Friday, 5 October 2012


"She's right" said Doron. " Celia will kill you. You would find a stake through your chest or your head on the ground depending on what mood she was in."
Tai gritted his teeth. "So what are we to do about the witches?"
"The air around them suddenly started to crackle like a live wire.
"Demons" whispered Brandy.
"Doron, stay with Brandy."
"I don't need protection" Brandy stood there before them with her chin in the air and her back thrown back.
Doron smirked.
Tai just shook his head. She was too stubborn for him to deal with right now. The crackling sound came back and this time shook the books and art objects in the room.
Tai pointed his finger at Brandy. "Stay close to me".
She smiled. "I wouldn't be anywhere else."
Doron screwed up his nose. "Let's go already."
They both followed Doron down stairs to the front door.
Tai grabbed Doron by the shoulder pulling him back. "You stay back with Brandy."
Brandy thought she heard a low growl come from Doron.
Tai opened the door.
Sure enough, Drake stood there at the doorway. His skin was burnt and his hair was burnt and smoking in places.
His fists were tight with smoke coming from them.
"I don't recall inviting you."
"Go to hell. You're responsible for letting out those witches."
"Hey, don't blame me, Celia gave that key to Brandy."
"And you trusted that bitch?"
Drake laughed as another crack of thunder opened up the sky.
"Now we have to get rid of them-send them back."
"You're bed mate is responsible and since she belongs to you and it effects me, yeah it's 'we' brother."
"How do you suppose 'we' put them back?"
Brandy was behind Tai now. "I can deal with the witches but it will consist of making deals with other witches."
Drake peered at Brandy through his burnt hair. "The sisters that kicked you out" he snorted.
"They didn't kick me out" she threw back at him.
"Then why were you running form them? Before she could say anything he cut her off.
"Let me answer that for you. They knew you had the key and you ran from them to hide it from them. Yeah, they're going to help you alright."
Tai shielded her. His need for protecting her was getting stronger all the time.
"They will talk to me-without harming me."
Tai turned to her"Are you sure about this?"
She looked into his eyes
"Yes, I know it" Brandy said.
"Then you better find your sisters" growled Drake.
"Fine" snapped Tai."We will find your sisters."
"I should go alone. If they see you they won't talk to me."
Tai's blue eyes blazed at her. "There's no way in hell I'm letting you go alone." Tai pulled her into his arms rather roughly.
"Don't even think about arguing with me."
"That's my boy, Tai. Take charge." Drake was grinning. His skin had healed now and his dirty blond hair was not burnt anymore, just wet from the rain mixed with snow pellets that were sticking to his hair.
Tai shook his head at him. "Shut up Drake".
Tai turned his attention back to Brandy. "We will go together and face the sisters."
Brandy knew that protesting would be futile. All she did was nod.
"Good, now that we agree. Shall we get this party going"?
Drake gestured for them all to leave.
They slowly filtered out the door. Drake narrowed his eyes as Doron passed him.
The stately Victorian house stood proudly at the end of the long driveway. Despite the storm, everything inside the yard was still. It seemed like the gargoyles that sat on each side of the iron gate kept out all undesirable magic.
Brandy could pick up the uneasiness of the vampires in the SUV. She wished that they had stayed at least on the other side of the fence while she went in alone.
Tai parked in front of the house in a circular driveway. Brandy quickly got out but vampires are fast. There was no leaving them behind.
She walked up to the door and rang the door bell before she could think about it.
It seemed like forever before the door opened.
The eyes of the woman that opened the door went wide.
Brandy stood at the doorway stiff.
"Yes, it's me. I've come for help."
By this time another woman had come to the door. Both ladies were very graceful.
The lady who opened the door was Clare. Her brown almond eyes were warm and accented her light brown skin. The other lady had long black hair the colour of midnight and dark navy eyes to match.
Her name was Sarah. Sarah folded her arms
Her navy eyes turned black as she peered past Brandy. The two vampires and one demon shifted.
"They're with me, they're okay" Brandy said quickly.
"Is this the kind of company you keep now?"  Sarah was accusing her of betrayal Brandy knew.
"They are different-" She stopped.
"Even Drake" asked Sarah.
"Well..." Brandy was stumbling.Drake cleared his throat. "Brandy and I understand each other and I mean no harm to her sisters." His voice was silky soft but Sarah didn't bite.
"You haven't changed a bit" Her voice was a sharp bite.
"But..." Sarah waved her hand at him silencing him.
"Please" Brandy begged. "May we come in?"
Clare who had been silent the whole time spoke up.
"Do you really expect us to invite "them" into our house?"
Brandy knew they would never bring vampires into their house but maybe she thought.
"Let Tai in, I promise he won't cause any trouble."
Both ladies quietly laughed.
"Then let me in"?
Sarah raised an eyebrow at her. Clare looked over at Sarah and spoke quietly to her.
"You may come in" Clare said.
"I promise if you let me in I won't make trouble if you let me in with Brandy".
Tai stood by Brandy's side. Both ladies stared at the pair of them and instantly knew.
Sarah came forward pointing her finger at Tai's chest.
"I suggest you stay out here with the rest of your tribe. You're not welcome here. If you try to come in here you will pay the price. We will harm Brandy and by that I mean-kill her."

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