Thursday, 28 February 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 13 - Keeping Secrets

Rhys padded up to her house. She was now in a foul mood thanks to Thor. She didn't get done what she had set out to do.
Instead of going in she leaped up onto the veranda and then onto to the roof. There was a flat piece of roof that she sometimes liked to lay there and look over her territory. It served as a good spot to contemplate and tonight she had lots to think about.
She had just made a deal with the devil--Thor. She didn't trust him and she knew that he wouldn't trust her either so they were on even ground.
To  top it off she had another wolf--Kellan at her door step who had an agenda of his own. There was one thing that pestered her mind about Kellan. "Why did he want to kill the Diamond were cat? She didn't ever recall meeting him in her past or seeing him in these parts. He certainly didn't belong to the pack that Thor and Ali did. He seemed to be a loner.
Whatever secrets he carried only intrigued her more and that was dangerous.
Curiosity killed far more that the cat. All the same she wanted to know.
The smell of wolf flooded her--Kellan. Damn she forgot that he was going to come and check on her to see how she was doing. The truth be known the only thing injured was her ego but she could maybe use her sick kitty routine to get some answers out of him. She leaped down and shifted in front of her door.
"So, there you are."
Rhys whirled around. Silver grey eyes shimmered at her. "What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me?"
Kellan laughed. She loved his laugh; it made him playful and fun.
He went up to her and with the back of his fingers slipped her hair back seeing no wound. It had healed.
The smell of him was so intoxicating! She loved him being this close and cursed herself for feeling this way.
"It seems that you are completely healed, and so fast." He stayed close to her. Looking down at her he wanted to kiss her so bad and take her inside and get naked with her. How could this kitten stir feelings in him like this? He wanted to do nothing but protect her.
Rhys shoved him away. "As you can see I do heal well and don't need a babysitter."
"Where did you go kitten?"
She glared at him. "What?"
"You heard me, where did you go?"
Rhys narrowed her gaze at him. She got the feeling that this was some sort of trick question to catch her in a lie.
"It's none of your business. Why don't you tell me where you went?"
Kellan filled the gap between them almost crushing her body up against the door.
"Invite me in and we can share secrets."
Before she could shove him away his lips fell on her --hard.
They both groaned. "Open the damn door Rhys." The heat against her ear was all too consuming . With one swift movement she opened the door and they were well on their way up to her bedroom.
Kellan lifted her gently onto the bed and laid her down letting his eyes take all of her in. He was picturing her naked which was making him hot and he felt cock getting hard and hungry for her. Kellan wanted nothing more than to devour her.
Kellan leaped onto the bed and straddled her. Looking down he grinned. "I finally get to taste you."
He slowly undid her jeans and pulled them off. A red silky lace panty was all that separated him from what he wanted. But he didn't touch them. Kellan slid his fingers up her t-shirt and with her help, pulled it off. He undid her bra throwing it to the side.
Her nipples were taught as his tongue found them. He teased and sucked making her pull him down on top of him. She wrapped her legs around him tight. Rhys pulled at his shirt wanting to feel his skin against hers. Kellan obliged and gave her what she wanted.
His kisses were trails of fire on her skin and the intense heat of his touch was almost more than Rhys could take. She started pulling at his pants. With one swift movement he was now pant less and completely naked on top of her. His throbbing cock was pushing gently against her wetness.
She arched up her back wrapping tighter around him trying to push him deep inside. Kellan held back only penetrating her part way. He wanted her to scream his name.
Before he gave her what she longed for he slipped down and spread her legs exposing her wetness to him. He flicked his tongue making her grab onto the sheets almost ripping them. With his tongue he probed as deep as he could go almost burying his face  inside of her. Her scent and taste was devoured. She finally screamed his name.
He drove himself deep inside her. Rhys felt a tidal wave crash through her How could this lone wolf do this to her? It felt like they were both going o ignite.
Finally as his thrusts got more urgent as did her needs. She dug her claws in his back as they both released into a lost world of ecstasy. They screamed each others name as if cursing what they were doing to each other.
