Friday, 26 October 2012


Here is another piece of flash fiction. I hope you enjoy. Next week will be a short story.
Have a great weekend!

                                                             THE SECRET PATH

My Mother warned me not to go between the spruce tree rows that were in the back yard. I never understood why.
Finally, one day after being persistent about the reasons why she confessed to me quite a tale.
When she was my age she wondered down between the spruce trees and at the end of the path there was someone there. My eyes went wide.
"Who was there" I asked.
Her eyes looked around as if she didn't want any one to hear. "A faerie with silver wings".
Now this was unbelievable, Mom was teasing me.
"That's not true" I said with my arms crossed. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled.
I went out to the spruce trees and looked down the path.
Just as I was going to go down the path a gust of wind blew the leaves around my feet and sitting on top of my shoe was a silver feather.
I ran back to the house to mom with the feather but when I got to her all that was in my hand was dried up leaves.

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