Thursday, 21 March 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 16 - Game Changer

Rhys raced over to Kellan. She dropped to the ground and leaned over his wolf body. His eye facing her stared with a glassy blankness that only death could see through. 
Rhys ran her hand through his fur as if it was her touch that he was waiting for to bring him back. Tears started to sting at her eyes. He couldn't be gone!
"Come on, wake up!"
She shook him and that's when she noticed at her knees-blood. There was a pool of dark red blood touching her knee. Rhys carefully turned him over on his side and there was a deep open cut. . He was bleeding to death.
Rhys looked around. She felt like she was being watched as her eyes scanned the yard and the nearby trees for any sign of an intruder. Rhys had to do something-now. She placed her hands over the wound and summoned an energy that traveled through her body to Kellan.
The energy thrummed through her arms sending her into this state of shock almost. It was always tough healing. It took from her an energy that could leave her vulnerable to her enemies as she would lose her ability to shift for awhile. But she had to do something.
It was working, she could tell. She just had to keep going.
"What the hell happened?"
She could not stop what she was doing. Out the corner of her eye she could see Thor coming towards them.
Thor knelt down on the other side of Kellan. "Is he dead?"
Through gritted teeth ,she snarled at him, "Shut up,I'm trying to heal him."
Thor's dark eyes shot her a look. "Heal him?"
"Shut up, okay? I need to concentrate."
Thor remained still at Kellan's side as he watched Rhys do her healing on Kellan.
 Kellan's wolf body jerked under her hands. The wound had closed but was still red. He would heal quite fast though.
Rhys let her hands fall away and almost collapsed on top of Kellan but Thor caught her. "Let's get you both in the house, where we can talk."
Rhys was too drained to argue with him. She had enough strength to pick herself up while Thor scooped up Kellan and followed her into the house.
They went into the kitchen where Thor set Kellan down on the floor. He would be shifting as soon as he woke up. Rhys went and got one of her energy drinks. That always helped to take off the edge of the side effects of healing.
"You actually healed him?"
Rhys nodded too tired to start a debate over what had happened.
Thor looked around the kitchen and saw the broken window and the gun on the floor along with the silver tipped arrows that were laying on the floor with blood on them. 
Thor raised his eyebrows at her. "You two must have had one hell of a fight. Did you do this to him kit?"
She sneered at him. "No, I did not to that to him, the intruder did."
Thor swiftly walked up to her confronting her. "What intruder?"
She looked up at him. "I guess your little ghost wolf that Kellan and I thought you saw actually exists."
His eyes widened. "He attacked you? What did he want?"
Rhys shrugged, she wasn't about to give him details. "A pound of my kitty flesh? I don't know know. He's a cat hater."
She could feel Thor's eyes burn though her. Rhys knew he wasn't buying her story.
He backed off and walked around Kellan who was still lying still but was alive. Thor looked down at Kellan for a long time and then back at her. 
"You want to tell me what really happened kit? If there is a new pack in town, I want to know if they are going to be a threat to us or if he is as you say, a kitten hater."
Rhys threw him a look. "He didn't exactly sit down and have tea with me as you can see. He was a little busy trying to rip my head off." Rhys tilted her head at Thor. 
"I can tell you this though dog boy, those silver tips on my arrows didn't seem to faze him."
Thor cringed, "Really now."
Rhys walked around Thor trying to feel for a vibe off of him. "Do you know him?"
His dark eyes met her. "Let's just say, I've heard of him and his pack. They're trouble."
A whimper from the floor drew their attention away from their conversation. Kellan was waking. Rhys went to him and ran her fingers through his gruff.
"You're alright Kellan."
Kellan raised his head and looked up at her with his silver eyes. She pulled her hand away as if his look was a warning. He shifted before her eyes. A very naked Kellan was lying on the floor. A red mark ran down the side of his ribs. His human wound would be nothing but bad bruising.
He looked at her and then at Thor. "What happened and how did I heal?"
Thor grinned. "You can thank your little kitten for that. She saved you."
Kellan shot up and stood in front of Rhys. His chest was moving up and down in a rapid motion. Rhys was almost mesmerized with the rise and fall of his chest. She wanted to rest her hand on his very warm skin. His strong wolf scent tickled her nose. 
Her eyes also traveled down further past his abdomen where a trail of hair led to his manhood. He came closer to her.
He pulled her chin up to make her look into his eyes. "You can have all of me when you tell me what happened here."
She backed up crossing her arms in front of her. "Thor's imaginary friend exists. He crashed through the window and attacked me."
"Are you alright?"
 Rhys nodded.
"I was ambushed before I could even fight back." Kellan turned his attention to Thor.
"Do you know who it is?"
Thor looked a Rhys for a second and then looked at Kellan. "He's part of a pack that is paying our little community a visit. I just don't know what they want or who they want." He looked at Rhys when he said who.
Rhys shifted uncomfortably away from them both.

"We need to look into this Kellan. With Ali down, we are vulnerable for an attack."
He narrowed his gaze at Rhys. "We also have to figure out what he was doing here. Why did he attack your little kitten?"
Kellan closed the space between them. Rhys could smell the sweat on his skin and could feel the heat that radiated off of him. When she looked up at him she could see tiny lines around his silver grey eyes. She could feel a genuine concern from him. 
In a quiet voice she said, "I have no idea why he attacked me."
She swallowed hard. Rhys had lied to him. Things were more complicated now. She was in trouble and she wasn't about to drag him into this new war that was brewing. She would have to cut him free-maybe leave town for a while and figure stuff out.
"I think you should both leave, I have a headache. I need to rest a bit."
Kellan smirked. "I'm not going anywhere kitten until I find out what you're hiding."
Thor laughed. "Good luck on that. You might have to beat it out of her."
Kellan threw him a dirty look.
"Just saying, I think our little kit here is keeping something from us and I think whatever the little secret is, is why that wolf pack is in town."
Rhys gritted her teeth. "Get out Thor; go and tend to Ali or something."

He smirked. "Well, all I got to say before I leave is, it's a game changer now kit and you know it. Neither Kellan nor I are going to let you out of our sights now." He chuckled as he left.
"Pig" she sneered.
Kellan stood there naked in front of her. "The pig is gone now; it's just you and me."
She let herself fall into his arms where she pushed herself up against his nude body. He wrapped his arms tightly around her.
"I know you don't trust Thor but you have to start trusting one of us and I think you better start trusting me if you want to survive that pack. If it's the one that I think Thor is talking about, they are bad-ass  They will kill for what they want."
Rhys rested her head against his chest. That was a question she had to ask her self, was she willing to die to hide her identity?

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