Monday, 31 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 5 -Expectations

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year brings nothing but the best to you all! Here is the next instalment on my story. I hope you enjoy.


Rhys couldn't get the vision of the three wolves out of her head. Actually she couldn't get Kaden out of her head. What was he doing with them? She totally had to rethink her position on Kaden. What was she going to do about him? She needed answers to a lot of questions. For one thing, where they all in this plan to kill the Diamond were cat? This would change her plans to hunt and kill him. She had to find out somehow.
Her head needed clearing and the best way to do that was to head for her favourite place for her favourite mojo. But then he was there last time. She would just have to take her chances that he wouldn't be there.
His scent hit her like a bus. Rhys should have known. It was like he was waiting for her. She decided to ignore him for the moment. She needed her coffee with the rich cream on top. Once she had that then she could decide what to do with him.
"You love your cream kitten, don't you"? He was quite happy with himself for some reason.
Rhys continued to ignore him. When she got her coffee, he paid for it before she had a chance.
She tried not to grit her teeth. She whirled around away from him but he was too fast. She ran right into his chest. Rhys looked up into silver grey eyes that were wild in every way.
"What? Not even a little thank you"? He was grinning which irritated her because then she wanted to smile at him or even worse-giggle". She had to bite her tongue to stop.
Instead she smiled sweetly at him and said"thank you" in a rather sarcastic tone but it was effective.
He shrugged. "I'll take it." Rhys managed to get passed him but he was right beside her. "What's up today kitten"?
"Figuring why you're here with me and not out hunting that Diamond were cat", she tried to sound bored but she knew better.
"Well, you make a nice diversion and I think you might know something about that Diamond were cat." His body was brushing up against hers as they walked. It was driving her crazy.
"Why  would I tell you anything about the Diamond were cat"?
"I don't expect you to but when you're not watching what you're doing, I will be". She almost laughed out loud at him. If he only knew.
"Oh then, I guess I better watch myself then, huh"? He smirked but didn't say anything.
Rhys decided to sit on a park bench and drink her coffee. This would be an opportunity to try and get information out of him. She just had to be clever about it.
She sat herself down and he sat right beside her. "Do you have to be that close"?
"I like your scent kitten". He moved over a bit.
"So Kaden, what did you do last night, you know for fun"?
He looked at her rather strangely. "Are you keeping tabs on me"?
"Just asking what you were doing. Didn't know it was a big secret". She rolled her eyes at him and licked her cream. He was watching her intently.
"Not much Kitten. I went out for awhile but that was it". He was being very evasive which she expected.
"Where did you go"? She continued to lick her cream.
She wasn't looking at him but she knew he scrunched up his nose at her. He moved closer to her again touching her. She firmly held onto her coffee for support.
"Why don't you hang out with me tonight and find out what I do". His lips were a hares breath from her cheek. If she was to turn to him their lips would touch. That thought wouldn't leave her mind.
"What are you thinking kitten"? His breath was warm and sweet. She quivered and that's when she felt his hand slide around her waist. Rhys froze.
"What do you say kitten, hang with me tonight? You know you want to".
She was starting to boil because the thing was, he was right.
"I'll think about it". Her voice was a bit shaky but didn't squeak at least like sometimes her voice did.
She stood up separating herself from him and his touch. Kaden just sat there looking up at her watching her every move. She had to get a way from him.
He reached out and took her hand and she let him. "Meet me here tonight and you'll find out what you want to know".
What did he mean by that?
"What will I find out"? She locked eyes with him.
"I think you know". His tone was soft and alluring.
She tried pulling her hand away but he held her firmly. "You want to know what I'm up to kitten, then meet me here tonight and you'll find out."
Rhys guard went up. "That could be a trap for me. How do I know that you won't lead me into a pack that would like nothing but to rip me apart."
"Oh kitten, I would never let that happen. You can trust me on that".
Something told Rhys that he meant those words. She suddenly didn't know what to make of him. It left her feeling a bit confused.
She had to walk away but only got a few feet when he was right there beside her touching her again. She let out a low growl. She didn't mean to do that. Kaden stopped her and pulled her tight up against him. Rhys could see every fine line around his eyes, eyes that had seen a lot she was guessing. She knew one thing though, his silver greys were intoxicating.
Very tenderly, he rested his lips against hers and in that moment a fire was lit and the heat from that fire was consuming them both beyond their control making them blind to what lied a head of them which was a trap set for two.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 4 The Unexpected

