Thursday, 25 April 2013


Rhys was feeling pretty confident that her and Ali had formed an understanding of their situation. With her on her side she could still hide who she was and protect other were cats out there.
She didn't like the sounds of this Garrett. He was obviously a rogue who needed to be put down. Rhys smiled to herself. She remembered hunting such rogues down like him and killing them.

She would soon rid the world of this Garrett but she had to be careful this time, she couldn't reveal herself to the others. Rhys would have to somehow get this wolf away from his pack.
Garrett knew who she was and that alone was dangerous. He could tell Thor and Kellan, and then it would be over for her.
The vibration of her cell phone on the kitchen counter drew her out of her thoughts. Rhys looked down at it before picking it up. She didn't recognise the number.
Hesitantly she picked it up and answered it.
The voice at the other end didn't wait for her to say hello. The heavy breath was warning enough.
"Meet me in the park in two hours diamond kitty and don't give me any excuses."
The phone went dead.
Rhys almost dropped her cell as if it was suddenly contaminated.
How dare he order her around but then again he had some playing power that she didn't have.
Josh and Kellan were in the media room playing video games. What would she tell them? She certainly wasn't going to take them with her. Garrett could give her identity away to Kellan.
She couldn't take that risk.
Rhys glanced up at the clock. Five minutes had already passed. Maybe she could sneak out and get back before they even missed her.

Rhys left them behind without telling them. She had no choice.
The park was busy. She couldn't figure out why he wanted to meet in a busy park. Midnight meetings she thought would have been what he would have preferred.
Rhys scanned all the benches to find him but nothing. She was five minutes early.
A group of young guys making noise caught her attention. She looked at them but thought they couldn't be them. They just looked like regular teens or young men having a good time.
Never the less she watched them and someone came up to them. It was Garrett. That was his pack that joined him.
She felt very nervous about approaching them with so many of them and only one of her. She didn't know what powers they had. Maybe Garrett was going to somehow steal her powers with his packs help and leave her for dead.
It would be suicide to go over there she thought.
Her eyes never left them as it appeared he was giving them instructions or something by the gestures that he was making.
The pack left him and now he was standing there alone. He looked around and glanced down at his watch. Garrett would think that she was late so Rhys slowly started to walk towards him.
If she kept him out in the opening with all the people around she might be safe but never the less she had to be prepared for anything. Rhys hand rested against her pocket. The diamond handled silver knife was there.
Their eyes met half way. A cold shiver went through her. She had to shove down any fear that her subconscious was trying to make her feel.
"I didn't think you were going to come."
"I was five minutes early, you're the one that's late."
Garrett chuckled, "I like your spirit kitty. Where's your diamond?"
"I don't advertise what I am."
He nodded. "I see, so does that mean that Ali"s pack and that wolf boyfriend of yours don't know?"
His silver eyes bored through her.
Rhys glanced away to the rest of the park. Did he know Kellan was alive? Of course he did, his minions would have told him.She had no intentions of getting into secrets with him.
"What do you want?"
"You know what I want little kitty, your power. I'm getting impatient and it's time for my pack to be on the move."
Rhys tried to sound like she didn't care. "Does that mean you're leaving us so soon?"
"Why? Would you miss me kitty?" He came a little closer closing in the space between them. Rhys backed up.
"I see you have a wolf fetish, I could probably give you your fetish appetite quite a fill, better than that scruff you're sleeping with."
She hissed at him, "I have my standards wolf boy and you don't meet them."
Garrett laughed. "I though you would say something like that. If you were a wolf, I would make you my mate. We would set the sheets on fire."
Rhys spit on the ground. "Damn it Garrett, you're nothing but an ass and in no way in hell am I just handing over my power. It's who I am. It's not something I keep in a box and just can be taken out and handed over."
Garrett held up his hand. "Hold on kitty, how did you know my name?"
Rhys scoffed at him. "You don't think Ali knows who you are wolf boy? You don't know what she is capable of then."
"Maybe I don't especially if she's had you helping her."
