Thursday, 13 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 2 - The Meeting

Rhys threw her keys on the desk and grabbed a bottle of red wine with a glass. The vision of the license plate wouldn't leave her head. Who was he?
Why did he kill his own to save her? It didn't make sense and the more Rhys thought about it the more anxious she felt. In the morning she would do some snooping around to find out what she could about him. For now she would like to forget him.
With the wine glass in hand she headed for the bath where she drew her self a frothy white bubble bath with her favourite rose petal salts.
She slipped her jeans off and pulled her sweater over her head. Her red silk bra and panties topped the heap.
Slipping inside was heaven and for a moment she truly did forget him but when she took that first sip of wine the though of him came back.
What was it that kept him entering into her thoughts? She told herself to stop it and took another sip of her wine.
That's when she heard it.
Her whole body went still and her ears perked. Her cat instincts kicked in and then there was the smell-dog.
She leaped out of her bath and shifted into her were cat form ready for anything. She padded out the bathroom and into the hallway. The commotion was downstairs in the kitchen.
She crept low to the floor and down the stairs to where the intruder was.
Rhys hid behind  the desk in the foyer which was open to the kitchen.
Drawers were being opened and closed as if the intruder was looking for something. She peeked out and her eyes went wide-it was him. What the hell was he doing here? She was furious.
He was not in his werewolf form so he would be an easy target. Catching him off guard would be to her advantage. She had a few tricks that would prevent him from shifting.
Rhys leaped out and slid across the kitchen floor and then leaped up into the air taking him down.
They both landed with him crashing his head on the floor knocking him unconscious. She pinned him down anyway and growled in his face.
It was only a few moments when he stirred.
His eyes half opened.
Rhys looked down into silver blue eyes. His eyes suddenly went wide.
He flinched once under her weight. "Get off of me cat".
Rhys growled in his face.
"Get off of me and I will tell you why I'm here. I promise not to do anything-you have my word."
Ryes ears bent back.
"My word is good. You can slit my throat otherwise."
Rhys cautiously backed off of him but watched to see what he would do. If he tried to shift she would stop him. He got up never taking his eyes off of her. He held up both hands.
She shifted and his mouth slightly dropped. She was naked. It wasn't the first time she shifted in front of a man before and was caught naked. She was comfortable in her own skin but all the same she grabbed a jacket off her chair and covered herself.
"You have five seconds to tell me what the hell you are doing in this kitchen-my kitchen".
He backed up and she hissed at him.
"Calm down cat". There was an air of light heartiness to his comment that didn't sit well with Rhys. He was making fun of her.
"You're a wolf hunter".
"Tell me something I don't know, like why the hell..."
"I know I know" he cut her off. "I'm looking for clues to see if you're the one".
She narrowed her green eyes at him. "One what"?
"The hunter with the diamond". His silver blue eyes rested on her waiting for a response.
She tilted her head at him. "Are you a cat hunter or a bounty hunter in general"?
"In general" he scoffed as if the word "general" was foul tasting.
She chuckled.
"That wasn't funny-cat. The were cat with the diamond is wanted by my kind."
"Now what would your pups want with the were cat with the diamond"?
He grinned at her. Rhys noticed he was a full foot taller than her and was as lean as any wolf she had taken on. His dark hair was thick and wavy. For a moment she wondered what his hair would feel like between her fingers. Her tongue ran across her bottom lip.
All of a sudden he was looking down at her. Her green eyes shot up at him. He grabbed her by the arms. "Don't shift on me".
She hissed at him again and scratched his arm.
"Get out of my house-now"!
He held his arm where she had scratched him. "I see you're all teeth and claws little kitten."
He held up his hand to stop her from saying anything.
"I'm going but you and I are not finished yet. You know something and I will get it out of you."
He was at the door to go out.
"What do you want with the were cat with the diamond-answer me that at least".
He smiled this time at her. "It's very simple what I want-I'm going to kill her".

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