Rhys paced back and forth. How dare he come in here and do that!
She had saved his hide from that wolf and that's how he treated her in return? He was a were wolf and was the enemy. She had no business feeling anything for him.
He was out to hunt and kill the Diamond were cat which was her she told herself.
Well, she would have to beat him to it. Rhys would hunt and kill him. That would solve the whole problem.
She armed herself with her silver dagger and walked out into the night.
The night air was electric and vibrating with a pulse that read there was a host of danger waiting for her. Something was up.
She had been on the hunt for a certain wolf that was forming a pack to dominate the area and hunt down her kind. That would eliminate any competition for power.
Something crawled in her veins that told her that wolf was out there stirring trouble. She decided not to transform right away as her scent wouldn't be picked up right away if she stayed in her human form. Rhys could feel the silver dagger on her hip in its holder. She had a feeling she would be using it tonight.
Rhys stayed in the shadows and made her way to the park where the wolves always met. At first there was nothing but the light from the street light casting it's glow over the bench and garbage can. Everything was too quiet. Rhys kept herself in the dark and waited.
She didn't have to wait long when a small straggly wolf came into the light. It was sniffing around the garbage can as if looking for food. That seemed odd.
Another silver wolf came out to join it. It was in better shape but looked hungry as well. What was going on?
Rhys decided to stay in the shadows for a moment longer to see if any more like those two showed up.
Looming in the shadows Rhys picked up a strong scent. It was him, Thor, the wolf that was out for power. He was huge and the other two scurried away almost knocking over the garbage can.
The glow from the street light made Thor's black coat shine and his strong leg muscles stand out. It almost made Rhys terrified of him and she knew deep down that she should be somewhat afraid of him because he was ruthless and played for keeps.
For the moment she decided to stay put and watch things unfold.
Another large silver wolf showed up. It was a female. She snarled at him and nipped at him making him yelp. But Thor retaliated and nipped back. This was some hello or maybe they were enemies.
All she knew was that it would be in her best interest to stay out of sight. She wouldn't last thirty seconds with those two. There had to be some deal going down. Rhys had never seen this silver white female before. Something told Rhys that she was as much trouble as Thor.
It was like a line was drawn in the sidewalk. Rhys watched wolves form a line on each side of their leader. The wolves started to howl on each side and then the silver female howled an eerie pitch into the night sky silencing everybody.
Before Rhys eyes she transformed into her human form and walked toward Thor. She ran her fingers through his thick fur. He let out a low growl. "Now, now my love, you know you like it when I rub behind your ears. I'm here aren't I"?
Thor then changed into his human form and pulled her into his arms and roughly kissed her. She slapped him . All Thor did was laugh. "You haven't lost your spunk love".
"You best not forget that because that little slap is nothing compared to what I could really do to you".
Rhys could tell that Thor was amused and was probably grinning.
"Is he coming" she asked. Her tone was acid and Rhys could tell that she was getting impatient.
"He said that he would be here, Ali and he will" Thor said.
A noise sent them on alert and both Thor and Ali shifted into their wolf form ready to fight. Rhys held her breath to see what threatened them.
Out of the shadows another wolf came to join them. The other wolves were surrounding him blocking her vision. Then finally the wolf came into view. Her heart stopped.
What the hell was he doing with these two?
It was Kaden.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 3 Close Encounter

Here is the third instalment to my story. I hope you enjoy.
I would like to wish everyone out there a Merry Xmas and nothing but the best in the New Year.
A big thank you to all those who have stopped by and read my stuff.

