Thursday, 6 December 2012

DIAMONDS-Part one-Encounters

Here is the start of my new paranormal romance titled DIAMONDS. Part one is called Encounters. This is a were cat and werewolf story. The main character is Rhys who is a were cat and she's a hunter of the bad wolves.
I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!


Rhys padded without a sound through the park. Her green eyes shone through the dark unlike the clear jewel that hung around her neck hiding who she was.
She stopped and sniffed the air but the only scents Rhys could pick up were fumes from vehicles from the main road, a tossed wrapper from a cheese burger and a half eaten rotten apple.
It wasn't the scent she was after.
Up ahead a street light lit up a bench and a metal garbage container-the source of the those foul smells of discarded food. Around the round shaped patch of light was darkness that felt like something was hiding ready to pounce.
The park was void of any activity tonight. It was like the usual crap of nightlife were locked away or scared off perhaps which meant that they were here.
Rhys stopped and waited but nothing. Fine she would make the first move but just as she lifted her paw she heard a growl.
Her ears twitched.
Rhys didn't move a muscle. She even left her paw up in the air.
Her green eyes narrowed in on the darkness that hung around the street light.
The smell overtook her and before she could react she felt this heavy weight on her back sending her down to the sidewalk with her head crushing against the cement.
His scent was burning in her throat.
"Why are you following me -cat"?
Rhys sputtered trying to catch her breath. He quickly let off some of the pressure but that was his mistake. She rolled slashing him across the face.He let out a howl and Rhys sprinted into the air leaving her attacker behind.
But her escape was short lived. Rhys collided with something that felt more solider that the cement that crushed her head.
Towering over her was a huge wolf. All Rhys could see was sharp teeth and gold eyes that glared at her with contempt.
The other wolf was now behind her trapping her in between them.
"What do you want-cat"?
"I could ask the same of you -dog" she hissed.
The wolf's ear bent back and his teeth became more visible.
Rhys had to move fast before he struck her.
She leaped into the air and over top of the large wolf.
The wolf behind her followed suit.
The chase was on.
Rhys was fast but this wolf could move too. She would let him have his chase-for now.
Rhys knew what to do with wolves like this one.
She led the wolf into an old industrial park that wasn't used much. She knocked down garbage and threw it his way but he still kept up. She would have to face this one so she swirled around and faced him taking him by surprise. He almost ran right into her. He was but five feet from her.
Rhys hissed and growled at him with her ears bent back and of course showing him all her own sharp teeth.
The wolf put on his own show and howled at her showing his sharp teeth. In a flash she slashed at him and now he had two marks from her. He yelped but quickly recovered and was going to pounce on her when she darted out of the way and hit him hard on the side biting him in the flank. The wolf had fast reflexes as he he tore at her side with his sharp teeth. Now they were rolling on the ground with claws and teeth being their weapon.
This one was going to be harder to dispose of than she thought. He was smart after all.
He was now on top of her with his paw pushing against her throat.
"Now you're not so tough are you -cat"?  He was pushing on her windpipe crushing her.
She fought with her hind feet and  was just about to throw him off of her when a shot rang out and the wolf collapsed on top of her.
Rhys quickly pushed the wolf away looking to who did this. She caught a shadow up on top of one of the old warehouses.
She went after it but barely made it up to the roof. The wolf had gotten her side good.
All she saw was the dark figure of a wolf leap off the roof into the darkness and disappear.
Why would a wolf kill another? Although she seen it before but never to save one of her kind.
Rhys went in the direction of the wolf and picked up his scent and followed.
It was good that she had good healing powers within her as now her side was a lot stronger and she moved faster.
The sent took her to a open quiet street. The wolf sent was gone. How could that be?
All she could see was a black sports car. Movement made her leap into a nearby bush. As Rhys peaked out she watched a tall man go towards the car. He went and opened the trunk and threw something in. She was guessing it was a gun by the shape of the object.
But then he stopped at the door and looked her way. She slipped back in the bush. His gaze held.
Rhys held her breath for a moment. There was something different about this wolf.
He finally got in his car and started it up. He took off slowly as if watching for her to come out then he finally put on the gas and took off.
All she caught was the licence plate that read-KILLER.

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