Her nose twitched at him. "What makes you think I'm helping her?"
"Come kitty, Ali was on death's door and then suddenly she is up and about recovering from your venomous scratches. Only one with your healing powers could heal her. Not to mention that you healed Kellan?"
Rhys almost twitched but remained cool even though she was feeling uneasy inside. "You think you have it all figured out wolf boy, don't you? You know nothing."
In a split second he was nose to nose with Rhys and his hand was firmly on the small of her back. Rhys froze.
"I know more than you will ever know kitty, so don't challenge me. I also know what makes you and your power. I can take it and leave you alive and powerless or leave you dead. The choice is mine."
Rhys slowly reached for her pocket.
"I wouldn't reach for that little silver knife of yours. It won't burn me."
She tried to back up but his hand held her firmly.
Rhys sneered at him. "What makes you so special?"
He grinned as his lips came very near hers. She was ready to bite him or scratch him. She would find out if her venom would be lethal to him but she had to be in her cat form. Shifting here in front of everyone would be too risky. The only option she had was maybe to scream and draw attention to them.
His hot breath was on her face. Rhys started to squirm. "Keep moving in my arms kitty, you're only rubbing me in the right spot."
She stopped instantly. "Get the hell away from me." she gritted her teeth and began pushing him away. He let her go.
He let out a laugh that gave Rhys the chills and she instantly knew she had to get away from him. He was up to something. Her instincts told her.
She whirled around and ran for it. Rhys only wished she could shift, and then she could run faster.
It didn't seem as if he was chasing her and then suddenly she hit what felt like a brick wall. She fell flat on her back on the hard ground.
Garrett was standing there grinning.
"How did you get...?"
In an instant she felt herself being picked up and moving in the air like some hurricane wind. It took her breath away.
Thankfully she blacked out.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 19-Hiding and Making Deals

Rhys watched the broody teen sit at the kitchen table eating his cereal. They learned his name was  Josh. He didn't say much but Rhys has this feeling that he had a rough past. He wore a scar above his right eye. Even Kellan was softening up to him. He felt for the kid.
The question was what was she going to with this young pup? She smirked to herself. She had two wolves in her house now.
Kellan insisted that he stay at her house to keep them both protected against the pack that might come looking for her.
Rhys didn't argue with him. She needed all the help she could get. Because even staying here was dangerous. That wolf would be back for her power and when he found Kellan and his little pup he would be furious. She didn't want to see how angry he could get when he was really pissed off.
They would have to leave but could she convince them to leave with her? She knew she had the protection of the pack but that came at a cost.
Rhys lifted her cell phone.
"What,?" said a voice that sounded like it didn't want to be disturbed?
Rhys scoffed at the voice at the other end. "Thor, you're such an ass hole. Get your ass over here and if she's stronger, bring Ali with you."
Before he could answer she hung up.
"Josh, why don't you go across the hallway where I have a huge library of books--even comic books," she smiled.
Josh grinned and without a saying anything sauntered across the hall.
Kellan came into the kitchen looking like he had just been chewed out by someone. He was clutching his phone so tightly she thought that bits and pieces would start to crumble and fall out of his hand.
"What's wrong?"
"Everyone in my past that owes me a favour is not giving me the time of day. As soon as I mention the pack, they hang up."
"I see" said Rhys. "Well you can't blame them. He's a bad ass wolf. That is why we have to take Josh and leave here for a while till he leaves town."
Kellan looked at her. "He will hunt you down no matter where you go. He wants what power you have, which still baffles me." Rhys slightly flinched when he said that. "He will also be looking for Josh. He doesn't just let you go out of his team of minions, until he's tired of you or bored with you. Then he orders your kill and replaces you with another minion."
"I know that and that's why I asked Thor and Ali over."
Kellan gawked at her. "You invited Ali over?"
Rhys shrugged, "we girls haven't had a chance to talk yet." Kellan just about choked. "This could end up in a huge fight. Thor went for this?"
Rhys grinned, "I hung up on him before he could say anything."
