Thursday, 14 March 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 15 The Hidden One

"Are you talking about the wolf?" Rhys tried to peek over and around Kellan who was blocking her.
"It's scent is one I've never encountered before. Stay inside while I go around the house."
"I'll come with you." Kellan stared down at her warning her to do as she was told.
"Fine, I'll stay but if you're not back in five, I'm out there." She met his gaze. He was gone.
The door was firmly shut. She thought of the back door. She was sure it wasn't locked. Rhys turned in a hurry to get to it and lock it. Not that that would keep a wolf out. Never the less she locked it. She would need weapons.
She ran to her study to the special locked cabinet. The key was hidden underneath a shell on the desk nearby.
Rhys grabbed her bow and arrow with the silver tips and some silver knives. She also grabbed her gun and loaded it with silver bullets. Rhys was ready.
The front door made a noise. Something told her it wasn't Kellan. She slid along the wall and took a quick look down the hallway. The door was still shut.
Something wasn't right. Instead of opening the front door she decided to go upstairs to her room where there was a balcony outside her bedroom doors.It also led to the flat part of the roof that she like to sit sometimes. She would be able to see the entire front yard there.
Rhys raced up the stairs and into her bedroom. She couldn't believe that she was concerned for Kellan. He was out to kill her after all and here she was out to protect him from some strange lone wolf or it could be a possible wolf pack moving in on Ali's territory. She wondered for a second if the word had got out about her.
Never the less this wolf was on her territory. She would find out what was going on. As soon as she opened the sliding glass doors to go out on to the balcony, the scent hit her in the face. Never had she ever encountered such a strong scent. What the hell kind of wolf was this?
Very cautiously she stepped out keeping her eyes and ears alert for any movement. By the stench the thing was close by. Rhys climbed off the balcony onto the roof onto to the flat piece of roof. She could survey the front part of the yard from here. There was nothing.
As light as her four feet would have carried her she leaped onto the other side of the roof that was facing the back yard. She crouched down and listened.
She didn't like the silence. She stood up part way to get a better look but there was nothing. Maybe they were staying close to the house.
Rhys was going to call out but thought better of it. What if this wolf had Kellan?
She would have to go back in. Once inside Rhys headed for the stairs and stopped short. There was someone down there.
Rhys got her bow set, ready to shoot. Silently she went down one step at a time. Halfway down she held still. She listened. It was confusing as it sounded like they were inside but not. So she continued going down the stairs.
Rhys stopped at the bottom of the stairs. She could see into the study but there was nobody there and on the other side she could see into the kitchen. She went towards the kitchen.
Rhys held her bow ready to shoot but nothing. The hair on her neck was standing up.
The sound of crashing glass filled the kitchen.
Rhys didn't think twice, she fired off her bow hitting the wolf in the flank. The wolf howled when the silver hit. She grabbed another bow and fired again.
Rhys went for her gun and aimed it now at the chest of the wolf. It's eyes were fire. Rhys was taken aback by the eyes. She had never seen that before. It was also not that bothered by the silver tipped arrows.
Rhys had just pissed it off more. "Well. maybe silver bullets are more to your liking. She fired the gun but the wolf leaped over her. Rhys whirled around to fire again.
The wolf stood there with the two arrows in its flank. She fired the gun and again the wolf dodged the bullet but this time body slammed her so fast that she lost her gun. It went slithering across the floor. There was no time to go for it. She whipped out one of her knives.
"You are endless my sweet." He had shifted. His matte of black hair covered his eyes. He towered over her on the floor. A well muscled lean machine was in front of her ready to take her on.
The two arrows were on the floor. How did he get them out? She didn't see any wounds on him. Rhys held the silver blade in front of her ready to strike.
He laughed at her. "You think your little silver knife will actually cut me?"
"I could cut open your chest with my little silver knife."
He smiled showing a row of perfect white teeth. "That would be interesting."
She grinned at him. "You want me to show you interesting?"
She shifted and in an instant leaped at him with full claws out. He was quicker. Rhys whirled around to face him.
"You're actually her, the Diamond were cat. This is my lucky day."
She hissed baring her teeth at him.
He threw up his hands. "Hey, let's make a truce why don't we?"
She growled as she slowly made her way to him ready to rip him apart.
"Now, come on little jewel kitty, lets put those venomous claws away. I could get out of here faster than you could leap at me. So why don't you shift back and you and I can have a little talk?"
Rhys shifted holding her silver knife. "You have five seconds to talk wolf boy before I carve you up and just to let you know my scratches can be just as nasty."
He chuckled. "I don't doubt it. You have something that my pack would like."
She glared at him.
"The power of your jewel and now that I know you are really the Diamond were cat, the power of your diamond."
She scoffed at him. "You must have rabies or something."
He gritted his teeth. "You certainly have a smart mouth don't you? Well, I could just take it and leave you dead."
Rhys lunged at him with her knife and this time she made contact. The silver knife was buried in his shoulder. He went to grab her but with one quick swipe she scratched him across the right cheek.
He pulled away and before she could get her gun he was gone.
Rhys raced out the front door that the wolf left open but there was no sign of him. His scent was even gone. The only one she could pick up now was Kellans.
She raced around the house and there on the lawn was a silver wolf lying there as still as death.

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