Thursday, 11 April 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 18-Taking Risks

Rhys couldn't let him do it. She tried reasoning with Kellan but he wouldn't listen. So there was nothing for it she had to strike another deal with Ali.
It was late at night and Rhys was in the park in her cat form. Her diamond jewel was hidden. She padded softly down a path that was poorly lit. The smell of wolf was strong and she instantly knew it was him. By the strong scent he had his pack with him tonight.
There was something going down tonight. These pack of wolves were in town not just for her power but something else as well. Rhys had to find out.
A hint of a pale white wolf brushed against the darkness a head of her. She stopped cold and slid into the dark shadows to wait. There was more rustling a head of her. Rhys peered out and saw two white wolves. They were both sniffing around as if checking things out. Maybe he sent them out to scout out a place for them all to meet.
Rhys crept back into the shadows. It wasn't long until more joined them. Larger wolves came in and some of them nipped at the small pale white ones. Rhys waited for him to show up.
A twig snapped behind her sending her whole cat body flying around to face her intruder. Her eyes met a pair of silver wolf eyes.
Kellan sniffed and snorted and padded up beside her. Rhys let out a low growl but Kellan paid her no attention.
He stayed in the shadows with her. Rhys pushed him over a bit and settled herself down again to spy on them.
Rhys ears perked up and so did Kellans. He had arrived. Kellan let out a low growl. Rhys knew he wanted to get even with him. She nudged him.
Out of the darkness came a lone wolf. Rhys didn't recognise the wolf. He met the lone wolf and they sniffed and touched noses and before their eyes, they both transformed into their human form. The lone wolf was a young teen no older than 15 or 16.
Rhys ears perked up to pickup  some of the conservation.
"Tell me the latest news from Ali's camp. Is she dead yet?"
All Rhys could see was the young boy shaking his head. She suddenly wondered what the boy knew. Did he know what happened to Ali and who healed her?"
That information to him would make things even stickier for her situation. Her death sentence would be as good as signed.
But by the way that he reacted, the boy didn't tell him any such news like that. Maybe Thor came through for once and is protecting her.
The young boy pulled his hood up and walked away down the path that went right past Rhys and Kellan. As he passed Rhys, she caught his eyes that were looking straight ahead. They looked soulless and wounded thought Rhys.
Now he had the rest if his pack around him. They were all looking up to him. Rhys strained to hear him but his voice was too low. All she heard was pay her a visit. The wolves around him yipped and yelped and in a blurred flash he shifted and leaped into the air with the rest of them right behind him.
Rhys rolled onto her back. Kellan nudged her with his nose and licked her ear. She never had a wolf lick her cat ear before. She let out a purr noise and he did it again.
Together they shifted and laid in each others arms naked. His silver eyes shone down at her. He never said a word as he rolled on top of her and thrust himself inside of her. His wolf instincts were kicking in as he claimed her.
Rhys dug her claws into his back and bit him. He never once flinched.
His thrusts were hungry and urgent and as he filled her he let out a low growl.
It was dark but she was sure he would see her flushed face as he looked down at her. He kissed her tenderly.
She met his eyes. "What was that all about wolf boy?"
He grinned. "Making sure you know you belong to me kitten."
She bit him but all he did was laugh.
"Well now that you reminded me, may I remind you of where they are headed?
"I know and Ali and the rest of them will hold their own." He paused for a moment before speaking again. "They will hold up their end of the bargain and protect you."
That made her think of the deal he made. Rhys didn't like it and she would talk to Ali about it.
She kissed him  and then threw him off and in a split second she was now on top of him. "Now it's my turn to show you who is boss."
Kellan chuckled. "Give it your best shot."
Rhys was just about to kiss him when a wolf scent froze her in mid air. Kellan picked it up as well. They both looked behind them and there was the young teen that was there earlier.
Kellan instantly wrapped his arms around Rhys.
"I'm not spying on you" he blurted out. Rhys thought he sounded more embarrassed than they felt.
Kellan addressed him. "What do you want and why are you back? Did you bring them back with you?"
"I'm alone, I swear."
The young teen came a little closer. His silver eyes shone a bit but Rhys could pick up some smoky grey in his eyes that gave him a different look to other wolves. His hands were stuffed inside his jacket pocket pulling his body down into this sad slouch that gave Rhys the impression that he was troubled. She started to feel for him.
"Okay" Kellan said. "What were you talking to him about and what where you doing with him in the first place?"
"I thought I could become a part of his pack."
Kellan shook his head. "You stay away from him you hear? He will kill you when he's finished using you."
The teen cast his eyes down. His whole head disappeared into the dark shadows of his hood.
"Then you have to help me."
Kellan grunted and Rhys threw him a look. Kellan sighed. "Okay, you can come back to my place."
"He won't be safe there Kellan, they will find him and then when he finds you as well and finds out your still alive, he will kill you both."
"Then what am I supposed to do?"
"I'll take him back to my house."
Both the teen and Kellan looked at her in surprise.
Rhys gave them both a stern look. "I know what I'm doing." She grinned at both of them. "You both have to trust me."

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