Thursday, 28 February 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 13 - Keeping Secrets

Rhys padded up to her house. She was now in a foul mood thanks to Thor. She didn't get done what she had set out to do.
Instead of going in she leaped up onto the veranda and then onto to the roof. There was a flat piece of roof that she sometimes liked to lay there and look over her territory. It served as a good spot to contemplate and tonight she had lots to think about.
She had just made a deal with the devil--Thor. She didn't trust him and she knew that he wouldn't trust her either so they were on even ground.
To  top it off she had another wolf--Kellan at her door step who had an agenda of his own. There was one thing that pestered her mind about Kellan. "Why did he want to kill the Diamond were cat? She didn't ever recall meeting him in her past or seeing him in these parts. He certainly didn't belong to the pack that Thor and Ali did. He seemed to be a loner.
Whatever secrets he carried only intrigued her more and that was dangerous.
Curiosity killed far more that the cat. All the same she wanted to know.
The smell of wolf flooded her--Kellan. Damn she forgot that he was going to come and check on her to see how she was doing. The truth be known the only thing injured was her ego but she could maybe use her sick kitty routine to get some answers out of him. She leaped down and shifted in front of her door.
"So, there you are."
Rhys whirled around. Silver grey eyes shimmered at her. "What the hell are you doing sneaking up on me?"
Kellan laughed. She loved his laugh; it made him playful and fun.
He went up to her and with the back of his fingers slipped her hair back seeing no wound. It had healed.
The smell of him was so intoxicating! She loved him being this close and cursed herself for feeling this way.
"It seems that you are completely healed, and so fast." He stayed close to her. Looking down at her he wanted to kiss her so bad and take her inside and get naked with her. How could this kitten stir feelings in him like this? He wanted to do nothing but protect her.
Rhys shoved him away. "As you can see I do heal well and don't need a babysitter."
"Where did you go kitten?"
She glared at him. "What?"
"You heard me, where did you go?"
Rhys narrowed her gaze at him. She got the feeling that this was some sort of trick question to catch her in a lie.
"It's none of your business. Why don't you tell me where you went?"
Kellan filled the gap between them almost crushing her body up against the door.
"Invite me in and we can share secrets."
Before she could shove him away his lips fell on her --hard.
They both groaned. "Open the damn door Rhys." The heat against her ear was all too consuming . With one swift movement she opened the door and they were well on their way up to her bedroom.
Kellan lifted her gently onto the bed and laid her down letting his eyes take all of her in. He was picturing her naked which was making him hot and he felt cock getting hard and hungry for her. Kellan wanted nothing more than to devour her.
Kellan leaped onto the bed and straddled her. Looking down he grinned. "I finally get to taste you."
He slowly undid her jeans and pulled them off. A red silky lace panty was all that separated him from what he wanted. But he didn't touch them. Kellan slid his fingers up her t-shirt and with her help, pulled it off. He undid her bra throwing it to the side.
Her nipples were taught as his tongue found them. He teased and sucked making her pull him down on top of him. She wrapped her legs around him tight. Rhys pulled at his shirt wanting to feel his skin against hers. Kellan obliged and gave her what she wanted.
His kisses were trails of fire on her skin and the intense heat of his touch was almost more than Rhys could take. She started pulling at his pants. With one swift movement he was now pant less and completely naked on top of her. His throbbing cock was pushing gently against her wetness.
She arched up her back wrapping tighter around him trying to push him deep inside. Kellan held back only penetrating her part way. He wanted her to scream his name.
Before he gave her what she longed for he slipped down and spread her legs exposing her wetness to him. He flicked his tongue making her grab onto the sheets almost ripping them. With his tongue he probed as deep as he could go almost burying his face  inside of her. Her scent and taste was devoured. She finally screamed his name.
He drove himself deep inside her. Rhys felt a tidal wave crash through her How could this lone wolf do this to her? It felt like they were both going o ignite.
Finally as his thrusts got more urgent as did her needs. She dug her claws in his back as they both released into a lost world of ecstasy. They screamed each others name as if cursing what they were doing to each other.
He laid on top of her kissing her deeply. After, she still held on to him burying her face into his neck breathing in his earthy wolf smell which she was sure now was on her skin.
 Rhys let herself be wrapped up in his arms protectively and heard him whisper-mine.

Outside of Rhys house across the street where spying eyes. Smoke grey eyes narrowed and growled. The wolf's large paws pushed it's self away and padded down the street.

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