Thursday, 31 January 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 9-Uninvited Guest

Rhys blocked him.
"What party are you going to?"
Her body was hot and flushed. She just had two wolves crash through her bedroom window. Rhys had backed him up against her bedroom wall.
Kellan's chest heaved up and down. His own skin was fire.
He wanted nothing more than to finish what they had started.
"I have to go love, I'm sorry. But I promise to come back. We will finish what we started kitten. No amount of wolf attacks will take me away from you."
Rhys stepped back from him putting a cold silence between them.
"You never answered me".
Kellan sighed.
"It's a wolf party-given by Ali. She expects me to be there. They're waiting for me."
"What does she want with you?" Rhys fist tightened at her sides. At this moment she wanted to shift and tear Kellan to bits. Thoughts of killing him like she first planned flitted in her mind. She took a deep breath. She knew she couldn't do that. That would start a war-one she didn't need right now.
"Well, don't let me keep you from your little wolf party." Rhys went to turn her back on him but Kellan grabbed her and pulled her roughly into his arms.
"Don't think for one moment that I choose to go to this little party because believe me it is the last place that I want to be."
Rhys pushed her self out of his arms and gritted her teeth, narrowing her gaze at him. "Then don't go." She threw it at him like it was a dare.
Kellan grinned. "Oh kitten, I would stay if I knew it wouldn't endanger you but I have to go."
"I'm not afraid of any wolf, especially some bitch alpha" she snapped.
Kellan laughed. "Now, that would be something I would like to see, you ripping into Ali but kitten, you don't know the power she she has. She can do thing that other wolves can't do and that includes me."
Rhys sniffed in disgust. "Then get the hell out and just to be clear with you, you won't be back in my bed again-pup."
Kellan smirked. "That's what you think, Kitten."
Before she could hit him he was gone.
The two wolves were pacing outside Rhys house. Kellan walked past them without giving them the time of day. They both growled.
He stood outside the Red Rose Club. The smell of the two alpha packs was strong. No doubt there  were already some fights between Ali's pack and Thor's. He took a deep breath and went in.
Thor spied him already. His two escorts had shifted and joined their packs. He saw there was one from each pack. It was a wonder they didn't tear into each other.
"You made it my friend. I thought we were going to have to drag your sorry ass in here for a real beating."He laughed at what he thought was a joke.
Kellan grabbed a beer trying to ignore Thor but shaking him off was not going to happen, he knew that. Thor parked himself next to Kellan and grabbed a beer himself. He let Kellan stew in his silence for a while before turning his attention to him.
"Ali has plans that involve taking over territory, its rough territory but would give her the upper hand if she had control."
"Why don't you take the territory for yourself?" asked Kellan.
Thor smirked but didn't offer a reason.
Kellan picked up a vibe off Thor that smell of treachery. He didn't care; they could kill each other over it. He wasn't having any part of it. What he did want to know was what did Ali want with the Diamond were cat. He knew that by the reaction that she took when she saw him with Rhys. There was something going on.

"Well, it's nice to see my pups enjoying themselves." Neither Kellan nor Thor turned to acknowledge her.
"I poisoned your beers."
They both spit out their beers and turned to her ready to attack. Ali laughed at them.
"Stupid pups, you should give me the time of day when I speak."
Thor stood up and was about to challenge her when she held up her hand. It seemed to freeze him in his place. She smiled at Kellan. "You didn't bring your little kitten." She was taunting Kellan. Her blood red lips pouted."I would love to officially meet her;she looks like a real live spirit, one that I would like to be friends with."
Kellan almost choked. "You, friends with a a were cat? That's a joke."
She sniffed at him then sneered. But quickly smiled. "Oh, you're so mean. I can be nice you know."
Kellan raised an eyebrow at her. Ali just shrugged her shoulders.
She sighed like she was bored. "Before you two get alpha drunk tonight and start fucking all the female wolves here, I want you two to know that I'm planning on a takeover of the pack that controls the harbour area. In two days we strike, at midnight."
She narrowed her gaze at Kellan. "And that includes you love."
Before he could tell her to fuck off, she was gone. Thor and Kellan looked at each other. Thor scoffed at him.
