Friday, 18 January 2013

DIAMOND-Part 7 Agendas

The click of her spikes on the cement came at them with avenging purpose.
"So, this is what you two do in your spare time"? By her tone her question was meant to be venom.
Both Kellan and Thor were sitting bloodied on the sidewalk, they were both panting like spent alphas.
Ali's long lean kick ass legs stood defiant in front of them. Her cold gold eyes peered down at them with disgust.
 Dark red lip stick lips formed a sneer.
"Get up, you fools. I have plans today that involve you two." She tapped her foot impatiently.
"Get up" she shouted.
Thor sneered back at her. "Yes, your majesty."
Ali threw him a warning glance.
Kellan got up, never taking his eyes off of her. He didn't trust Ali. In fact he was quite sure this bitch never ever told the truth in her life. He was pretty sure she was the backstabbing kind-literally.
Thor wiped his bloodied mouth.
"What have you planned today, our wicked queen".
Ali never gave him the time of day. Her wolf eyes were on Kellan.
"What are you doing with that were cat"?
Kellan just smirked. "Having a good fuck".
Thor chuckled.
Ali looked at both of them.
"You two will learn to obey" Both Kellan and Thor dropped to their knees holding their heads.
"Now, that's more like it. I like having my pups at my feet".
Thor growled at her.
"Now, now, my dear, no need to get all alpha on me". Her attention turned back to Kellan. He was now standing in front of her-face to face.
"I'm going to ask you again. What are you doing with the were cat"?
Kellan stared into her gold eyes that danced with danger.
"You can fuck yourself right to Hell, you alpha bitch. I'm not doing your bidding. As for the were cat, that's my business what I'm doing with her."
Ali smiled up at him giving him her hard sharp features a soft innocent look.
"You know, my feelings are hurt now. I was going to invite you and your little friend to a little party".
Thor snorted. Kellan knew without Thor's crass response that Ali was just goading him.
"Why would I bring her to one of your little parties? I'm not stupid."
Kellan shook his head. "I'm done with both of you".
He turned to walk away when Ali in a blur blocked his way. Kellon looked down at her. Her innocent mask from before dissolved back to sharp teeth being bared in his face. Her wolf eyes narrowed.
"You have no choice. You know our business so I think it's only fair that I know your business. So, what's with the were cat"?
"Yeah, why don't you tell us, we might as well know one of your fetishes." Thor was right behind Kellan now. He was sandwiched in between them and he had a feeling he was not going to be let go unless he told them something. It didn't mean that the something had to be the truth though.
"I like her spirit. And like Thor suggested, I do have a bit of a kitten fetish." He smirked at Ali. "I like the way she sinks her claws in".
Ali rolled her eyes. "You're a pig."
Thor came up beside him and slapped him on the shoulder. "I have nothing against fetishes buddy but I would be careful with the were cat. You could end up getting something from it".
Kellan gritted his teeth.
"Yeah, right, as if you're to talk".
Thor held up his hands. "Hey, I've never been with a cat my friend. I don't mix the species up. Not my thing. You should find yourself a mate-a wolf mate."
Ali never took her eyes off Kellan. It was as if she was observing his reaction to Thor's little speech. Ali tilted her head slightly at him.
"If this were cat is nothing but a fetish, then you can drop her, be with your own kind. Come to my little party and I'll introduce you to some more suitable company."
Kellan snorted. "I don't need you finding me a mate. I can do that on my own".
Ali laughed in his face. "Oh yeah, you're doing such a good job of that, aren't you"?
Her sarcasm was bitter.
"Like Thor said, you're not even with the right species. I"ll expect you tonight at the club around 8:00."
With that she whirled around and left.
Thor looked over at Kellan. "Well, you heard her. You've been summoned so you better show up or else she'll send her pack after you".
"Why should I give that bitch the time of day and furthermore why are you giving her the time of day? That I wouldn't mind hearing the answer to because there is a reason you're taking all this shit from her."
Thor's mouth tensed. "Maybe I have an agenda" Thor said defensively.
Kellan laughed. "Well that would be true as you usually don't do anything without one. But let's face it you're nothing but an obedient pup to her".
Thor growled ready to have another fight.
"You better be there tonight" he said through gritted teeth. "Because  you know she will make an example out of you in front of everyone and it won't be pretty".
Kellan knew he made a mistake that night going to meet them. He was a fool to believe that he would get anything out of them about any agenda that they had going.
Kellan slapped Thor on the back. "Well, I guess I'm going to a party tonight".
 Thor grinned. "I knew you would see it my way".
Kellan had to play things different. If he was going to find out what the she devil and Thor was really after he would have to play their game for a bit.
In the meantime he would go spend some more time with Rhys. He had another agenda planned for her.

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