He laid on top of her kissing her deeply. After, she still held on to him burying her face into his neck breathing in his earthy wolf smell which she was sure now was on her skin.
 Rhys let herself be wrapped up in his arms protectively and heard him whisper-mine.

Outside of Rhys house across the street where spying eyes. Smoke grey eyes narrowed and growled. The wolf's large paws pushed it's self away and padded down the street.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 12-Keeping Enemies Close

"I'm sure she would love to see you."
Rhys bent her ears back and showed her sharp teeth.
Thor rolled his eyes. "Come on now Kit, you're in wolf territory. I wouldn't be greeting me with your cute little ears bent back." He chuckled. "Although, I do like the fire in your eyes."
Thor sauntered over and in one silent leap was beside her-a mere five from her. She hissed and showed her claws that warned him of the venom.
He tilted his head at her. "Interesting-those claws of yours. They possess some potent poison. It seems you have more bite than other jewel cats. Why don't you entertain me and tell me about those pretty little claws of yours."
Rhys could easily leap away but then he would shift and she didn't have to be told that Thor was a strong wolf. He would give her a good chase.
Instead she relaxed her ears and put away the claws. Rhys had to treat this enemy with care. Thor seemed to relax as well letting his guard down-a little.
They both never took their eyes off one another.
He smiled. "You're not going to shift are you?" Rhys could almost detect amusement in his voice and face. "I wouldn't either kit. You're probably quite fast but you know I'm just as fast. Running wouldn't be wise but you're a smart little kitty, you know that too."
Thor kneeled down and rested on his haunches coming into the same eye level as her. His silver eyes shimmered showing a danger that wasn't to be challenged. Rhys backed up slightly giving him the edge she knew but maybe that would give her the upper hand.
Thor was still smiling. "Are you scared of me?" Being scared of him seemed appealing to him and Rhys knew that he would like nothing but to feel fear from her.
She wasn't about to do that. So she shifted. They both stood tall in front of one another-almost challenging.
"Now, are you going to tell me what you were doing here?" He held up his hand to stop Rhys from offering and answer.
"I think I know why you are here. You want to finish the job." His tone of voice was strange and instantly put Rhys on alert.
 Rhys smirked. "You would like that wouldn't you? Ali would be out of your way then and you wouldn't have to do the deed."
She watched his face turn from a smile to a grin. "Who said I wanted her dead kit?"
Rhys shrugged. "Just hunches since you don't like her...or do you?" Before he could retort back she added. "You're probably one of those alphas that like to be bitch whipped."
She was ready to shift and fly through the air. His body went stiff and his face grew hard and dark but then quickly shook himself and gained control.
He looked at her and grinned. "I could make the same observation about you. Kellan must serve some pup fetish that you have. Maybe you like a good wolf fuck."
Her insides jerked. This conversation was going to end now.
Rhys sneered at him. "I'm not going to discuss my fetishes with you. I was just here to watch her die as I do like to watch some of you alphas depart." She smiled at him and he frowned.
"That's too bad kit because I think you would be disappointed, the healers have almost healed her."
She was careful not to show any emotion. He was lying and they both knew it. Rhys giggled at him making him chuckle.
"I didn't know that bit of news would be funny."
"You're a piss poor liar dear. Ali is not going to get better with those healers. They can do nothing but watch her die. I would almost bet my last dollar. That is why you're here-to watch her die. That would make your day wouldn't it?"
She could feel the shift in him stirring and she was ready for the chase. His silver eyes were storm clouds brewing. To piss him off more she tilted her head at him.
"You want to chase me don't you?"
The tension between them was thick and volatile.
With a blink she shifted and flung herself into the air and was free falling into the ground. She hit the ground on her four paws with a hard thud but didn't stop. She tore at the ground to make space between her and Thor.
She was almost out of their territory when a hard thud hit her on the back sending her hard to the ground. She was pinned and the air was knocked out of her lungs. It was hard to breathe.
