Thursday, 15 November 2012


Olivia couldn't get to the corner fast enough to meet Lily. Usually she was there waiting for her but not this morning. An eerie chill started to dance in her chest.
Finally she seen her coming up the street. A wave of relief chased the eerie chill away.
"Hi" Olivia said.
Lily was looking down at her cell phone frantically texting. Who would she be texting?
"Oh hi" she said as if suddenly seeing Olivia. There was something strange about Lily.
"What's up with you" asked Olivia.
Lily's head shot over a glance at her and by the look on her face Olivia could tell that she was annoyed at her.
"Nothing" she said and went back texting. They walked for a awhile in silence until Olivia couldn't take it anymore and touched Lily's arm. You would think by the way Lily reacted that Olivia's touch burnt her arm. She snatched her arm out of Olivia's touch. "Stop that" she snarled at Olivia.
That was it, she put her self in front of Lily stopping her. They stared into each others eyes and Olivia could tell by her eyes that Lily was not her self, in fact this wasn't Lily at all standing in front of her.
"Where's Lily"? Olivia asked as if the real Lily would step forward.
"Get out of my way, I have things to do". When Olivia didn't move Lily pushed her out of the way. Olivia gasped. Lily would never do that. She watched this person who looked like her best friend walk away from her.
What had happened to her? She could almost bet her last manga comic book that Jarrid would know the answers.
When Olivia got to school she went to her locker to get her books but as her hand touched her lock she heard a familiar laugh. It was Lily.
When she turned to look there was Lily with the cheer leading squad. They were laughing and having a good time like they were the best of friends. They were never the best of friends.
"They make such a cute group, don't they Olivia".
Olivia swirled around to come face to face with Jarrid. She fisted her hands at her side. He stood there in front of her all smug. He didn't have his hoodie today, just a snug navy t-shirt showing off some lean muscle and black jeans. His dirty blond hair framed his handsome face. Steely blue eyes shimmered.
"What did you do to her" Olivia demanded.
"Now, don't get all mad at me Olivia, your friend is happy and I'll have you know that she has secretly wanted to be in that crowd for as long as since the last time I saw you."
Olivia backed up against her locker making a rattling banging noise. "What do you mean"?
 Jarrid leaned in and grinned. "I know everything Olivia. I let you two go then but now I'm back".
"What are you going to do" she asked him.
"That will be a surprise but-" The bell rang telling students to get to class.
"Shall we go Olivia"? He gestured for her to go ahead.
Olivia quickly went a head of him. She got her self lost in the shuffle of kids losing him but not for long.
Jarrid sat right beside her in the next row of desks. This was a game to him and she couldn't let him win. The only question was- how?
Lily and her new found friends sat at the back of the class. Lily never sat at the back in English class. This was her favourite class of the day. Jarrid looked back at them all as if checking up on them. Then he glanced over at Olivia and winked.
The teacher Mrs Sharpe came in and the class went on and nobody seemed to notice Jarrid. He sat there tentatively causing no trouble. They would share glances at one another but Olivia would look away quickly not wanting to encourage any trouble from him.
The bell finally rang. Jarrid never moved as if he was waiting for what Olivia was going do.
She waited for Lily and then sprang up in front of her. "Hey, you want to hang out after school"?
Lily looked at her like she was from another planet.  Lily snorted in Olivia's face.
 "Not in this lifetime". And shoved her off to the side.
Someone cleared his throat behind her. She felt the heat in her body rising. She whirled around ready to slap him and he actually held up his hands like he knew what she was thinking.
"Hey, sorry about that Liv but you know what those girls are like-nasty". He scrunched up his nose like there was a bad odour in the room.
Olivia grabbed her books and marched out the room but not to be left a lone for long. He was beside her.
She stopped. He stopped.
Without looking at him she asked, "What do you want"?
All he said was-" just a couple of souls Olivia".

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