                              Close Encounter

Rhys walked into the coffee shop to the hope of a better day than the night she just had.
That pomp ass wouldn't know the Diamond were cat if she scratched him on the nose.
Still she wondered why he wanted to kill the Diamond were cat which of course was her but he didn't know that and he wouldn't.
She needed a double double jolt of caffeine along with a froth of cream on top.
She just turned around and took a sip when she stopped short.
Sitting by the window was the pomp ass  himself and he was looking straight at her. Rhys narrowed her eyes at him. He pointed to his nose. Her hand flew to her nose that had cream on it. He smiled.
Rhys bolted out the door. She wasn't even half way down the street when she heard steps behind her. Her nose twitched.
"Hey, wait up" he called to her.
She never stopped nor turned around.
"Hey". His voice was sharp and abrupt. If that tone of his was his attempt to make her stop then he had another thing coming.
He finally flew in front of her. She could see her angry eyes in the reflection of his sunglasses.
"Stop, already" His tone this time was calmer and softer taking her back a bit.
Rhys grip around her coffee got tighter.
He took off his glasses to reveal silver grey eyes. They were serene but not without an underlying edge of danger. She would keep her guard up.
"Walk with me, please"? His eyebrows raised in a arch making him look slightly goofy.
Rhys almost broke out into a smile but cut herself off. She couldn't appear as a push over. She shrugged her shoulders at him.
"Whatever" she said.
He grinned.
They walked for a while in silence before he broke the ice.
"You always lived here"?
Now that was a lame opening she thought.
"I've lived here for a while".
Rhys wasn't about to give him her life history.
"So, you and I need to talk about last night" he said.
"Yeah, I guess you need to apologise for breaking into my home". She could feel the tension coming from his body, almost like a tidal wave.
Rhys imagined the feel of those tight muscles under her fingers gliding over his chest. She envisioned her fingers exploring even further down, down...
She stopped.
He stopped.
He was right beside her. His arm was touching hers sending a vibe through her skin that made her quiver. She looked up at him. His eyes were looking right down on to her. For a second she wondered if he sensed what was going through her head. She almost wanted him to know.
She shook herself and started walking again.
He was right beside her. "What was that about"? His voice had an edge of seductiveness to it.
Damn, maybe he did pick up on what was going on in her head.
"You should go, you followed me enough" she said.
He chuckled. "I haven't followed you near enough yet my kitten".
"What? You're going to stalk me now"? She let out a low growl.
He leaned in a little toward her.
"Is that suppose to scare me kitten"?
"You should be scared pup" she scoffed at him.
He was grinning from ear to ear and Rhys didn't have to look at him to know that now she was a big amusement to him.
She had to put an end to this now. Rhys stopped and confronted him. Her hand flew to his chest stopping him cold. He looked down at her hand and then his silver greys watched her face.
She felt a rumble underneath her hand. He was warm. Why were werewolves so warm? Again her thoughts wondered. Instead of giving him a piece of her mind she stood there with her hand on his chest thinking about his bare skin.
His eyes went slightly wider. Rhys ripped her hand away. They held each others gaze for a moment.
"I"ll walk you home kitten". Rhys stepped back giving her self some breathing room. His scent was strong and powerful. He was addictive, damn it. She didn't mean to sound croaky but that's the way it came out. "I know my own way home and stop calling me kitten".
He closed the gap between them pulling her into his arms.
She whimpered and he pulled her tighter against his body. His lips were but a breath away from hers. She could feel his heat. He was all too consuming. She felt like she was going to burn up in his arms.
Out of  nowhere they were ambushed. He went one way and she the other.
All Rhys could hear was angry growls that belonged to werewolves.
She was on her feet in a split second. There was a giant wolf on top of him.
Rhys shifted into her were cat form and pounced on top of the wolf digging her claws in.
The wolf yelped and got away from Rhys but not without a huge gash on his flank.
He wasn't moving.
Rhys nudged him with her nose.
"Hey, I'm alright" he mumbled.
Then she remembered-the diamond around her neck. She couldn't let him see it.
With a little magic she turned the colour of the diamond to a ruby.
When he sat up his eyes went to the jewel.
"You're a jewel cat". He grinned.
"Then you must know where that Diamond kitten is". His hand went out to touch her but she hissed at him.His hand flew back. "Okay, I get the message."
Rhys turned around and padded down the street. He followed at a safe distance. At least he knew better she thought.
She was at her house now. "I'll get the door for you".
Rhys went inside and up to where her bedroom was where she shifted.
"Are you okay"?
Rhys startled grabbing a blanket. "Do you mind"?
"Sorry, but you didn't mind last night". He just turned around was all he did.
She quickly put on her clothes.
He turned around as if he knew that she was done.
"You have to get out of my bedroom-now"?
"Why" he grinned. "You might have more of those thoughts of me, kitten".
"Shut up" she yelped. She knew her face was flushed.
"You know, pup". She crossed her arms in defence. "I  don't even know your name".
"Well, we can fix that, my name is Kaden and since we're getting formal-what's your name kitten"?
His attitude was infuriating but likable. She gritted her teeth.
"Rhys" she said under her breath.
"Hmm, suitable kitten name."
"Stop that, I'm no kitten".
She narrowed her eyes at him. "I would suggest you leave my bedroom before you get a taste of this kitten".
He laughed out loud and then ran his tongue along his bottom lip.
Rhys froze staring at him.
The bastard was laughing at her and sizing her up like lunch.
"Okay, Rhys, I'll leave your bedroom-for now." He did that eyebrow arch thing again. A very small smirk escaped across her lips.
First thing she knew-she's on the floor with silver grey eyes staring down at her.
Without warning he kissed her. Her breath was caught in her throat.
A little tiny whimper escaped from the back of her throat. His kiss deepened.
As quickly as the whole event happened he was gone.
She flew up and after him but it was too late. There was no sign of him.
Rhys felt like she had been hit by a truck.
The bastard would pay for this.
She would do what she did best-hunt werewolves and kill them.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 2 - The Meeting