A hot breath was on her ear and out the corner of her eye she could see sharp teeth. She twisted herself trying to get him to lose his balance but he was strong. She would have to dig in and use every ounce of her power to throw him.
With one swift move she lifted herself off the ground with him on top and rolled. She was now on top of him. She shifted with a silver blade in her hand. The handle glittered with a diamond.
Thor shifted to face her. His chest was heaving up and down. He smirked.
"Damn kit, you can move. No wonder Kellan is in heat for you. You must light those bed sheets on fire."
Rhys held the blade to his throat. "Who said that Kellan was in my bed?"
Under the pressure and burn of the silver blade he let out a gargled laugh.
"Why else would you be with him?"
She smiled down at him. "Like you dear, I like to keep my enemies close."
Rhys pressed the silver blade against his throat breaking skin. The burn of the silver made his face tight.
"You don't know it but you and I have a similar agenda. There are things that we both want and we also know that we can't work together so why don't we just give each other space?" She watched his eyes before she continued.
"Of course, I know that if either one of us gets in the way..."
 She took the blade away from his throat. He didn't move. The blood from his throat trickled down. Silver eyes laughed at her.
"You know kit, I like you. We are a lot a like. I'll give you space but like you said...if one of us gets in the way."
She narrowed her gaze at him. "Then we have a little deal?"
"We do kit. It ought to be an interesting ride. One I look forward to."
She shifted and leaped off of his chest.
Thor sat up. His hand went to his throat. He started to laugh. He said out loud to himself, "I don't know kit but the blade with the diamond handle? Where did you get that? Those are answers only you can give me and indeed I do like to keep my enemies close by. You've just became one of the most important ones."

Thursday, 14 February 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 11-Careful Planning

Rhys was still as a bunny when Kellan came back into the room. Her wound on her head was healing fast-maybe a little too fast. Being the Diamond were cat, wounds like this healed fast. It was a apart of who she was.
She half opened her eyes when he knelt down beside her. He gently brushed the hair away from her wound.
"Are you better?" his silver eyes looked down at her with such concern. It was enough to throw her off at times and trust him. How could she trust someone who wanted her dead?
"Yeah, I'm better" she said.
Kellan kissed her forehead. The scent of the wolf washed over her making her cat senses ruffle.
"Who was at the door?" He hadn't said anything and wondered if he was going to.
"You heard the door bell? I thought you were out cold."
Rhys smiled. "My senses are never out cold, dear."
He nodded. "Yeah, I guess I should know that when it comes to you. That was Thor. It appears that you did some serious damage to Ali. The healers have not seen this kind of venom since..." Rhys waited for him to say the word but it never came out.
She smirked. "Well, I guess my claws are worse than her bark."
Kellan chuckled.
"For a jewel kitten, you seem to have more clout than the average jewel cat. What's up with that?"
So, this was how he was going to get around it by asking questions that seemed innocent. Well, she was on to him.
"Some of us common folk were cats as you like to put it do have a bit more venom in our claws just because that is how some of us are made. But most of us don't. I only seem to have more venom at times by how angry I am at something or  in this case that alpha bitch Ali."
He just looked at her. "I never heard that before." The tone in his voice sounded like he didn't believe her.
She took a deep breath. "You don't believe me? How long have you ever hung out with us were cats?"
"Hey, I have some were cat friends you know and none of them have that kind of claw venom in them."
"Then they are one of the weak ones, I guess."
He snorted. "They are not one  of the "weak ones" as you put it. They can fight just as well as any wolf."
Rhys had had enough of this conversation. "Why don't you get me something to eat? After kicking Ali's ass, I'm a bit hungry."
He chuckled. "No problem, I'll fix you up something."
He went into the kitchen and was out of her site. She sat up and had to think of what had to be done to avert this Diamond were cat attention on her. She had to put the picture back into their little wolf heads that she was a common jewel cat.
The first thing she had to do was silence those healers. They were stirring a lot of questions. Tonight she would do some head shaking with the healers. After she got through with them, there would be no more talk about her and any Diamond were cat connections.
