Thursday, 31 January 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 9-Uninvited Guest

Rhys blocked him.
"What party are you going to?"
Her body was hot and flushed. She just had two wolves crash through her bedroom window. Rhys had backed him up against her bedroom wall.
Kellan's chest heaved up and down. His own skin was fire.
He wanted nothing more than to finish what they had started.
"I have to go love, I'm sorry. But I promise to come back. We will finish what we started kitten. No amount of wolf attacks will take me away from you."
Rhys stepped back from him putting a cold silence between them.
"You never answered me".
Kellan sighed.
"It's a wolf party-given by Ali. She expects me to be there. They're waiting for me."
"What does she want with you?" Rhys fist tightened at her sides. At this moment she wanted to shift and tear Kellan to bits. Thoughts of killing him like she first planned flitted in her mind. She took a deep breath. She knew she couldn't do that. That would start a war-one she didn't need right now.
"Well, don't let me keep you from your little wolf party." Rhys went to turn her back on him but Kellan grabbed her and pulled her roughly into his arms.
"Don't think for one moment that I choose to go to this little party because believe me it is the last place that I want to be."
Rhys pushed her self out of his arms and gritted her teeth, narrowing her gaze at him. "Then don't go." She threw it at him like it was a dare.
Kellan grinned. "Oh kitten, I would stay if I knew it wouldn't endanger you but I have to go."
"I'm not afraid of any wolf, especially some bitch alpha" she snapped.
Kellan laughed. "Now, that would be something I would like to see, you ripping into Ali but kitten, you don't know the power she she has. She can do thing that other wolves can't do and that includes me."
Rhys sniffed in disgust. "Then get the hell out and just to be clear with you, you won't be back in my bed again-pup."
Kellan smirked. "That's what you think, Kitten."
Before she could hit him he was gone.
The two wolves were pacing outside Rhys house. Kellan walked past them without giving them the time of day. They both growled.
He stood outside the Red Rose Club. The smell of the two alpha packs was strong. No doubt there  were already some fights between Ali's pack and Thor's. He took a deep breath and went in.
Thor spied him already. His two escorts had shifted and joined their packs. He saw there was one from each pack. It was a wonder they didn't tear into each other.
"You made it my friend. I thought we were going to have to drag your sorry ass in here for a real beating."He laughed at what he thought was a joke.
Kellan grabbed a beer trying to ignore Thor but shaking him off was not going to happen, he knew that. Thor parked himself next to Kellan and grabbed a beer himself. He let Kellan stew in his silence for a while before turning his attention to him.
"Ali has plans that involve taking over territory, its rough territory but would give her the upper hand if she had control."
"Why don't you take the territory for yourself?" asked Kellan.
Thor smirked but didn't offer a reason.
Kellan picked up a vibe off Thor that smell of treachery. He didn't care; they could kill each other over it. He wasn't having any part of it. What he did want to know was what did Ali want with the Diamond were cat. He knew that by the reaction that she took when she saw him with Rhys. There was something going on.

"Well, it's nice to see my pups enjoying themselves." Neither Kellan nor Thor turned to acknowledge her.
"I poisoned your beers."
They both spit out their beers and turned to her ready to attack. Ali laughed at them.
"Stupid pups, you should give me the time of day when I speak."
Thor stood up and was about to challenge her when she held up her hand. It seemed to freeze him in his place. She smiled at Kellan. "You didn't bring your little kitten." She was taunting Kellan. Her blood red lips pouted."I would love to officially meet her;she looks like a real live spirit, one that I would like to be friends with."
Kellan almost choked. "You, friends with a a were cat? That's a joke."
She sniffed at him then sneered. But quickly smiled. "Oh, you're so mean. I can be nice you know."
Kellan raised an eyebrow at her. Ali just shrugged her shoulders.
She sighed like she was bored. "Before you two get alpha drunk tonight and start fucking all the female wolves here, I want you two to know that I'm planning on a takeover of the pack that controls the harbour area. In two days we strike, at midnight."
She narrowed her gaze at Kellan. "And that includes you love."
Before he could tell her to fuck off, she was gone. Thor and Kellan looked at each other. Thor scoffed at him.
"You will be fighting beside me, just in case you're wondering what side you're on." He walked off in a huff.
Kellan ran his fingers through his dark messed up hair. What had he got himself into? He didn't need to be in some war of territory that he wasn't interested in. He was only after information that night he met up with them-the night he first set his eyes on Rhys.
He didn't factor in someone like her into his life and of all things-a were cat. Not that he had any indifference's with the were cats. In fact he had a few friends that were were cats.  There was only one that angered him and that was the Diamond were cat.
He would kill her.
He downed what was left of his beer and decided to order a whiskey. This was going to be a long night.
The first burn of the whisky barely got down his throat when a commotion behind him turned his attention to the crowd.
Standing in the doorway was someone who was obvious a threat by the crowd's reaction. Ali was standing in front of the pack.
Kellan decided to investigate-from a distance. He tried to focus in on the uninvited guest.
"Well my dear, you're a brave one" said Ali.
The intruder said nothing.
"You come to take me on love"? Ali let out a low growl. "Cos love, you'll end up dead, you know that right?"
The intruder growled and hissed back. "Well lovey, we'll see about who ends up on the floor dead. Come get me alpha bitch."
In a flash the intruder shifted into cat form.Kellan saw the jewel-a ruby. His heart sank to the floor. He lunged out of the darkness but it was too late.
Ali had already shifted and the fight was on.

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