"You will be fighting beside me, just in case you're wondering what side you're on." He walked off in a huff.
Kellan ran his fingers through his dark messed up hair. What had he got himself into? He didn't need to be in some war of territory that he wasn't interested in. He was only after information that night he met up with them-the night he first set his eyes on Rhys.
He didn't factor in someone like her into his life and of all things-a were cat. Not that he had any indifference's with the were cats. In fact he had a few friends that were were cats.  There was only one that angered him and that was the Diamond were cat.
He would kill her.
He downed what was left of his beer and decided to order a whiskey. This was going to be a long night.
The first burn of the whisky barely got down his throat when a commotion behind him turned his attention to the crowd.
Standing in the doorway was someone who was obvious a threat by the crowd's reaction. Ali was standing in front of the pack.
Kellan decided to investigate-from a distance. He tried to focus in on the uninvited guest.
"Well my dear, you're a brave one" said Ali.
The intruder said nothing.
"You come to take me on love"? Ali let out a low growl. "Cos love, you'll end up dead, you know that right?"
The intruder growled and hissed back. "Well lovey, we'll see about who ends up on the floor dead. Come get me alpha bitch."
In a flash the intruder shifted into cat form.Kellan saw the jewel-a ruby. His heart sank to the floor. He lunged out of the darkness but it was too late.
Ali had already shifted and the fight was on.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 8 Parties

"Come on, let me in".
Kellan stood in front of Rhys front door waiting for her to open it.
"I'll start howling if you don't open this door".
The door opened immediately. Rhys stood there with a scowl.
Kellan grinned.
"You were standing on the other side the whole time, weren't you"?
"Shut up and get in already".
He brushed past her touching her. She knew it was on purpose. Rhys pointed her finger at him.
"You don't think about trying anything, you understand"?
Kellan playfully held up his hands in surrender.
She almost laughed but supressed herself. "So, what's this little visit about"?
He glanced at her with a raised eyebrow.
"Maybe, I missed you".
Rhys folded in her arms in front of her as if it was some way of defending herself although she knew it was a poor one. Watching him just move around the room she was mesmerised.His strong arms showed through his shirt and his wide chest just barely showed some bare skin.
Rhys could imagine running her fingers along his bare chest. The heat that would run up her fingers from his very warm skin sent prickles through her.
She didn't realise that Kellan was now standing right in her front of her.
"Thinking of me"?
Her gold eyes looked up into his dark ones. Rhys looked real close. She could sense the wolf in there-pacing.
"Something happened-what is it"?
Kellan never moved a muscle. She got even closer to him. They were almost nose to nose.
"I can tell something happened. Even though you're healed now, you were in a fight."
A small grin appeared on his lips.
"Smart girl" he said.
His lips brushed up against hers.Rhys instantly pulled back.
"Don't distract me darling. Tell me what happened."
Her nose wrinkled."You've been with a dog bitch".
Kellan snorted. "Well, I guess that could be one name for her".
Rhys crossed her arms clinching her fingers almost digging her nails into her arms.
"Relax, she's nothing to me" Kellan said. He pulled apart her arms and pulled her into his arms. "Don't worry about her, love, I can handle her".
His strong masculine alpha scent went through her. For a were cat she shouldn't admit it but she liked it.
"You're not telling me everything. Is that the one you were having the fight with"?
"No, it wasn't. I was..." He didn't finish.
Rhys quickly took a tighter hold of Kellan and let her claws dig into his back a bit making him flinch.
"Where you fighting with another alpha over her"?
"Believe me, love, the bitch isn't worth it. She's pure evil".
"Then what are you doing with her"?
"I wanted information but should have known she would never give up what she is really up to."
Rhys looked into Kellan's face carefully. "Is she, like you out to kill the Diamond were cat"?
He shrugged. "I don't know but I hope to find this were cat first."
Rhys almost grinned.
"Why is that"?
"It's personnel-nothing against you little jewel kitten." He smiled.
"Now, what was I going to do before? Oh yeah". Kellan was quick. He kissed her before she could  catch breath.
He lit a fire in her as his hands slid up her back and back down working his fingers underneath to her bare skin. His very warm fingers almost burned her skin.
She moaned.His hand slipped up her back crushing her up against his body.