Before Kellan could spit at her, the door bell rang and kept ringing. Rhys scowled and marched off to the door.
"Stop it already!" She opened the door and Thor stood there like a wolf with a thorn in his paw.
Rhys smirked at Thor, "What? She kicked you out of bed?"
He growled at her.
Rhys ignored him as her eyes quickly went to who was standing behind him--Ali.
She looked frail still and she looked like she needed support in standing as she was leaning against the outside railing. Thor stepped aside and assisted her in the house.
"Come into the kitchen."
Kellan instantly pulled out a chair for Ali and Thor helped her sit down.
Thor glared at them both. "Why did you order both of us here?"
 He pointed his finger at Rhys. "Don't think that you can snap your fingers and have us at your beck and call. It don't work like that. Kellan will have to do extra for this."
Rhys sucked in air. She didn't think about that. She had to have that talk with Ali. Rhys had to break that deal. Having the packs protection was not worth it. If she did it on her own before, she could do it again.
Rhys started to make tea. It was a special herbal blend that had great  healing properties in it.
Thor grunted, "You ordered us over to have tea with you?"
Rhys sneered at him, "It's a special herbal blend that has great healing properties in it. It's for Ali not you."
Thor looked over at Kellan, "You and I have to talk--in private."
"You two can go over to the study where Josh is."
Thor threw a look at Rhys. "Who's Josh?"
"A young stray wolf that has himself in trouble," said Kellan
Thor choked out a laugh, "What? Are you taking in troubled stray wolves now?"
"This one was trying to join his pack and right now he's just being used by him. He asked for help from us and we are giving it to him."
Thor spit, "Are you crazy? You just must want to die because Garrett, that's his name, finds out he will wipe you all out for even talking to one of his minions."
Kellan's eyes went dark, "the leader is now Garrett?"
Thor nodded. "Yeah and he's even more bad ass than Sam was."
"What happened to Sam?"
Thor just smirked at Kellan who shook his head. "Okay, I get it."
Rhys looked at them both. "What did Garrett do, run him out of the pack or kill him?"
"Worse," said Thor. "He had him skinned alive in his wolf form. That's worse than dying. He will be an outcast forever now. No wolf pack will accept him. He's damaged goods."
Rhys knew there and then that this Garrett was a force to be reckoned with.
Thor and Kellan left the kitchen and went into the study.
Ali sat at the table being very quiet. Rhys knew she listened to everything. "This is a healing tea. It will aid you in your healing."
She poured her a cup and placed it in front of her.
Ali stared at it and sniffed it.
"It's not poison. I healed you after all, remember? I'm not going to harm you."
Ali took a sip of the tea. The tea instantly relaxed her. Rhys could tell the tea was working already.
"I will send you home with some of the tea. It should work well with the medicines that your healers have been giving you."
Ali looked at her and studied her for what seemed like hours. "You know I have so many questions for you, don't you?"
Rhys nodded.
"So, where do we start?"
Rhys leaned over. "We start by not bullshitting each other and coming to terms about whom we are and what we mean to each others survival and that's only the beginning of our little association."
Ali sat back in her chair and managed a half smile. "Okay sister, we'll play your game your way for now. But mark my word; if your betray me or any member of my pack, I will make Kellan suffer for your mistake."
Rhys grinned back and in an instant grabbed Ali's hand almost knocking Ali's tea cup over.
"You got one thing right sister, if there is betrayal by your side, I will set that new pack in town right to your door step and they will skin everyone of your pups including you bitch, so we better be both on our toes and not piss each other off. We understand each other?"
Ali smirked, "Yeah, we understand each other--pretty damned well."

Thursday, 11 April 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 18-Taking Risks

Rhys couldn't let him do it. She tried reasoning with Kellan but he wouldn't listen. So there was nothing for it she had to strike another deal with Ali.
It was late at night and Rhys was in the park in her cat form. Her diamond jewel was hidden. She padded softly down a path that was poorly lit. The smell of wolf was strong and she instantly knew it was him. By the strong scent he had his pack with him tonight.
