Thursday, 28 March 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 17-Future Plans

Rhys paced back and forth in the kitchen like a cat caught in a cage. There was now another wolf out there that wanted her dead. Only this one wanted her powers. She would give him her powers alright.
What worried her most was that this wolf had a pack behind him to help.
"If you pace any harder, you'll make a path in the floor."
Rhys stopped and stared at Kellan. He was standing in the kitchen entrance in jeans only and his hair was messed up and he hadn't shaved in a couple of days. He looked damned sexy thought Rhys.
Kellan grinned as he sauntered over to her. He pulled her into his arms and it felt like she was being swallowed up in his arms. Why did she feel so small all of a sudden?
"We'll figure this wolf out and why he is after you."
She nuzzled her head against his chest breathing in his wolf scent that was his own Kellan scent. Rhys would know it anywhere now.
She could feel the solid beat of his heart and the heat from his skin against her cheek. It was becoming all too familiar with her now and she was growing comfortable with him him.  But she had lied to him and Thor. She did know what the wolf wanted and if he knew that he was holding the Diamond were cat in his arms? She shuddered to think what his reaction would be.
Kellan looked down at her. "What's wrong? You're deep in thought kitten and I want to help but you have to open up to me."
She looked back up at him. His silver eyes were so serene and peaceful even though she could tell by the fine lines around his eyes that he was deeply concerned.
"This is for me to figure out Kellan. I can take care of myself and that wolf, all at the same time." She managed to give him a half smile. By the look on Kellan's face he wasn't buying it.
"You don't know that wolf kitten and you sure as hell don't what that pack of his can do to you. If you were lucky they would kill you outright but that's not their style. It would be a slow painful death."
A pang hit Rhys in the chest. She didn't know that. Even with her power, this wolf did give the impression that he knew how to take her power, unless he was lying in which,in any case she didn't want to find out.
"Then what am I to do Kellan? I don't trust Thor or the pack."
He grinned. "What about me?"
She felt her face flush. "Yeah, I trust you." Even though she knew his trust in her was misplaced.
"Tell me one thing Kellan."
"Why do you want this Diamond were cat killed?"
He gave her a surprised look. "What does the Diamond were cat have to do with you or this situation with the wolf?"
Rhys stood back crossing her arms. Her eyes fell to her feet.
It was time to test the waters with Kellan.
"It's important to me to know the reason, that's all."
"The Diamond were cat killed someone that meant a lot to me."
"So, it's revenge then?"
Kellan sighed. " Yes I  guess but to me its giving out a punishment that is deserving."
Rhys had to know, "Who did this Diamond were cat kill, your mate?"
She watched his silver eyes darken. She had hit a tender nerve.
Kellan didn't answer her. Instead he shook his head as if Rhys had brought up some painful memories that he didn't want to remember.
"It doesn't matter right now. We have a much bigger problem to deal with right now. This pack means trouble and  not just for Ali, Thor and the rest of the pack but you. It's you they want and I want to know why."
Rhys took a deep breath. "They want my power."
Kellan blinked at her. "What?"
"They want my power."she repeated in a louder voice.
Kellan narrowed his eyes at her. "Your power, but your jewel cat powers would be no real use to them unless it's the venom that you have that seems to be more lethal ." His eyes widened. "They could use that as a weapon."
She watched Kellan. It was  like now he had figured it out but in actual fact he had only figured out a tiny bit. They wanted the Diamond were cat's power and that was  her standing in front of him.
Rhys had to wonder if Kellan knew the truth about her; would he kill her on the spot and hand her dead body over to the wolf to save themselves? She knew the answer. No he would not, he would not put all of the wolves out there in danger like that. He would just simply kill her.
She couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth even though he deserved to know. Rhys had to figure out how she was going to play this out. She had to make future plans and maybe that meant leaving.
Kellan gathered her up protectively wrapping his arms around her. She felt  breakable in his arms and wanted to tell him everything and get it over with whatever with was going to bring.
"We'll figure this out kitten, don't worry."
Rhys closed her eyes. She had to make some future plans and she had to get her game on and settle this with this new wolf in town and she knew the first thing she was going to do to resolve this problem.
She was going to pay Ali a visit and cure her.

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