Rhys threw her keys on the desk and grabbed a bottle of red wine with a glass. The vision of the license plate wouldn't leave her head. Who was he?
Why did he kill his own to save her? It didn't make sense and the more Rhys thought about it the more anxious she felt. In the morning she would do some snooping around to find out what she could about him. For now she would like to forget him.
With the wine glass in hand she headed for the bath where she drew her self a frothy white bubble bath with her favourite rose petal salts.
She slipped her jeans off and pulled her sweater over her head. Her red silk bra and panties topped the heap.
Slipping inside was heaven and for a moment she truly did forget him but when she took that first sip of wine the though of him came back.
What was it that kept him entering into her thoughts? She told herself to stop it and took another sip of her wine.
That's when she heard it.
Her whole body went still and her ears perked. Her cat instincts kicked in and then there was the smell-dog.
She leaped out of her bath and shifted into her were cat form ready for anything. She padded out the bathroom and into the hallway. The commotion was downstairs in the kitchen.
She crept low to the floor and down the stairs to where the intruder was.
Rhys hid behind  the desk in the foyer which was open to the kitchen.
Drawers were being opened and closed as if the intruder was looking for something. She peeked out and her eyes went wide-it was him. What the hell was he doing here? She was furious.
He was not in his werewolf form so he would be an easy target. Catching him off guard would be to her advantage. She had a few tricks that would prevent him from shifting.
Rhys leaped out and slid across the kitchen floor and then leaped up into the air taking him down.
They both landed with him crashing his head on the floor knocking him unconscious. She pinned him down anyway and growled in his face.
It was only a few moments when he stirred.
His eyes half opened.
Rhys looked down into silver blue eyes. His eyes suddenly went wide.
He flinched once under her weight. "Get off of me cat".
Rhys growled in his face.
"Get off of me and I will tell you why I'm here. I promise not to do anything-you have my word."
Ryes ears bent back.
"My word is good. You can slit my throat otherwise."
Rhys cautiously backed off of him but watched to see what he would do. If he tried to shift she would stop him. He got up never taking his eyes off of her. He held up both hands.
She shifted and his mouth slightly dropped. She was naked. It wasn't the first time she shifted in front of a man before and was caught naked. She was comfortable in her own skin but all the same she grabbed a jacket off her chair and covered herself.
"You have five seconds to tell me what the hell you are doing in this kitchen-my kitchen".
He backed up and she hissed at him.
"Calm down cat". There was an air of light heartiness to his comment that didn't sit well with Rhys. He was making fun of her.
"You're a wolf hunter".
"Tell me something I don't know, like why the hell..."
"I know I know" he cut her off. "I'm looking for clues to see if you're the one".
She narrowed her green eyes at him. "One what"?
"The hunter with the diamond". His silver blue eyes rested on her waiting for a response.
She tilted her head at him. "Are you a cat hunter or a bounty hunter in general"?
"In general" he scoffed as if the word "general" was foul tasting.
She chuckled.
"That wasn't funny-cat. The were cat with the diamond is wanted by my kind."
"Now what would your pups want with the were cat with the diamond"?
He grinned at her. Rhys noticed he was a full foot taller than her and was as lean as any wolf she had taken on. His dark hair was thick and wavy. For a moment she wondered what his hair would feel like between her fingers. Her tongue ran across her bottom lip.
All of a sudden he was looking down at her. Her green eyes shot up at him. He grabbed her by the arms. "Don't shift on me".
She hissed at him again and scratched his arm.
"Get out of my house-now"!
He held his arm where she had scratched him. "I see you're all teeth and claws little kitten."
He held up his hand to stop her from saying anything.
"I'm going but you and I are not finished yet. You know something and I will get it out of you."
He was at the door to go out.
"What do you want with the were cat with the diamond-answer me that at least".
He smiled this time at her. "It's very simple what I want-I'm going to kill her".