"Take me upstairs Rhys. We both want this."
Rhys couldn't think straight. Did she realise she was in her killers arms? This wolf wanted her dead.
"We can't".
"Yes, we can". Kellan lifted her up and went up stairs. He found her room and laid her on the bed. He looked down into those gold eyes that were begging for his touch. He kissed her sending her body in an arch to touch his body.
His body came down on top crushing the two of them together. Rhys wrapped her legs around him keeping him securely against her.
Rhys stopped and held her hand against his chest.
"You're still hiding something " she breathed out.
"Nothing" he whispered as his fingers pulled up her top and like a pro unhooked her bra.
Kellan pulled off her top and bra. His lips fell on one nipple while his hand cupped her other breast.
"Tell me" she said through raspy breaths.
"We'll talk later, kitten. Enjoy this-this is far more exciting".
Rhys tugged at his shirt. Between the two for them, they got it off and now their bare skin could finally touch.
Her nipples tingled  against his very warm skin. His hot tongue slid down to her breast which was so wet and hot that she couldn't believe this sensation that she was feeling with him. There was nothing like it.
Kellan pulled and teased at her nipple almost nipping her making her lift her body up to him for more.
When he got down to her jeans, he undid her snap with his teeth.
Her zipper came apart slowly with a trail of kisses to her panties. She couldn't wait to be rid of her jeans.
Kellan only pulled them down slightly. Her lace panties showed him what he desired. With his finger  he tugged at the lace exposing her to him.
 He only parted her lips slightly and flicked his tongue into her growing wet spot.
Rhys was dizzy with desire. She dug her nails into the bed almost ripping the bedding.
She had to be crazy to be here with him like this but it now it was too late. Rhys couldn't stop now.
She wreathed underneath him wanting her jeans off. He obliged pulling them off. Now all she had on was her black lace panties.
Kellan was working on those. His hand reached under neath and cupped her, holding her.
Rhys got his jeans undone and pulled them down to his knees on the bed. She just got her fingers underneath the band of his underwear when a loud crashing sound came barging into the room.
Two black/grey wolves with ears bent back and sharp teeth bared at them.
Kellan instantly threw Rhys on the bed with his body over top.
His eyes went pure silver as he glared at them. Rhys thought he was going to shift.
The two wolves backed up. They waited for him.
"What the hell do they want and why did they just crash through my bedroom window"?
In a rough voice Kellan replied, "It seems I'm late for a party".

Friday, 18 January 2013

DIAMOND-Part 7 Agendas

The click of her spikes on the cement came at them with avenging purpose.
"So, this is what you two do in your spare time"? By her tone her question was meant to be venom.
Both Kellan and Thor were sitting bloodied on the sidewalk, they were both panting like spent alphas.
Ali's long lean kick ass legs stood defiant in front of them. Her cold gold eyes peered down at them with disgust.
 Dark red lip stick lips formed a sneer.
"Get up, you fools. I have plans today that involve you two." She tapped her foot impatiently.
"Get up" she shouted.
Thor sneered back at her. "Yes, your majesty."
Ali threw him a warning glance.
Kellan got up, never taking his eyes off of her. He didn't trust Ali. In fact he was quite sure this bitch never ever told the truth in her life. He was pretty sure she was the backstabbing kind-literally.
Thor wiped his bloodied mouth.
"What have you planned today, our wicked queen".
Ali never gave him the time of day. Her wolf eyes were on Kellan.
"What are you doing with that were cat"?
Kellan just smirked. "Having a good fuck".
Thor chuckled.
Ali looked at both of them.
"You two will learn to obey" Both Kellan and Thor dropped to their knees holding their heads.
"Now, that's more like it. I like having my pups at my feet".
Thor growled at her.
"Now, now, my dear, no need to get all alpha on me". Her attention turned back to Kellan. He was now standing in front of her-face to face.
"I'm going to ask you again. What are you doing with the were cat"?
Kellan stared into her gold eyes that danced with danger.
"You can fuck yourself right to Hell, you alpha bitch. I'm not doing your bidding. As for the were cat, that's my business what I'm doing with her."
Ali smiled up at him giving him her hard sharp features a soft innocent look.
