Thursday, 18 April 2013

DIAMONDS-Part 19-Hiding and Making Deals

Rhys watched the broody teen sit at the kitchen table eating his cereal. They learned his name was  Josh. He didn't say much but Rhys has this feeling that he had a rough past. He wore a scar above his right eye. Even Kellan was softening up to him. He felt for the kid.
The question was what was she going to with this young pup? She smirked to herself. She had two wolves in her house now.
Kellan insisted that he stay at her house to keep them both protected against the pack that might come looking for her.
Rhys didn't argue with him. She needed all the help she could get. Because even staying here was dangerous. That wolf would be back for her power and when he found Kellan and his little pup he would be furious. She didn't want to see how angry he could get when he was really pissed off.
They would have to leave but could she convince them to leave with her? She knew she had the protection of the pack but that came at a cost.
Rhys lifted her cell phone.
"What,?" said a voice that sounded like it didn't want to be disturbed?
Rhys scoffed at the voice at the other end. "Thor, you're such an ass hole. Get your ass over here and if she's stronger, bring Ali with you."
Before he could answer she hung up.
"Josh, why don't you go across the hallway where I have a huge library of books--even comic books," she smiled.
Josh grinned and without a saying anything sauntered across the hall.
Kellan came into the kitchen looking like he had just been chewed out by someone. He was clutching his phone so tightly she thought that bits and pieces would start to crumble and fall out of his hand.
"What's wrong?"
"Everyone in my past that owes me a favour is not giving me the time of day. As soon as I mention the pack, they hang up."
"I see" said Rhys. "Well you can't blame them. He's a bad ass wolf. That is why we have to take Josh and leave here for a while till he leaves town."
Kellan looked at her. "He will hunt you down no matter where you go. He wants what power you have, which still baffles me." Rhys slightly flinched when he said that. "He will also be looking for Josh. He doesn't just let you go out of his team of minions, until he's tired of you or bored with you. Then he orders your kill and replaces you with another minion."
"I know that and that's why I asked Thor and Ali over."
Kellan gawked at her. "You invited Ali over?"
Rhys shrugged, "we girls haven't had a chance to talk yet." Kellan just about choked. "This could end up in a huge fight. Thor went for this?"
Rhys grinned, "I hung up on him before he could say anything."
Before Kellan could spit at her, the door bell rang and kept ringing. Rhys scowled and marched off to the door.
"Stop it already!" She opened the door and Thor stood there like a wolf with a thorn in his paw.
Rhys smirked at Thor, "What? She kicked you out of bed?"
He growled at her.
Rhys ignored him as her eyes quickly went to who was standing behind him--Ali.
She looked frail still and she looked like she needed support in standing as she was leaning against the outside railing. Thor stepped aside and assisted her in the house.
"Come into the kitchen."
Kellan instantly pulled out a chair for Ali and Thor helped her sit down.
Thor glared at them both. "Why did you order both of us here?"
 He pointed his finger at Rhys. "Don't think that you can snap your fingers and have us at your beck and call. It don't work like that. Kellan will have to do extra for this."
Rhys sucked in air. She didn't think about that. She had to have that talk with Ali. Rhys had to break that deal. Having the packs protection was not worth it. If she did it on her own before, she could do it again.
Rhys started to make tea. It was a special herbal blend that had great  healing properties in it.
Thor grunted, "You ordered us over to have tea with you?"
Rhys sneered at him, "It's a special herbal blend that has great healing properties in it. It's for Ali not you."
Thor looked over at Kellan, "You and I have to talk--in private."
"You two can go over to the study where Josh is."
Thor threw a look at Rhys. "Who's Josh?"
"A young stray wolf that has himself in trouble," said Kellan
Thor choked out a laugh, "What? Are you taking in troubled stray wolves now?"
"This one was trying to join his pack and right now he's just being used by him. He asked for help from us and we are giving it to him."
Thor spit, "Are you crazy? You just must want to die because Garrett, that's his name, finds out he will wipe you all out for even talking to one of his minions."
Kellan's eyes went dark, "the leader is now Garrett?"
Thor nodded. "Yeah and he's even more bad ass than Sam was."
"What happened to Sam?"
Thor just smirked at Kellan who shook his head. "Okay, I get it."
Rhys looked at them both. "What did Garrett do, run him out of the pack or kill him?"
"Worse," said Thor. "He had him skinned alive in his wolf form. That's worse than dying. He will be an outcast forever now. No wolf pack will accept him. He's damaged goods."
Rhys knew there and then that this Garrett was a force to be reckoned with.
Thor and Kellan left the kitchen and went into the study.
Ali sat at the table being very quiet. Rhys knew she listened to everything. "This is a healing tea. It will aid you in your healing."
She poured her a cup and placed it in front of her.
Ali stared at it and sniffed it.
"It's not poison. I healed you after all, remember? I'm not going to harm you."
Ali took a sip of the tea. The tea instantly relaxed her. Rhys could tell the tea was working already.
"I will send you home with some of the tea. It should work well with the medicines that your healers have been giving you."
Ali looked at her and studied her for what seemed like hours. "You know I have so many questions for you, don't you?"
Rhys nodded.
"So, where do we start?"
Rhys leaned over. "We start by not bullshitting each other and coming to terms about whom we are and what we mean to each others survival and that's only the beginning of our little association."
Ali sat back in her chair and managed a half smile. "Okay sister, we'll play your game your way for now. But mark my word; if your betray me or any member of my pack, I will make Kellan suffer for your mistake."
Rhys grinned back and in an instant grabbed Ali's hand almost knocking Ali's tea cup over.
"You got one thing right sister, if there is betrayal by your side, I will set that new pack in town right to your door step and they will skin everyone of your pups including you bitch, so we better be both on our toes and not piss each other off. We understand each other?"
Ali smirked, "Yeah, we understand each other--pretty damned well."

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