Monday, 31 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part 5 -Expectations

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope this year brings nothing but the best to you all! Here is the next instalment on my story. I hope you enjoy.


Rhys couldn't get the vision of the three wolves out of her head. Actually she couldn't get Kaden out of her head. What was he doing with them? She totally had to rethink her position on Kaden. What was she going to do about him? She needed answers to a lot of questions. For one thing, where they all in this plan to kill the Diamond were cat? This would change her plans to hunt and kill him. She had to find out somehow.
Her head needed clearing and the best way to do that was to head for her favourite place for her favourite mojo. But then he was there last time. She would just have to take her chances that he wouldn't be there.
His scent hit her like a bus. Rhys should have known. It was like he was waiting for her. She decided to ignore him for the moment. She needed her coffee with the rich cream on top. Once she had that then she could decide what to do with him.
"You love your cream kitten, don't you"? He was quite happy with himself for some reason.
Rhys continued to ignore him. When she got her coffee, he paid for it before she had a chance.
She tried not to grit her teeth. She whirled around away from him but he was too fast. She ran right into his chest. Rhys looked up into silver grey eyes that were wild in every way.
"What? Not even a little thank you"? He was grinning which irritated her because then she wanted to smile at him or even worse-giggle". She had to bite her tongue to stop.
Instead she smiled sweetly at him and said"thank you" in a rather sarcastic tone but it was effective.
He shrugged. "I'll take it." Rhys managed to get passed him but he was right beside her. "What's up today kitten"?
"Figuring why you're here with me and not out hunting that Diamond were cat", she tried to sound bored but she knew better.
"Well, you make a nice diversion and I think you might know something about that Diamond were cat." His body was brushing up against hers as they walked. It was driving her crazy.
"Why  would I tell you anything about the Diamond were cat"?
"I don't expect you to but when you're not watching what you're doing, I will be". She almost laughed out loud at him. If he only knew.
"Oh then, I guess I better watch myself then, huh"? He smirked but didn't say anything.
Rhys decided to sit on a park bench and drink her coffee. This would be an opportunity to try and get information out of him. She just had to be clever about it.
She sat herself down and he sat right beside her. "Do you have to be that close"?
"I like your scent kitten". He moved over a bit.
"So Kaden, what did you do last night, you know for fun"?
He looked at her rather strangely. "Are you keeping tabs on me"?
"Just asking what you were doing. Didn't know it was a big secret". She rolled her eyes at him and licked her cream. He was watching her intently.
"Not much Kitten. I went out for awhile but that was it". He was being very evasive which she expected.
"Where did you go"? She continued to lick her cream.
She wasn't looking at him but she knew he scrunched up his nose at her. He moved closer to her again touching her. She firmly held onto her coffee for support.
"Why don't you hang out with me tonight and find out what I do". His lips were a hares breath from her cheek. If she was to turn to him their lips would touch. That thought wouldn't leave her mind.
"What are you thinking kitten"? His breath was warm and sweet. She quivered and that's when she felt his hand slide around her waist. Rhys froze.
"What do you say kitten, hang with me tonight? You know you want to".
She was starting to boil because the thing was, he was right.
"I'll think about it". Her voice was a bit shaky but didn't squeak at least like sometimes her voice did.
She stood up separating herself from him and his touch. Kaden just sat there looking up at her watching her every move. She had to get a way from him.
He reached out and took her hand and she let him. "Meet me here tonight and you'll find out what you want to know".
What did he mean by that?
"What will I find out"? She locked eyes with him.
"I think you know". His tone was soft and alluring.
She tried pulling her hand away but he held her firmly. "You want to know what I'm up to kitten, then meet me here tonight and you'll find out."
Rhys guard went up. "That could be a trap for me. How do I know that you won't lead me into a pack that would like nothing but to rip me apart."
"Oh kitten, I would never let that happen. You can trust me on that".
Something told Rhys that he meant those words. She suddenly didn't know what to make of him. It left her feeling a bit confused.
She had to walk away but only got a few feet when he was right there beside her touching her again. She let out a low growl. She didn't mean to do that. Kaden stopped her and pulled her tight up against him. Rhys could see every fine line around his eyes, eyes that had seen a lot she was guessing. She knew one thing though, his silver greys were intoxicating.
Very tenderly, he rested his lips against hers and in that moment a fire was lit and the heat from that fire was consuming them both beyond their control making them blind to what lied a head of them which was a trap set for two.

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