There was something going down tonight. These pack of wolves were in town not just for her power but something else as well. Rhys had to find out.
A hint of a pale white wolf brushed against the darkness a head of her. She stopped cold and slid into the dark shadows to wait. There was more rustling a head of her. Rhys peered out and saw two white wolves. They were both sniffing around as if checking things out. Maybe he sent them out to scout out a place for them all to meet.
Rhys crept back into the shadows. It wasn't long until more joined them. Larger wolves came in and some of them nipped at the small pale white ones. Rhys waited for him to show up.
A twig snapped behind her sending her whole cat body flying around to face her intruder. Her eyes met a pair of silver wolf eyes.
Kellan sniffed and snorted and padded up beside her. Rhys let out a low growl but Kellan paid her no attention.
He stayed in the shadows with her. Rhys pushed him over a bit and settled herself down again to spy on them.
Rhys ears perked up and so did Kellans. He had arrived. Kellan let out a low growl. Rhys knew he wanted to get even with him. She nudged him.
Out of the darkness came a lone wolf. Rhys didn't recognise the wolf. He met the lone wolf and they sniffed and touched noses and before their eyes, they both transformed into their human form. The lone wolf was a young teen no older than 15 or 16.
Rhys ears perked up to pickup  some of the conservation.
"Tell me the latest news from Ali's camp. Is she dead yet?"
All Rhys could see was the young boy shaking his head. She suddenly wondered what the boy knew. Did he know what happened to Ali and who healed her?"
That information to him would make things even stickier for her situation. Her death sentence would be as good as signed.
But by the way that he reacted, the boy didn't tell him any such news like that. Maybe Thor came through for once and is protecting her.
The young boy pulled his hood up and walked away down the path that went right past Rhys and Kellan. As he passed Rhys, she caught his eyes that were looking straight ahead. They looked soulless and wounded thought Rhys.
Now he had the rest if his pack around him. They were all looking up to him. Rhys strained to hear him but his voice was too low. All she heard was pay her a visit. The wolves around him yipped and yelped and in a blurred flash he shifted and leaped into the air with the rest of them right behind him.
Rhys rolled onto her back. Kellan nudged her with his nose and licked her ear. She never had a wolf lick her cat ear before. She let out a purr noise and he did it again.
Together they shifted and laid in each others arms naked. His silver eyes shone down at her. He never said a word as he rolled on top of her and thrust himself inside of her. His wolf instincts were kicking in as he claimed her.
Rhys dug her claws into his back and bit him. He never once flinched.
His thrusts were hungry and urgent and as he filled her he let out a low growl.
It was dark but she was sure he would see her flushed face as he looked down at her. He kissed her tenderly.
She met his eyes. "What was that all about wolf boy?"
He grinned. "Making sure you know you belong to me kitten."
She bit him but all he did was laugh.
"Well now that you reminded me, may I remind you of where they are headed?
"I know and Ali and the rest of them will hold their own." He paused for a moment before speaking again. "They will hold up their end of the bargain and protect you."
That made her think of the deal he made. Rhys didn't like it and she would talk to Ali about it.
She kissed him  and then threw him off and in a split second she was now on top of him. "Now it's my turn to show you who is boss."
Kellan chuckled. "Give it your best shot."
Rhys was just about to kiss him when a wolf scent froze her in mid air. Kellan picked it up as well. They both looked behind them and there was the young teen that was there earlier.
Kellan instantly wrapped his arms around Rhys.
"I'm not spying on you" he blurted out. Rhys thought he sounded more embarrassed than they felt.
Kellan addressed him. "What do you want and why are you back? Did you bring them back with you?"
"I'm alone, I swear."
The young teen came a little closer. His silver eyes shone a bit but Rhys could pick up some smoky grey in his eyes that gave him a different look to other wolves. His hands were stuffed inside his jacket pocket pulling his body down into this sad slouch that gave Rhys the impression that he was troubled. She started to feel for him.
"Okay" Kellan said. "What were you talking to him about and what where you doing with him in the first place?"