"You know, my feelings are hurt now. I was going to invite you and your little friend to a little party".
Thor snorted. Kellan knew without Thor's crass response that Ali was just goading him.
"Why would I bring her to one of your little parties? I'm not stupid."
Kellan shook his head. "I'm done with both of you".
He turned to walk away when Ali in a blur blocked his way. Kellon looked down at her. Her innocent mask from before dissolved back to sharp teeth being bared in his face. Her wolf eyes narrowed.
"You have no choice. You know our business so I think it's only fair that I know your business. So, what's with the were cat"?
"Yeah, why don't you tell us, we might as well know one of your fetishes." Thor was right behind Kellan now. He was sandwiched in between them and he had a feeling he was not going to be let go unless he told them something. It didn't mean that the something had to be the truth though.
"I like her spirit. And like Thor suggested, I do have a bit of a kitten fetish." He smirked at Ali. "I like the way she sinks her claws in".
Ali rolled her eyes. "You're a pig."
Thor came up beside him and slapped him on the shoulder. "I have nothing against fetishes buddy but I would be careful with the were cat. You could end up getting something from it".
Kellan gritted his teeth.
"Yeah, right, as if you're to talk".
Thor held up his hands. "Hey, I've never been with a cat my friend. I don't mix the species up. Not my thing. You should find yourself a mate-a wolf mate."
Ali never took her eyes off Kellan. It was as if she was observing his reaction to Thor's little speech. Ali tilted her head slightly at him.
"If this were cat is nothing but a fetish, then you can drop her, be with your own kind. Come to my little party and I'll introduce you to some more suitable company."
Kellan snorted. "I don't need you finding me a mate. I can do that on my own".
Ali laughed in his face. "Oh yeah, you're doing such a good job of that, aren't you"?
Her sarcasm was bitter.
"Like Thor said, you're not even with the right species. I"ll expect you tonight at the club around 8:00."
With that she whirled around and left.
Thor looked over at Kellan. "Well, you heard her. You've been summoned so you better show up or else she'll send her pack after you".
"Why should I give that bitch the time of day and furthermore why are you giving her the time of day? That I wouldn't mind hearing the answer to because there is a reason you're taking all this shit from her."
Thor's mouth tensed. "Maybe I have an agenda" Thor said defensively.
Kellan laughed. "Well that would be true as you usually don't do anything without one. But let's face it you're nothing but an obedient pup to her".
Thor growled ready to have another fight.
"You better be there tonight" he said through gritted teeth. "Because  you know she will make an example out of you in front of everyone and it won't be pretty".
Kellan knew he made a mistake that night going to meet them. He was a fool to believe that he would get anything out of them about any agenda that they had going.
Kellan slapped Thor on the back. "Well, I guess I'm going to a party tonight".
 Thor grinned. "I knew you would see it my way".
Kellan had to play things different. If he was going to find out what the she devil and Thor was really after he would have to play their game for a bit.
In the meantime he would go spend some more time with Rhys. He had another agenda planned for her.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 6 Motives

"That's interesting".
Thor who was annoyed with Ali threw her a glance that he hoped would shut her up.
Ali ignored him.
"Well" she sniffed. "If you could think through that thick skull of yours, you would be asking questions as to what he is doing with a were cat."
Thor smirked. "Maybe he has a kitten fetish"
Ali rolled her eyes. "Yeah, that's what you would think". Her tone was sarcastic and burned with acid. Thor lost his smugness and frowned at her. He always asked himself  why he did dealings with her. Every time he said that this was going to be the last time he would do  business with Ali-she would draw him into another plan of hers.
"Okay, so what do you think they're doing, besides what we saw"?
Ali cupped Thor's chin with her fingers that sported bright red lacquered  claws. "That is going to be up to you to find what is going on". She ran her nail down  the stubble of his chin.
"And believe me, my darling, there's something going on".
Ali clicked her tongue. "So be a good boy and find out -we need to know now".
"Kaden won't confine in me" he said in a factual tone.
"Then trick him". She waved her hand in the air at Thor as if he was nothing but a fly.
"Use what black magic you have darling". She whirled around to leave but before she disappeared she narrowed her gold eyes at Thor. "Set up another meeting while you're at it and be nice-say he can bring her, you know, just to show that we're sociable". Ali chuckled to herself.
