Friday, 9 November 2012


The boy walked right past her without giving her a second glance. Olivia watched him as he went down the street. Her friend Lily was off in the distance but it seemed like to Olivia that he wasn't waisting anytime and he would be almost caught up to her.
Olivia's chest tightened with fear. What if he was following Lily? She couldn't let her best friend fall prey to him.
She tugged at the straps of her backpack and followed him. Olivia ran part of the way till she could see him in full view.
He stopped.
Olivia darted into Mrs Dobber's Lilacs to hide.
He never turned around. Instead he continued to walk and not so quickly as before.
Lily was no where in sight. She must of made it home thought Olivia. An almost sense of relief washed over her.
Olivia continued to follow him. She decided to go as far as Lily's house-just to make sure Lily was safe.
She was just two houses away from Lily's when he stopped again.
Lily's chest was pounding. She figured now for sure he would think that he was being followed.
He turned and looked at her.
She was right-he knew.
They stared at each other for a moment.
"Olivia" he asked. How did he know her name? Now panic was settling in. Did he remember her from four years ago or something? Olivia's mind was going into overdrive and she wanted nothing more than to turn and bolt.
Then the boy smiled. "I've seen you at school, our classes sometimes have gym together".
That statement didn't make sense to her but then he seemed like he must be right.
"Your friend made it home-safe" he said.
Olivia couldn't speak.
"I saw her go in to her house. I just live down the street. My name is Jarrid." He stuffed his hands in his hoodie pockets and shifted his feet on the leafy sidewalk. The same coloured leaves laid at his feet as when--
Olivia shook her head. All that would come out of her mouth was "oh" and "um". Olivia could feel her face flush and she started to feel embarrassed.
"Well, I better get home, Mom will be waiting for me. You should  probably get home as well, Olivia".  His voice was this calmness that settled the fear inside Olivia's stomach.
Olivia nodded and Jarrid smiled and Olivia could feel herself turn her body around and walk away. She could feel his eyes on her back all the way to the corner. When she turned she could see nobody.It was like a veil had been lifted when she got back to the corner.
She knew she had never met Jarrid before and they never in her lifetime shared a gym class.

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