"I thought I could become a part of his pack."
Kellan shook his head. "You stay away from him you hear? He will kill you when he's finished using you."
The teen cast his eyes down. His whole head disappeared into the dark shadows of his hood.
"Then you have to help me."
Kellan grunted and Rhys threw him a look. Kellan sighed. "Okay, you can come back to my place."
"He won't be safe there Kellan, they will find him and then when he finds you as well and finds out your still alive, he will kill you both."
"Then what am I supposed to do?"
"I'll take him back to my house."
Both the teen and Kellan looked at her in surprise.
Rhys gave them both a stern look. "I know what I'm doing." She grinned at both of them. "You both have to trust me."

Friday, 5 April 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 18-Wolf Cures

Rhys had a good view of the building where Ali was. There wasn't even many wolves lurking around but then again she couldn't let her guard down.
She thought twice about shifting into her cat form. Her scent would be picked up right away but if she stayed in her human form her scent would be less detectable. Rhys was standing on a hill looking down at the abandoned building. Very cautiously she slipped down the gravel hill onto the vacant lot. The air was strong with wolf but they weren't about.
A door opened from  the upper level of the building. Rhys bolted behind an old dumpster and peered out behind it to see who was coming out. It was one of the healers.
Now she knew where Ali was. There were probably more healers behind the door. Well, she would have to get then out somehow. She came out from her hiding place and darted up the stairs to the upper level.
Rhys pressed her ear against the door. There was nothing but silence but that didn't mean that there wasn't someone in there. She wrapped her fingers around the door knob and turned slowly till it clicked. Rhys waited for a second to see if someone would come to the door.
Now she was ready for anything and her hand was at her waist where her silver knife was.
"Well kit, you finally came back to finish the job."
Rhys practically leaped out of her skin as she whirled around with the knife in her hand.
Thor held up his hands smirking. "Put the knife down kit." He winked at her. "I don't think it would be wise to try and carve me up here."
She threw up her chin at him. "I could carve you up in a split second before any of those wolf pups even caught on."
Thor laughed. "You're full of it kit but I like you. I see why Kellan hangs around you."
"Stop it" she spit at him. "I need to see Ali and for your information I'm not here to finish the job. I'm here to cure her."
Thor's eyes widened. "Cure her? Who are you trying to fool? You fought with her with the intention of killing her before and now you want to cure her? Why?"
Rhys  mouth was straight and tense. "Because she has answers that I need and we can help each other."
Thor choked out a laugh. "What? You are going to make her your wolf pet or something?"
"Shut up already. I'm going in. Are you going to stop me?" She held firmly onto her knife.
He shrugged and gestured for her to go on in.
Rhys went but kept her eyes on him.The stench of the room pulled her gaze away from him. Ali was still in her wolf form.
Rhys got quite a shock. Her hip bone was sticking out. Ali's fur looked matted and missing in places. She looked like she was already dead and decaying by the smell of the room.
Rhys slowly walked over to her and looked down at her. Maybe it was too late. The eye facing her was clouded over. Only a tiny bit of silver showed through. Her bony rib cage moved slowly up and down. Her end was near for sure and if Rhys didn't do something.
"I think you're too late. Ali will be dead in a few hours. The healers called us this morning."
Now Ali knew why there was not much wolf activity around the building. The healers were going to announce her death.
Thor came up beside her. "Now, what are you going to do?"
"I'm going to do what I came to do--heal her."
"But you..."
Rhys waved his words away. She went over to Ali's wolf body and let her hand hover over her. She did not want to touch her decaying wolf body but she had to make contact with her.
Rhys closed her eyes and thought of  the words to the healing rune and let her hand fall on Ali.
She started to chant ancient words. Ali started to convulse.
"You are killing her not healing her" growled Thor.
"Shut up, I'm not killing her. Just be patient for once."
Thor was right beside her now. His body was touching hers. Rhys shifted slightly over to break the touch.
Rhys started to chant again. This time Ali started to breath more evenly. Her matted fur started to break up and the bare spots actually started to fill in.