Kellan came back into the room with a sandwich and soup.
They ate lunch together. He was keeping his eye on her for any clues.
"Why don't you ask me more questions? They're buzzing in your head like flies."
He frowned at her. "How do you know I have a ton of questions? Maybe I only really have one."
Rhys sighed. "Okay, what is your one question that needs a burning answer?"
"Why did you do that-fight Ali? Where you jealous" he asked.
Rhys just about spit out her soup and dropped her spoon. She narrowed her eyes at him.
"First of all, that is two questions and second, I'm not the jealous type, okay?"
"Then why did you do it?"
"I hate Ali and she needs to be put down." She stared into her soup.
"I think you were jealous and you were worried about me." He was grinning at her and she wanted to wipe that grin off that smug face of his.
They ate the rest of their lunch in silence.
Before he took the dishes away he looked at her. "You are going to sleep for the rest of the day. I don't need you going out and taking on any more female alphas that you think might want me." He couldn't hide his grin.
She threw a pillow at him almost knocking the dishes out of his hand.


As it turned out she did take a little nap. He didn't know it but it was just a power nap to get what job she had to do tonight.
Kellan had told her he was going out for a while and would be back late to check on her. That would give her enough time to go out and do the deed.

She shifted into her were cat form. The clear Diamond on her collar shone with power. The jewel shimmered and turned to a ruby. She was set to go out.
Rhys didn't know where Ali was but all she had to do was go to one of the hangouts and she would soon be led.
An old pub that she knew near the peer was a favourite alpha hangout. She didn't have to wait long when she saw one of the wolves come out in their wolf form. It wasn't unusual for that to happen. The patrons were so drunk that seeing a giant wolf would be just a sign of too much whiskey.
She recognised the pale grey wolf as one of Ali's pack so she followed it.
Keeping a safe distance she watched the grey wolf go into an apartment building that Rhys didn't think was being used anymore by humans. As she got closer by the strong stench of wolf she knew who used it now.
Ali was in there and probably those healers as well.
Just  as she was going to leap onto the lower roof top a voice froze her.
"Going to pay her a visit,are we?"
She whirled around and standing there was Thor.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 10 War Zones

It was like the world was being ripped apart. Kellan couldn't tell by the fur flying who was who. He stood there in a panic wondering if he should shift or not.
Thor came rushing up to him. "What the hell is going on?"
Before Kellan could answer one of the other wolves spoke up. "A were cat came in here challenging Ali."
Thor threw a dirty look at Kellan. "Is that your kitten out there?"
Kellan sighed. "I think so."
Thor did something unexpected. "Well then, we better get her out of here, buddy."
Kellan shot him a distrustful look. "Why would you help me or my were cat..." Kellan didn't finish as he just heard himself call her "his" were cat.
Thor grinned and then laughed. "Let's shift and we'll talk later."
Both Thor and Kellan shifted and threw themselves into the war zone. Both Ali and Rhys were giving it their all. Ali had a huge gash on her left flank and Rhys had a gash across the right side of her face.
Ali now had Rhys pinned down and was ready to tear out her throat when Thor knocked her off. Kellan hit Rhys hard sending her across the floor near the open door.
Rhys flew to her feet and bared her teeth at Kellan. The ruby jewel shone like a bright light almost hurting Kellan's wolf eyes.
He growled back at her and before she could leap at him he grabbed her by the jewel collar and dragged her out of the club.
Behind them Kellan could hear Ali screaming at Thor. It sounded like she was going to rip his head off.
Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea he thought because whatever reason Thor had in helping him now would cost him.
Both Thor and Rhys shifted. Rhys stood there with blood running down her face. Kellan instantly flew to her and took off his t-shirt giving it to her. She didn't argue with him.
She held the shirt up to her face. The swelling was already taking place.
"We have to get you stitched up. That slash won't heal on its own like that."
She knew he was right so she led him to her SUV. He got her in and in an instant was in the driver's seat throwing it into gear and driving off.