Thor just snorted.
"Yeah, I'll invite them to our tea party".
Rhys didn't trust Kaden and yet she locked lips with him anyway. Even worse, he was standing in her kitchen right this minute. He was a wolf for God's sake!
Kaden watched Rhys rip open a lid to some double chocolate chip ice cream. She grabbed two bowls and started stabbing into the ice cream like she was using a knife. He watched her plop the heaping tablespoons of ice cream into the bowls with such a force that he thought the bowls would break.
"Do you always have ice cream for lunch"?
She didn't respond and continued her assault on the ice cream and the bowls.  Kaden grabbed the hand  that was holding her weapon of choice-the spoon.
They locked eyes.
"What are you doing" he asked her in a calm voice.
"Making lunch, what does it look like". She wiggled her nose at him.
"Interesting lunch menu and do you always do it so aggressively"?
Rhys gritted her teeth and ripped her hand out of his grasp. She shoved the bowl of ice cream across the counter. "Enjoy" she smirked at him.
Kaden watched her scowl into her ice cream. He filled his teaspoon and held it up to her. "Would you like to try mine"?
She looked at his spoon and opened her mouth. Rhys waited to see what he would do.
Kaden lifted the spoon to her mouth then snatched it away and put it in his own mouth.
"Bastard" she said.
"If you want my ice cream I could put some on my chest and you could lick the cream as it melts. You love to lick your cream". He was being very sexy and a smart ass at the same time.
She raised an eyebrow at him. "Do you fantasise me doing that"? Rhys tried to hide a grin but was unsuccessful.
"Would you like to hear my fantasies kitten"? His silver greys were seducing her.
She chuckled. "You would love that wouldn't you pup"?
Kaden just smiled. "So would you, kitten." He opened his shirt and scooped up some ice cream. Rhys mouth fell open as he watched her watch him. She grabbed his hand before any ice cream touched his hot skin.
"You don't get any lunch now and you have to go". Her face was flushed and she could feel the heat in her cheeks.
"Kiss me and I'll leave, if you don't I'll take the ice cream and you upstairs."
She stared at him in disbelief and narrowed her gaze at him. "You wouldn't".
"Try me and I know you would like nothing better than to try me". He was grinning and his silver greys were full of mischief.
"If I kiss you, you have to behave and leave."
He was grinning from ear to ear. He shrugged. "Kiss me and see what happens. Come on, you're a risk taker".
Before he could think she grabbed his shirt and pulled him toward her. She kissed him but didn't catch him by surprise. She wanted to pull away but she wanted more of his taste. She could taste the cold chocolate and the heat  from him at the same time. Rhys just wanted more of it.
Kaden crawled over the counter to Rhys and took her in his arms. She was getting carried away now as she wrapped her legs around him.
Kaden held her firmly against him and started for the stairs. When Rhys realised where they were going she dropped her legs and pulled him toward the door.
"Out you go" she said in a breathless tone. She knew her cheeks were a fiery red.
"Oh come on, you've lit this fuse, you can't put it out and you know it".
She stood up straight. "Out you go" she said with a firm voice. Rhys marched to the door and opened the door.
Kaden smirked and held up his hands in surrender. "I'll go baby but you and I will have our time".
He brushed past her and on his way out brushed his lips against hers. She reacted with a moan but managed to pull herself away and pushed him out.
Kaden touched his lips. Her taste was still with him as he walked up the street.
"What, you didn't perform and she kicked you out"?
Kaden didn't respond to Thor"s rude comment. He could hear him coming up behind him.
"What do you want"?
"Hey buddy is that any way to treat an old friend"?
"First of all you and I are neither buddies or old friends and you never answered me".
"Let me buy you a beer and we'll talk."
"No thanks Thor, I have things to do, see ya". Kaden went ahead of him leaving him but not before Thor's voice stopped him from going on.
"Ali wants you and you're little kitten friend to come to a meeting tonight."
"How does Ali know about..."
Thor chuckled and shook his head. "When you two make out  on the street, it's no secret".
"Why does she want her there"?
Thor just shrugged. "I don't know, maybe she just wants all to have a little kitten fun".
Kaden flew at him.