Thursday, 24 January 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 8 Parties

"Come on, let me in".
Kellan stood in front of Rhys front door waiting for her to open it.
"I'll start howling if you don't open this door".
The door opened immediately. Rhys stood there with a scowl.
Kellan grinned.
"You were standing on the other side the whole time, weren't you"?
"Shut up and get in already".
He brushed past her touching her. She knew it was on purpose. Rhys pointed her finger at him.
"You don't think about trying anything, you understand"?
Kellan playfully held up his hands in surrender.
She almost laughed but supressed herself. "So, what's this little visit about"?
He glanced at her with a raised eyebrow.
"Maybe, I missed you".
Rhys folded in her arms in front of her as if it was some way of defending herself although she knew it was a poor one. Watching him just move around the room she was mesmerised.His strong arms showed through his shirt and his wide chest just barely showed some bare skin.
Rhys could imagine running her fingers along his bare chest. The heat that would run up her fingers from his very warm skin sent prickles through her.
She didn't realise that Kellan was now standing right in her front of her.
"Thinking of me"?
Her gold eyes looked up into his dark ones. Rhys looked real close. She could sense the wolf in there-pacing.
"Something happened-what is it"?
Kellan never moved a muscle. She got even closer to him. They were almost nose to nose.
"I can tell something happened. Even though you're healed now, you were in a fight."
A small grin appeared on his lips.
"Smart girl" he said.
His lips brushed up against hers.Rhys instantly pulled back.
"Don't distract me darling. Tell me what happened."
Her nose wrinkled."You've been with a dog bitch".
Kellan snorted. "Well, I guess that could be one name for her".
Rhys crossed her arms clinching her fingers almost digging her nails into her arms.
"Relax, she's nothing to me" Kellan said. He pulled apart her arms and pulled her into his arms. "Don't worry about her, love, I can handle her".
His strong masculine alpha scent went through her. For a were cat she shouldn't admit it but she liked it.
"You're not telling me everything. Is that the one you were having the fight with"?
"No, it wasn't. I was..." He didn't finish.
Rhys quickly took a tighter hold of Kellan and let her claws dig into his back a bit making him flinch.
"Where you fighting with another alpha over her"?
"Believe me, love, the bitch isn't worth it. She's pure evil".
"Then what are you doing with her"?
"I wanted information but should have known she would never give up what she is really up to."
Rhys looked into Kellan's face carefully. "Is she, like you out to kill the Diamond were cat"?
He shrugged. "I don't know but I hope to find this were cat first."
Rhys almost grinned.
"Why is that"?
"It's personnel-nothing against you little jewel kitten." He smiled.
"Now, what was I going to do before? Oh yeah". Kellan was quick. He kissed her before she could  catch breath.
He lit a fire in her as his hands slid up her back and back down working his fingers underneath to her bare skin. His very warm fingers almost burned her skin.
She moaned.His hand slipped up her back crushing her up against his body.
"Take me upstairs Rhys. We both want this."
Rhys couldn't think straight. Did she realise she was in her killers arms? This wolf wanted her dead.
"We can't".
"Yes, we can". Kellan lifted her up and went up stairs. He found her room and laid her on the bed. He looked down into those gold eyes that were begging for his touch. He kissed her sending her body in an arch to touch his body.
His body came down on top crushing the two of them together. Rhys wrapped her legs around him keeping him securely against her.
Rhys stopped and held her hand against his chest.
"You're still hiding something " she breathed out.
"Nothing" he whispered as his fingers pulled up her top and like a pro unhooked her bra.
Kellan pulled off her top and bra. His lips fell on one nipple while his hand cupped her other breast.
"Tell me" she said through raspy breaths.
"We'll talk later, kitten. Enjoy this-this is far more exciting".
Rhys tugged at his shirt. Between the two for them, they got it off and now their bare skin could finally touch.
Her nipples tingled  against his very warm skin. His hot tongue slid down to her breast which was so wet and hot that she couldn't believe this sensation that she was feeling with him. There was nothing like it.
Kellan pulled and teased at her nipple almost nipping her making her lift her body up to him for more.
When he got down to her jeans, he undid her snap with his teeth.
Her zipper came apart slowly with a trail of kisses to her panties. She couldn't wait to be rid of her jeans.
Kellan only pulled them down slightly. Her lace panties showed him what he desired. With his finger  he tugged at the lace exposing her to him.
 He only parted her lips slightly and flicked his tongue into her growing wet spot.
Rhys was dizzy with desire. She dug her nails into the bed almost ripping the bedding.
She had to be crazy to be here with him like this but it now it was too late. Rhys couldn't stop now.
She wreathed underneath him wanting her jeans off. He obliged pulling them off. Now all she had on was her black lace panties.
Kellan was working on those. His hand reached under neath and cupped her, holding her.
Rhys got his jeans undone and pulled them down to his knees on the bed. She just got her fingers underneath the band of his underwear when a loud crashing sound came barging into the room.
Two black/grey wolves with ears bent back and sharp teeth bared at them.
Kellan instantly threw Rhys on the bed with his body over top.
His eyes went pure silver as he glared at them. Rhys thought he was going to shift.
The two wolves backed up. They waited for him.
"What the hell do they want and why did they just crash through my bedroom window"?
In a rough voice Kellan replied, "It seems I'm late for a party".

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