When they got back to Rhys place he got her set up on the couch with an ice pack and some pain killers. The bruising now was coming out.
They had to make up some "accident story" at the hospital and with a little compulsion they didn't ask any more questions. They gave him another shirt to wear along with his bloodied one in a bag.
"What the hell where you thinking Rhys in coming to the club and challenging Ali like that? She could have killed you."
Rhys hissed at him. "What makes you think I wouldn't have killed her?"
"Because the last time I looked, Ali was on top of you ready to rip out your throat."
Rhys muttered something that Kellan didn't pick up and it was probably for the best.
He was so pissed at her for what she did.
He needed a drink. Kellan went to her cupboard grabbing a bottle of whiskey. He poured himself a glass. It was an expensive kind so it would burn and hit the spot at the same time.
Behind him she made a small wimper. He looked at her from the corner of his eye. She was giving him that innocent kitten look to get his sympathy. Kellan could feel it was a part of her game. He picked up his glass and sauntered over to her.
He was waiting for what she had to say for herself.
Her voice was small and quiet but he heard every word she said.
"I'm sorry for what I did. Sometimes I act without thinking."
Kellan smirked. "You think?"
Her eyes narrowed.
"Sorry kitten."
"I know I have probably made you're little alpha bitch mad."
Kellan almost spit out his whisky. "Kitten, you have more than made Ali mad, she will declare war on you and want revenge."
Rhys sniffed. "Well, I'll be waiting for the alpha bitch and next time I'll make sure you will be digging a hole for the bitch."
A cold chill went through Kellan. There was something about Rhys that told him she meant it.
"Well, let's try and get you healed up before you take up battle with her." Although Kellan knew Ali would strike while Rhys was injured. He also remembered the gash Ali  sported on her flank. That would leave her vulerable.
This whole attack could leave possibilities open especially for one certain wolf- Thor. He helped him today for a reason. He knew Thor all too well. That wolf lived by an agenda.
Rhys had lied back on the couch and closed her eyes. Kellan never took his eyes off of her as if she might try and get away and into more trouble.
Her hand fell over to him and pulled him towards her. She then grabbed his shirt that smelled like the hospital and pulled him onto the couch. Kellan took her and wrapped her up in his arms.
He kissed the top of her head. She lifted her head up and looked at him with half closed eyes. The right eye was almost swollen shut with purple bruises taking on sheen.
She kissed him and then flinched as she touched Kellan with her injured side. He pulled her head down on his chest. Rhys let out a sigh and he felt her body relax and finally fall into a sleep.
Kellan rested his head on the pillow and closed his eyes. He let the whisky do its thing and let it put him into a relaxed mode.
The sound of a knock at the door made Kellan open one eye. Then another knock came followed by the doorbell. Rhys didn't stir.
Who was at her door?
Kellan very carefully lifted Rhys up and placed her back on the couch. The doorbell rang again. The hair on the back of Kellan's neck rose.
Kellan wondered who was on the other side. He looked over at Rhys sleeping. She looked so fragile laying there.
Then he heard a voice. He was relieved a bit as it was Thor.
When he opened the door Kellan smirked at him. Thor sported a nice small gash across his left eye.
"What? Did she get the better of you in the condition she was in?"
"Shut the fuck up, we have problems because of their little bitch fight."
Kellan sneered at him. "What problems, they had a fight, there's fights all the time."
"Well your little kitten did some serious  damage to Ali after all. It seems that little kitten of yours has venom in those claws of hers. She's poisoned Ali and one of the healers is with her now. They have not seen this kind of venom for a long time."
Kellan was listening intensely. Thor pulled him out of the door way to the outside.
"Why is that? No ordinary jewel cat could do that. What is it about your kitten that is different because the only explanations they can think of is she had some sort of Diamond were cat power. If that's the case you have yourself quite a prize there."
Kellan froze and looked back into the house and then back at Thor. "I don't know but I will make it my business to find out."
Back on the couch Rhys's ears had perked. She had heard every word they said.