Thursday, 25 April 2013


Rhys was feeling pretty confident that her and Ali had formed an understanding of their situation. With her on her side she could still hide who she was and protect other were cats out there.
She didn't like the sounds of this Garrett. He was obviously a rogue who needed to be put down. Rhys smiled to herself. She remembered hunting such rogues down like him and killing them.

She would soon rid the world of this Garrett but she had to be careful this time, she couldn't reveal herself to the others. Rhys would have to somehow get this wolf away from his pack.
Garrett knew who she was and that alone was dangerous. He could tell Thor and Kellan, and then it would be over for her.
The vibration of her cell phone on the kitchen counter drew her out of her thoughts. Rhys looked down at it before picking it up. She didn't recognise the number.
Hesitantly she picked it up and answered it.
The voice at the other end didn't wait for her to say hello. The heavy breath was warning enough.
"Meet me in the park in two hours diamond kitty and don't give me any excuses."
The phone went dead.
Rhys almost dropped her cell as if it was suddenly contaminated.
How dare he order her around but then again he had some playing power that she didn't have.
Josh and Kellan were in the media room playing video games. What would she tell them? She certainly wasn't going to take them with her. Garrett could give her identity away to Kellan.
She couldn't take that risk.
Rhys glanced up at the clock. Five minutes had already passed. Maybe she could sneak out and get back before they even missed her.

Rhys left them behind without telling them. She had no choice.
The park was busy. She couldn't figure out why he wanted to meet in a busy park. Midnight meetings she thought would have been what he would have preferred.
Rhys scanned all the benches to find him but nothing. She was five minutes early.
A group of young guys making noise caught her attention. She looked at them but thought they couldn't be them. They just looked like regular teens or young men having a good time.
Never the less she watched them and someone came up to them. It was Garrett. That was his pack that joined him.
She felt very nervous about approaching them with so many of them and only one of her. She didn't know what powers they had. Maybe Garrett was going to somehow steal her powers with his packs help and leave her for dead.
It would be suicide to go over there she thought.
Her eyes never left them as it appeared he was giving them instructions or something by the gestures that he was making.
The pack left him and now he was standing there alone. He looked around and glanced down at his watch. Garrett would think that she was late so Rhys slowly started to walk towards him.
If she kept him out in the opening with all the people around she might be safe but never the less she had to be prepared for anything. Rhys hand rested against her pocket. The diamond handled silver knife was there.
Their eyes met half way. A cold shiver went through her. She had to shove down any fear that her subconscious was trying to make her feel.
"I didn't think you were going to come."
"I was five minutes early, you're the one that's late."
Garrett chuckled, "I like your spirit kitty. Where's your diamond?"
"I don't advertise what I am."
He nodded. "I see, so does that mean that Ali"s pack and that wolf boyfriend of yours don't know?"
His silver eyes bored through her.
Rhys glanced away to the rest of the park. Did he know Kellan was alive? Of course he did, his minions would have told him.She had no intentions of getting into secrets with him.
"What do you want?"
"You know what I want little kitty, your power. I'm getting impatient and it's time for my pack to be on the move."
Rhys tried to sound like she didn't care. "Does that mean you're leaving us so soon?"
"Why? Would you miss me kitty?" He came a little closer closing in the space between them. Rhys backed up.
"I see you have a wolf fetish, I could probably give you your fetish appetite quite a fill, better than that scruff you're sleeping with."
She hissed at him, "I have my standards wolf boy and you don't meet them."
Garrett laughed. "I though you would say something like that. If you were a wolf, I would make you my mate. We would set the sheets on fire."
Rhys spit on the ground. "Damn it Garrett, you're nothing but an ass and in no way in hell am I just handing over my power. It's who I am. It's not something I keep in a box and just can be taken out and handed over."
Garrett held up his hand. "Hold on kitty, how did you know my name?"
Rhys scoffed at him. "You don't think Ali knows who you are wolf boy? You don't know what she is capable of then."
"Maybe I don't especially if she's had you helping her."
Her nose twitched at him. "What makes you think I'm helping her?"
"Come kitty, Ali was on death's door and then suddenly she is up and about recovering from your venomous scratches. Only one with your healing powers could heal her. Not to mention that you healed Kellan?"
Rhys almost twitched but remained cool even though she was feeling uneasy inside. "You think you have it all figured out wolf boy, don't you? You know nothing."
In a split second he was nose to nose with Rhys and his hand was firmly on the small of her back. Rhys froze.
"I know more than you will ever know kitty, so don't challenge me. I also know what makes you and your power. I can take it and leave you alive and powerless or leave you dead. The choice is mine."
Rhys slowly reached for her pocket.
"I wouldn't reach for that little silver knife of yours. It won't burn me."
She tried to back up but his hand held her firmly.
Rhys sneered at him. "What makes you so special?"
He grinned as his lips came very near hers. She was ready to bite him or scratch him. She would find out if her venom would be lethal to him but she had to be in her cat form. Shifting here in front of everyone would be too risky. The only option she had was maybe to scream and draw attention to them.
His hot breath was on her face. Rhys started to squirm. "Keep moving in my arms kitty, you're only rubbing me in the right spot."
She stopped instantly. "Get the hell away from me." she gritted her teeth and began pushing him away. He let her go.
He let out a laugh that gave Rhys the chills and she instantly knew she had to get away from him. He was up to something. Her instincts told her.
She whirled around and ran for it. Rhys only wished she could shift, and then she could run faster.
It didn't seem as if he was chasing her and then suddenly she hit what felt like a brick wall. She fell flat on her back on the hard ground.
Garrett was standing there grinning.
"How did you get...?"
In an instant she felt herself being picked up and moving in the air like some hurricane wind. It took her breath away.
Thankfully she blacked out.

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