Thursday, 18 October 2012


I hope you enjoyed my rather long short story. I am planning on turning this story  into an  e-book.You got just a skeletal version of Tai and Brandy's story. I will bring their world to life in this book I hope. I also am giving Tai's brother Doron his own story in e-book form,  making this a two book series. As you could see I left the ending wide open so stay tuned. There will be more.
Now I give you today a piece of flash fiction and some of my photography. I hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend!

                                                The Witches

My sisters said not to touch them. I never much listened to her but this time something told me to.
She told me of a story about witches that lured you to eat their fruit.
I asked her what would happen if you ate their fruit.
Well, it would be something horrible she assured me but she couldn't say for sure what would happen.
I started not to believe her. She was always telling me stories.
When we got home I noticed something red in her bag. I picked it up and it was one of the apples.
There was a bite taken out of it.
I went upstairs to confront her but she wasn't there.

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