Thursday, 6 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part one-Encounters

Here is the start of my new paranormal romance titled DIAMONDS. Part one is called Encounters. This is a were cat and werewolf story. The main character is Rhys who is a were cat and she's a hunter of the bad wolves.
I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!


Rhys padded without a sound through the park. Her green eyes shone through the dark unlike the clear jewel that hung around her neck hiding who she was.
She stopped and sniffed the air but the only scents Rhys could pick up were fumes from vehicles from the main road, a tossed wrapper from a cheese burger and a half eaten rotten apple.
It wasn't the scent she was after.
Up ahead a street light lit up a bench and a metal garbage container-the source of the those foul smells of discarded food. Around the round shaped patch of light was darkness that felt like something was hiding ready to pounce.
The park was void of any activity tonight. It was like the usual crap of nightlife were locked away or scared off perhaps which meant that they were here.
Rhys stopped and waited but nothing. Fine she would make the first move but just as she lifted her paw she heard a growl.
Her ears twitched.
Rhys didn't move a muscle. She even left her paw up in the air.
Her green eyes narrowed in on the darkness that hung around the street light.
The smell overtook her and before she could react she felt this heavy weight on her back sending her down to the sidewalk with her head crushing against the cement.
His scent was burning in her throat.
"Why are you following me -cat"?
Rhys sputtered trying to catch her breath. He quickly let off some of the pressure but that was his mistake. She rolled slashing him across the face.He let out a howl and Rhys sprinted into the air leaving her attacker behind.
But her escape was short lived. Rhys collided with something that felt more solider that the cement that crushed her head.
Towering over her was a huge wolf. All Rhys could see was sharp teeth and gold eyes that glared at her with contempt.
The other wolf was now behind her trapping her in between them.
"What do you want-cat"?
"I could ask the same of you -dog" she hissed.
The wolf's ear bent back and his teeth became more visible.
Rhys had to move fast before he struck her.
She leaped into the air and over top of the large wolf.
The wolf behind her followed suit.
The chase was on.
Rhys was fast but this wolf could move too. She would let him have his chase-for now.
Rhys knew what to do with wolves like this one.
She led the wolf into an old industrial park that wasn't used much. She knocked down garbage and threw it his way but he still kept up. She would have to face this one so she swirled around and faced him taking him by surprise. He almost ran right into her. He was but five feet from her.
Rhys hissed and growled at him with her ears bent back and of course showing him all her own sharp teeth.
The wolf put on his own show and howled at her showing his sharp teeth. In a flash she slashed at him and now he had two marks from her. He yelped but quickly recovered and was going to pounce on her when she darted out of the way and hit him hard on the side biting him in the flank. The wolf had fast reflexes as he he tore at her side with his sharp teeth. Now they were rolling on the ground with claws and teeth being their weapon.
This one was going to be harder to dispose of than she thought. He was smart after all.
He was now on top of her with his paw pushing against her throat.
"Now you're not so tough are you -cat"?  He was pushing on her windpipe crushing her.
She fought with her hind feet and  was just about to throw him off of her when a shot rang out and the wolf collapsed on top of her.
Rhys quickly pushed the wolf away looking to who did this. She caught a shadow up on top of one of the old warehouses.
She went after it but barely made it up to the roof. The wolf had gotten her side good.
All she saw was the dark figure of a wolf leap off the roof into the darkness and disappear.
Why would a wolf kill another? Although she seen it before but never to save one of her kind.
Rhys went in the direction of the wolf and picked up his scent and followed.
It was good that she had good healing powers within her as now her side was a lot stronger and she moved faster.
The sent took her to a open quiet street. The wolf sent was gone. How could that be?
All she could see was a black sports car. Movement made her leap into a nearby bush. As Rhys peaked out she watched a tall man go towards the car. He went and opened the trunk and threw something in. She was guessing it was a gun by the shape of the object.
But then he stopped at the door and looked her way. She slipped back in the bush. His gaze held.
Rhys held her breath for a moment. There was something different about this wolf.
He finally got in his car and started it up. He took off slowly as if watching for her to come out then he finally put on the gas and took off.
All she caught was the licence plate that read-KILLER.