Thursday, 14 February 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 11-Careful Planning

Rhys was still as a bunny when Kellan came back into the room. Her wound on her head was healing fast-maybe a little too fast. Being the Diamond were cat, wounds like this healed fast. It was a apart of who she was.
She half opened her eyes when he knelt down beside her. He gently brushed the hair away from her wound.
"Are you better?" his silver eyes looked down at her with such concern. It was enough to throw her off at times and trust him. How could she trust someone who wanted her dead?
"Yeah, I'm better" she said.
Kellan kissed her forehead. The scent of the wolf washed over her making her cat senses ruffle.
"Who was at the door?" He hadn't said anything and wondered if he was going to.
"You heard the door bell? I thought you were out cold."
Rhys smiled. "My senses are never out cold, dear."
He nodded. "Yeah, I guess I should know that when it comes to you. That was Thor. It appears that you did some serious damage to Ali. The healers have not seen this kind of venom since..." Rhys waited for him to say the word but it never came out.
She smirked. "Well, I guess my claws are worse than her bark."
Kellan chuckled.
"For a jewel kitten, you seem to have more clout than the average jewel cat. What's up with that?"
So, this was how he was going to get around it by asking questions that seemed innocent. Well, she was on to him.
"Some of us common folk were cats as you like to put it do have a bit more venom in our claws just because that is how some of us are made. But most of us don't. I only seem to have more venom at times by how angry I am at something or  in this case that alpha bitch Ali."
He just looked at her. "I never heard that before." The tone in his voice sounded like he didn't believe her.
She took a deep breath. "You don't believe me? How long have you ever hung out with us were cats?"
"Hey, I have some were cat friends you know and none of them have that kind of claw venom in them."
"Then they are one of the weak ones, I guess."
He snorted. "They are not one  of the "weak ones" as you put it. They can fight just as well as any wolf."
Rhys had had enough of this conversation. "Why don't you get me something to eat? After kicking Ali's ass, I'm a bit hungry."
He chuckled. "No problem, I'll fix you up something."
He went into the kitchen and was out of her site. She sat up and had to think of what had to be done to avert this Diamond were cat attention on her. She had to put the picture back into their little wolf heads that she was a common jewel cat.
The first thing she had to do was silence those healers. They were stirring a lot of questions. Tonight she would do some head shaking with the healers. After she got through with them, there would be no more talk about her and any Diamond were cat connections.
Kellan came back into the room with a sandwich and soup.
They ate lunch together. He was keeping his eye on her for any clues.
"Why don't you ask me more questions? They're buzzing in your head like flies."
He frowned at her. "How do you know I have a ton of questions? Maybe I only really have one."
Rhys sighed. "Okay, what is your one question that needs a burning answer?"
"Why did you do that-fight Ali? Where you jealous" he asked.
Rhys just about spit out her soup and dropped her spoon. She narrowed her eyes at him.
"First of all, that is two questions and second, I'm not the jealous type, okay?"
"Then why did you do it?"
"I hate Ali and she needs to be put down." She stared into her soup.
"I think you were jealous and you were worried about me." He was grinning at her and she wanted to wipe that grin off that smug face of his.
They ate the rest of their lunch in silence.
Before he took the dishes away he looked at her. "You are going to sleep for the rest of the day. I don't need you going out and taking on any more female alphas that you think might want me." He couldn't hide his grin.
She threw a pillow at him almost knocking the dishes out of his hand.


As it turned out she did take a little nap. He didn't know it but it was just a power nap to get what job she had to do tonight.
Kellan had told her he was going out for a while and would be back late to check on her. That would give her enough time to go out and do the deed.

She shifted into her were cat form. The clear Diamond on her collar shone with power. The jewel shimmered and turned to a ruby. She was set to go out.
Rhys didn't know where Ali was but all she had to do was go to one of the hangouts and she would soon be led.
An old pub that she knew near the peer was a favourite alpha hangout. She didn't have to wait long when she saw one of the wolves come out in their wolf form. It wasn't unusual for that to happen. The patrons were so drunk that seeing a giant wolf would be just a sign of too much whiskey.
She recognised the pale grey wolf as one of Ali's pack so she followed it.
Keeping a safe distance she watched the grey wolf go into an apartment building that Rhys didn't think was being used anymore by humans. As she got closer by the strong stench of wolf she knew who used it now.
Ali was in there and probably those healers as well.
Just  as she was going to leap onto the lower roof top a voice froze her.
"Going to pay her a visit,are we?"
She whirled around and standing there was Thor.

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