"What the hell is going on in here?"
Thor held his hand up to the healer. "Leave her, she is helping Ali."
The healer came half way and stopped abruptly as if he might be attacked. He stared at Rhys.
"She is a were cat" he whispered.
Thor threw him a look. "Good guess. I know what she is" he growled.
The healer stepped back and watched Rhys perform her healing ritual. Another healer came into the room and stood close by the other one. It was a female wolf healer.
When Rhys finished she gazed over at the two healers. By the way the female stood close to the male wolf, she was guessing they were mates.
"Give her some time before she wakes but it should be soon. Given her condition she will probably not be the same for some time--maybe never. I don't know."
The male wolf healer came closer. "Why are you doing this? Are you with Thor?"
Thor smirked. "You don't see any cat scratches on me do you? Kellan is the one with the kitten fetish not me."
"You brought her here though?"
Thor shook his head. "She came on her own."
Both healers looked confused. As the male healer opened his mouth to speak Ali moved. The male healer and his mate rushed to her side.
Ali moved her head. She swayed her head in a drunken fashion but managed to steady herself on her two front paws in a half sitting position. She still looked gangling despite her hide being in better shape.
The two healers came on each side of her. Rhys locked eyes with the female healer. In a moment of awkwardness Rhys moved out of the way. The healer quickly turned her attention to Ali.
They steadied her while she tried to stand. "Don't try and stand Ali, you are too weak," said the male healer.
"Your medicines should now  heal her," said Rhys who was backing up toward the door. She didn't know what to expect with these wolves. Her silver knife was back in her hand as a warning to  stay a way from her.
The healers didn't pay any attention to her. The only one with eyes on her was a pair of suspicious dark grey silver eyes. Thor advanced toward her despite the silver knife she was holding.
"What do you want in return for this besides answers that you think Ali can only give?"
"Protection from the wolf pack."
Thor shrugged. "Okay, done. Is that it?"
Rhys gave him a steady look.
"I thought there would be more. What it it kit?"
"I want protection from the new pack in town. They want to kill me."
Thor sighed and then grinned at her."Does Kellan know what you were up to today?"
"I don't have to report to him," she spat at him in a hot tone.
He chuckled. "No I guess you don't, do you? You like to do your own thing, don't you? Let's talk outside." He gestured for her to go out.
Before he came any closer he pointed to her knife. "You can put that away."
She slipped it inside her pocket as she went out the door with Thor right behind her.
They both stood on the metal balcony facing each other. "So our little kit here wants our protection from that big bad old wolf."
Rhys didn't bother to reply. She did not want to start a fight with him and attack him losing her chances at protection.
"Rhys, what the hell are you doing here?"
She startled and turned around.
Kellan was standing there looking like a storm was about to erupt.
Thor chuckled. "you would be proud of your little kitten Kellan. She healed Ali up pretty good."
"She did what?"
"You heard me, I saw it with my own eyes."
Kellan stared wildly at Rhys. "Why did you do that for her or the pack?"
Thor raised his hand up. "I can answer that. She wants our packs protection against the wolf that wants her head."
Kellan sucked in air as if he had been kicked in the gut. "You want what Rhys?"
Rhys cleared her throat. "Thor is right. I want protection from that pack that threatens me. I  figured if Ali was cured she would repay me with doing this favour."
Thor snickered behind her.
"Shut up Thor," sniped Kellan.
He marched up to Rhys and took her by the shoulders. "You could have been killed by this pack today by coming here. You were lucky they were gathering in another building." Her eyes cast shyly up at him.
"I know but I had to try." Kellan pulled her into his arms. He breathed into her hair. "I will protect you and I will see to that this pack protects you."
Kellan's eyes met with Thor.
"You know what you have to do now, right Kellan?"
Kellan closed his eyes. "I know I'll do it."
Thor came up and slapped him on the back, "welcome to the Pack."
Rhys gasped. "you want to be a part of Ali's pack? I thought you wanted to stay a loner. You will have to do as she says."
Kellan nodded.