Thursday, 27 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 4 The Unexpected

Rhys paced back and forth. How dare he come in here and do that!
She had saved his hide from that wolf and that's how he treated her in return? He was a were wolf and was the enemy. She had no business feeling anything for him.
He was out to hunt and kill the Diamond were cat which was her she told herself.
Well, she would have to beat him to it. Rhys would hunt and kill him. That would solve the whole problem.
She armed herself with her silver dagger and walked out into the night.
The night air was electric and vibrating with a pulse that read there was a host of danger waiting for her. Something was up.
She had been on the hunt for a certain wolf that was forming a pack to dominate the area and hunt down her kind. That would eliminate any competition for power.
Something crawled in her veins that told her that wolf was out there stirring trouble. She decided not to transform right away as her scent wouldn't be picked up right away if she stayed in her human form. Rhys could feel the silver dagger on her hip in its holder. She had a feeling she would be using it tonight.
Rhys stayed in the shadows and made her way to the park where the wolves always met. At first there was nothing but the light from the street light casting it's glow over the bench and garbage can. Everything was too quiet. Rhys kept herself in the dark and waited.
She didn't have to wait long when a small straggly wolf came into the light. It was sniffing around the garbage can as if looking for food. That seemed odd.
Another silver wolf came out to join it. It was in better shape but looked hungry as well. What was going on?
Rhys decided to stay in the shadows for a moment longer to see if any more like those two showed up.
Looming in the shadows Rhys picked up a strong scent. It was him, Thor, the wolf that was out for power. He was huge and the other two scurried away almost knocking over the garbage can.
The glow from the street light made Thor's black coat shine and his strong leg muscles stand out. It almost made Rhys terrified of him and she knew deep down that she should be somewhat afraid of him because he was ruthless and played for keeps.
For the moment she decided to stay put and watch things unfold.
Another large silver wolf showed up. It was a female. She snarled at him and nipped at him making him yelp. But Thor retaliated and nipped back. This was some hello or maybe they were enemies.
All she knew was that it would be in her best interest to stay out of sight. She wouldn't last thirty seconds with those two. There had to be some deal going down. Rhys had never seen this silver white female before. Something told Rhys that she was as much trouble as Thor.
It was like a line was drawn in the sidewalk. Rhys watched wolves form a line on each side of their leader. The wolves started to howl on each side and then the silver female howled an eerie pitch into the night sky silencing everybody.
Before Rhys eyes she transformed into her human form and walked toward Thor. She ran her fingers through his thick fur. He let out a low growl. "Now, now my love, you know you like it when I rub behind your ears. I'm here aren't I"?
Thor then changed into his human form and pulled her into his arms and roughly kissed her. She slapped him . All Thor did was laugh. "You haven't lost your spunk love".
"You best not forget that because that little slap is nothing compared to what I could really do to you".
Rhys could tell that Thor was amused and was probably grinning.
"Is he coming" she asked. Her tone was acid and Rhys could tell that she was getting impatient.
"He said that he would be here, Ali and he will" Thor said.
A noise sent them on alert and both Thor and Ali shifted into their wolf form ready to fight. Rhys held her breath to see what threatened them.
Out of the shadows another wolf came to join them. The other wolves were surrounding him blocking her vision. Then finally the wolf came into view. Her heart stopped.
What the hell was he doing with these two?
It was Kaden.

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