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This is the final instalment of this story and I hope you enjoy it. Next week I will post another flash fiction piece while I get ready to put up another paranormal romance story.
Have a great weekend!

Olivia hadn't noticed that Jarrid was wearing a chain around his neck with a strange gold and silver moon shaped object before. There was a black stone at the bottom tip.
The vibe Olivia got off of it was that it was a part of Jarrid and if removed somehow-he would be at a disadvantage.But how would she know and how would she get it off of him?
That morning at school she set about on a mission. Just as she got her books out of her locker laughter made her stop. It was Lily and the cheerleaders but there was another voice that she recognised-Jarrid.
She looked out the corner of her eye and there he was standing in the middle with these giddy girls giving him more than enough attention.
They didn't see or know what he was. Those girls were nothing but prey to him. He could be choosing a soul that he was after right now she thought to herself.
She stared too long. Jarrid looked right at her and smiled.
Olivia froze as she watched him excuse himself and walk towards her.
Olivia slammed her locker door and whirled around in the opposite direction and quickly picked up her step.
Of course this was futile.
"What" I don't get a sunny "good morning" or even a simple "hi", Olivia"?
"Hi" Olivia quickly mumbled.
"Oh, you can do better than that" he whispered in her ear.
Olivia's chest jerked. She smiled sweetly at him "good morning, Jarrid".
"Much better" he chuckled "That wasn't hard, now was it"?
Jarrid whipped around to the front of Olivia making her stop in her tracks. The other kids went past them not even looking at them standing in the middle of the hallway. It was like they were inside this invisible bubble.
Jarrid grinned and winked at her.
"What do you want"? Olivia's voice was breaking. She was trying to keep in control and not lose it.
"Just to talk, Olivia. I never after all this time had a chance to just talk to you". His voice was soft and almost felt gentle against her skin. She quickly shook the weird feeling away.
"Fine, lets talk" she said.
Jarrid gestured for her to walk beside him. "Let's go to the cafeteria".
There was only a few kids in the room. Jarrid chose a table in the far corner as if maybe he thought their conversation might be eavesdropped.
Olivia sat down opposite him and the moon shaped object seemed to move. The silver and gold melded into one and that black stone shone.
Olivia blinked-maybe it was the lighting in the room. Jarrid shoved a cup towards her.
It was tea. How did he know she liked tea?It even had sugar and cream in it-just the way she liked it.
Olivia wrapped her hands around the mug.  A creepy feeling seemed to crawl up her arms when she touched the mug. She wanted to be far away from him but she knew she had to stay calm and maybe get that necklace from him.
Jarrid quietly took a sip of his tea.
"So, Olivia". He leaned over and his necklace fell forward hanging there in front of her.
Olivia couldn't help but stare at it. Before he opened his mouth again Olivia spoke first.
"What is that, that hangs on the chain? It's different" she said.
Jarrid clasped his hand around the moon shaped object covering it.
"Yeah, well, it is unique" he said.
"Where did you get it" she asked.
Jarrid's eyebrow rose.
"You like it that much"?
Without thinking, she just blurted it out-"let me see it".
Jarrid laughed and then locked eyes with her. Olivia looked deep into navy blue pools of water.
"I'll tell you what. After I do my little deed here, I'll get you one of these".
A cold chill ran through her.
The bell rang startling her. Class was about to begin. Jarrid got up and held out his hand to her.
Olivia didn't take it.
He just chuckled.
Olivia couldn't put her finger on it but he had an agenda this morning and she just knew it was going to happen soon.
Suddenly, Olivia was nervous and looking all around her and at the other kids as if maybe one of them was one of the chosen souls.
Olivia stayed with Jarid. Up ahead was the cheerleaders. Jarid picked up pace. It was like he was on a mission to get to them.
Olivia's chest started to thump. He was going to take Lily and one of the cheerleaders.
"You can't take Lily" shouted Olivia.
Jarrid just stayed focused on his goal. He wasn't listening to Olivia.
They were within five feet. She had to do something.
Without thinking, Olivia reached up and grabbed the necklace and yanked hard breaking it free from his neck.
He stopped instantly.
Olivia stepped back.
His navy blue eyes were now pure black.
"You shouldn't have done that, Olivia" he said.
It looked like he was going to lunge at her but instead just before he was in her face he turned into black smoke and disappeared.
"There you are". Lily was now standing in front of Olivia.
"That was the strangest thing ever, I was just over there with those two faced witches talking to them. They looked at me like I was from another planet".
Olivia threw her arms around Lily. "You're okay".
"Well, yeah, of course I am. Did you hear my story"?
Olivia grabbed Lily, "yeah, I heard you, we all do weird things, just forget it ever happened. They certainly will." Lily just snorted.
Lily went ahead of her into class. Olivia opened her hand and stared down at the necklace. It was actually in her hand. What should she do with this thing-throw it away? Something inside of her told her not to. Then she saw something on the moon shaped object. She took a better look and inscribed on the silver and gold were words.
It read- "I'll be back for this Olivia".

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