small flame erupted. Tai watched closely as the flame formed a door. Tai's eyes widened. "What is that"he asked himself.
"A door to hell" Doron said behind his back.
Again Tai got the feeling that he knew what he was talking about. He wondered now just what his little brother had seen when he was behind hell's door.
The dim flames from around then got a little livelier. The spirit world had obviously answered them.
Now someone was being dragged toward the fiery door. It was Drake and he was fighting but it seemed his efforts were futile.
"What are they doing"?
Doron came and stood beside his brother.
"They're sacrificing him".
Tai gave his head a shake. "Why"?
"So, the ancient witches can be free. Drake is a powerful demon. The offer of his power to the other side of the fiery door will greedily be taken and in return the ancient ones will not be bothered by the ones that held them prisoners".
Tai pointed his fingers at his little brother. "After this is all over, you and I are going to have a long talk".
Doron just smirked.
A huge explosive sound startled them both . Flames of gold, orange and blood red burst into the air. A howling sound made Tai and Doron cover their ears and both dropped to the ground. It felt like the cold air was pushing them to the ground flattening them and just when Tai was thinking of fighting back everything went dead. Both him and Doron looked up and around them. All the candles had been snuffed out and the cold air was gone.
They both scrambled up and looked around. The fiery door was gone and Drake they assumed as well.
Tai panicked and went to the other side. Nothing happened. The dark magic was gone. In a flash he was over to were the witches were.
"Brandy" he shouted. "Where are you"?
"Tai". It was Brandy and she was alright. She came running to him and he took her in his arms and held on to her tightly.
"Oh thank goodness you are all right" he breathed into her hair.
"Of course I'm alright, I can look after myself you know".
Tai just laughed.
"Well, I guess you two are meant to be after all."
They both turned. It was Celia. She was wearing a black robe. Her hood was down letting her dreads fall over.
Tai's hands formed two balls of fists. "I should..."
"No" Brandy said. "We have to leave her. It's part of the deal that we made. She and the others will be allowed to do their business without any trouble from them and that includes Celia. Right Celia"?
She smiled. "You know Tai, you do have one smart mate, I would listen to her. I think she will be good for you".
Brandy gently undid his fists and threaded her own fingers through his and led him away.

Doron watched the witches intently especially the ancient ones. His eyes scoured every one of them trying to see their faces.
"Looking for me"?
He whirled around. "It's you, you are here".
"Where else would I be silly"?
Desiree dropped her robe. Doron's eyes widened. She was wearing leather pants and a leather corset with a pair of kick ass boots to finish it off.
She sauntered up to him and grabbed his shirt pulling him close. Her blood red lips smiled. "My naughty boy got away from me and didn't take me with him. I'll punish you for that".
"I can't wait" whispered Doron.
Desiree moaned. "You also have something I would like" she purred.
"What's that. sweetheart"?
"That key, your brother has".
Doron looked down at her frowning. "What do you want with that thing"?
"It opens doors love, lots of them. I can show lots of fun places to play in".
"Really now, what kind of fun" he whispered in her ear.
She flicked her tongue at him and then kissed him. When she looked up at him with her midnight eyes,  "The most erotic kind of fun you can think of darling. Are you with me love"?
Doron smirked, "I'm always with you love"
She giggled.
 "Now what about that punishment I so deserve"?
She took his hand and led him into the dark shadows disappearing.

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