Thursday, 21 February 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 12-Keeping Enemies Close

"I'm sure she would love to see you."
Rhys bent her ears back and showed her sharp teeth.
Thor rolled his eyes. "Come on now Kit, you're in wolf territory. I wouldn't be greeting me with your cute little ears bent back." He chuckled. "Although, I do like the fire in your eyes."
Thor sauntered over and in one silent leap was beside her-a mere five from her. She hissed and showed her claws that warned him of the venom.
He tilted his head at her. "Interesting-those claws of yours. They possess some potent poison. It seems you have more bite than other jewel cats. Why don't you entertain me and tell me about those pretty little claws of yours."
Rhys could easily leap away but then he would shift and she didn't have to be told that Thor was a strong wolf. He would give her a good chase.
Instead she relaxed her ears and put away the claws. Rhys had to treat this enemy with care. Thor seemed to relax as well letting his guard down-a little.
They both never took their eyes off one another.
He smiled. "You're not going to shift are you?" Rhys could almost detect amusement in his voice and face. "I wouldn't either kit. You're probably quite fast but you know I'm just as fast. Running wouldn't be wise but you're a smart little kitty, you know that too."
Thor kneeled down and rested on his haunches coming into the same eye level as her. His silver eyes shimmered showing a danger that wasn't to be challenged. Rhys backed up slightly giving him the edge she knew but maybe that would give her the upper hand.
Thor was still smiling. "Are you scared of me?" Being scared of him seemed appealing to him and Rhys knew that he would like nothing but to feel fear from her.
She wasn't about to do that. So she shifted. They both stood tall in front of one another-almost challenging.
"Now, are you going to tell me what you were doing here?" He held up his hand to stop Rhys from offering and answer.
"I think I know why you are here. You want to finish the job." His tone of voice was strange and instantly put Rhys on alert.
 Rhys smirked. "You would like that wouldn't you? Ali would be out of your way then and you wouldn't have to do the deed."
She watched his face turn from a smile to a grin. "Who said I wanted her dead kit?"
Rhys shrugged. "Just hunches since you don't like her...or do you?" Before he could retort back she added. "You're probably one of those alphas that like to be bitch whipped."
She was ready to shift and fly through the air. His body went stiff and his face grew hard and dark but then quickly shook himself and gained control.
He looked at her and grinned. "I could make the same observation about you. Kellan must serve some pup fetish that you have. Maybe you like a good wolf fuck."
Her insides jerked. This conversation was going to end now.
Rhys sneered at him. "I'm not going to discuss my fetishes with you. I was just here to watch her die as I do like to watch some of you alphas depart." She smiled at him and he frowned.
"That's too bad kit because I think you would be disappointed, the healers have almost healed her."
She was careful not to show any emotion. He was lying and they both knew it. Rhys giggled at him making him chuckle.
"I didn't know that bit of news would be funny."
"You're a piss poor liar dear. Ali is not going to get better with those healers. They can do nothing but watch her die. I would almost bet my last dollar. That is why you're here-to watch her die. That would make your day wouldn't it?"
She could feel the shift in him stirring and she was ready for the chase. His silver eyes were storm clouds brewing. To piss him off more she tilted her head at him.
"You want to chase me don't you?"
The tension between them was thick and volatile.
With a blink she shifted and flung herself into the air and was free falling into the ground. She hit the ground on her four paws with a hard thud but didn't stop. She tore at the ground to make space between her and Thor.
She was almost out of their territory when a hard thud hit her on the back sending her hard to the ground. She was pinned and the air was knocked out of her lungs. It was hard to breathe.
A hot breath was on her ear and out the corner of her eye she could see sharp teeth. She twisted herself trying to get him to lose his balance but he was strong. She would have to dig in and use every ounce of her power to throw him.
With one swift move she lifted herself off the ground with him on top and rolled. She was now on top of him. She shifted with a silver blade in her hand. The handle glittered with a diamond.
Thor shifted to face her. His chest was heaving up and down. He smirked.
"Damn kit, you can move. No wonder Kellan is in heat for you. You must light those bed sheets on fire."
Rhys held the blade to his throat. "Who said that Kellan was in my bed?"
Under the pressure and burn of the silver blade he let out a gargled laugh.
"Why else would you be with him?"
She smiled down at him. "Like you dear, I like to keep my enemies close."
Rhys pressed the silver blade against his throat breaking skin. The burn of the silver made his face tight.
"You don't know it but you and I have a similar agenda. There are things that we both want and we also know that we can't work together so why don't we just give each other space?" She watched his eyes before she continued.
"Of course, I know that if either one of us gets in the way..."
 She took the blade away from his throat. He didn't move. The blood from his throat trickled down. Silver eyes laughed at her.
"You know kit, I like you. We are a lot a like. I'll give you space but like you said...if one of us gets in the way."
She narrowed her gaze at him. "Then we have a little deal?"
"We do kit. It ought to be an interesting ride. One I look forward to."
She shifted and leaped off of his chest.
Thor sat up. His hand went to his throat. He started to laugh. He said out loud to himself, "I don't know kit but the blade with the diamond handle? Where did you get that? Those are answers only you can give me and indeed I do like to keep my enemies close by. You've just became one of the most important ones."

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