Thursday, 7 March 2013


Thor arrived in front of Rhys house in his wolf form but then shifted  He started to pace. Thor knew where all his enemies were at the moment. He came to confront Rhys about the diamond dagger and where she got such a powerful weapon.
When he got closer to the house, it hit him like a brick wall--a wolf scent. The scent was strong. Thor didn't like this.What was a lone wolf doing here last night? That would be another question to ask the little kit.
Whoever this was left a burnt taste in his mouth.


Rhys stretched out in bed reaching her hand over his bare chest. She traced her nail over from one nipple to the other. His silver eyes opened slightly in her direction. He never moved but his senses were alert waiting to see what she was going to do.
She grinned at him. Within a second she was on top of him pinning his arms above his head. Rhys knew he could probably throw her off but she didn't think he would be too interested considering she was flicking her tongue at his nipples making him groan.
His harness was pressing against her legs trying to find a certain destination. She slid his hardness inside of her making them both moan. She played with him for a while teasing him until he flipped her and took over-aggressively. Rhys dug her claws in him but he didn't care.
Rhys was over whelmed by the scent of wolf. It was so strong, her nose twitched.
When they found their release, Rhys could feel the shift in his body.
He didn't shift but the instinct do so was there. That kind of would put them at odds-maybe.This could be complicated but then it already was.
The doorbell rang and whoever it was kept pushing it.
Rhys grabbed a cover and went to march down stairs when Kellan grabbed her by the arm. "You don't know who that is."
"If it was someone who was going to attack me, I don't think they would be ringing the door bell."
Kellan grabbed the door knob and flung it open. Thor was standing there and looked like a brewing storm.
"What took you so long?" he growled.
Before Kellan could answer he waved his hand at him and walked in.
Kellan scoffed at him, "Make yourself at home, why don't you?"
"Shut up, we have to talk here about your little kitten."
Rhys's eyes shot a look at him. What was the idiot going to do now?
"It seems that you and I are not the only wolves Rhys know. When I got here this morning there was a very strong wolf scent here last night. "Who was it kit?"
Thor looked at her waiting for an answer and even Kellan seemed to be waiting.
She crossed her arms gritting her teeth at both of them.
"I don't know who that would be. I don't exactly make wolves my pals."
"Well, you've got one 'pal' out there that knows you. Who is it?"
"Rhys narrowed her gaze at him. She was thinking she should have slit his throat when she had the chance. She pointed her finger at hm instead. "I don't care what you think but I  don't know any other wolves."
Thor walked around the room never taking his eyes off of her. It seemed he was ready for anything. "Then where did you get the silver dagger?"
Kellan looked confused now and Rhys shot him another look. So much for their little agreement she fumed.
"What silver dagger?" asked Kellan.
"I saw her fight with it at the club."
Rhys cautiously listened to this lie. She never took out her dagger at Ali.
Kellan looked at her. "You used a dagger on Ali? I thought you clawed her and released your venom into her."
Rhys was watching Thor to see what he was going to say but he wasn't offering any more details to his lie. He was waiting for her to do it.
She had to think fast. "I have a lot of different knives and daggers. I do have a silver dagger but I'm not sure that I had it with me that day so I'm  not sure what Thor thought he saw."
Kellan was ready to grab Thor and throw him out.
Thor just smirked at Rhys, "I see you don't share your secrets with Kellan." He laughed softly. "Oh well, you'll self destruct soon enough kit. When Kellan finds out who you really are and about that other wolf? It better not be some alliance you have going with another pack."
Rhys hissed at him ready to scratch. Kellan wrapped his arms around her. "He's not worth it love."
Kellan gave Thor a warning look. "Get the hell out!"
Thor threw his hands up in the air. "I'm going but I will see you both later. And another thing, just to let you know, Ali is not doing very well. The healers can't figure this one out. It seems kit, that you are a very special jewel cat. Maybe you can explain that to Kellan."
He sauntered out the door shutting it abruptly.
Rhys was ready to shift and pursue him and this time she would use her diamond dagger to to the job right but Kellan was still hanging on to her.
"Let it go Rhys, he's only trying to stir trouble between us."
Rhys started to relax in his arms. She knew Kellan was right. The guy was an ass hole and a trouble maker. Why did she ever make a deal with him?
"Do you think he's telling the truth about the other wolf?"
"No, Kellan, I don't know any strange lone wolf stalking me."
Kellan jerked his head toward her and silver eyes grew dark when she said the word 'stalk'. "What do you mean by that?"
Rhys just scoffed. "I don't know, whatever lie Thor was thinking, it is just a lie. There is no wolf out there, I would know if someone was on my tail."
"Some wolves can track another without detection. Why would another wolf be following you?"
Rhys was getting frustrated with Kellan. He believed Thor. "There is no other wolf  out there--period. I would know--believe me, I would."
Kellan looked at the door.
"What? Is he back?"
"No, I'm going out there to see what I can pick up."
Rhys rolled her eyes and threw up her hands. "So much for listening to me" she said.
Kellan ignored her banter and opened the door. Rhys was behind him. She felt his body go rigid.
"What is it?"
"The wolf is here."

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